Ann Makes Some Friends

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(It has been a long time since I have submitted a story… This stories continues the saga of the Young Widow Ann and her sexual discovery)

It had been a long five months since the “Spring Break” trip with Jen and Lori. Lori, of course, had gone back home to be with her husband and daughter. Jen had graduated from High School and enrolled in an early entry program at the State College. Soon after, Ann got a call from Jen that she had met a fellow freshman and she had gone out with him. She indicated that she really liked him and that if he should ask her out again she would go. A few weeks later Jen called Ann all excited about her new boyfriend and confessed that she had “officially” lost her virginity. She told Ann that Alex, her new boyfriend, had been very gentle and loving and that in spite of it being her first time with a man it was a very pleasant experience.

Ann, of course, was happy for Jen. It pleased her that Jen had moved on with her life and that she seemed happy. But it also added to the overwhelming sense of loneliness she was feeling lately. Her husband Jim had been gone for almost two years now and she had not yet been able to totally move on. Ann had gone on several dates mostly set up by her friends and family but none really proved to be fruitful or even remotely pleasing. Those bad dates were what inevitably led her to connect with Jen in a way that she had never imagined she would do. They also led to her getting involved with her younger sister Lori. The past few months had been confusing and surreal but at least she was not lonely.

But Jen had been gone now for over two months and Ann had not had anyone to really talk to or be with since. Ann had been busy with Gracie and little Johnny in all their Summer programs but it wasn’t the same.

On one of those lonely afternoons Ann was daydreaming when she was brought back to reality by her cell phone going off. The caller ID said it was her sister Lori calling. “Hey Sis, how are you?” said Ann.

“I’m doing great, how are you?” relied Lori. “Well, I’m doing OK, a little lonely since Jen left to go to college, but taking it one day at a time,” answered Ann.

“So, no dates? I can’t believe a woman as hot you are cannot find a man or a woman,” said Lori half teasing on that last part. “Finding a date is not the problem, it’s finding a worthwhile person to go out with that is the real problem. But I’m not really looking for that kind of relationship. I would settle for just some good friends,” replied Ann.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sweetie; I can’t imagine what it is like for you. You and Jim seemed to have so many friends what happened?” asked Lori.

“I didn’t realize how many of our friends were more connected with Jim than they were with me. Jim grew up here and already had a base of friends and relationships long before we got married. After he died all those friends kind of fell away. Some called and checked in the first few weeks but ultimately most didn’t even send a Christmas card. The only one that calls and checks on us is Allen Phillips who was Jim’s boss and partner.” replied Ann.

“Wow,” answered Lori, “I never gave it much thought because I thought you all were always surrounded by people. Have you thought about moving back to Morristown?”

“Yeah, I thought about it, but I love this house and Clarksville is such a great place to live and raise a family. But, who knows maybe I need to think about it more seriously,” mused Ann.

“Is there no where you can go to meet some folks?” asked Lori. “Well, I guess there are always places one can go to ‘meet’ people, but I’m not really into the bar scene and I’m not ready to get into a serious relationship so those ‘online’ dating services don’t interest me at the moment. All I really crave right now is some good friends to hang out with.” replied Ann.

“It must be tough,” said Lori, “Maybe you are trying too hard. Just be yourself and try to relax around people. You are such fun to be around I know that you can make friends.”

“I suppose you are right,” said Ann, “I will work on that.”

They talked for a while longer and soon said their goodbyes.

It was time to take the kids to swim lessons and so they loaded up the car headed to the local YMCA pool.

Ann sat outside the pool watching her kids when it dawned on her that in the past few weeks that she had been bring her kids here she had never even attempted to strike up a conversation with any of the other moms.

She looked around and began to take notice of the moms and in some cases the grandmas that were there with their kids.

At the other end of the pool sat two young women carrying on a conversation. Of all the moms that Ann could spot these two grabbed her attention for some reason. She decided that it was time to get off her butt and at least introduced herself. Gathering all the courage she could muster she got up and walked over to the far side of the pool and stopped about 3 feet from the table where the two women were seated Bostancı Escort having an intense conversation.

When the women noticed Ann standing there and looking at them, they both smiled and one of them asked, “Can we help you with something?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to come and introduce myself to you. Hello, my name is Ann.” Ann felt foolish doing this. It felt so unnatural. But she swallowed a big gulp of air as she waited for a response from the two women.

The younger woman smiled and said, “Well, hello Ann, my name is Megan and my friend here is Katie. We are glad to meet you. You want to sit down and join us?” “Oh no, I didn’t really want to intrude in your conversation, I just wanted to say hi. I just realized that I have been coming here for a month and I have made no effort to actually meet anyone and well you two are the only ones I remember seeing the past few weeks. Anyway, I’m really glad to meet you,” replied Ann as she turned to walk away.

“You weren’t intruding on anything,” answered Megan, “Just girl talk. Please have a seat and join us, we insist.”

Ann turned and smiled sheepishly and sat down across from both women. Megan had auburn hair with beautiful, clear green eyes. Ann guessed that she was between 28 and 30 years. Katie had beautiful dark hair with deep blue eyes. Ann figured that she was a bit younger then Megan.

Once the general introductions took place, Ann pointed out her two kids and Megan her two and Katie her little girl. Ann discovered that Megan’s husband was in the Navy and that he was out at sea for several months. Katie’s husband ran an investment company and traveled quite a bit. Both women had known each other through high school even though they had traveled in different crowds. Katie had been a cheerleader and Megan had been in the drama club. They were actually just one year apart even though they had graduated together. Both had grown up in Clarksville and married their high school sweethearts.

Megan had married right out of high school just as her husband Tim came out of basic training. Katie had waited a few years while her husband Brian went to college.

Ann shared her story and both women were very sympathetic about her loss and the difficulty of raising two kids on her own. Ann was so pleased that they hit it off right from the start. Megan and Katie told Ann that they get together a couple of times of week to have play date with their kids and just to hangout. They invited Ann to join them if she wanted.

Ann was more than pleased to accept and in fact she invited them over to her house informing them that she had a pool at her house that’s why the kids were taking the swimming lessons in the event that they should accidently fall into the pool.

Both women were thrilled with the idea and so they set it up for the following Thursday morning. The girls swapped addresses and emails and phone numbers. They talked up until the time to take the kids out of the pool and go home.

Ann was so excited to finally meet some new friends and finally have someone to talk to. She could have kicked herself for waiting so long to step out and make a friend. Both Megan and Katie called her throughout the week to check on her and to just chat.

The next few weeks the girls got together several times while their kids played and swam. Ann couldn’t help but notice how cute and sexy her two new friends were. Megan had shoulder length auburn hair with the clearest green eyes she had ever seen. It was if she was looking at a deep emerald pool. Megan was about 5’4″ and Ann guessed she weighed about 130 pounds. She was not fat by any means but had very nice curves and even in her modest bikini one could see that one of her best assets were her breasts which Ann guessed were about a 38D. Katie was taller and thinner. Ann guessed that she stood about 5’7″ and weighed about 120 pounds. She had long dark hair which stood in contrast to her pale skin and her deep blue eyes. She had long slender legs which were joined by a really tight butt. Her breasts look like on the smallish side maybe even an “A” cup. Both women were extremely attractive and they took great care in the clothes they wore and how they carried themselves.

Two weeks before school was to start (Johnny going into the first grade and Gracie going into Pre-K) Ann got a call from her late husband’s old boss Allen Phillips. Allen asked about the kids and how things were going. He asked Ann if she was interested in a part-time job as a legal assistant in his firm. Ann had gone to law school but had put her career aside to start a family. Jim had made enough money to give them both a very comfortable lifestyle. Ann didn’t really need the money — not yet anyway. But it would be a great distraction from her loneliness especially now that the kids were going to school. Ann told Mr. Phillips that she would think about it. Mr. Phillips then made a very unique offer. He reminded Ann of his cabin up in the Bostancı Escort Bayan mountains (which she and Jim had used in the past) and offered it to her for the next week to give her time to think about the offer. It had been several years since she had visited that cabin — more like a log mansion.

Ann thanked Mr. Phillips for the offer and told him that she would get back with him about the cabin as soon as she could make arrangements. Within minutes of her hanging up another call came in from her In-Laws. They wanted to take Gracie and Johnny down to Florida to visit Disney World for a week before school started. Ann, of course, agreed and it was settled. She was hoping to take the kids with her to the cabin and spend a quiet week with them up there walking up the mountain and exploring the stream that ran alongside the cabin. But she knew they would probably enjoy Disney more.

The next day the Megan and Katie were at Ann’s house for another play date. Ann seemed in deep thought most of the day and didn’t engage in the conversation as much as she usually did.

Megan finally piped up asked, “Is everything alright Ann? You seem a little distracted today.” Ann apologized and confessed that she was thinking about the job offer that Mr. Phillips had made to her. She then told them about the cabin offer but she just didn’t want to go up there by herself.

Megan and Katie looked at each other and almost simultaneously said, “I’ll go with you!” and then both broke out in laughter. Ann hadn’t thought about that possibility but upon hearing them mention it, she couldn’t help but get excited about the idea.

“I don’t think I can go the whole week but maybe a Wednesday through Sunday?” said Megan. “That would work for me too,” chimed Katie. “I can get my parents to watch my two kids for five days easily,” said Megan.

“Ed is back from the road this weekend and he will be in town for the next couple of weeks. I know he wants to take Alex camping and fishing. So I will let them do that on their own,” said Katie with sheepish smile.

“It settled then, we will leave early Wednesday morning and come back Sunday night. I’ll call Mr. Phillip right now and make sure to reserve it,” said Ann as she jumped up to find her cell phone.

The week went by really quick and the day came for the girls to make the trip to the mountains. They loaded up in Ann’s late model SUV and headed west. Ann had loaded a large cooler with food for the five days including steaks, shrimp, chicken, and all the necessary breakfast foods. The cabin was usually stocked with wine and bear. Mr. Phillips had informed Ann that the grounds keeper would go in and make sure that everything was ready for them by the time they arrived.

The first few hours’ drive was spent with the girls in constant communication. They talked about everything under the sun. Ann felt so good to once again to have “friends” she could talk to and laugh with. She kicked herself mentally for not making the attempted sooner.

About the half way point on the trip, the conversation got a little more serious. Megan and Katie asked Ann more of the details of what happened to Jim and how she coped with the loss on her own for so long. At one point Katie, who was sitting on the passenger side at this point, asked Ann, “So, have you had any dates or seen anyone since Jim died?”

Ann smiled, “I have been on a few dates here and there but nothing to really talk about.”

Megan then asked, “So, how do you do it?” “Do what?” replied Ann.

“How do get by without, you know, physical contact?” asked Megan sheepishly. “Megan!” screamed Katie, “That’s way too personal a question to ask!”

Ann just smiled but was very cautious about how to answer that question. “I’m sorry Ann, I don’t mean to be nosey, I was just wondering…” Megan said.

“Don’t worry about it. I took no offense with your question. To answer your question, I get by just like any girl who is lonely and horny,” replied Ann.

The girls broke out in laughter at Ann’s replied.

“So, you have not had sex with anyone since Jim died?” asked Megan again.

“Megan! For God’s sake girl!” screamed Katie, “You just don’t know when to stop do you?”

Once again Megan apologized to Ann who just smiled back at her and replied, “I wouldn’t say quite that.”

“So you have had sex since then?” asked Megan again. “Damn, Megan, we’re not in High School here. The woman doesn’t have to tell you about her sex life!” shouted Katie from the back seat.

Ann continued to smile as she thought really hard how to answer the questions Megan was asking. If she revealed too much it might make it weird between them especially since they were about to spend five days together in a mountain cabin.

“You don’t have to answer that question Ann,” exhorted Katie from the back seat.

“It’s ok,” replied Ann, “I’d be curious too. And yes I have had sex since Jim died mostly in the past 5 months.”

“You Escort Bostancı really don’t have to answer any more questions Ann,” said Katie, “Your private life is just that, private.”

“It’s ok Katie. I really don’t mind,” answered Ann, “It’s been a long time since I have had a ‘sex-life’ conversation with my girlfriends.”

This time, Katie asked the question, “Ann, you are so beautiful and classy, how is it that you don’t have more friends, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I didn’t grow up in Clarksville. We moved here after Jim finished law school. Jim grew up here so all of the friends we had were really more of his friends than mine. Once he died, I had no natural connection with any of his friends. It is also partly my fault too. I am by nature kind of shy and it took everything in me to go up to you two the day we met and introduce myself,” replied Ann.

“We are sure glad you did, Ann,” said Katie.

“So, to finish our thought here,” Megan said, “You said you have had sex in the past five months, is that because you are or were seeing someone?”

Katie just shook her head in the back seat in exasperation.

Ann once again smile and replied, “No, I’m not seeing anyone nor was I seeing anyone. Not in the way you would define that term.”

“So, just some casual sex then?” asked Megan again.

Ann didn’t reply right away. She really wasn’t sure how to answer the question. But after a few minutes of silence Ann answered softly, “No, I would not categorize as casual sex. It was loving and tender as well as satisfying.”

“So what happened?” asked Megan.

“Nothing, really, just life moved on and the person moved away,” replied Ann.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” replied Megan, “From the sound of your voice it sounds like you really loved him. Too bad things didn’t work out.”

Ann just smiled and took a deep breath relieved that Megan seemed satisfied with her response.

Katie, however, had picked up on something that Megan hadn’t. “I don’t mean to pry Ann, but you said the “person” moved away, not “he” moved away. Was that by accident or intent?”

Ann’s face turned red and she her pulse began to rise. She thought she had gotten away without having to reveal the details of her love life. But, she didn’t want to lie either. What she and Jen (and Lori) had shared was too special to just lie about it and pretend for it didn’t happen.

Katie noticed the hesitation and the flush look on Ann’s face, “Ann, you don’t have to answer that question. It’s really none of our business what you do with your sex life.”

Ann breathed and looked over at Megan who had this blank stare on her face as though she was trying to figure out exactly what Katie was alluding to.

Ann’s mouth was now dry as a desert. How does she answer the question? She had been so happy to make these two new friends and she didn’t want to say anything that would make things weird between them. She was sure that if she shared her experience with Jen that Katie and Megan would both want her to turn the SUV and head back for home.

Megan looked back at Katie still trying to figure out where this was going. Then it hit her. She realized what Katie was getting at. She looked back at Ann and tried to form a question but it just wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

Finally, Ann spoke up, “I was hoping you hadn’t caught that. But no, it was not with a man.” Ann then shared the story of how she and Jen came to have a relationship, leaving out any detail that could come back to hurt Jen in the future should she come back to Clarksville to live.

When we she was finished both Megan and Katie were speechless.

“Should I turn back and take us home?” Ann asked.

“What? Why?” asked Katie.

“Well, I figured that I have just weirded you guys out,” replied Ann.

Katie smile, “No way, not me anyway. I think that was the sweetest, hottest story I have heard in long time. You have nothing to be embarrassed about girl.”

Megan shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah, no big deal. Although I can’t say that I have ever spent a weekend with a lesbian before.”

“I would not say I was a lesbian, not in the strictest sense of the word. I still like men and I would love some day to have a relationship with a man like I had with Jim. But, I didn’t know how sweet and tender it could be to make love to a woman. Let’s just say that it opened a door of exploration that I never knew existed,” answered Ann.

“One last question, I promise,” said Megan, “When you approached us that day at the pool was it because you found us attractive?”

“Oh, Megan, don’t flatter yourself, girl,” shouted Katie from the back seat.

Ann burst out in laughter as she tried to answer the question, “Truthfully, no. I was lonely and really wanted some company. I needed some adult conversation. I saw the two of you sitting there having a conversation and wishing that I could be a part of that. I had noticed you two there in the past and kind of kicked myself for not introducing myself to you two sooner. I was kind of expecting for you guys to be polite but at the same time send me on my way. I was pleasantly surprised when you invited me to join you. It was a breath of fresh air. Now, that fact that you too were hot didn’t hurt the decision to make a move.”

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