An Unplanned Seduction

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Growing up in a small town and having a religious family had made me a little naive. When I started college, I was clueless about how people did things differently in the city from my small town. The girls in my dorm were wilder than the girls I was used to in my hometown. It was a culture shock to see them act and dressed more sexually than I had ever seen another girl do before. I was still a virgin and thought sex was something that people only did when they were married.

My name is Jackie, and my friends called me Jack. I didn’t like being called by a boy named, but it stuck, and I learned to live with it. I was a bit above average in the look department with long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and thick black frame glasses. My breasts were big, but you could not tell it from how I was dressed. The loose clothes that I wore hid how good my figure was, and I had no interest in showing it off.

I was an innocent child, and when the girls from my dorm told dirty jokes, they flew over my head. I was so clueless about such things that I never understood anything referring to sex. The only experienced that I had with sex is what I did with myself when no one was around. That was something I rarely did because I was taught it was wrong and felt guilty afterward. I knew college would be an eye-opener for me, but I never expected to experience what I did during my first year there.

My dorm roommate, Karen, was a skinny redhead with crystal blue eyes and had an angelic face. Her breasts were small and were barely noticeable. She did not need a bra and was not bashful of showing them off when changing. It took some time for me to get used to her sleeping in nothing but her panties. I wore a very modest nightgown and could not understand how she could sleep wearing so little.

I wasn’t brave as she was and only undressed when I was alone. I was bashful and felt vulnerable being naked around people. My fear came from being told how wrong it was to show it off and that a good girl always kept it covered up. I never notice how beautiful my body was and that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of.

While I kept my body hidden, Karen liked to show off hers by wearing clothes that revealed her legs and midriff. Karen thought her legs were one of her best features and loved showing them off. Men were always trying to date her, but she kept turning them down. I never understood why she never said yes until one day while sitting in the lounge area of our dorm.

I was watching TV with some of the girls after a long day of classes. It was one of the few entertainments I had since I was kept busy with my school work. On occasion, I would eat pizza with some of the girls there while we talk about girl’s things. I overheard Kendra and a friend of hers talking. She was one of those types that thought everyone outside of her circle was beneath her and was very vocal about it.

“Diana, you will not believe what I just found out! You know the girl that is in the room across from mine, the one with the red hair?” Kendra said with an arrogant tone. She did not wait for her friend to reply before continuing.

“That redhead is a fucking dyke! I caught her checking out Rebecca in the shower. It was so disgusting that I almost got sick right there. I bet she already turned her roommate into one too,” she said with a mixture of joy and disgust on her face.

She was talking about my roommate Karen but was confused about what a dyke was. I came from a small town and never heard anybody being called that before. Being clueless as I was didn’t understand that she was saying my roommate was a lesbian. Lesbian was something that I had heard before and only in the way you know it without really knowing what it meant. Since I was still pure, I never saw the sexual side to things; it didn’t register what gay people did with each other.

I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice me, but I wasn’t that lucky. She sat beside me before saying, “Hey, you!” She never did try remembering my name and only did so with people that were important to her. I gave her my full attention hoping to get this over with quickly, and she asked me rather crudely, “I got to know one thing. Did you let that lesbo munch on your carpet?” I did not know what she was talking about and was unsure how to answer her.

“Why would anybody eat carpet?” I replied with confusion. This brought laughter from everyone in the room, and I did not understand what was so funny.

“Oh, you are too much, girl. I take that as a no, but you better watch out, or you will find her in your bed one night munching away,” She said while laughing and left me baffled over what just happened.

A girl who always had an expression on her face like she smelled something foul felt the need to clarify things. She snickered at my cluelessness and spoke in a superior tone, “It means your roommate is a nasty bitch that likes girls. I would watch out if I were you. Your innocence makes you easy prey for perverts like her. If I were izmit escort bayan you, I would get another roommate before she puts the moves on you.”


Even if I wanted to get a new roommate, there wasn’t any empty bed for me to moved into, and besides, Karen was a nice person. Some of the girls in our dorm started to shun her after finding out that she was gay. They refused to take a shower with her and would walk out when she entered. They would hold on to their towels tightly against their bodies and scurry away like rats.

I could see the pain that was in her eyes at their rejection. She looked at me with teary eyes and waited for me to do the same, but I could not hurt her like that. She was a little shocked but grateful that I stayed. I was too tender-hearted to be a bitch, especially to someone that always showed me kindness. My parents taught me to be open-minded with people’s differences and accept them on their own merits.

When I finished my shower, I waited on her after getting dressed before asking, “Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?” She cried a little over someone being kind to her and not caring that she was gay. I did not know at the time the hardship that gay people went through. She sometimes had to hide what she was from people to avoid judgment. I was one of few people that accepted her as she was and did not treat her like a freak.

“Mexican would be nice,” she said with her eyes moistening up. “You would think in this day and age we would move past this shit. I thought this place would be different, but I guess I was wrong,” she said with a sad tone to her voice. We walked back to our room in silence, and I was confident that I made the right decision with her. She waited until we were in the room before hugging me. “Thank you for still being my friend,” she replied emotionally! We became very close after that day and spent a lot of time together.


My innocent mind made it easy for me to let my guard down around her since she was a woman, which allowed me to do things that I wouldn’t with a guy in the room. I would undress around her but never exposed myself. I would only go as far as my undergarments before turning my back to her to remove my bra. I was too shy to show off my body and would only get naked if all possible when nobody was in the room. Even being careful as I was one slip up here and there, she eventually saw me nude. When I slipped on a new pair of panties, putting on or taking off my bra, I unknowingly exposed myself to her.

I was her only friend in the dorm after Kendra ruined her reputation, and she changed a few things about what she did around me. She was afraid of losing me as a friend and made sure I would always be comfortable around her. She no longer went topless to bed and wouldn’t watch me while I was changing my clothes. When Karen did see me naked, it was by accident and would turn her gaze away.

Karen being gay never became an issue when we were hanging out because she never brought it up. She avoided anything that she thought would drive me away, like the topic of sex and that she was into girls. When our fall final came and went, we were still good friends. Everybody was preparing to go home for their winter break, but unfortunately, I did not have the money to go home and had to stay at school. Everyone else was leaving, including Karen, and I was bummed out that I would be all alone.


Karen postponed her trip until the next day so that I wouldn’t be all alone for one day at least. She asked me to come with her, but I kindly declined the Invitation. I did not want to get in the way of her holiday plans with her family. We had the whole place to ourselves, and we took advantage of that by ordering a pizza and drank wine while staying up late watching movies. I had never felt so lonely when she left after lunch the following day and regretted not going with her.

Being alone gave me the freedom to do things that I usually wouldn’t, and out of boredom, I decided to shower after dinner. I usually undressed in the shower area, but today I did it in my room. I was nervous walking down the hall naked with a towel in my arms while looking around to ensure that I was truly alone.

It felt a little liberating to step out of my comfort level by wearing nothing to the shower. It was a little scary to walk around like that but also felt kind of good too. I tossed my towel on the bench and walked into a nearby stall. The heat from the shower felt good on my body, and I stayed in it longer than I usually would. The heat from the water kept me from noticing how cold the room had gotten.

The heater had stopped working, and the room temperature had dropped more than a few degrees. I soon regretted not bringing any clothes with me after stepping out of the stall. I could feel my body starting to freeze, and my nipples harden from the cold. The walk back was less exciting with the cold nipping at my wet flesh.

I izmit eve gelen escort was surprised to run into Karen in the hallway holding a box, and when she saw me yelled out, “Oh, there you are! I was looking for you, and as you can tell, I decided to stay.” I was shivering from the cold as she explained she felt guilty for leaving me alone and drove back here. She called her mother to let her know that she was not coming, and the maintenance man, after she noticed the heat was out, but he couldn’t come out until the next day. It sucked that we had to spend the night without heat, but not being alone made it a little easier.

She was setting up a surprise for me in the lounge but only had the time to put out some blankets before getting the box that she was now carrying. In life, we come to a crossroads where our choices can lead us down two different paths. I was cold with only my towel to keep me warm, and I had two options. Going down the long cold hallway to my room to get dressed or the warm blankets nearby.

Against my better judgment, I followed her to the lounge to wrap myself around a warm blanket. I sat down on the couch, trying to keep the little heat that I had from escaping my body. Karen put the box down before taking out a jar of popcorn, a movie, a couple of plastic cups, a bottle of vodka and placed them on the table. She poured me a glass and told me that it would help me feel warm. I never drank anything besides wine before, and since I trusted her, I accepted it.

It was hard to get down at first, but it got easier after a few swallows. The more I drank, the less noticeable the cold was, and when Karen returned with the popcorn, my cup was empty. I felt relax and loose. She placed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table before filling my cup back up. I was clueless about the effects that alcohol can have on people. It already started to affect me in unforeseen ways that I later would realize made me relax enough to let certain things happen.

I started to notice halfway through the movie that Karen would watch me as I grabbed my drink or popcorn. I was confused about why I was receiving her attention at those times, and after a few more rounds of it, I finally caught on. The vodka made me so relaxed that I never noticed my towel had slipped off my body. Every time I took another drink of vodka or grabbed some popcorn, my blanket would open, exposing my left breast to her. My nipples were hard from the cold, and when I started focusing my attention on my nipples, I felt the right one was a little sensitive. It was rubbing against my blanket, sending a strange, funny feeling through me.

Vodka had loosened me to the point that I was open to things I usually wouldn’t be. I felt sorry for Karen and thought that being a lesbian was a rare thing. I was naive in thinking that she was the only one on campus; the sadness I felt for her, and the vodka kept me from covering up. I thought what I was doing was kindness for not freaking out that she was staring at my breast.

The vodka had shut down the part of my brain where my shyness and fear came from. That was not the only thing that it did, but it also unlocked something else within me. I found myself enjoying my friend’s attention, and for the first time, I wanted to be desired. Guys often ignored me because I dressed too modestly, and they have to put more effort than they wanted with me. I found it was nice, even if it was a girl that was showing interest in me.

Karen was starting to wonder if I was letting her see my breast on purpose. She did not know if I was unaware that it was hanging out or was hinting at something she had fantasized about me since we first became roommates. The girl found me attractive and could no longer ignore her desire for me. When we first became roommates, I was unaware of how erotic it was for her to watch me undressed in our room. The reason she slept topless was in the hope it would stir desire in me, and if it did, she would have made a move on me.

The vodka was making me a little bolder, and I wanted to push myself a little further. I arched my back while downing my cup of vodka that only had a mouthful left in it and let my blanket fall around my waist. My breasts were fully exposed but for only a few moments. My nipples felt good in the cold air that gave it a delightful sting as if Jack Frost was caressing them. After letting her see my breasts, I decided that I had gone far enough and covered myself back up.

The movie was near the end when the power went out, sending the room in udder darkness. I never noticed that a storm was brewing outside in all the excitement, and now I could hear the cold, bitter wind blowing. It had an almost eerie sound to it that frightened me a little. Realizing it would be best to head back to our room stood up and felt my towel fall to the floor around my feet. When I picked up the towel, I thought the room was far darker than it was; I removed my blanket to wrapped izmit otele gelen escort my towel around me tightly before covering up with the blanket again.

My eyes were not that good in the dark, and the vodka I drank had clouded my senses. The moonlight gave the room and everything in it a blue glow. Karen’s eyes were better than mine, which allowed her to see a portion of my nude body highlighted by the moonlight. I heard the woman let out a sigh, but I didn’t realize it was from seeing my body.

I held on to Karen as we slowly made our way back to our dark and cold room. There was some light shining from the window onto her bed, but mine was in total darkness. I wasn’t interested in sleeping in it because I didn’t want to depart from the warmth of Karen’s body. It was the only heat source in the room, and I didn’t realize how it sounded when I suggested that we sleep together in her bed. She was taken aback by my request and tried not to see any other motives than an innocent one. She still was not confident that someone like me, a pure, naive girl, would just turn lesbian. Karen fought back her desire and did nothing as I crawled into her bed.

After getting into her bed, I laid my glasses on her nightstand and listened to the sound of her undressing as I fell asleep. The last thing I heard was the sound of a zipper followed by her pants being removed. When I woke up sometime later, I could feel the room’s coldness biting into my flesh, realizing that I pushed my towel and blanket off in my sleep. My body was exposed to the cold night air, and I quickly covered myself back up.

The only source of heat I could find was from Karen, and I snuggled closer to her, pressing my naked ass against her hoping to steal some from her. She turned on her side, embracing my body with hers; I could feel the fabric of her shirt and two tiny hard nipples poking into my back. I felt her hot breath on my neck and the heat that was coming from her. It felt so good that I was easing back into sleep, and my innocent mind didn’t see anything wrong when she placed a hand on my hip. It was shaking from what I thought was from the cold; I grabbed it before sliding it down to the lower part of my stomach and then up against my bosom for warmth.

This was a mistake that pushed my friend into action from thinking that I wanted her. Her hand was not shaking from the cold but from the fear that I would reject her touch. She could not sleep with my naked body lying beside her, and she was contemplating if it was worth the risk of losing our friendship by touching me. She was trying to figure it out when I sent her the wrong message by my actions that came off more seductive than I intended it to be.

Karen needed to know if she could ever have me decided to test the water a bit by touching me. Karen placed her hand somewhere she thought it would be safe, and my reaction put the final nail into my coffin. If I had brushed her hand away, Karen would’ve known that she was wrong, and the night would’ve gone differently. The innocent action that I did out of love was taken the wrong way.

She could not bear losing me as a friend, but gaining me as a lover was too enticing for her. I did not realize that guiding her hand inches away from my pussy where her fingers barely touched my pubes before sliding it between my breasts would come off as seductive. I unwittingly gave her a signal that I wanted her and provided all the encouragement that she needed. My intention was pure, but I ended up unleashing a horny lesbian on me.

Karen was now convinced that I wanted her and was not going to hold back any longer. She played with my breast and kissed my neck simultaneously. Karen kissed my neck so passionately that a hickey was left there to mark that I was now hers. My body stiffened up from the shock of being touched sexually for the first time by someone other than myself. I tried to tell her to stop, but only moans escaped my lips when she started playing with my nipples. Karen rubbed them between her fingers and gave me pleasure that I never knew I could have from being touched there.

My friend’s action made me realized that I should never have rush touching myself, and if only I had taken my time, I could have had great pleasure. If I had known about this earlier would’ve pleased myself more often than I did. What was being done to me was making my body warms up in a whole new way to fight off the cold of the night. No matter how much I was enjoying this, a part of me thought this was wrong. I turned over on my back to try to end this but found I couldn’t resist her.

Karen eased herself on top of me and guided herself between my legs. I opened my mouth to speak, but she used that opportunity to slide her tongue into it. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t resisting her and letting her do these things to me. Her tongue was in my mouth for a few seconds before I started returning the kiss. My body awakened new desires within it, and I allowed myself to go where it took me. I was a little sloppy at kissing as it was my first time. I soon got the hang of it and loved having her tongue in my mouth. My brain tried to fight back for control, but my body demanded that this happen. I could feel the heat between my legs getting warmer as my pussy got wetter.

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