An Incest Birthday Ch. 08

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“Aunt Lisa what are you doing here?” I said confused.

“You mom invited me, it is a family vacation isn’t it?”

Even though she knew about us I was still a little uneasy around her for some reason. Rita pulled the covers over us to hide our nakedness, but it was still a little dark in the room so I doubt she would have seen us anyway.

“It’s a little late to be shy, after what I just seen I’m tempted to hop right in and join you!”

“How is it you always end up in our room?” Rita asked.

“How is it you never seem to lock your door? I think you want someone to walk in on you, you horny bastards!”

“If you were messing around with someone who looks this good, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off her either,” I said.

“That’s true. She is a sexy little devil isn’t she? Well I’m going to bed, I’ve been working all day and driving all night looking for this place, but if you think you’re gonna go at it again, don’t hesitate to call me, or better yet, just come over into my room, it’s the one by the kitchen,” she grinned as she left the room.

When the door closed we fell back into the bed. That’s the second time she walked in on us having sex, and the third time we were watched, we were starting to be ok with it. I stared looking at the ceiling when Rita laid her head on my chest and looked me in the eyes.

“What were we talking about before?”

“I don’t even remember, Aunt Lisa made me lose my train of thought. Come on, let’s go to sleep, we’ve got a big day of doing nothing ahead of us,” I said.

She kissed me softly on the lips and cuddled up to me as I cut out the lamplight that for some reason I was still holding. Truth is, I did know what we were talking about, but I want the rest of this trip to be Stephanie free, so I let it go.

“Goodnight Randy, I love you,” she said wrapping my arm around her waist.

“Goodnight baby, I love you too,” I said back. I kissed her neck and slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed, I was a little confused since the only time Rita ever gets up early is to come to my room. I put on some shorts (yea we slept naked, but it was an accident, this time), used the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and went to look for her. I looked all around the cabin, and only saw the parents and Aunt Lisa making breakfast. Finally I found her in the last place I checked, the swimming pool. She was swimming laps when she looked up and saw me.

“You just gonna stand there or you gonna get in with me?” she asked. Since I was already dressed for pool use ironically, I jumped in.

As soon as I came from under the water Rita was right in front of me, smiling. “Finally awake huh?”

“I’m surprised you’re up so early, I thought you’d be sleeping in after last night.”

“I know right! I have all this energy from I don’t know where. I got up and cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors, wiped all the windows and now swimming laps in the pool. All that stuff hasn’t changed a thing I’m still so energetic!”

“I know a way we can put all that energy to use,” I said pulling her into a kiss. I ran my hands all over her body and she did the same, never breaking the kiss. When I went inside her bikini bottoms to play with her clit she caught my hand and held it there, confusing me in the process.

“Mmmm big brother not yet,” she said breaking the kiss.

“What’s the matter, you want me don’t you?”

“I do, but if you want me, you’re gonna have to catch me first!” she said as she splashed me and swam off away from me.

Once the water cleared from my face she was halfway across the pool. I took off after her but by the time I had gotten close she climbed out of the pool and stuck her tongue out in mockery. For a moment all I could think about was how sexy she was dancing around in front of me, but then I remembered why she was dancing and jumped out to chase her. She took off running around back to the deep end of the pool, and when I got close enough to grab her, she jumped back into the pool. Now I was determined, she was not getting away from me again. I jumped in and swam after her faster than I thought I could. When I caught her I grabbed her on the foot and pulled her towards me, turned her around to face me and walked until her back hit up against the wall in the water. I had a look of hunger and lust in my eyes as I kissed her hard on the lips.

“Oh god Randy, I should make you chase me more often,” she said between kisses.

She rubbed my cock through my shorts and I kissed her harder, grinding against her. I reached my hand down and this time, my hand reached its destination. I rubbed her clit in small circles underwater, and she broke the kiss and moaned into my neck. I rubbed faster and she started breathing heavier and moaning louder, which she knows only gets me hotter. I slipped two fingers in and finger fucked her as fast as humanly possible. I didn’t even try to stop her from making noise, I wanted to hear casino şirketleri her scream in pleasure, I wanted to look at her as she reached her climax, a few seconds later I got my wish.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Randy oh my god I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

Even underwater I could still feel her juices as they poured out of her pussy into my hand as he held onto me for dear life so she wouldn’t slip underwater.

“Fuck Randy I need you in me right now!” she moaned as her orgasm subsided.

By now my cock was rock hard so I wasn’t gonna argue with her, or was I? I lifted her leg and moved her bikini bottoms to the side, and ran the tip of my cock over her clit, which made her shiver in anticipation. When she closed her eyes and leaned her head back waiting for me to plunge inside her, I dropped her leg and let her go.

“What’s the matter, you want me don’t you?” she said mimicking the exact same thing I said not too long ago.

“I do, but if you want me, you’re gonna have to catch me first!” I told her as this time I splashed her and swam away.

This time it was her with the look of determination on her face, as she swam up behind me faster than I expected. I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance in the pool so I got out and ran for the door, with her right behind me. By now my hard on had decreased a little so it wasn’t too noticeable as I took off out the double doors and back into the living room area. I didn’t see Rita, but I could hear her screaming after me, and I was enjoying every second of it. Running out of options, I ran to the side of the room with most of the doors and did eenie-meenie-miny-mo on the way there (sorry if I messed the spelling up on that, but can you blame me?), I picked the room with the walk in shower and bolted in there while listening to mom and dad complain about tracking water and running through the cabin. I go in the shower room and run to the corner, if I closed the door she would have definitely knew I was in there, so I left it open hoping she would pass. A couple minutes passed and I thought I had gotten one over her, I was wrong. She walked into the bathroom and locked the door, you could literally hear the lock click it was that quiet. I had that feeling in my gut my little sister was about to have her way with me again.

“You little bastard!” she said as she just cut on all the showers and walked up to me. The look in her eyes told me this was gonna be another round of great sex.

“Ok you caught me, now what?”

“Now we pick up where we left off,” she said as she dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor. She pulled me against the wall under a shower and kissed me hard, this time there would be no running. I pushed my shorts down and off and played with her clit a little, and then I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy.

She let out a moan of relief as I slid all the way inside her, meeting her crotch with mine. I started off slow and soft and built to hard deep thrusts. Her body was thrashing against me keeping up with the rhythm I had going, and pretty soon were fucking the shit out of each other.

“Fuck Rita you feel so good!” I said pounding the hell out of her.

“Yes, thats it, keep fucking me! Fuck your little sister! Fuck my pussy for all its worth!”

I wet my finger in the shower water and eased into her ass, it was a tight fit but it went in. she looked up at me wide eyed and bit down on my shoulder. I grabbed ahold of her ass cheek with my other hand and spread it open as I fucked her, which gave me more room to fuck her. I kept this up for five more minutes before she pulled me out of her.

“Lay down in the middle of the floor, I wanna ride you under the water.”

I did exactly what she asked me to do and laid down in the middle of the floor, cock sticking straight up in the air. It felt weird having the shower water hit me, and congregate around my body, but it was a good kind of weird. She wasted no time in straddling me as she sat down on my cock and continued fucking me. It looked like a scene straight from a porno the way her body was dripping wet as she bounced up and down on me. I couldn’t help but grab her titties as the bounced around in front of me. Her nipples were already hard, but I twisted them between my fingers anyway, causing her to bounce up and down on me harder.

“Oh yes Randy, just like that! Squeeze my nipples, make them harder! Fuck! You feel so fucking good inside me! Oh god I’m getting light headed!”

She lay down on top of me and just moved her ass in circular motions, by now the water was really having an effect on me as it was barely making contact with my skin, but enough to send chills through my body, and intensify the sex.

“Come on Randy, fuck me hard! Make me cum on your cock!”

I grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifted her off of me and thrust her back down as hard as I could. Each time she came down she would let out a “ugh” sound that made me fuck her harder. I saw her eyes close and her mouth cringe, casino firmaları so I knew she was close to orgasm. I wanted to finish her off doggy style, but my knees would definitely hurt on this shower floor, so I decided on missionary. I tried to get up and reposition myself, but every time I pulled out of her, she would sit back down, so I just rolled over still inside her, picked her legs and sat them in my arms, and drove into her as hard as I could.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Randy if you keep this up I’m gonna cum!” she said as water splashed all over her body.

I looked down at her titties bouncing up and down on her chest, my cock going in and out of her pussy, and back up at the look of an impending orgasm strewn across her face, and got a sudden burst of energy. I was now fucking her harder and faster than ever, building up to an extremely powerful orgasm for both of us. Her loud moans were the last straw; I wanted to tell her I was about to cum but didn’t have the time. I squeezed her thighs in my hands and pumped her full of my seed. About the same time she broke out into her own orgasm.

“Yes, that’s it! I’m cumming! Oh my god! Oh god! Yessssssssssssssss!”

I kept filling her with my seed until it was just little droplets coming out of the tip, then I fell on top of her. She twirled her fingers in my hair as she held me in place on top of her.

“I think I used up a lot of that energy.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired too.”

“I never said I was tired! It’s gonna take a lot to wear me out these next couple of days!”

Just then there was a knock on the door. “Ok kids, breakfast!” someone said on the other side of the door. It was a woman’s voice, so we weren’t too concerned. We got up and quickly washed up, got dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

As usual, everyone else had already started eating before we got there, good manners my ass.

“So why were you two running through the cabin and wrestling in the shower?” dad asked.

We laughed at what he said, more out of awkwardness because Aunt Lisa and mom were staring at us and grinning, wondering what lie we came up with this time.

“Its actually pretty funny, when Rita was on the diving board about to jump in, I ran up behind her and body slammed her into the water then took off running,” I said fake laughing.

“It wasn’t that funny, but it was funny when I caught you hiding in the shower and slammed you back, over and over and over,” she said actually laughing.

Aunt Lisa and mom traded looks and giggles at each other knowing what really happened, and we finished off the acting job by having a mini food fight.

“Hey hey hey cut that out, we eat the food not throw it! You can finish your little deathmatch later,” dad said.

“Sorry,” we both said simultaneously.

“Finish up and go get changed, were gonna go on a hike in a little bit,” dad added.

Rita and I broke out in laughter at the same time. “Haha the two prom queens are going out into the woods? No way!” I laughed.

“Hey now we can be as adventurous as the next guy,” mom said.

“Yeah, just because we’ve never been in the woods before doesn’t mean we don’t want to go, besides it could be fun,” Aunt Lisa added.

It still was a little funny, but it was only a hike, not spending the night out there, so it shouldn’t be too bad for them. Once we cleaned up Rita and I put on some pants and a t-shirt with armguards, and dad did the same, but what mom and Aunt Lisa had on made us burst out in laughter again. They both had on sundresses with elbow pads and combat boots. We could not stop laughing, even dad got in a chuckle or two.

“You can laugh all you want to, we look good!” mom said confidently. It took us a while to stop laughing, but when we finally did we headed out to start out hike.

The middle path we knew didn’t go out as far, so we took the right one. It took a while before we got any depth into the woods, so we just took pictures of random trees and funny poses. We walked around a bend and saw a deer and her young running around playing.

“Ooh look they’re so cute!” Rita said as she took pictures.

“Don’t let it get too close!” Aunt Lisa said as she and mom hid behind dad, could be fun, hah!

We watched them play around until they ran off, and we got back to our hike. We walked for about another hour making jokes and playing around until we came up to a creek with a little waterfall. It was a nice piece of scenery, it had flowers all around it with birds sitting on the trees, and you could smell the distinct smell of outdoor water, flowers and fruit. There was even a pathway that led to a giant rock that was in front of the waterfall, perfect for taking pictures. All the women seized the opportunity taking turns sitting down, standing up, and lying down on the rock; of course they all took off their shoes and arm gear to make for a better picture. Rita looked so beautiful the way she lay down with one arm holding her up, güvenilir casino hair blowing in the slight wind, that perfect smile highlighted by her big blue eyes, its like I had fallen in love again. Once we had gotten all the pictures we needed we were on our way. I let the parents walk ahead and we drifted back a little, once they were far enough ahead I pulled Rita off to the side and kissed her as passionately as I could.

“Mmmm Randy, what was that for?”

“Because I love you so much,” I said as I kissed her again. I started to take a picture of us kissing, but I was taking a chance of dad seeing it, so I decided against it. I was getting so turned on I thought about taking her right there, and I doubt she would have been against it, but if we took too long getting back they would have came looking for us, so it was a no go.

“We better get back before they get suspicious,” I said reluctantly.

“Aww do we have to? Stupid parents!” Rita pouted.

“Unfortunately yes, they could get suspicious,” I said back. She made her puppy dog face and pulled my by the hand back onto the path, and jumped on my back.

I started running and we were laughing and giggling when we caught up to the others. She jumped off my back and gave me an innocent enough peck on the cheek.

“Oh honey how come you don’t carry me like that anymore?” mom asked.

“I do carry you, but we can’t talk about that in front of the kids!” he joked.

This turned into dad and I giving piggyback rides for about an hour. Every girl that was on my back felt me up in some kind of way, whether it was rubbing my chest, kissing my neck, or rubbing my crotch, I got violated, but I can’t complain. When we finally let them down we came to the top of a hill that overlooked a field of flowers with small animals running around and a few hills in the background. The women went all giggly and cutesy taking pictures of everything. The best one, ironically, was of a rabbit eating a carrot or something that looked a lot like one. We reached the end of the path we decided to head back, but we kept going in the circle of the path rather than turn around. It was much quicker walking back; I could see the flag on top of the cabin in the distance. I took off running in the hopes that someone would chase me, turns out everyone did. Rita was literally right behind me, with dad, G.I. Jane and G.I. Jenny not far behind. Eventually we grew tired and had to stop and catch our breath. Upon walking farther down the path back to the cabin we came across a lake that, like everything else, was surrounded by trees and flowers all around it.

“We have to come back here tonight, it’ll look so beautiful under moonlight,” Rita whispered in my ear.

I nodded in agreement and Rita grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the cabin. “Last one back has to wash everyone’s clothes!” she said as she took off running again.

Soon enough we were all running again for the cabin door. When we finally made it back Aunt Lisa was the last to get to the porch, so she earned the task of doing everyone’s laundry. “Be careful with the fabric softener!” I joked. She gave me a sly look and grin as she walked past me and back into the cabin, I’d better watch my back.

“Ok you guys, dinners at 6:00!” mom yelled as Rita and I ran into the game room. As soon as we were behind closed doors she had her legs wrapped around my waist and was in an intense lip lock with me. She had me so hot ever since that photo shoot of hers I’ve just wanted to ravage her all day. There was a lot of moaning and tongue wrestling, and fondling of each others body, until she hopped down to undo my pants.

“I’ve been waiting all day to put this big cock in my mouth!”

She unbuttoned and pulled down my pants and my boxers in one swift motion and stroked my cock in her hand while playing with my balls with the other hand. The only thing I could process at that moment was pleasure, but I knew that was nothing compared to what was about to come (no pun intended). I leaned my head against the wall and waited for what would be a great blow job when the worst thing that could happen happened, my phone rang. It was really weird because the only person who has my phone number is Rita, and she took her phone out to make sure it didn’t dial on accident, which it didn’t. I figured it was a telemarketer or someone but when I answered it I wasn’t even close.


“Hey you!”


“That’s right! How’s it going?”

Rita went from aroused to pissed off in the blink of an eye. She got right next to my face so she could hear without me having to put it on speakerphone. “How’d you get my number?”

“I got it from your phone when you weren’t looking, and I put my number in.”

“Ok great, thanks. So why the call?”

“I was just thinking about you and that kiss, all of them. It got me so hot; I just had to hear your voice.”

“Oh come on, my voice is nothing special,” I said trying not to sound too interested.

“I think it’s sexy, I wish we could have done more while I was there.”

“Yea, but it was too risky with the parents being there, next time maybe.”

“Ooh next time huh, I will definitely be looking forward to next time now!”

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