Ana alone in a dark alleyway

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Ana alone in a dark alleywayAna alone in a dark alleywayI can recall that warm Friday night at San Francisco, when my husband Victor and me lived there only during a few months.I had volunteered to work overtime during some weeks. On that particular night, I had stayed later than planned and had missed the last bus. Rather than catch a taxi, I decided to walk the half mile to my home and save some time instead of waiting. It was a few minutes after midnight and the streets were abandoned except for a few people here and there. The warm breeze on this lovely spring evening stroked my legs beneath the summer dress I was wearing. I was thinking about my car staying at the garage with some electrical failure, when suddenly a hand clamped onto my wrist and quickly woke me up from my thoughts.I attempted to yell when a strong hand immediately covered my mouth and I was dragged into a nearby alleyway. I was led there by two middle aged black men and pushed against a dark wall.My mouth was finally uncovered and I was able to breathe better once again. The black man in front of me showed me a sharp knife and introduced himself as Jimbo. He said that he and his friend just came from a topless bar and were horny as hell. He licked his lips as he felt my round tits through the light fabric of my dress and immediately opened some buttons. Staring at my cleavage he flicked my erect nipples with his right hand.His friend, who later told me he was named Markus, positioned himself behind me and stuck his long tongue in my ear which şişli escort actually started to make me breathe faster. At the same time Jimbo let my huge breasts come tumbling out. Then he pounced upon them like a tiger, sucking each one and continuously pushing them in and out of his mouth like he was milking a cow. Meanwhile I could feel his friend’s hard cock which was dry humping my tight ass. After about ten minutes of this they stopped; chatted in some strange language I could not understand and then told me they had decided to do me a favor being that I seemed to be cooperating with them.Jimbo knelt down in front of me and placed both his hands on my knees underneath my summer dress. He then slowly raised his hands higher and higher while his friend stood behind me urging him on. Then I felt his hands touching my panties and dragging them down to my knees.I tried to move aside, but then Markus grabbed my waist with his strong arm and waived a knife at my face. He held up my dress while Jimbo stuck his long finger under my dress, deep inside my now bare pussy…Then he pulled my leg up on his shoulder and licked the entire length of my pussy. He darted his tongue in and out and up and down while making the loudest slurping noises as he drank my cum. Seeing how wet my slit was, Markus pushed his friend out of the way and immediately stuck three full fingers in my long slit, making me cry in pain.He then also sucked up my juices while I was secretly trying not to cum as I was on fire but dared not to let şişli escort bayan on. Suddenly Markus stopped and turned me around to face the wall. He and his friend both knelt down behind me, held up my dress, and each grabbed a cheek of my tight ass. They both talked again in that strange language. I could believe that they were talking about how tight it was.They each took a cheek of my ass and spread it outward, fully exposing my asshole to them. They now took turns and took me on a trip that I shall never forget. Their tongues sucking on my asshole were too much for me to bear. When they finally stopped, Markus immediately pulled his pants down to expose a long hard black cock. Then Jimbo took my head with both hands and directed it to his friend`s long cock. He made me stick the tip of my tongue into that giant cock which was overflowing with pre-cum. I had tasted this once before and knew what to expect.The black cock then slipped into my mouth and I nearly gagged as it went to the back of my throat. I sucked, and sucked and sucked some more, with my full lips rubbing up and down the length of his long skinny shaft and driving him into a fit of ecstasy. Markus screamed that he was cumming and exploded for what seemed like a full minute. His friend now stood against the wall while I was obliged to suck his long skinny cock as well. But this time he pulled out before cumming and splashed his sticky sperm all over my lips and up my nose. Next they made me to go down on all fours while Markus stuck mecidiyeköy escort bayan his rock hard cock in my wet cunt from behind while his friend stood in front of me sticking his cock between my lips. Markus only stuck the tip of his cock in and out my pussy and made me beg for his hard dick. He knew how horny I was when he heard me moaning and begging for more cock, faster and harder. When I begged him for more, he stuck his full length inside me in one single motion, making me scream in pain.Meanwhile his friend was fucking my mouth and started to tease me by taking his cock out and holding it there. He also knew how horny I was and made me beg for him to explode in my mouth. As I begged him, he stuck his cock back down my throat and exploded in less than a minute. Markus also came in my cunt at the same time and then they changed places. Jimbo told me to stay on all fours, because he wanted to fuck me doggie style. Then I felt his hard black snake entering my asshole, making me cry, scream and moan in pleasure at the same time as he sodomized me. He took some hard and long strokes in my stretched butthole and soon he cried some guttural sounds and I felt him filling my asshole with his warm sperm. My attack was finally over and the men dressed themselves. They told me I was the hottest white bitch they ever had in their hands. They also said told me to return there again the next night if I was still horny. They would wait for me… I saw them walking away, leaving me in a pool of sticky milk liquid. I had their semen in my mouth, my face, my hair and flowing from my pussy and ass, going down my legs. I arrived home very late and did not tell Victor about that awful situation. But, on the other side… I walked down that dark alleyway during next three nights…

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