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AN UNUSUAL DAY OUT Pt 2It was about 4.25 when they got to the hut, and Laurence had his jacket on, ready to lock up and go.”Hello again! Are we too late for Julie to have another look at the squirrels?”Colin asked.Laurence looked very pleased to see them. “Oh, no, come on in.” he beamed.”We’re glad we caught you before you locked up!” Julie said.”Yes, we’ve had an idea, and wondered if you’d be interested.”Colinsaid.”Oh, yes, what?” Laurence asked.”Well………, I won’t beat about the bush……we both noticed how, er, interested in Julie and her clothes you seemed to be when she was looking through the telescope…………”Laurence looked taken aback, flushed slightly, and murmered “Oh…..””So, would you object if I took some photos and video of you together? Just for a bit of fun? Of course, they would be for our eyes only, no one else would see them.”Colin asked.They could see that the proposal had completely taken him by surprise, and weren’t sure what his reaction was going to be. Julie took control. She stepped in front of Laurence and smiled.” Oh, yes, I can certainly guarantee that! For our eyes only. Absolutely!” she said. She looked into his eyes, seeing the apprehension and nervousness there. She needed to put him at ease. “Was Colin right? Were you…interested in me? I suppose I sort of invited it, with the clothes I’m wearing.” she said, continuing to hold his gaze and smile.”Er, well, yes, of course,….who wouldn’t?” replied Laurence. “Well, if you’re quite sure that no one else will see the photos…””Well, perhaps if you lock the door first?” Colin suggested.“ …..then stand next to Julie.”He locked the door, closed the side window and put on the light, then went and stood alongside Julie. She smiled up at him. He was a good five or six inches taller than her, and looked quite smart in a pale blue shirt, tie and grey trousers, his fine grey hair carefully combed back.Colin started taing photos, and after he taken a few, he said “Look at you, you look like two statues! I need more than just smiles. Action, please!”Julie could sense Laurence’s nervousness, so she initiated things by moving against him, and taking his arm, placed it around her waist.”Is that Ok for a start?” she asked, winking at Colin.”Perfect!” he replied, and took the picture.He knew he had to get Laurence more relaxed, so he took a few more like that, then told Julie to stand in front of Laurence and lean into him. He took the picture, then told Laurence to reach his arms around and squeeze Julie gently. His long arms reached round, just below her breasts.”That’s great.” Colin said. “Now, I’m sure if I were in your position right now, I’d feel like moving my hands further up. You’d quite like to karşıyaka escort move your hands further up, wouldn’t you, Lol ? Why don’t you cup Julie’s breasts in your hands and give them a little squeeze. I don’t think she’s going to object, are you love?” “Not at all!” Julie replied, smiling.He did so and Colin snapped away. Julie turned her head and looked up at Laurence. “You’ve got lovely big hands!” she said.”That’s it, now we’re getting somewhere. “Colin said. So now, I want Julie to turn around, and when I say “Now” I want her to lift up her top…I want to capture the expression on your face when you see her breasts.”Julie smiled, then turned to face Laurence. “Ready?” Colin asked.”Yes.” she replied.”Now!” and she lifted her top to show Laurence her naked breasts, and Colin caught the expression on Laurence face perfectly.”Stay like that!” he said, and moved to the back of Laurence and took one of Julie showing her breasts with Laurence looking on.He moved back to face them both, and told Julie to back into Laurence.”Now, Laurence would you like to to cup her breasts again?” Colin asked.”Of course! You don’t need to ask me twice!” He reached round and took her breasts into his big hands. “He’s certainly getting into the swing of things now!” Colin thought.”Give them a squeeze and roll her nipples between your thumb and forefinger…she likes that, don’t you, Julie?” he said.”Ooh, yes!” she said. Laurence began squeezing and kneeding her breasts and nipples, and Julie let out an “Oooh! and backed further in to Laurence, feeling the hot hard bulge in his trousers. Her eyes widened, and she pointed down for Colin’s benefit and mouthed “Hard on!””Ooh, you’ve got lovely big warm hands, Laurence!” she said, winking at Colin.Colin could see that things were hotting up, so he told Julie to get rid of her skirt. While Laurence continued playing with her tits, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall, standing there in just her green thong. Colin took a picture, then just watched as Julie ground her bare arse into Laurence’s groin. Colin knew that she’d be feeling his hard on pushing against her, and he felt himself getting really hard.”Turn and face Laurence, and put your arms around his waist and look up into his face.” Colin suggested.She did, then she looked up at Laurence, who was at least a head taller than her. She smiled, then raised up her head and impulsively kissed Laurence. Colin felt his hard on pulsing, as he watched his wife kiss the old man.”Why don’t you sit in the chair, Laurence, and Julie can sit on your knee, and carry on from there.” Colin suggested.Once comfortable on Laurence’s lap, Julie kissed him once again, and Laurence stroked and squeezed escort karşıyaka her breasts and tweaked her nipples. This went on for a few moments, with Julie running her hands around Laurence’s neck and through his fine head of silver grey hair as they kissed. Colin videoed, his throat dry and his cock hard. Finally she broke off and looked at Colin inquisitively, as if to say “What shall I do next?” He could see that she was getting flushed and aroused, and more than ready for the next stage. For Colin, things were going much better than he had hoped for!”Mmm” he said, as if he was thinking of what should happen next. “Julie, get up on the table, and sit facing Laurence.” She stood up.”But before you do…..Laurence, would you like to take Julie’s panties off?” Colin suggested. Julie gave him raised eyebrow look, which made him think that perhaps he’d misread the situation, and was rushing things along too quickly, but by then, Laurence was already on his knees at her feet. Colin steadied the video camera, not wanting to miss the moment when Laurence saw Julie’s shaven cunt for the first time. Laurence gently tugged the thong down, and Colin captured the slight gasp that Laurence gave as he saw Julie’s cunt, inches from his face. “Oh, you’re completely shaven! Lovely! Oh, that’s so lovely!” Laurence whispered. Julie stepped out of the thong and climbed up onto the table, and Laurence sat in the chair facing her. She was now completely naked for the old man, with her legs open. Laurence stared, then placed a hand on each thigh, and looked into Julie’s eyes. “May I?” he asked. “May I kiss you…there?”“You certainly may!” Julie replied, giving a knowing look to Colin. His head went between her legs, and he gently kissed her smoothly shaven pubis. She sighed and placed her hands on his bowed head, as encouragement. Colin wanted to zoom into Laurence’s face, but also didn’t want to miss videoing his wife’s facial expressions as the old man began to lick her. Her face took on a sublime, serene look as the old man’s tongue ran slowly up and down her sex. She smiled at Colin while enjoying another man between her legs, knowing he was enjoying the show.. Her sighs and whimpers intensified as he lovingly licked her, lapping at her clitoris with varying strokes and intensity.”Oh, yes!” Julie cried “Yes, yes, ye….e….es!” Her orgasm wasn’t long in coming, urged on by the whole erotic situation….stark naked in a wooden hut with an old man licking her cunt, her husband videoing! She felt it building inside her. “Aaaaaaah….aaahh yessssss!” she stifled her scream through clenched teeth as it tore through her. She pulled Laurence’s face tight to her quivering, karşıyaka escort bayan pulsating cunt as the orgasm hit its peak. He kept on licking, and she soon felt another pulsing through her. Eventually she calmed a little, and gently pushed his head away. “Oh, that was wonderful!” she said. Again she looked at Colin, raising her eyebrow as if to say “Well, what now?” Colin decided to leave it to Julie to decide what happened next. This was all new territory for them, and it had already gone as well as he’d dreamed, but he didn’t want to misread the situation, and push her into something she wasn’t happy with. He just smiled at her. An awkward silence followed, then she quietly said to Laurence. “You like me shaven, then? Would you mind if I checked to see if you are shaven, too?” He looked delighted at the question, and replied “Please, be my guest!” He stood up and Julie got down from the desk. “You sit on it!” she said. She sat in the chair and said. “Undo your belt and trousers for me. I think I can manage the rest on my own!” Seconds later she was unzipping his fly and tugging his trousers down. White Y fronts with an enormous bulge in them met her eyes. “Ooooh!” she said, using both hands to pull at the waistband of his underpants. The cock that sprang out from them was huge…long, thick and circumsized. Julie’s hand clasped to her mouth. “Oh, my God!” she gasped, and looked at Colin. He was speechless. The old man’s cock was much bigger than his, and so hard and erect! “Ooh, you are a big boy, aren’t you?”, she said, looking up at him. She pulled his pants down further, freeing his big, heavy balls. There was just a fine covering of sandy coloured hair. “May I?” she asked, before taking his cock in her right hand and cupping his balls with her left. She ran her fingers all over, then began to wank him. He gasped, and his eyes closed. She wanked him expertly, now and again giving her husband a lustful look. She leaned forward and licked the thick shaft of his cock, then did one of her favourite tricks that Colin liked…she travelled up and down his cock making little lapping motions with her wet tongue, down to his balls, still cupped in her hand. She licked, kissed and sucked at his heavy scrotum sack. Laurence was making short panting noises, and she sensed it wouldn’t take him long to come. She squeezed his heavy balls as she licked, then took hold of his cock again and wanked him urgently. Laurence’s head threw back and his mouth opened. “Would you like to come on my breasts?” she asked. He let out a groan, and Julie rose from the chair, directing his cock towards her naked breasts. Seconds later, he exploded onto them, a blast of hot sticky come spattering like pearls on her naked breasts. She carried on wanking until the last drop fell, then smeared the sperm all over her tits with her left hand. Laurence was still shaking with the spasms, gasping. Eventually he let out a low moan and opened his eyes. “Oh, that was wonderful! You’ve no idea how long it’s been!”

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