Ann: A Love Story Ch. 87

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Her fingers felt like magic, making my entire body tingle. It was relaxing and nerve-racking at the same time; her mere proximity affecting me in so many ways. As she ran them through my hair, feeling the strands with her delicate touch, I couldn’t help but feel a little melancholy about the moment. And whatever sad feelings I happened to be having, I was doing far better than she was.

Tina was a wreck, fighting back tears as she cut my hair. It was Friday night, and Ann and I were in her shop after hours. Tina said that she wanted to cut my hair for the wedding, insisting that she was going to do it for free. She had just trimmed Ann’s moments before, and she’d be styling it for her the day of the wedding, taking on an unusual additional task for a maid of honor. And that magical day was just a little over a week away.

She had said cutting it then would allow time for our hair to grow a little, just enough to make us both look fantastic for the ceremony. I didn’t see how it would make that much of a difference, what with it just being a week. But I trusted her as much as I trusted Ann. Besides, she was amazing at her job. If she thought it was a good idea, I wasn’t going to argue the point.

Still, she was struggling, struck by the finality of what she was doing.

“This is the last time I’m ever going to get to cut your hair,” she sniffed.

“Tina, stop saying that,” I replied.

“But it is,” she sniffed again.

Ann had been admiring the job Tina had done as she looked at herself in the mirror, sitting in the chair next to my left, but she’d also been listening. And she felt compelled to reach out to her as only she could.

“Tina, I know this is hard. Believe me…it’s hard for us too. But it’s not like you’re never going to see us again. We won’t let that happen, I promise.”

“What…a couple of times a year when you come back to visit?” she scoffed, choosing to stay in her little funk.

“Yes…but you can always come out to see us anytime you want to. And I promise we’ll have a good time.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Use your imagination,” she giggled.


“I’m saying, when you come out to see us, do you want to cut our hair…or would you rather find another way to spend that time?”

The room fell silent for a moment; just the sound of the scissors in Tina’s hand swiping through my hair, making precise cuts. She appeared to be calm, focusing on her job. But I could tell by the look on her face reflected in the mirror that she was thinking about what Ann had just said…and insinuated.

After a couple of minutes, she stopped and looked at her directly. “So, you’re saying that even after you’re married…we…” Her voice trailing off at the mere thought of finishing her sentence, as if the enormity of what she was about to say became too much to verbalize.

Ann toyed with her hair, twisting a long strand seductively around her finger; her reaction flirtatious as she gave a quick glance over to Tina. “Of course we will. Why wouldn’t we?” she winked.

“Well, because you’ll be married, for one.”

She turned in her chair, looking her in the eyes, a soft smile on her face. “Yes, we’ll be married. I love Neil. And he loves me. But that doesn’t change who we are as individuals, or as a couple. It just means we belong to each other forever.”

“Which should mean…”

“That when it comes to you, nothing changes. Neil loves you, don’t you baby?”

“Yep,” I replied, not even having to think about it.

“See…and you KNOW how I feel about you.”

“Yeah,” she said sheepishly, her shoulders rising as she took a deep breath, nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, as much as each of us loves you, Tina, I think as a couple we love you even more.”

“Yep,” I said again.

Her eyes widened, and she sighed. “Really?” she said almost in disbelief.

Ann grinned. “Of course we do. And that means when you come out to visit, the three of us are going to have a lot of fun.”

“I’d like that,” she said as she went back to work, suddenly in a much better mood. Her change in demeanor was incredible, and instantaneous. She was practically humming as she snipped and styled my hair. Suddenly her magical fingers were having the same effect on me that they usually had. I always loved how she played with my hair when she cut it…even when she was upset like she’d been when I sat down and she put the black smock over me. But now that she was into it, so to speak, I was too. And that wasn’t lost on Ann.

“I can see why Neil came here to get his hair cut,” she laughed.

“What?” Tina said, oblivious about the effect she was having on me.

“You have him squirming in the chair.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I think Neil is regretting wearing jeans today. He’s got to be pretty cramped by now.”

“Maybe he should have worn gym shorts,” she giggled.

“Gym short would have just gotten me in trouble,” I moaned as Tina’s hands roamed escort ankara over my scalp.

“Why is that, baby?”

“I think you know why, Anna.”

“What…you think I don’t know how turned on you get when Tina cuts your hair? You’ve told me about it a thousand times.”

“Of course I know that you know. That’s why you wanted us to get our haircuts together tonight…so nothing would happen,” I laughed.

Ann got up and walked over to me in silence, blocking my reflection in the mirror. The devilish grin on her face made a chill run up my spine. Squatting in front of me, she ran her hands under the smock, her palms rubbing against my thighs. Peering into my eyes, she reached my crotch, deftly opening my zipper and extracting my growing cock. Seconds later, she was back in her seat, eyeing the tenting material on my lap.

Catching Tina’s face in the mirror, I saw that she was just as confused about what Ann had done as I was. We both looked at her, sitting in the chair next to us with her legs crossed and a satisfied look on her face

“What was that all about?” Tina finally asked.

“Well, there are a couple of reasons why I wanted to get my hair cut with him tonight. First, it’s more practical. I get to spend more time with him, and I get to be with you. But contrary to what he thinks, I didn’t come here with him to keep anything from happening between the two of you. I came because I was hoping to see what happens.”

My cock flinched underneath the fabric, but I was still confused, saying “Huh?” It was like my brain didn’t really connect the dots, but my other head was totally getting it.

“You’ve told me about Tina and your haircuts so many times, I wanted to see what happens for myself.”

“See what happens?” Tina smiled.

“Uh huh. You know…just pretend I’m not here.”

“Ann, if you weren’t here, nothing would happen,” I said matter of factly.

“Okay…pretend I’m here then,” she laughed.

“Which brings us back to where we started.”

“Not exactly. We started with your cock in your pants. Now it’s not. You two can take it from there.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked innocently.

“Like I said, pretend I’m here…because I am. I want to watch.” She put her hands behind her head, elbows out as she settled deeper into the chair.

“You just want to watch?” Tina asked, sounding disappointed. “You’re not going to…join us?”

“No…I think I’ll sit this one out.”

“Are you sure? I’d really…”

“Let’s say that I have to sit this one out,” she winked.

“Huh…ooohhhh,” Tina nodded, realizing that Ann had started her period.

“Yeah,” she smiled.

“Wow…well, thank God you got it now.”

“Yeah, I know. I started this morning, so I should be good by Thursday.”

“You better be!”

“Why would you care if it’s over by Thursday?” I asked.

“That’s the day of her bachelorette party.”

I looked at Tina’s reflection, my eyes narrowing as they met hers. “And just why would it be important for her to finish her period before the bachelorette party?”

“Women are no different than men, Neil. They should get a chance to have one last night of unbridled sex as a single woman, just like a man gets. Don’t you think?”

“Okay, first, I never got a night like that the first time I got married, and I’m not going to this time either. Second, if you’re planning to have some guy fuck Ann, you can think again!”

Tina put her hands on my shoulders, a sweet smile appearing as she leaned next to my ear. “First, you don’t know what Matt has planned for you, or who might be helping him plan it,” she whispered, not wanting Ann to hear her. “And second, I never said anything about a guy fucking Ann, did I?”


“I said ‘unbridled sex’…I never said it would be with a guy.”

Tina slid her hands down the front of my body, feeling my chest as she started licking my ear. Her hot breath landed on my neck, making me shiver with excitement. And that feeling grew as her hand drifted down to my crotch, feeling my erection through the fabric of the smock.

“Let me finish cutting your hair, and then I’ll take care of this,” she said, squeezing my shaft.


“Are you cutting each one individually,” I moaned, the tip of my cock straining against the smock.

It was throbbing, and in my brain I was sure it was a deep shade of purple from the way it felt. That probably wasn’t really true, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Not with Tina still cutting my hair. Or pretending to cut it.

She’d been taking her time, dragging out what was supposed to be a trim, making it last forever. All the while, she was using her fingers in my hair, and driving me wild in the process. She was going out of her way to make me hard, knowing that everything she did made my cock flinch. And it wasn’t hard for her to tell the effect she was having on me; she could see the smock moving on my lap.

The fabric felt almost like silk, and it was rubbing against the head in ways that was making things sincan escort worse. Or better. Precum was flowing, creating a darkened spot over my crotch from the wetness. And that spot was growing.

“I have to take my time to make sure you look good for the wedding,” she giggled

“You’re going to have a mess on your hands pretty soon.”

“I’m counting on it,” she playfully responded as she leaned forward, pressing her big tits against my back once again. “Maybe I can talk your girlfriend into cleaning it up when we’re done.”

“I’m just an observer tonight,” Ann chimed in.

Tina finally finished my trim, and I knew what was going to happen next. At least I thought I did. Whenever she finished the cutting, she always grabbed some styling gel. It was one of the things I looked forward to the most. The way her fingers would lightly run through my hair, her fingertips grazing my scalp as she applied it; that was what originally caused my body to respond in such a primal way the first time she ever cut my hair. After that, every time she touched my head I’d have that reaction, my cock growing uncontrollably.

But instead of getting a glob of the gel from the tube and standing behind me like she’d always done before, she stood in front of me with a sexy grin on her face. Grabbing the tube, she climbed on my lap, her knees next to my thighs as she dangled her feet next to my knees. She slowly ground her crotch over mine as she squeezed some gel onto her fingers.

Throwing the container of gel back onto the counter of her station, she winked at me and said, “If you play your cards right, maybe I’ll squeeze something sticky out of you.”

“That’s the corniest thing you’ve ever said to me,” I laughed.

“Maybe so…but you’re thinking about it,” she replied as she ran her fingers delicately through my hair, styling it. Jumping off my lap, she washed her hands in the sink, and then she came back and held out her hand. “C’mon, Neil. Let’s go in back and I’ll take care of you.”

Ann smiled and said, “Uh-uh. I want to watch you…right here.”

Tina laughed and said, “Okay…let me turn off the lights.”

“Nope. Just like you are.”

Her head snapped in Ann’s direction. “Are you crazy?”

“There’s so much wording on the windows people can’t see in anyway. Besides, I’m blocking you.”

Tina’s hands went to her hips. “They can still see inside if they want. I’m not getting naked with the lights on, Ann.”

“I never said you have to get naked. You’re a smart woman, Tina. Be creative.”

The impish grin on Tina’s face lit up the already bright room. “Take off your pants, Stud. I’ll be right back.”

She scampered off to the back room, leaving me there wondering what the hell was about to happen. “Are you sure about this, babe?” I asked Ann.

She got up and walked over to me again. First she flicked off my shoes, before reaching underneath my smock for the second time. She avoided my cock while she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. Nodding at me to lift my hips, she slid my Levi’s down my legs. Tossing the denim onto the counter, she winked again and said, “Yes, baby. I’m sure. This is going to mean a lot to Tina, so don’t hold back, okay?”

“It’s Tina,” I snickered.

‘What’s that mean?”

“You want me to fuck her, right?” I questioned, making sure there were no misconceptions.

“Of course…why?”

“Because, when it comes to Tina, there is no holding back…that’s the only way she likes it.”

Ann gave me a loving glance and said, “Maybe that’s the only way she knows how.”

I felt my eyes squinting as I questioned her statement. “The only way? W…what?”

“Maybe no one’s ever taken the time to show her the benefits of going slow and deliberate, Neil. You certainly haven’t.”

“But that’s because that’s not what she wanted.”

“I don’t think it’s what either of you wanted, frankly. I can certainly understand you wanting it like that when you first got together. You’d gone without sex for so long, and there was the thrill of it and all. But did you ever ask her, or ever try to slow it down?” she asked as she sat back in the chair next to me.

Thinking about it, I couldn’t remember ever considering fucking Tina in a way other than flat out hammering her. We both loved it, and the energetic romps we’d shared were always amazing on every level. But she always seemed to press me…urging me to go harder and faster, almost like she was scared to go slower. Maybe she thought I might change my mind about fucking her altogether, fearful that I would feel we were getting too close. That was fresh on my mind when she walked out of her office toward me.

She was wearing a thin white coat, the kind that all of her girls wore when they cut hair. It looked sort of like a stylish lab coat, buttoning all the way down the front, the bottom coming just past her crotch. It was interesting that she was wearing one, as she never did when she worked. She insisted on her staff wearing them while they cut hair, wanting them to look professional. demetevler escort She was the lone exception, choosing to stand out from the crowd. It was one of the perks she gave herself for being the boss.

There was just one button closed on the coat, two thirds of the way down. It was easy to tell that she was naked underneath, but that didn’t dampen the thrill as she sauntered over to me. The spikes of her heels clacked against the tile floor as she strutted, making her hips sway seductively. It was her natural walk, and I grinned like a little kid as I saw the inner globes of her breasts bouncing underneath the loose folds of the coat.

When she reached the chair, she swung it around, making me spin until I faced her. I’d seen that look in her eyes many times…one of pure, animalistic lust. She wanted to fuck. She needed to fuck. And as she opened the button on the coat, unleashing her sexy, curvaceous body…it was clear that she was going to fuck.

Reaching for the front of the black smock covering my body, she lifted it slowly, biting her lip like a horny woman about to do something deliciously naughty, which she was. When the sight of my throbbing cock caught her eye, the shaft glistening from the precum that had been flowing, she gasped as if she was seeing it for the first time.

“Are you ready for me to fuck your brains out, Stud,” she hissed as she stepped forward, ready to pounce on me.

Grabbing her wrist, I pulled her toward me with a quick jerk, making her fall into my arms. She squealed at first, and then giggled, until she saw the serious look in my eyes. “No, Tina. But I am ready to make love to you,” I said as I pressed my lips against hers.

I could hear Ann practically swoon from the other chair, reacting like she was watching some romantic movie, albeit a pornographic one. My left hand went to the back of Tina’s head, my fingers running through her blonde locks like she’d done to me so many times while styling my hair. My other hand held her to me as I gently kissed her, my mouth parting ever so slightly so I could graze my tongue against her trembling lips.

I could feel her shaking as she kissed me back, moaning into my mouth as I took my time, and taking control of what we were about to do in the process. We kissed for several minutes; each time she started to press forward and be more aggressive, hoping to move to something else, I’d back off and kiss her cheek, or her neck.

The fourth or fifth time she tried to assert some kind of control, I pulled back and licked at her right ear, away from the side where Ann was sitting. “You need to relax and let go tonight,” I whispered.

“What?” she responded, louder than she probably intended.

“Ssshhh…quiet lover,” I said as my hand moved up underneath her coat to the small of her back, touching her lightly as she leaned farther forward.


“That’s right. I told you…I’m making love to you.”

She shivered again as I brought my lips to hers. I could feel her chest swelling as she let the emotions of the moment take over. But I could also feel her start to relax after a little bit, letting me kiss her…letting me start to take her where she really wanted to go. Lifting her tiny frame up, I had her straddle me, her knees near my hips as she settled in place.

My left hand moved further underneath the coat to her upper back, caressing her skin. My right hand moved to her left breast, massaging it…lifting it slightly. I felt her nipple stiffen when I gently rubbed my thumb across it. Normally, she would have begged me to twist or pull them. Instead, when I brought my other hand to her chest, she started to mumble. She sucked in her breath as she felt me stimulating her hard nubs, flicking them back and forth as I kissed her harder.

I let my right hand trail down her body, stroking her silky skin with the lightest touch I could muster. She giggled as my fingers crossed her tight abdomen, tickling as they bushed against her hard body.

“You’re not going to tease me, are you?” she said nervously.

“No. I told you…I’m going to make love to you,” I said as my hand moved to her bare crotch, feeling her smoothly shaved pubic mound. As my middle finger slid lower, I let it graze against her clit, and she let out a little yelp. She bit her lip, her eyes widening in anticipation as I moved my hand further.

I felt the wetness on my fingers, the slippery folds of her pussy splitting as I moved my hand back and forth. She snapped her eyes shut and held her breath, waiting to see if I’d be true to my word. And while there were times when being playful and teasing would make lovemaking more incredible, this wasn’t one of them. I wanted Tina to know from the very start that I was serious about my intentions.

I was amazed that she hadn’t ignored my suggestion that she let me take things slow. She was so wet that I knew she wanted a hard, fast fuck to give her the orgasm she seemed to now desperately need. Frankly, I expected her to take matters into her own hands and grab my shaft, stuffing it into her wet slit. But she was letting me do what I wanted to with her…and that meant I wasn’t going to tease her. Instead, I sank my middle finger into her waiting cunt, feeling her walls grip me as I slowly went deeper and deeper.

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