An Off Night

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This story follows my previous submission: “Black Noodles with Special Sauce”


I almost tripped as Jose was yanking my arm; the pitch black hallway didn’t help me either. I did my best not to fall over due to his haste but to no avail. I stumbled and fell. Jose was excited, “Come on! I’ve waited all week for this. Get the fuck up!”

He was keen on going to this particular club. He’s been nagging me all week for this. If only he wasn’t like a brother to me then I would be at home watching a sitcom or more likely jacking off to porn. “Let’s go, you’ll enjoy this, promise.” he said as he was helping me stand-up.

My eyesight betrayed me. I couldn’t see anything. So I navigated with my hands. I used the wall for guidance which was pleasantly soft; like it was covered with thick cloth much like heavy drapes. Jose pushed aside a thick heavy curtain and viola; we were now inside the club.

After a stint in total darkness, my eyes were blinded by the bright lights. It took me a few seconds to adjust myself to see what was inside and I was not disappointed. I must have had a beaming expression on my face, “See, I knew you would enjoy this!” Jose said smiling from ear to ear. I was too.

All the corners of the club had neon lights, the walls adorned with posters of naked women performing various sex acts. All the tables and stools were bolted on the floor facing the main stage that had a catwalk and there were also booths on either side of the floor. Ledges where everywhere, each ledge would have four or five scantily clothed women swaying their bodies to the rhythm of the music. In front of us was a bar showcasing top shelf liquor which was always a welcome sight. The barmaid smiled and gestured us to sit by the bar.

“I’ll have a beer.” Jose said slightly shouting due to the loud music. “And what will you have?”, the barmaid looking at me. “Give me tequila.” She handed us our drinks and asked me, “First time here?”

“It is for me, my friend on the other hand looks like a regular.”

“Your friend does look like a regular; I believe I’ve seen him before.”

I downed my shot, “Jen, I’ll have another one please.”

“How did you know my name?” she asked looking surprised.

“It’s on your name tag.” I said pointing to her left breast.

“Oh right!” she laughed as she swatted my finger away.

As we were talking, Jose moved to one of the stools in front of the catwalk to watch the girls dance around.

“Have you chosen a girl yet?” Jen asked me.

“I was thinking of you, after all you are my type.” I said looking at her.

“I’m just escort ankara the barmaid, I’m not like the other girls.” She answered.

“Suit yourself.” I said as I downed my second shot.

Looking around the club, there were a few waiters, the managers or “Mamma Sans” and a booth that was occupied by some rich looking guy surrounded by four women in various states of undress; it was an off night for the club.

I joined Jose at the catwalk, “You enjoying yourself?”

“Hell yeah, I am! You should too after that break-up with that Michelle girl. You were too much of a catch for her anyway.” Jose said trying to comfort me.

“I guess you’re right.” I answered.

“Let’s get some girls!” he said pointing at one dressed in a lacy short skirt with black underwear dancing on one of the nearby ledges.

He called the manager and told her who he wanted. A few moments later the girl was giving him a lap dance. Jose was certainly enjoying himself.

The manager looked at me and asked, “How about you, see anyone you fancy?”

“They’re all beautiful but I want to spend time with Jen.”

“You fancy the barmaid? Well, she’s not exactly one of my girls but since it’s an off night I might as well make an exception.”

I could see the manager walk over to the bar and talk with my choice. I could see them argue a bit but Jen looked like she wasn’t given much choice. She joined me in one of the booths which was more private.

“I don’t normally do this.” She told me.

It was evident on her face that she didn’t want to be in this situation. I didn’t mind it much though.

I looked over at Jose, who was now also in a booth of his own lip locking with his girl.

“We don’t have to do that right off the bat. We can start slow.”

“Like what do you have in mind then?”

“How about you give me a lap dance?”

“How about I sit beside you and just talk?”

It’s a start I thought to myself, “Sure we can do that.” I said slightly disappointed.

Our conversation wasn’t of any importance. It was boring like talking about the weather.

I looked at where Jose was sitting; he transferred to a nearby booth and was now enjoying a blowjob from his girl. He saw me looking at him and smiled. I felt envious of his situation and I started thinking that maybe I chose the wrong girl.

The banter between Jen and I lasted for a few more minutes up until the manager approached our booth holding a bottle of whisky and two glasses.

“The man on the far end of the bar bought this for you”, the manager said. “He’s a bit of a show off. Just thank him sincan escort and enjoy the night.”

I stood up and saw the rich guy smile at me. I mouthed a thank you; he wouldn’t have heard me even if I shouted as he was at the other end of the club. He smiled again and gave me a thumbs-up sign.

We continued our banter and after a few drinks, Jen was getting more at ease with the situation. I placed my arm around her to test if she was okay for my further advances. She didn’t show any protest so I decided to do more by placing my hand on her jeans covered thighs; my other arm still on her shoulders. I was now caressing her thigh and I would ever so slightly let my hand slide to the hemline of her crotch. She nestled her head on my shoulder and whispered to me, “Still want that lap dance?”

Before I could answer, she straddled me, and started grinding on me. “Liquor is the best wingman!” I said to myself.

Jen, a Filipina, was a brunette, shoulder length hair and her skin had a coffee tone to it. Her ass cheeks fit my hands perfectly as I palmed them. She stopped grinding me for a second to take her top off. She left her bra on which was extremely sexy and continued with her action.

Her breasts were of good size, maybe C’s, ample enough for me to bury my face between them. My cock was straining from the confines of my jeans. She must have felt my agony because she started undoing my belt, and my jeans altogether. She reached inside and pulled my cock out.

“Now that’s one thick bird!” she gasped.

She started stroking my cock as I was doing my best to find her nipples with my lips from inside her bra; my hands still kneading her tight ass. I gave up on searching for her nipples, the confines of her bra was such a hassle so I proceeded to rid her of it. I didn’t want to let go of her perfect ass but it was something I had to do. I fumbled the best I could to unfasten the clasps but to my dismay I wasn’t able to succeed.

Jen decided to help me out and take her own damn bra off. As she removed the piece of cloth from her chest; she then held her left breast and offered it to my wanting mouth. I indulged on her offer. I was happy suckling on her breast, my hands back on her ass and one of her hands was once again stroking my cock.

She suddenly stopped which made me groan. She stood up in front of me and turned her back. She reached down and started peeling off her jeans. I stroked my cock slowly not wanting to cum just yet. As she did this, she looked behind me and grinned, “I think, we both need this!”

When her jeans were down at her knees, demetevler escort she reached back and held my cock and proceeded to sit down on me. She didn’t bother taking off her panty. She just pulled the thin fabric to the side.

I could feel myself enter her warm folds. She was soaked, and as she let my cock penetrate her wanton pussy, she shuddered. This made both of us gasp for air. As I entered her fully for the first time; she had to pause to get accustomed to my girth.

She reached for my hands and placed one on her breast and the other one on top her panty clad pussy.

She then put both her arms on the table in front of us for support and leverage. She started to raise her hips so that my cock would ever so slightly slip out of her and crash back down to engulf me once again.

I began kneading her breasts and slipped my other had in her panty so that I may be able to stroke her clit.

Jen was in pure ecstasy and was moaning and screaming for all to hear as she was fucking my cock. She was basically using me for her own pleasure which was a sight to behold.

Her pussy was extremely tight and the fact that she couldn’t spread her legs far apart due to her jeans at her knees was not helping me from holding back my excitement.

I could hear words of encouragement for both of us, coming from the girls around us, Jose, the manager and even the rich guy.

“That’s it, bang him!

She’s such a slut, fuck him good!

Fuck that’s so hot!

Destroy that pussy!”

Whether we liked it or not we were giving them all a show!

She was screaming, “Shit! Fuck me good! Fuck your slut!” Her words started to become inaudible sounds as she came.

Her body was shaking, her pussy was gushing; I was drenched! I couldn’t hold back. The pressure from her pussy was just too much for me.

She pumped a few more times and I felt my cock explode deep inside the recesses of her pussy. The feeling was delicious! I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was pant!

She kept on grinding herself on top of me. I felt my cock was too sensitive and her gyrations were driving me to the brink. I lifted her up using my hands and said, “I’m done!”

She slowly stood up, as she did some of the seed I had deposited leaked out of her and onto her thighs.

She reached down with her hand, inserted two of her fingers inside and scooped some more of it out of her. She showed me the thick white liquid on her fingertips, showed the other on lookers around both us and sucked her own fingers dry. “Delicious!”

She faced me as she was fixing her jeans back up, smiling sheepishly, “Same time next week?”

“Yes!” I answered.

I looked at Jose who was standing beside our booth, “Bro we need to go back here!”

He looked at me and said, “Everyday of the week! Everyday!”

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