An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 2

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An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 2We had another late baseball practice the following Friday. Wondering if Coach H (late 50’s with a hairy athletic body) meant what he said that I could ask him about masturbating with him again I delayed going back to the locker room to shower off by hitting a few balls in the baseball cage. I got back to the locker room as the last of my teammates where dressing. I undressed and hit the showers. While drying off in the shower I heard a cough and it was Coach H. He told me that if I had any questions for him I could come up to his office and ask him. I finished drying off and dressed quickly. I went up the stairs to the coaches’ office and knocked on the door. Coach H opened the door and invited me in. He closed the door behind me. I told him that I had fun the previous Friday and would like to masturbate with him again. He told me that he had fun too and it was OK for the two of us to masturbate with each other. We moved over to the sofa. Coach H and I sat down. I started to pull my pants down. Coach H stopped me and told me to stand up while taking my pants off. I thought nothing of it so I stood up and pulled my pants down. My underwear was still on. Coach H next told me to take off my shirt. When I noticed that Coach H was not taking off his clothes I asked him why. He told me that he wanted to watch me first. I took off my shirt and then my underwear. Coach H was still fully clothed. Coach H. told me to stand in front of him. I moved over and stood there facing him. My cock was elongated but not fully stiff. I could tell that Coach H was staring at my genitals. Coach H told me to turn to sekabet yeni giriş the right which I did. He told me to thrust my hips out which I did. Coach H then told me to turn to the left which I did. Again he told me to thrust my hips out. Coach H then had me turn so that I was facing away from him. “You have a nice body” Coach H told me. “You can sit down and start playing with yourself”. I sat down on the sofa and started stroking my cock. Coach H watched me for a while before he took off his clothes. He was still covered in hair. Coach H started stroking his cock. Once his cock was fully erect Coach H told me to stand up and face him again. As before Coach H told me to turn to the right, thrust out my hips, turn to the left, and thrust out my hips. “Your cock looks good from all three directions” Coach H told me. I sat down and stroked my cock again. “Now it is your turn to see my cock”. Coach H stood up in front of me then turned to the right. The coach’s cock was stiff and pointed up at a 45 degree angle. It was a marvelous sight. Coach H knelt down between my legs and stroked my cock a few times before starting to suck on it. This went on for 5 minutes or so before Coach H told me to stand up and bend over his desk. I got up and went over to his desk. I leaned over his desk and put my forearms down on it. Coach H came up behind me and started licking my ass hole. He eventually started moving his tongue in and out of my hole. After a few minutes Coach H stood up and moved in close. I could feel his cock in my butt crack. As Coach H moved his hips back and forth I could feel his cock moving up and down my butt crack. sekabet giriş I ached to feel his cock in my ass again. Sensing what I wanted Coach H spread some gel on his cock and on my ass hole. I started to breathe deeply in anticipation of what was about to occur. Coach H pressed the head of his cock onto my ass hole. The pressure of his cock’s head on my ass hole grew until my hole opened up and the head started to slide in. While there was pain it was felt like good pain. I felt the head pass through the opening and into my inner place. Coach H kept pressing inward. I felt the shaft of his cock as it slid though my ass hole until I felt his hips make contact with my cheeks. Coach H pulled out a little and put more gel on his cock before sliding back in. Coach H began to thrust slowly at first then picked up speed. I noticed there as a rhythm to Coach H’s thrusting. He would make 4 long deep thrusts, 2 short shallow (his cock was almost out of me) thrusts, 2 short deep thrusts, and moved left then right before restarting the sequence again. After 5 minutes Coach H stopped thrusting with his cock deep inside of me. He told me to stand up and try not to move away from him. We moved over to the sofa. Coach H sat down pulling me with him. His cock still inside of me. He told me to move up and down on his cock while he sat there. I did as I was told. Eventually we moved around so that Coach H was laying down on the sofa and I was on top of him facing him. As I moved up and down on his cock Coach H grabbed my butt cheeks and started to thrust up into me. We moved in unison. I moved down and Coach H would thrust up. I moved sekabet güvenilirmi up and Coach H would unthurst. Coach H moved his hands away from my cheeks to my chest. He moved his hands all over my hairless chest and stomach. With his other hand Coach H masturbated me. After some time Coach H started to thrust faster. He told me it was natural to cum inside your partner before he started to moan and arching his back. He continued to thrust his cock inside my ass. I noticed that there was less friction between the coach’s cock and my ass hole. I felt a liquid at the base of the coach’s cock. When Coach H stopped masturbating me I picked up where he left off. I kept replaying what just happened: My baseball coach, a hairy chested man in his late 50’s more than 3 times my age just shot his seed in me. I envision his cum shooting out of his rock hard cock as it moved back and forth in me, I remember the sound of Coach H’s voice as he said it was natural, the sound of his moaning, the arching of his back, and the look of pleasure on his face.It did not take me long before I shot my load onto Coach H’s chest. Coach H looked down to his chest and smiled. The two of us stayed still with me still sitting on the coach’s cock. “Time to clean up” Coach H says after a minute or so. I get up and take a look at Coach H. His cock is semi erect and glistening with his cum. Coach H and I hit the showers in the coaches’ office. While showering Coach H tells me to squat and push out his cum. I do and I am amazed at how much cum comes out. Coach H comes over squats down and fingers my ass. (Invision a hairy chested man in his late 50’s squating near a bare chested 18 year old squating in the shower) “Yep you got most of it out” Coach H says. While dressing Coach H asks me “That was fun wasn’t it?”. I agreed with him. Before I left Coach H told me that if I needed to masturbate or do more again to let him know.

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