An Airport Adventure

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Note to readers: I wrote this story about 10 years ago, a few years before I found While searching for a file on an old hard drive, I ran across several erotic short stories I had written about that same time. This is the second of those stories that I dusted off, edited, and now share with you. Thanks to Xaviera Hollander, long-time Penthouse columnist, for the term “Zipless Fuck.” Enjoy!


The flight arrived early, so I waited for my husband, William, in a dark airport bar. I was seated next to a tall, good-looking gentleman name Mike. A few drinks later, my mind and my mouth didn’t want to cooperate with each other, and before I realized what I had said, I opened my mouth and out came “You are really sexy, Mike… and if I wasn’t waiting for someone, I would take you to a hotel and..”

I caught myself. Clapping my hand over my mouth, I looked at him, and blushed deeply.

He laughed and said, “I’m right there with you. I think you’re beautiful and very sexy.”

He paused, and his face turned very serious. “We aren’t even going to leave the airport.”

I started to protest and found his index finger on my lips, stopping me. All I could think of was sucking it into my mouth.

He moved his hand to my thigh. Already wet, I felt myself get even wetter, and the thought crossed my mind that I should push his hand away. I didn’t. I pushed the thought away instead.

Slowly he slid his hand up my leg, and moved his fingers more towards my inner thigh. Even knowing I shouldn’t, I separated my legs a little, and tried to cover his hand with my dress in the hopes no one would see. I felt his fingertip brush over my skimpy panties, and I moaned a little.

He smiled at me and whispered in my ear, “I can feel how wet your pussy is… I’m going to take you. In the bursa escort Women’s restroom. Now.”

He didn’t wait for a response, but pushed my panties to the side, slipped his finger into my panties and rubbed between my lips and over my hard clit. I gasped, and the bartender asked if I was ok. I smiled wanly and nodded, afraid that if I spoke it would come out something like a scream.

Mike withdrew his finger from my panties, and placed it in his mouth, licking my juices up. There was nothing else to say. He paid for our drinks, and I walked out of the bar; he followed behind me, close enough to keep track of me but not so close enough that anyone would know we were together. I walked into the women’s restroom, and there was an older lady in there freshening up, and someone in one of the stalls.

I stood at the mirror fixing my hair until the older lady left, then stepped out and motioned for Mike to come into the bathroom. Mike slipped into the bathroom, and I took his hand, skipping down to the large handicapped stall.

Mike locked the door, turned around and pulled me to him, squeezing my ass, kissing me deeply. He lifted my dress up and slid my panties down over my hips to the floor, and I stepped out of them, still kissing him. I reached down, unzipped his pants, then reached inside and started stroking him slowly, moving my thumb gently over the head of his cock.

He stopped kissing me, and pulled my dress over my head, then unsnapped my bra. He began kissing me again, first my mouth then down my neck, over my chest, sucking my nipple into his mouth, and rolling his tongue over it, pinching the other one, then switching between them.

Mike kissed his way down my stomach, as I was running my fingers through his hair. He knelt and spread my legs farther apart, and I felt him separate bursa escort bayan my labia with his fingers. I moaned, and tossed my head back. He pressed his tongue gently against my clit, and slipped a finger into my pussy. I used one hand to play with my nipples while he worked me.

He stood up, and pressed me into a wall, and kissed me again, letting me taste myself on his lips. He lifted me up by my ass, and pressed me harder into the wall. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes.

I felt him fumbling around below me, and then I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He released his grip on me slightly and I slipped down a bit, just enough to take him inside of me. He growled a little, then pressed me harder against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his back, and let them drape over his ass while he fucked me, every so often sucking on my nipples. I loved it all…the pleasure of him filling me up, the pain of banging into the hard wall behind me… from him slamming me into it in his desperation to get deeper into me.

I started to shudder, and he rubbed my clit with his thumb while I came. He pumped into me a few more times, lowered me to my feet, and I dropped to my knees. I took his throbbing cock into my mouth, still moaning and shuddering from my orgasm, and then wrapped my hand gently around his balls, tickling them with my nails, and squeezing them. I tightened my mouth around the shaft, then moved my lips back up to the head, tickling it with the tip of my tongue.

I went all the way down on his cock, and tightened my lips again, and started to suck his cock faster, using my tongue on the underside of it. Mike started to shake, his hands in my hair, and I felt him start to come. I swallowed everything he had, savoring each spurt and drop.

I released escort bursa my mouth and started stroking him until I had gotten the last few drops out of him. He collapsed on the toilet seat, and I dropped onto his lap. We sat in the stall for a few minutes, catching out breath, then we got dressed. I left the stall first, then told him it was ok to come out. I stood by the door until he was almost out of the bathroom, and just as he was walking out, a lady was opened one of the stall doors. She shook her head at us and we laughed.

We both walked out of the secured gate area of the airport towards another bar near baggage claim. I sat down, and he sat across from me. No words were spoken, we just sat looking at each other. Just as he was about to say something to me, over his shoulder I saw William coming towards us. He was impossibly more beautiful than I had remembered. I stood up and hugged him tightly, and he picked me up from the floor, hugged me around the waist and picked me up. We kissed deeply. I was so happy to see him.

I picked up my carry-on bag and smiled at Mike.

He mouthed the words “I own you” and pointed to his crotch.

William took my bag from me and we started out of the airport. When we got to his car, he put his arms around me, kissing me again and again. His hands roamed to my ass and squeezed it good.

“I’m so glad you’re here Nikki.” He put my carry-on bag into the car before I had a chance to bend over and pick it up.

William chuckled a little, and I asked him what was he laughing about.

He said “I think we are going to have to stop at a hotel on the way home.”

I looked at him, puzzled, and he smiled widely.

“I can’t believe you flew home in a dress with no underwear on,” and kissed me deeply, a full-tongue I-have-more-in mind-to-do-to-you kiss. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders in a playful, innocent way, and got in the car.

I knew William and I were in for a night of great sex. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to face Mike at work in the morning.

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