Anal Surprise

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Jennie looked at Mark over the dinner table and smiled slightly. Her surprise lay hidden under their bed, and she still wasn’t entirely sure of how to spring it on him. They were pretty open about sex, and so far neither of them had balked at the other’s suggestions, but this one was different. This one might be a bit too much for him.

“So have you thought anymore about what you wanted to do tonight?” His question caught her off guard, and she had to set her wine glass down or risk spilling it. She blinked a few times and then smiled widely.

“Yes, actually, I have. I thought we’d stay in tonight. Maybe spend a little one-on-one time together,” she said, staring into Mark’s eyes. He understood immediately and grinned.

“I’ll never get over how lucky I am to have you,” he said, grinning wider. “How many guys have a woman as horny as they are?”

“Not many, so enjoy it.”

“Oh, I do… as often as I can.”

They finished dinner and moved to clear the table. As Mark picked up the plates, Jennie wrapped her arms around him from behind, holding his hips against her pussy and grinding a little against him. She laid her face against his back and he leaned into her, wiggling his hips to her rhythm. She breathed his scent in deeply and prayed that her instincts were right.

“I’m going to take a shower while you clean up, okay? Come in with me when you’re done,” she said. She reached around and cupped his dick in her hand, squeezing slightly, and then turned toward the bedroom. “Oh, and I have a surprise for you tonight,” she called over her shoulder.

“I can’t wait.” Mark rushed to get the table and kitchen done, his cock already hard. In the six months they’d been together, he had yet to believe his luck. She was intelligent, beautiful, and hot as hell. All she had to do was look at him with those big blue eyes, and he was hers. Damn, the things they’d done! He still couldn’t believe that she’d let his friend Lisa in on the action one night. Hell, he’d felt a little jealous and left out by how well the ladies had gotten along, but it was worth it when he had Jennie sitting on his face and Lisa fucking him silly while they were making out with each other. He reached down and caressed his cock for a second and shuddered. Fuck the dishes. He set them on the counter and headed to the bedroom.

Jennie stripped slowly while the water got hot. She took a few deep breaths and then smiled. It’ll be okay, she thought. Even if he decides not to, I know he won’t be angry. She stepped under the powerful jets of water and sighed. But she didn’t want him to decide not to. She wanted him to do it; she wanted to know what it felt like. She lathered herself up, taking care not to wash between her legs. Mark liked her scent and said he hated the taste of soap. She paid careful attention to her ass, though, and rubbed her breasts for her own pleasure more than cleanliness.

She looked down at her body and wondered yet again what Mark found so appealing. She had luscious breasts, that was for sure, with large dark nipples that stood out at the slightest provocation. But she was soft and cushy, not at all like the model-thin waifs that she knew he’d been with before. Her ass curved out and around, two large bubbles attached to her backside, and while her waist was narrow, her belly wasn’t flat. It bulged just slightly out, enough that Mark could cup it in his large hands when he entered her from behind.

Moaning at the memory, she cupped her breasts and lifted them up and pushed them together, loving the feel of them rubbing against each other. Her thumbs had just started to twiddle her nipples when the bathroom door opened and closed, and she smiled. It had taken him longer than she thought it would.

By the time Mark had opened the bathroom door, he was naked, his clothes a messy trail through the house. His huge cock stuck straight out from his narrow hips, a divining rod for his woman. Whatever the surprise was, he felt pretty sure that it involved water because she knew he preferred her unshowered in their bed. He grinned and pulled the curtain aside, wondering what she had in mind. The sight of her standing there, wet, soapy, and fondling her breasts nearly undid him. He stepped in and pulled her to him, kissing her hard. The water streamed over their bodies, and he slid his long arms around her small form, following the rivulets of water down her backside with his hands. He gripped her ass into his hands and jerked her to him, his cock pressed against her soft belly.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed herself up against him, opening her mouth to the assault of his kiss. She needed him hot for what she had planned, and nothing did it more than a shower. She pulled her hands away from him and dragged her fingernails down his chest with enough pressure that he felt it but not enough to hurt him. He groaned when she drew her nails over his nipples, and he lowered Bostancı Escort himself down enough to fit his cock in between her thighs. She pressed her legs together, gripping at him, and slid away from him slightly before pushing herself in again, fucking him with her thighs. Her hands had moved down his chest and hovered on his waist before crawling around to his backside to cup his ass. She lathered her hands up with the bar of soap and washed his butt thoroughly, ducking down and taking him into her mouth while she washed his balls, his thighs and his anus. When she grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart to rinse him, he jerked his head back and moaned deeply. She smiled around his dick. Yes, it would be okay.

The sensation of her hands and mouth on him, of water running in the crack of his ass had Mark ready to explode. He tried to pick her up to turn her around so he could enter her, but she refused. Instead, she laughed and stepped out of the shower. Not yet ready to concede defeat, he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her back in with him, but she slapped his hand and handed him a towel.

“Dry off, Cowboy. I told you I have a surprise for you.”

He glared at her for a second then took the towel. “This better be good, girl. I was just about ready to fuck you crazy in there.”

“I know,” she said, grinned at him and walked into the bedroom.

He followed her, drying himself rapidly. “Well, what do you have in mind tonight? Not strip poker. I don’t see anyone else around. Lisa is back in Montreal, so no threesomes. Maybe a little bondage? You kind of liked that last time, you little hussy.” He growled at her playfully and smacked her butt. She squealed and jumped away, then smiled her most winning smile.

“Well, tonight I thought we’d try something a little different. I bought a few new toys, and I wondered if you’d let me play with them.” Her voice shook a little, but she kept smiling and tried to keep her hands still on the towel she still held.

He raised an eyebrow at her and grinned wider. “Sure, we can do that, honey.” The thought of watching her squirm under his ministrations brought his cock up to full tilt again, and he couldn’t wait to get his mouth on her. He moved to the bed and lay down, rolling onto his side to watch her while she grabbed something from under the bed.

The package was still wrapped in its brown paper, though unsealed. She set it on the bed and took the packaging off to reveal a black cardboard box. She lifted the lid and pulled out a small, thin purple dildo that curved slightly at the end and had a wide base. She glanced up at Mark, who was watching her with a curious expression on his face, then placed the dildo on the bed. Next to it, she laid a brilliant purple rubber ring, a box of condoms, some lube jelly, and a black leather jock strap with buckles on all of the straps. She moved the box off the bed and stood up to look at Mark. “What do you think?” she asked him.

He picked up the dildo and held it up. “I think this is a little small for you, baby. I mean, you’re tight, but you’re also used to something a lot bigger than this.” He put the purple toy next to his engorged penis and laughed at how he dwarfed her new plaything.

She hesitated before saying, “Actually, that’s for an ass, not a pussy.” She didn’t move while this sunk in. Mark pulled the dildo away from his crotch slowly and looked at it a little closer. He could see now how it had a narrower tip and flared out in the middle, not a lot, but enough. He’d seen these before in magazines but never held one in his hand. It made sense to him, though. There was no way he would even try to penetrate Jennie with his dick. Not only did the idea not interest him, but it would hurt her. Hell, fucking her pussy nearly hurt her on some days. But putting this in her ass while he fucked her would have to feel incredible to her. He’d read enough porn to know that double penetration was a girl’s best friend if done right. The thought made him hard as a rock, and he looked up at her again smiling. It was a little kinky, too. No wonder she’d been so nervous all night.

“I see. So we’re going to try a little anal tonight? I didn’t know you were into that, but sure, we can give it a try,” he said, soothingly. He set the dildo down and picked up the jock strap. He moved it around, trying to see how it worked, and why. “What’s this for? Isn’t it a strap on thing? Did you get this for Lisa?” Jennie swallowed and then crawled on the bed to lie next to Mark. She pressed her body next to him and kissed him deeply, the harness crushed between them. She was nearly shaking now, and he held her to him. When she pulled away, she closed her eyes and licked her lips. Opening her eyes, she looked into Mark’s. “No,” she said slowly. “That’s for me. Well, for you and me.” She paused and took the harness out of Mark’s hand. “I know how whacked out this Bostancı Escort Bayan sounds, but I read about it once and ever since then I’ve wanted to try it. I mean, it really turned me on, and I think you’ll like it too. I’d like to at least try it once, anyway.” Mark shook his head in confusion. “What are you talking about, sweetie? I mean, you know I’m up for anything, but I don’t know how in the hell you and I could…” As realization hit him, his eyes opened wide and he looked at the dildo and the harness and then at her again. “You mean that thing’s for me?”

Jennie nodded solemnly. “I want to fuck you.” He didn’t move for a few minutes, soaking in what she’d said. She wanted to shove that thing up his ass, it wasn’t for her. And she wanted to do it like a man. His instinct was to cringe and roll away from her. What the fuck was she thinking? But she looked so scared, so serious, that he couldn’t reject her like that. And she’d gone along with all of his requests without much hesitation at all. What kind of prick would he be if he didn’t at least try this for her?

“Baby, I tell you what. We’ll do this on one condition, okay?”

Jennie stared at Mark without saying anything, and nodded.

“After you’re done, I want to eat you out with this thing in your ass. Then, after you cum, I want to fuck you with this thing in your ass. Will you let me do that to you?”

She nodded again. “But first I can use it on you?” He sighed and nodded his head. “Yeah, we can try it once. If I don’t like it, or if it’s not what you thought it would be, we don’t do it again, right?”

“Of course, baby. I just want to try it once, that’s all. Just once.” She pulled Mark to her and kissed him deeply, her tongue searching his out. She moved the toys to the side and rolled on top of him, her warm, moist crotch wrapping around his dick. He grabbed her ass and shoved her against him, grinding his hips against hers. She moaned and sunk her teeth into his shoulder, the pain shocking him and making him gasp. She began kissing his neck and his shoulder, putting her hands on either side of his arms to hold herself up. The position pushed her hips even tighter against his and he ground into her more, wishing he was inside her. He tried to imagine what it would be like to have something against his asshole, and he cringed slightly. She arched her back out and held his cock between her legs while she kissed his nipples, licking and sucking them. She’d taught him to like that – no, to love that – so maybe this new thing wouldn’t be so bad. He knew he was trying to psych himself up for what was to come, but the feel of her tongue on his body and her wet pussy against his dick made it hard for him to think too much about it. Finally, she couldn’t go lower without extricating herself from his crotch, so she lifted herself off him and slid slowly down his body. She spread his legs wide as she settled down between them, her fingers twirling in his pubic hair.

The first time he felt her tongue on his cock he convulsed slightly. She wrapped her tongue around the head and then sucked it into her mouth while she fondled his balls and tickled the sensitive spot beneath them. He groaned and writhed under her touch, but she held him firmly in place. She pulled the length of him into her mouth as far as she could, feeling his head against the back of her throat. Her fingers covered what wouldn’t fit inside her and she rolled her tongue up around the bottom of the shaft as it sat in her warm, wet mouth. Her thumbs caressed his balls while her pinkies tickled the creases of his crotch. Slowly, she pulled him out of her mouth only to shove him back inside quickly and firmly. She did this a few times, enjoying the sensation of his huge hard cock in her mouth. She moved one hand down to play with his balls, then to stroke the flat of skin beneath them. Then, hesitantly, she stroked his anus, her finger just pressing on the hole, not going in.

Mark bucked up and would have pulled himself out of her mouth if he hadn’t been holding her head to him. He thought he was going to burst when she touched his ass; he couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. He groaned loudly as she pressed a little harder, still just playing with the outside. He felt her hand grope for something off to the side, and then she lifted her face from his dick. She grinned at him evilly, and popped open the lube. She poured out a quarter-sized dollop onto her finger and dropped the tube onto the bed again. When he felt her finger on his ass this time, he clenched up, nervous.

“Relax, honey. I promise that if it hurts, I’ll stop. You liked it when I played with your ass. Let me play a little more. Please?” she ducked her head down to his cock again and started sucking on the head. He had gone a little softer, but not that soft and pretty soon the feeling of the cool gel and her finger against his ass while her hot Escort Bostancı mouth sucked his head had him harder than he’d ever been. Slowly, while she went to work on his dick, she worked her finger into his ass. Mark couldn’t believe the way it made him feel and all thoughts of what his friends might think were long gone. He was ready to explode, and damned if he was going to ask her to take that finger out of him.

The vein in his dick throbbed against her lower lip and Jennie knew it was time. She let his cock fall from her mouth and started sucking on his balls, instead. Her finger in his ass moved slowly and deliberately in and out of his hole while she stroked his thighs with her other hand. He groaned and grabbed her head, trying to pull her up to his dick again, but she sat up instead. “Are you ready?” she asked him.

“Ready? I thought that was pretty fucking obvious. My god, that was amazing! Come here and let me fuck you, girl. I gotta’ get inside you.” Jennie pulled away from him and shook her head.

“Not yet. You said I could fuck you first, remember? Then you can do whatever you want to me, however you want to.” Mark watched in dismay as she fitted the cock ring onto the dildo then pushed the dildo into place. She slid the harness up over her hips and settled it onto her pussy. Then she pulled out a condom and unrolled it over the dildo. She saw him watching her and explained, “This is supposed to make it easier to slide in, and easier to clean up later.” He flinched slightly, but said nothing.

When she put a large amount of gel on the end and began to rub it over the tip of the dildo and down the sides he watched in fascination. He’d jacked off with his friends before when he was a kid, but he hadn’t seen another dick outside of the locker room since then. Watching her slather on the gel reminded him of the old circle jerks and his dick got hard again.

“Roll over, honey, onto your knees,” she directed him. “Yeah, like that. Now put your head down. Oh wow… yeah.. can you spread your legs a little further apart? I can’t quite reach… yeah, like that.” He felt her lubed fingers press into him, getting him ready with more of the gel. He reached between his legs and grabbed a hold of his dick. When he felt her put her hands on his hips, he pulled at his cock, trying to stay his nerves. Then she entered him, just a little bit, and slowly pushed forward. She was gentle, entering him a tiny bit at a time, and he nearly cried out with how incredible it made him feel. His hand on his dick stilled as he relished the new feelings in his ass. There was no pain at all, and when he felt her hips pressed against his asscheeks, he clenched his ass around the toy and pulled on his dick. She pulled out as slowly as she went in and then returned a little bit faster. Before long, she was truly fucking him in the ass, if in a controlled way, and her hands on his hips gripped him tightly.

Mark tried to jack himself off, but couldn’t concentrate on getting a rhythm down. His entire being was centered on the feel of her fucking him. Finally, he gave up and just laid there letting her take him. She moved faster and harder, and he could barely stand it. His finger tips twitched over the head of his dick and he groaned into the pillow. Jennie started to breathe harder, and she couldn’t keep the rhythm. She wanted him inside her … she wanted him to fuck her now.

She pulled out of him and pushed him over onto his back. She crawled on top of him and shoved him into her tight hole. Were it not so wet, it would have torn, but she was soaked. She clenched her cunt walls around his huge cock and rode him fast and hard, the dildo still attached to the front of her pussy. Neither of them paid any attention to it, though, as they started to reach the peak. He grabbed her hips and shoved himself into her as hard as he could, emptying his seed deep into her. She screamed out as she felt his cock bulge and push her over the edge. She collapsed on top of him, a sweaty, spent mess. His dick was still lodged inside her and she didn’t want to move and risk it falling away. She convulsed again, the after-shocks of her orgasm making her shudder. Eventually, Mark noticed the hard dildo digging into his stomach, and he gently pushed Jennie off him. She flopped onto her back beside him and started to giggle.

“What?” he asked.

“I just had no idea how amazing that would feel.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Jennie rolled onto her side to look at Mark. He nearly laughed at the sight of the slippery, condom-covered, dildo whipping around, but held it back. She had that serious look on her face again. “Really? You liked it?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah. I liked it. A hell of a lot,” he said. “I think that’s something that we need to do a few more times to get it right though, don’t you?”

Jennie laughed. “Yeah, maybe. But I don’t remember hearing any complaints from you.”

“Nope, not a one,” he said, closing his eyes and grinning. “But don’t think that just because I already shot my wad that you get to get out of our bargain, missy.”

“No worries,” she said as she rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom. “After watching how much you enjoyed that, I’m looking forward to it.”

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