An Amazing Trip With My Sweet Daughter Part-2

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An Amazing Trip With My Sweet Daughter Part-2After a great 2 days of sex with my daughter. Sushmita flew to Goa to join us. The 2 days with Suhasini were amazing. We both explored sex in every way and every position. She was very happy with our new-found relationship. On the day Sushmita was arriving me and Suhasini were having breakfast.Suhasini- Hey daddy. These 2 days were the best days of my life I will never forget them. I want to thank you from my heart for being such a wonderful and understanding dad to me. You know what? Let me tell you one secret though mom asked me strictly not to tell you. I cannot help myself because I am very excited about it.Me- What is that?Suhasini- Well, don’t be shocked after hearing this. But as you know mom and I indulged into sex together. She is very keen to have a threesome with you, her and me. Hope you will not mind that dad?Me- You want to know one dark secret of mine sweetheart?Suhasini- What is that, Dad?Me- Having a threesome was my biggest fantasy. I always wanted to involve another woman with me and your mom. But I was scared to tell her till now. So I not surprised in fact it will be a dream come true for me.This got her excited because she would be the one who would be responsible to fulfill her daddy’s fantasy. It was evening by the time Sushmita arrived. We all three were excited and eagerly waiting. What will happen when we 3 will be together in the bedroom?There was a strange silence between me and Sushmita. Also with Suhasini around we never got any privacy to speak freely. It was 8 pm when we decided to go for dinner in one of the restaurants in the resort. I asked Suhasini to go early and reserve a table for 3. Once she left I broke the ice between us.Me- Hey darling. Hope you had a good flight? You seem quiet.Sushmita- Yeah the flight was good. It’s kinda strange to face you after you know all the dark secrets of mine.Me- Hey honey just relax. I am sure what you decided for Suhasini was a mature decision. I don’t regret. About you being bi is not a big deal. Many women have their past. In fact, I am happy I know about it and happier that we will be trying a threesome for the first timeMe-This has been my biggest fantasy but I was never able to tell you. I am happy it is happening for the first time that too with someone we know so well. So enjoy the moment dear.Sushmita- Yes, Subu. I am happy for us that we 3 are so close and open to each other. To tell you truth I am very excited after that one-off session with Suhasini. I feel that my bi dreams will be fulfilled to the utmost.I held her and kissed her very passionately. The dinner went well. We all had some red wine with a light dinner. Suhasini was the most talkative of all. Guess her excitement was obvious. She had been introduced to this new world of sex. It bahis firmaları was 10 pm before we retired to our cottage.Everyone was quiet. I guess it was the silence before the storm. Suhasini rushed to her room to change we both did the same. I changed into casual shorts and t-shirt Sushmita changed into her favorite red lace negligee. “Wow you look stunning in this, Sush,” I gasped as I said that.Soon our angel entered the room in loose spaghetti strap short top and just a white panty. Sushmita and I just looked at each other’s smiling faces.Suhasini-So are you both ready for the fun?Well, we didn’t have to reply to her. She just jumped on the bed.Me- I have something in mind if you 2 agree with me then I guess this will be fun.They just had blank look on their faces.Me-Well. Why don’t you two start with each other and let me watch? I can join the fun after a while. What do you say, Sushmita?Sushmita-Ok lover. Let us get going.Sushmita jumped on the bed along with Suhasini. The sight of them hugging and kissing made me quite turned on. After all, it was my darkest fantasy. I was enjoying my wife and my sweet daughter play with each other, getting themselves all naked.Sushmita was quite a woman for her age standing 5’5” tall with a slim body 36-30-38. She had the charm to make any man want to lay her under them. Her dusky complexion was the thing which attracted me the most and Suhasini had inherited that from her mother.Seeing Suhasini cuddling in her mom’s chest sucking her dark nipples gave Sushmita shivers. She was caressing her curly hair while she sucked her nipples like a newborn baby. Soon Suhasini made Sushmita lie on her back and moved south on her body.Sushmita opened her legs wide knowingly what was going to happen. Suhasini like an expert went between her mother’s spread legs. She was teasing her mom by flicking her tongue on her pussy lips. I was rock hard inside my shorts. So I thought to make myself comfortable I undressed into my birthday suit.Sushmita saw the state of my cock and winked at me. She indicated me to come to her while Suhasini was busy eating her pussy. I moved on the bed near Sushmita. She caught hold of my stiff 8” cock and started stroking it. I pushed it inside her mouth.There Suhasini pushed her 2 fingers inside Sushmita’s pussy. Sushmita almost bit my cock in the pleasure. I was watching Suhasini slowly fingering her mom’s pussy while she was sucking her swollen clit. This brought Sushmita on edge she stroked and sucked my cock quite hard.Suhasini raised her face to see how well her mom was sucking my cock but she continued fingering Sushmita.Suhasini- Wow mom you really do that so well. I want to learn that too.Me- Ok baby you can once mom is done with me.Sushmita was almost ready to have her first orgasm and so was I. We both kaçak iddaa climaxed almost at the same time. Sushmita swallowed every drop of the cum while Suhasini licked every drop of Sushmita’s juices with her tongue. Suhasini climbed to kiss her mom and let her taste her own juices.Me- Wow this is really great fun.We 3 relaxed a bit before Sushmita started to stroke my cock again. I was flat on my back. She asked Suhasini to climb on me with her pussy on my mouth. She obeyed her and slowly climbed on my face gently placing her pussy on my mouth. Sushmita was stroking my cock back to my hardness.My tongue darted in Suhasini’s small pink pussy. She was already wet I started to move my tongue on her pussy lips slowly darting inside her pussy. Her moans made Sushmita quite turned on. She climbed on my hard cock slowly lowering her wet pussy on my cock.It swiftly slid inside her. Now both the women were facing each other holding their hands to get balance. One was jumping on my cock and another one was jumping on my tongue. The whole atmosphere was full of sexy moans until Suhasini declared, “Oh god daddy I am cumming.”I started to flick my tongue faster on her small but swollen clit. Soon Sushmita screamed, “Hey, lover I am cumming, too.” They both climaxed in tandem. The whole room was filled with sex. We all three were tired and were all consumed. But not for long. Suhasini was first to move and she came right on my cock.She licked my cock it came as a surprise to me she didn’t have to be taught. She saw her mom sucking it and she was a quick learner. Soon she blabbed on my cock like a pro moving her tongue, right from the base to the tip teasing me. I must admit Suhasini was a better sucker of the cock than her mother.Her small fingers formed a ring around my cock. Her mouth was working on the tip of my stiff cock. Her young mouth sucking my cock got me ready, “Suhasini, you are doing so good, don’t stop.” Hearing me Sushmita was ready to get between her daughter’s legs.She positioned herself below Suhasini’s legs and started eating her pussy. Her fingers worked like magic in her pussy. Suhasini was humping on her fingers while she was deep throating my cock.“I am ready,” I screamed and shot my load in her mouth.She felt the jet spray of my cum one after other. She took as much as she could take. Rest leaked out of her lips but not before she had an intense orgasm on her mom’s face. We all fell on bed like dead ducks and no one realized when we slept off. Till I felt a wet mouth suck my flaccid cock.I opened my eyes to see Suhasini working hard on my cock. She smiled as she saw me open my eyes she came up to kiss me “I wanted to feel your cock inside me, daddy,” she whispered. I just smiled at her and directed her to move to the drawing-room so her mom is not disturbed.We kaçak bahis both tiptoed to the drawing-room. “Daddy, I want to be fucked like a doggy the same way you fucked me before mom arrived.” I made her bend on the couch with her ass in the air facing me. I went on my knees to lick her inner thighs.Her pussy lips my tongue was working with her clits. She was kneading her boobs while I was making her small pussy wet and ready for my big hard cock. “Daddy, fuck me now please.” Her wish was my command. I stood up behind her and slapped her ass cheeks.She moaned aloud. I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. My hands were holding her thin waist, slowly making my way inside her pussy. She gasped as she felt her pussy filled with the thick cock. I slowly moved in and out of her smooth pussy massaging her pussy walls.“Daddy, this is the best position I can feel your cock filling me. Please don’t stop daddy I want to be all yours,” her words worked like magic. I increased my pace pulling her by the waist. I rammed her pussy. “Oh god, I am already cumming daddy.”I fucked her deep and harder now. “Yes baby cum for your daddy, make his cock bath with your juices.” Soon she climaxed into a massive orgasm but she wanted more. She asked me to sit on the couch and she climbed on my lap. Slowly my cock vanished inside her wet pussy.Her hands were on my shoulders holding me tight while she jumped on my cock. Her eyes popped as she felt the whole depth of my cock inside her pussy. She was jumping and screaming like a wild a****l, absolutely uncontrollable, until I declared, “I am ready to fill your pussy baby.”“Yes, daddy, fill me up with your cum. I am ready to cum again.” We both were so lost that little did we realize that Sushmita was standing at the door watching both of us in action. Suhasini saw her first and she grinned.Sushmita- You two never have it enough.We both smiled at her. Suhasini ran to her and hugged her tight. She pulled her to the couch with both of us sitting side by side Suhasini dropped in our laps.Suhasini-I want to thank both of you for such an amazing holiday. I will remember this for the rest of my life.Me- It was our pleasure, baby. I am glad you openly told us about your desires. The world is cruel outside and one needs to be prepared. You are old enough to decide what is right for you and what is wrong. So you need to promise us to that whatever you do you do in life you will always keep both of us informed.Suhasini-Yes, daddy, I will. You two have given me all I have always wanted so I will never break your trust. I promise.It was 8 am by the time we all got ready for breakfast. The next 3 days were heaven for all 3 of us. Suhasini went abroad for her further studies but she was never sexual with anyone for which we were proud. She came to India once in a year during her summer break.We three still get indulged in sex like before. Our relationship has been best as always. Hope you guys have liked reading this story too. Your honest comments are welcome

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