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This is a work of erotic fiction and of course none of the events described herein have ever happened.

I really appreciate your supportive comments and constructive criticism, but nasty and or downright abusive anonymous comments will be deleted. It’s OK if you don’t like this story go read someone else’s.


Jake and I have been happily married for 5 years now and the only fly in the ointment from my perspective is that he has wanted nothing to do with anal sex. Before I met Jake , I enjoyed anal with several of my boyfriends. Whenever I asked him to try it he completely shut down. It was the only subject upon which we could find no agreement. For five years I periodically tried to initiate anal sex and for five years I was frustrated by his refusal. As much as I missed it, there was no way I was going to destroy my marriage by having an affair so I had pretty much resigned myself to living without, until six months ago.

I have known Jake’s best friend Brad almost as long as I have known Jake, during which time he has passed through a series of girlfriends, none lasting more than a few months. Although we had become close, and I had always wondered about it, I never really asked him why he hadn’t been able to settle down. That is, until the three of us were alone and stupid drunk at a party at his place. After a short pause, he and Jake looked at each other and Jake told me that they used to call Brad Pee Wee when they were in school. Brad then explained that his penis was “less than average” and most women quickly became dissatisfied.

When I heard that, I laughed so hard I almost choked. Brad is a robust man with a good build. I assumed this was all bullshit, and I told them so. Jake insisted it was true and we bantered back and forth. I don’t know what possessed me but I eventually told them that a big guy like Brad couldn’t be that small, and if they wanted me to believe that crap they would have to prove it. The room was suddenly silent as Jake looked at Brad and told him to show me. In his drunken state Brad slowly opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I was stunned. At first glance Brad’s penis seemed to be about 4 inches long and not much thicker than my index finger. I stared at his crotch for almost a minute before Brad tucked himself in and zipped up his pants.

When the shock started to wear off I choked back a laugh, and then saw the hurt look on his face. I tried to apologize but the only thing that popped into my head was that it was the perfect size for anal.

“Oh Brad. It would be perfect for anal, we just need to find you the right girl and I’m sure you’ll both be happy. I know I would be.”

I said the last part of that fateful sentence without thinking and when I looked at Jake for support I saw his face going beet red.

“You and your damned anal,” he shouted. “It’s not bad enough you have been pestering me for years, now you are going after our friends! Well I’ve had it. If you want it so bad why don’t you stay here with PeeWee and get all the anal you want?”

With that he stormed out of the house and he was gone. I was drunk and I was mad and I was devastated that my husband had just told me to have sex with his friend. I started crying and ran to the bathroom. After a couple minutes I stopped crying and the anger took over. There was a gentle rap at the door and Brad asked if I was OK. I swung the door open and was ready to take it out on him, but the gentle look of concern on his face stopped me in my tracks.

“I’m sorry about tonight,” he said. “I’m sure if we all just sleep it off, Jake will calm down and everything can return to normal. Let’s just go back in the living room and have another drink to calm ourselves.”

Another drink was probably the last thing I needed, but I followed him down the hall and sat on the sofa. Brad handed me my drink and I took a big swallow. It was a lot stronger than I am used to but I took another big gulp before setting my near empty glass on the coffee table. Brad put his drink on the coffee table too and sat beside me. He gently took me in his arms and hugged me telling me again that Jake was sure to come around by morning. As I sat with Brad hugging me on the couch, all I could think of was how mad I was at Jake for telling me to have sex with Brad and how perfectly Brad’s cock would fit in my bottom.

“I’ve never known a girl who was interested in anal before,” he whispered. “Do you really think it’s perfect for that? Would you really be happy to have my cock in your ass? I’ve always thought you were beautiful and I particularly love to watch you from behind. I love your ass, and right now this whole scenario has made me as hard as a rock.”

At those words, I looked down at his crotch and saw the little tent in his pants. That last drink was kicking in, adding to the anger and frustration I was feeling. I leaned in and kissed Brad. Hard. Then I opened my lips and pushed my tongue into his mouth. His response was immediate and he pushed me canlı bahis back on the couch. We were all over each other; Kissing and feeling each other up. I hadn’t felt this kind of passion since my teenage years and my body was on fire. It didn’t take long for our clothes to start coming off and then, suddenly, we were naked together. I could feel Brad’s hard-on against my leg and in my passion I reached down to hold it. It was a little larger now that it was hard, but it still fit perfectly into my palm.

“I want you,” I breathed. “I want you in my ass. Have you got any lube or anything?”

“I think my last girlfriend left something in the nightstand. Something she used with her vibrator after we made love.” This last said with a bit of a sigh.

My arousal, drunkenness and anger were now joined by pity for what this poor guy had to endure from the bitches he had dated. Fearing that the mood was breaking, Brad picked me up and ran to the bedroom, dropping both of us onto his huge feather bed. He quickly reached into the drawer and pulled out a squeeze bottle of lube.

“Roll over,” he commanded. “Roll over and spread those beautiful cheeks. I’ll do the honours.”

I dutifully reached back and spread myself and jumped a little when I felt the cold drizzle of the lube hit my little hole. Brad leaned down onto me and started to massage the lube around my anus sending me to new heights of arousal and need.

“Stick your finger in,” I groaned. “Lube me up inside too. I’m so ready.”

He did as requested and gently inserted first one and then as I relaxed, another finger into my willing hole. Suddenly he was gone and I felt myself being flipped again onto my back. Brad pulled my hips to the edge of the bed and then put my feet up on his shoulders.

“I want to watch your face as I fuck you in the ass.” he growled.

He rubbed his dick around the lube between my cheeks and then he pressed the head against my asshole. When he pushed, he slid all the way in without stopping. I let out a satisfied moan as he slid in and continued to moan as he started his steady in-out rhythm. He reached down with his hands and fondled my breasts, pulling aggressively on my nipples and causing me to groan even louder. Suddenly his hands left my body.

“Tell me how much you like it Sara,” he grunted.”Tell me that I am the perfect fit for your ass. Call me by name”

I had known several men who liked to hear dirty talk while having sex and so I knew what Brad wanted.

“Oh Brad. Your cock feels fantastic in my ass. I love having your perfect little cock fucking my ass,” I responded. “Oh, fuck me Bradley. Pull my tits. Make me come Bradley. Do it. Fuck my ass”

Spurred on by my response, Brad increased his tempo and pulled harder on my tits. He was no longer the gentle Brad who had seduced me in the living room. He was becoming the aggressor, a rutting bull intent on claiming his prize. Once again he let go of me but continued to ram in and out of my asshole

“Reach down and play with your pussy Sara. Play with your pussy and make yourself cum for me. Tell me what you are doing. “

As directed, I reached down to my crotch and began to rub my clit side to side. This sent me into a new level of arousal. Without conscious thought, my other hand ran down my tummy and I slipped a finger into my pussy. I could feel Brad’s cock through the thin membrane between my pussy and ass. Feel his cock sliding past my finger as he fucked me at a frantic pace. He let out a loud groan.

“I’m playing with my pussy Brad. I have my finger in my cunt. I can feel you with my finger. Feel you sliding in and out of my ass as you fuck me Bradley. Oh gawd, Brad, I’m going to cum. OH GAWD.” It was too overpowering, like a freight train coming down the track. I was going to cum and nothing could stop me.

Nothing that is except stopping. Suddenly, Brad grabbed my hands and held them away from my pussy. At the same time he stopped moving standing dead still with my feet still on his shoulders and his cock completely buried in my ass.

“DON’T!” He growled. “Don’t you cum yet Sara. Hold it. Hold it. DON’T!” The shock of his harsh words derailed the orgasm train and I looked at him with confusion. “You don’t come without my permission so beg for it Sara. Beg”

I was so crazy horny, stupid drunk and right on the edge of orgasm that I didn’t even think.

“Please Brad. Please can I cum? Please let me cum Brad. I’m so close, so close. Please,” I pleaded.

“What will you do for me?” He demanded. “If I let you cum now Sara, will you let me fuck you again later?”

“Yes. Yes, we can fuck again later if you just let me cum NOW,” I whined.

Brad let go of both my hands and stroked into me a few times then stopped again. I was crazy with lust. I whipped my head back and forth, pounded my fists into the mattress, trying to cum, trying not to, I didn’t care, anything but hanging on the edge like this.

“Will you let me fuck you whenever bahis siteleri I want? Will you be my butt slut Sara?” He demanded.

I could hardly make sense of what he was saying. I was out of my mind. At that moment I would have agreed to anything. I probably would have committed murder.

“YES. YES. I swear to God. Anything. Just let me CUM,” I pleaded. I was almost crying in frustration.

“OK then” he said “Cum for me. Just don’t forget our deal”

Instantly he placed one thumb on my clit and started rubbing, hard, back and forth, around and around. The other hand mauled my tits pinching and pulling my nipples. Simultaneously, he started pumping his cock wildly into my ass.

“Beg for it Sara. Beg me to make you cum”

“Please Bradley. Please make me cum. OH GAWD. PLEASE. BRAD”

And with that I gasped and fell off a cliff into the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Spinning and falling flailing and screaming, and somewhere in the midst of it all I heard Brad grunt and I felt strong forceful jets of come shooting deeply into my bowels pushing me to even wilder spasms of delight. And then it was over. I was dazed and confused, laying in my husband’s best friend’s bed with his cock in my ass, his come deep in my bowels and him looking down at me smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Well Sara” he smiled ” I hope you meant everything you said. I intend to hold you to it. Now let’s go have a shower”

He slowly withdrew his softening cock from my butt and lowered my legs. Taking my hand he pulled me up and led me to the attached bath. Without thinking I followed him into the shower and soon we were soaping each other up. Brad gently soaped my entire body paying particular attention to my erogenous zones. He guided my soapy hands to his prick and made sure I cleaned both it and his balls thoroughly. Then we rinsed off, dried ourselves and he led me back into his bed.

I was still very drunk and still shocked by what I had done and said in the throes of passion. I couldn’t think for myself and simply followed Brad’s lead as he guided me naked into his bed and spooned behind me. Clean, warm, and tired, I fell instantly into a deep sleep.

I woke to sunlight streaming into the room. I had a moment of confusion, followed immediately by panic as I recalled the events of the night before. My head felt as heavy as a bowling ball and there was a pounding behind my eyes. Thankfully I was alone, and ran to the bathroom to relieve myself. I no sooner got done than my stomach revolted and I spun around and threw up in the toilet. I felt wretched as I rinsed my mouth out in the sink and went back into the bedroom. I was just getting ready to make a break for it when Brad walked naked into the room.

“Good morning Sara,” he said. “A little hung over are we?”

“Oh God. What have I done?” I whined. ” I feel so awful.”

“Here. Take a couple of these” Brad said, handing two little pills and some water.

I took them and he eased me back into the bed where I curled up under the covers. Brad sat down on the bed next to me and started to caress my back through the sheets.

“There there Sara. Relax and let the pills do their work,” he soothed.

I started to relax and pretty soon I was fast asleep again.

I awoke some time later when I felt the bed sag as Brad sat down by my hip. I jumped as his hand ran up the back of my thigh and over my ass cheek.

“Good morning again,” Brad chirped. “How do you feel now?”

“I feel pretty good Brad but what are you doing?

He started kneading and stroking my ass cheeks as he continued to talk. This gentle stroking caused a tingle in my groin. This was my husband’s best friend, I shouldn’t be responding this way.

“You made me some promises last night and I want to make sure that we are clear on that,” Brad soothed. “I took the liberty of recording them for posterity.”

Suddenly I heard my own voice begging Brad to fuck me in the ass and promising to be his butt slut if only he would make me cum. I then heard the unmistakable sounds of my orgasm and my pleas for him to fuck me harder and make me cum.

Although I was mortified, the recording brought clear memories from the night before into my mind. In spite of myself, I was getting very turned on and my pussy started to drool. Brad slipped his fingers down the crack of my ass, lingering on my asshole before moving on to my pussy. I rolled over and moved my legs, giving him better access and pretty soon his fingers, slick with my juices, were rubbing up and down along my slit tickling my clit every third or fourth time. I simply could not stop the moan that escaped my lips.

“Very good my little slut,” Brad whispered. “All ready to make good on your promise? You have the most incredible ass I have ever seen and I am so happy it’s mine now. Roll over ass up head down,” he commanded.

There’s something about anal sex that brings out my submissive side. I didn’t even think about it, I simply bahis şirketleri complied. When I was in position, I felt the cool lube trickle into my butt crack. The fingers of one hand expertly teased my rear entrance as he reached between my legs and pressed his other hand against my pussy, causing my clit to tingle. I started squirming around and soon enough his index finger started to press into my ass. He stroked me in and out and pressed his finger forward to try to stimulate my pussy as well as my ass. He leaned down and began to kiss and lick my ass cheeks increasing my level of arousal even more.

“Sara, you’ll never go wanting for anal sex again now that I own your ass,” He whispered as a second finger joined the first. “I’ve wanted you for years and now that I have you I intend to enjoy you on a regular basis.”

His comment added to the excitement I was feeling being his submissive plaything. It was only a minute or so before he removed his fingers and slid his body up between my legs pressing the head of his dick against my asshole. He ran his hands up my sides causing chills to run up my spine. When his hands pushed underneath to massage my breasts it caused my nipples to spring into hard points.

“Tell me you want it,” he whispered. “Beg me to fuck your ass.”

The head of his cock was pushing against my asshole and he was rolling my nipples between his fingers. I was completely at his mercy and he knew it.

“Oh God. Please fuck me,” I whined.

“Please fuck you where?” He demanded.

“Please fuck my ass.”

“Whose ass am I fucking and when can I fuck it?”

“Your ass. It belongs to you now, and you can fuck it whenever you want,” I whispered.

With that Brad slowly pushed into my willing rear, until I felt his balls press against my pussy. He pulled himself up to kneel behind me and began to hump me with short strokes. His hands gripped my ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he began working his entire length in and out.

I was so hot, but what was I doing? It was one thing to have done this in drunken anger last night, but something else entirely to be willingly kneeling on his bed in broad daylight the next day. Whatever was I going to tell Jake? As that thought ran through my mind, I felt Brad stiffen and shoot a strong jet of semen into my ass. After two or three short deep strokes, he pulled out.

“Hey. What are you doing? I haven’t cum yet!”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than I felt a stinging slap to my ass.

“Plenty of time for that later. You’ll be more compliant if I control when you cum,” he answered. “Here, put this on and go make us some breakfast while I have a quick shower.”

He tossed me one of his muscle shirts and headed out of the room. I looked around for my clothes, but they were nowhere in sight. My only option was to stay naked under the shirt. The shirt was very loose but at least it came below my backside. I padded barefoot into the kitchen, started the coffee, and gathered eggs bacon and bread together.

When Brad entered the room he told me to scramble the eggs. I reached across the counter, grabbed a whisk and started to beat the eggs. When I looked up, Brad had a satisfied smile on his face and I realized in his shirt I was putting on quite a show. I was still horny from our earlier session and the thought of Brad watching me jiggle as I beat his eggs both embarrassed and excited me. I bit my lower lip and submissively lowered my eyes back to the eggs.

I kept my eyes down, but I could feel Brad’s gaze devouring my every move as I gave him his coffee and finished cooking his breakfast. When everything was done, I took a plate in each hand and walked over to the dinette. As I approached, Brad stood and blocked my way. He grabbed my hips and slowly worked his hands up my sides. I didn’t protest as he pulled the neck of the shirt down and hooked it below my breasts, but I almost dropped the plates when he rolled both my extended nipples between fingers and thumbs.

I could feel my bare ass on the cool chair as I sat across from Brad. The cool air in the room kept my exposed nipples extended as I ate my breakfast in silence. Strangely, I never thought to pull up shirt to cover them, I simply sat there exposed, quiet and excited. When the food was gone, Brad turned his chair and patted his lap.

“Come sit,” he whispered.

I sat demurely in his lap and he reached his hand around my waist and rested it on my naked thigh.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen Sara. You are a lovely little pet and I’m going to keep you. First of all, I am not going to tell Jake what went on here. It will be up to you to decide what or how much you tell him. I will support whatever story you tell. Secondly, I want more. Much more. I know that Jake plays 18 holes every Sunday, and from now on while he is doing that, I will be doing you. I also know he travels to the Chicago office for a week, every other month. When he’s there you will come and be mine. “

As he spoke, his hand pulled my leg over and slipped onto my pussy. I could feel the moisture as he rubbed his finger along my slit, then back and forth over my clit. A soft moan escaped my lips as he continued.

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