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I was 25, almost 26, a college graduate with a good job, living in Santa Monica. I realize now, a fairly short time later, that I was a social retard, like a teen-ager. Maybe I was just a late maturer, perhaps a slow learner. The interesting thing was, I palled around with a bunch of others just like me. We tended to do things as a group rather than pair up. An organization would have a dance at a local hotel, there’d be a dozen or more of us come and hang out together.

Oh, from time to time, two people would pair up and basically drop out of the group. And, from time to time we’d meet someone and date them. That’s how I met Ann, at a party in someone’s home. In any group, Ann would stand out. She had style, knew how to dress, how to use cosmetics. If you analyzed her she wasn’t a raving beauty or an unbelievable body. But she was very attractive. Slim, nice figure, blond hair (probably blonder than nature but not overdone to flashy platinum or anything), green eyes (maybe blue or gray but light), usually in “a little black dress”, very stylish. Quiet, sort of reserved, maybe shy is the right description. As I learned later, she worked in an odd off-shoot office of a motion picture studio that handled real estate or investments or something. She was a secretary or administrative assistant and the atmosphere was such that she felt she had to look good. And she did look good. Lots of guys hit on her in one way or another.

I danced with Ann and asked her out and she agreed. We went to a movie and then for coffee and dessert and I took her home. She shared an apartment with two other girls. The other two were either out or staying out of the way. We sat on the couch and smooched a little. Kissing, arms around each other. Nice, nothing wild but a pretty good first date.

I was teenager when it came to sex, too. I was bashful or afraid to make moves on a girl. I had had sexual intercourse — I had fucked — several girls. A couple prostitutes on a trip to Europe and four amateurs here. In every case, I got my dick into their vagina and humped away a little and came. But I had no long standing relationships. In every case, the girl knew a lot more than I did about sex and must have had their own reasons for fucking me. Even though some of them repeated a half dozen times or so, they were all basically one-night stands. One fuck stands, actually. Just go through whatever preliminaries were needed, fuck them and get up and leave. So, sex to me was get your dick in the girl. Minimal preliminaries, no concern at all as to whether she was getting anything out of it and certainly no romantic attachment. If I thought about it, I expected to get married and have a family some day but that day was off somewhere in the far future. Today was just for today.

It probably took a couple weeks but I asked Ann out again. We dated, I think, four times. Nice dates. The smooching got a little heavier and longer but she wouldn’t let me touch her breasts or crotch or anything like that. Then I probably didn’t call her for a ten days or more and one night at about two in the morning I got a call from her. She was in a phone booth and needed a ride home. I never got the full story — she was at a party in an apartment and either someone left her or she chose to leave — but I was a good guy, got out of bed and took her home. I asked her then for another date and the next weekend we went out again. This time we ended up stretched out on her couch, me on her, her on me, kissing and hugging and getting pretty hot but still I couldn’t get anywhere with her sexually. I figured she was probably afraid of getting pregnant so I suggested to her that we could have oral sex and get all the pleasure of sex but without any concern about pregnancy. She seemed interested but it didn’t end up changing anything.

Anyway, while I didn’t mean to dump her but was just doing other things, I didn’t call her for another ten days or so. Probably almost two weeks because it was a Friday night when I got a call from her at some horrible time like three in the morning. Again, she needed picked up at a pay telephone.I pulled on undershorts, slacks and a shirt and grabbed my car keys and wallet and went to the corner she mentioned and picked her up. She seemed upset and we ended going back to my place instead of hers. She had never been to my place, a pretty standard one bedroom apartment. I’m pretty sure that it was her that suggested she should spend the night. Whatever, we ended up in my bed. I’m down to my undershorts. She takes off her dress but leaves on her slip (and panties and bra). I do everything I can think of and I get no further than I ever had before. Chances are the only way I’m going to fuck this girl is either to propose marriage (which I wasn’t about to do) or rape her, force myself on her (it entered my mind she might even want this but it just wasn’t something I could do).

Now, I had never had oral sex with a woman and I’d never had a blow job. I knew about Escort Bayan them, I was interested in experiencing them, but I didn’t know diddly about exactly how you did anything. I decided that I might as well try. She was certainly atttractive and someone I’d prefer to eat more than others I’d dated. What the heck, nothing else was working and I had nothing to lose.I’d try raping her with my tongue. If I’d thought about it, I’d realize that rape probably isn’t that easy in any situation but rape with your face between her legs was probably impossible. Anyway, I made my move and all kinds of things happened at the same time.

I sort of sat back, kneeling. I had been part way on her so my one leg was between hers. I leaned down to get my face to her crotch while also getting hold of her slip and lifting it up to her waist, out of the way. I got my face into her panties and moved my right hand from her slip to the crotch of her panties to pull them out of the way. I stuck out my tongue and started probing, getting mostly hair. I quickly discovered that her cunt was way down between her legs, not as easy to get to as I had expected. With my face as far into the mattress and up into her crotch as I could get it, I finally found something with my tongue besides hair and started probing and trying to lick.

Meanwhile, she was all “No, Mike,” and sort of pushing me out away from her, acting sort of panicked. Then she changed. She stopped. When my tongue actually found her cunt, she stopped. She was quiet, she moved her hands back off me. As I tried to get my tongue further into her, I could sense her legs spread some, giving me more room. I got my other leg in between her legs and put my left hand under her butt to try and lift her up a little. Her hips moved a little, her cunt coming more up towards me — I realized later she really just bent her knees and moved her feet back towards her bottom. But whatever, it gave me access.

I got my tongue into an opening and started licking. It was like a slit, I could lick up and down in it. It was soft and yet sort of firm. Luckily or accidentally, the way I had got to her cunt made me start sort of higher up in her slit and I probably was hitting her clit fairly early on without realizing it. As I licked up and down I could feel her get more and more moist — not wet, just moist or damp. Everything seemed to get a little softer, mushier. My tongue moved more and more easily through her. I tried to shove my tongue in as far as I could, sort of fuck her with my tongue, but I don’t think I ever got to her vagina that first time because my tongue never really went in all that far. Accidentally, though, I was getting her clit a lot and her hips started to almost jump and she started making odd noises — sort of heavy breathing that was also part moaning.

I felt like I had a bunch of hair caught in my mouth and teeth and pulled back slightly to try and remove the hair with my one hand. She gave a noticeable “Ohh” sound and I felt both of her hands on the back of my head, pushing me back into her. I just kept licking and sucking at the fluid that seemed to come more and more. Her cunt was now very mushy or soft and I could grab parts of it with my lips and suck on it as I kept licking away. I probably sucked on her clit a little without knowing what I was doing because I never really got as far down between her legs as I needed in order to get at all of her cunt and her vagina. But what I did sure worked. She was soon almost shouting, pushing me into her as tightly as she could and waving her legs back and forth, pressing against the side of my head. It was good she held me in there because the way her hips were jerking around, I wouldn’t have been able to keep licking and sucking her the way I did.

It was all very sexy. The taste wasn’t delicious, like ice cream or fruit or anything but it wasn’t distasteful. The reaction I got from her was fantastic, unbelievable. I think that getting her off as I did was more appealing than the actual taste or feel of eating her. Anyway, she soon was almost gushing fluid out. It entered my mind briefly that she was peeing but it wasn’t the same at all, a little more viscous, milder tasting than pee would likely be. Then her screams changed back to moans and her hands were pulling at my hair, pulling me away from her and her legs had fallen off to each side, giving me lots of room. I sat back on my haunches and looked at her in what was a pretty dark room. She was smiling, breathing very heavy and, as it looked to me, crying — tears in her eyes. I leaned forward and got next to her and we were facing each other with our arms around each other. I kissed her on the lips. She definitely kissed back.

“Are you crying? Is something wrong?” I asked very softly.

She just looked at me, smiling. for a moment. “No nothing’s wrong. You were great. I’ve never felt like that before in my life.”

She kissed me again, we ran our hands on each Escort others’ backs. I put my hand down on her butt, still with her panties covering it, and, surprisingly she did the same for me, sliding her hand under my shorts onto my bare butt.

“I’m crying about me,” she said. “I don’t know why I act like I do. I wanted that to happen. I’ve wanted more to happen ever since I met you but was never able to admit it. But this is all wrong. I shouldn’t like it so much. A good girl shouldn’t feel like this.”

“Actually a good girl should feel like this,” I replied. “Every girl should feel like this at some time or another. What would be bad is for a girl to never feel a sexual orgasm, sexual pleasure.”

“But I’ve tried all my life to be proper, to be the right kind of person. Having sex with a guy I’ve dated a half-dozen times, even if I liked it, isn’t right.”

“I think it is,” I answered, thinking quickly but talking slowly. “Everyone tries to play the role they want to be, whether it’s a proper girl or the class clown. We all are doing what we think we ought to much of the time. But we’re human. We need to be ourselves some of the time. Maybe we need to be careful about it and not over-do it but we need to be human sometime. God, or nature, or whatever you want to believe, made us sexual animals. It’s normal to get pleasure out of sex, that’s the way we’re made. It’s normal to repress it but it’s also normal to enjoy it when the time comes. I could tell when we kissed and fooled around that you wanted more but were holding back for some reason. Right or wrong, I figured maybe you were holding back because you were afraid of getting pregnant. So, I suggested oral sex. And while it took a some time, I guess it worked. You finally got drunk enough or horny enough to want to take me up on it and you called me. But when you got here, you went back to hiding it. You just gotta go ahead and open up sometimes and go for it. That’s what I did when I suggested oral sex.”

“Yeah,” she said, looking me in the eye, “but that was easy for you. You knew what you were doing. I’ve never done this before, I didn’t know what to expect, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Ann, the first time my mouth touched a, uh, cunt if that’s the right word, was ten minutes ago. I’ve never done this before either.”

“But you were so good, I’ve never felt anything better in my life.”

“Well, I guess it comes naturally or something. Once I got my mouth and tongue there I just worked away and did whatever felt right. I liked it. I liked the feel and taste and I liked the way it made you react. I learned something, too. For one, when you orgasm, you really cum. You must cum more than a guy does.”

“I’m sorry,” she injected, “I don’t think I can control it. What did you do about it?”

“Don’t be sorry. it’s natural. I just slurped up as much of it as I could. I thought it was pretty sexy.”

“That must be what I tasted on you when we kissed.”

“Must be. But I learned other stuff, too — how you reacted when I did certain things. Next time I’ll probably do better. Practice always helps.”

“Oh, Mike, I can’t imagine it could ever be better,” she murmurs and kisses me. She moves her hand around on my back as we kiss, feeling my butt, and sort of shoving her hips, rubbing against me. “But, if you’d like more practice . . . ” she says with a dirty grin on her face.

“I’d love it,” I answer quickly, “but let’s get all our clothes off so I can do it right this time, without having to fight you off.”

“All our clothes? You want me to get naked?”

“Yeah. Ann, we’re going to spend the next day eating each other, sucking and licking each others genitals, it’s the wrong time to get bashful. We can just get at each other better naked, it will all just be sexier.”

She grinned at me, got off the bed, pulled her slip up over her head and off, pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, then reached back and unfastened her bra. As she’s doing this and then folding them and putting them on a chair, I’m planning on what to do. I don’t know at all what I’m doing here, it’s new ground for me, but I figure that I should give her the complete treatment as I’ve read about it in porno stories. I can’t see her perfectly in the semi-darkness but I can see enough to realize that she has a very nice body. Maybe not porn-queen style or Playboy centerfold but not missing by much. Her breasts aren’t large but they’re there, she has a slim waist, nice legs, hips a little broader than the cartoon ideal woman but very feminine, and a lovely firm butt. She’s back on the bed in a few seconds and I’m onto her.

I kiss her and start working my way down her body, licking and sucking both breast nipples, holding each in turn and softly massaging them a little. She tells me her breasts are too small and I tell her they’re perfect. Then kissing down her stomach and abdomen, dodging the real meat for now and going Bayan Escort on down her leg. I take each toe in my mouth and suck on it, then the same to the other foot, and then start kissing back up her other leg. She’s already moaning and I can smell her sex — maybe it’s left over from last time but I think she’s getting hot and juicy in anticipation. When I actually get up her thigh, she spreads her legs wide, wider than I thought possible, and did something with her hips to push her hairy mound up and available to me.

I get a hand on each side, pull a little, spreading her open even more, and shove my tongue right into her. I lick up and down, savoring the taste, the warmth, the moistness. Her lips are still firm and it even feels good. Her whimpers turn towards moans and I can hear her breathing. I get my tongue up in her, moving higher, until I feel the shape of her clit and I flick my tongue back and forth on it. I can actually feel it grow slightly and I get my lips on it to bite softly. She almost screams and her hips jump. I lick back down into her again, hunting for her vagina opening, get there and push my tongue as far in as I can, then back out and lick some more. Her whole cunt’s getting a little softer, a little wetter, her noises are a little louder, her hips moving around even more.

I get back up to her clit, intending to stay there and bring her to orgasm. Under my chin, I get two fingers together and push them up into her. I lick and suck on her clit as I slide my fingers in and out. She’s almost screaming, her hands are on the back of my head again, holding me in to her. It’s just as well she’s holding me because the way her hips are bouncing around, I’m not sure if I could keep my face into her without help. I just keep licking and sucking and finger fucking. Her legs start waving now, almost closing on me, then opening again. I can feel a gush of liquid. I pull my fingers out and move down a little to slurp up everything I can and keep my tongue busy in her at the same time.

So, she’s pulling on my hair to get me out. I sit back on my haunches and look at her. She has a glint in her eye. She grabs me and practically knocks me over, reaches for my cock, grabs it, sits up over me and bends down to get her mouth to it. She attacks it like a Popsicle, her lips around it and about half of it in her mouth as she licks and sucks.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she says, lifting her mouth free for a moment, “so tell me what to do.”

“You’re doing fine,” I say, “I’m not sure anything you do would be wrong. Just don’t bite. I don’t want any wounds down there.”

I don’t think she paid any attention, she was too busy sucking on me, her mouth full. I think this may actually be better than fucking, her warm mouth working away as a vagina never would. Her one hand has hold of my balls and is massaging them, moving around a little. Her other hand is on the base of my cock, sort of holding it up (although it doesn’t need any help, it’s up all right). With her mouth, her tongue moving all the time, it seems as if she’s trying to see how much of my cock she can manage to swallow or stuff inside her.

I’ve had a hard-on for what seems like hours now and I can feel that I’m not going to last long at all. I can feel my balls sack sort of stiffen, my cock actually stiffens a little more, too.

“I’m going to cum.” I say, loud enough for her to hear.. Her eyes flick in my direction for a moment but she just keeps sucking away. Then I shoot a load. With a surprised look in her eyes, she loosens her mouth and pulls up. The next shot hits her lips and chin. Her eyes flick in my direction again, then she drops her head down and starts sucking on the head as I shoot off more and more. She swallows everything I give her except for the one load on her face.

When it’s obvious that I’m done, she keeps one hand around my cock and sits back, a big smile on her face. I guess she can feel there’s something on her face because she uses her other hand to wipe across her mouth and chin, then puts it to her mouth and licks her fingers and palm.

“That was something,” she says, grinning. “You surprised me but it sure was sexy.”

With that she almost falls forward onto me and we get our arms around each other and kiss again. The kiss tastes different than others, we’ve both got the others cum on our mouths.

We keep hold of each other and kiss and talk a little. I’ve loved every moment. I’ve done better than I thought I would. Apparently she’s loved every moment, too, and things went better for her than she expected. I feel her breasts and ass and tell her how sexy she is. She feels my ass but centers more on feeling my cock. So, I cup her mound and slide a finger slightly in a little.

“We’re both ready for a shower, I think,” I suggest. She smiles and starts off the bed in agreement. Considering everything, it must be something around five in the morning by now — still dark but daylight will starts showing soon. I know what I want to do next, fuck her, get into her, and I think I’ll just have to surprise her rather than ask permission. I get a condom out of a drawer, unwrap it, set it to the side, and follow her into the bathroom.

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