Anna and Missy

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Anna and MissyI met Anna online and we developed a friendship even though she was looking for girls. She was extremely open and we shared some experiences including her first time with her best friend Missy. I was in complete awe at her description of their lovemaking but when she sent me their pictures, I was enamored.Anna’s had some nudes that showed a suntanned, petite, dark haired beauty with perfect breasts and nipples, the most kissible belly and hips, great legs, incredible pussy and the prettiest smile. Missy’s were only bikini pics but her body almost mirrored Anna’s with an equally pretty smile. Anna had told me of her love for Missy and it was easy to see why. As time went by, Anna confided that she was having trouble with her boyfriend and was considering getting rid of him. As a joke, I suggested that if she did, she could always come to me for some male attention when Missy wasn’t availible. I was heading South tos ee some relatives and Anna suggested that I stop by so that we could actually meet. I figured that since she was about half way, I’d get a room and stay over after our meeting, then head out in the morning. She recommended a great hotel and we agreed to meet in the bar. Since we really did not know each other, meeting in a public place seemed right. If either of us was not who or what we said we were, no problem.I got checked in early and went to the bar to meet Anna. She walked in and she wasn’t what her pics had shown. She was better!! I bent over to give her a hug and as she kissed my cheek she said “You’re taller than I thought.” “You’re prettier than I thought” I replied with a smile. We were having a few drinks and getting to know each other when she got a call. She told me that it was Missy and she just wanted to make sure that Anna was okay. She assured her that things were fine. As she hung up, Missy entered the bar smiling from ear batman escort to ear.She joined us and we had another drink. Missy went to the restroom and Anna just smiled as she said, ” I really like you Mike. Were you serious about helping me with male attention?” All I could do was smile as I almost fell off the stool. She stood up, put her arm around me and whispered in my ear “I want you.” Missy came back and saw her. “I knew it ” she said with a laugh.” Anna took her by the hand and said that she wanted her too. It was time to head to my room. Anna was in the middle of us as she kissed me and then Missy. We made our way to the bed and laid her down. Missy and I were kissing her mouth, neck and ears while taking off her top. Once her breasts were exposed we each took one in our mouths. Anna sighed her approval as Missy removed her skirt. Missy returned to her mouth and nipples as I licked and nibbled her navel and hips. I took a nipple in my mouth and put my hand on her soaked panties. As I put my hand inside her panties Missy got undressed. She began to kiss Anna’s belly, working her way slowly lower. She took my hand out of Anna’s panties and purred as she licked the juices from my fingers. She took her panties off and positioned her face between Anna’s legs. She made some gentle kisses on Anna’s clit followed by a couple of slow long licks from the bottom to top of her pussy. “Mmmm, do you like this” she smiled. We both moaned yes. She began to show me exactly what Anna liked and devoured her. She got up on her haunches and pulled Anna’s pussy to her mouth with her legs on her shoulders. Anna could not take much more and exploded. Missy laid her back down. Smiling at me with a glistening face she said “Your turn.” I entered Anna as Missy began kissing her. Anna was soaking wet and I got harder as I watched her lick her cum from Missy’s mouth. We repositioned escort batman with Anna laying back in Missy’s arms. I changed paces from slow long strokes to quick deep plunges as Missy stroked her breasts, pinched her nipples and kissed her neck. Anna was moaning with pleasure but stopped. She turned over and I got behind her. I began to do her doggy style as she buried her face in Missy’s pussy. The look of pure lust on Missy’s face was getting me close so I slowed down. Missy grabbed the back of Anna’s head and screamed as she had her first orgasm. I pulled Anna up to me so that I could taste Missy. When I bent her back over Missy had turned around and was under her in a sixty nine. I pounded her as Missy licked and sucked her clit. Anna’s juices were flowing everywhere and all she could do was moan while holding and kissing Missy’s thigh. Her moaning increased when Missy wetted her fingers and slowly inserted one, then two in her ass. The combination of this vision and Anna’s moaning was sending me over the edge. Missy took my dick out of Anna and sucked it making it even wetter before aiming it at Anna’s ass. I slowly entered as Missy returned to sucking on Anna’s clit. Anna’s could take no more and was exlpoding again when I let loose and filled her tight ass with my load. We fell into a heap with me in the middle. We kissed and caressed each other for awhile when Anna took my dick in her hand. Smiling at me, she moved down and began sucking on it. I returned to life as Missy and I kissed. I pulled Missy to my face as Anna sucked on me. Missy began to moan. Anna knew what that meant and pulled her down to me. She pulled her up and spread her lips as she sat Missy on top of me. Missy began to ride me with Anna behind her holding her. Anna sensed Missy’s impending orgasm and pulled her up. Putting her hand around my dick, she pulled Missy down so that she could batman escort bayan only ride the head. Missy was going wild begging Anna to let her have the whole thing. Finally, Anna tok her hand away and Missy slammed up and down on my dick. It only took a few strokes before she took the full length and ground her mound into mine. She screamed as she had her orgasm and I could hold back no more and filled her pussy. She collapsed on top of me as Anna kissed her. Rolling Missy into the middle Anna smiled as she spread Missy’s legs. She opened her lips savoring the combination of cum before sucking and licking them up. Missy couldn’t take anymore and pushed her away. Anna kissed us both so that we could all enjoy.When we recovered a bit, Missy had to get going. She showered and was not surprised to find Anna sitting on my face when she went to leave. She kissed her goodbye. Anna pulled back from my face and told her that she should kiss me too. Missy kissed me but as she went to pull away she returned and licked some of Anna’s juices from my chin. “Don’t you just love that?” she giggled as she left. Anna returned to her ride and I did everything that I could do to try to keep her from cumming. I wanted it to last. She caught on and started begging me to finish her. I finally relented and latched onto her clit with my mouth. She was holding my head and grinding her pussy into my mouth so hard that she was had my chin inside her. She rose up, spread her lips, inserted two fingers and jammed them in until she came again, squirting a beautiful amount of cum into my mouth. She collapsed beside me unable to talk. We held each other and laughed when she was able to speak. She asked me if she could stay and I laughed at the thought that I would send this insatiable, beautiful girl away.In the morning we showered and went to breakfast. When we were done she told me that she wished I didn’t have to go so soon. I took her to my room and called the desk to extend my stay. When I hung up the phone I turned around and my beautiful Anna had her legs spread, rubbing her already soaked pussy. I dove right in again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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