Amy’s Family Ch. 02

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Later that night Amy and Tom were sitting on the sofa watching a film when their parents came into the room. Amy was curled up at one end of it hugging a cushion with Tom laying along the length of it, his back resting against his sister’s thigh. They were mesmerised by the film and, neither of them realised that their parents were standing behind them until their mother spoke.

“What are you watching?”

“A horror movie. It’s really gruesome.” Amy sounded scared and hid her face behind her cushion.

“Then don’t watch it.”

“It’s nearly finished.”

“You are silly. We’re going to bed.”

“Give my love to Debbie and Malcolm when you see them tomorrow.” Amy looked up and, puckering her lips prompted her mother to bend down and kiss her goodnight.

Tom was engrossed in the film and did not hear what his mother and sister had said. It was only when he felt Amy move that he realised that his parents were standing behind him. “What?”

“We’ve got an early start in the morning and, you’ll be in bed when we leave.” Their father explained.

Concentrating on the film Tom did not take his eyes from the screen.

“We’ll be away for a week. We’re staying with Debbie and Malcolm.” His father continued.

“I know! Mum told me.” Tom mumbled.

Sandra and Barry went into their bedroom leaving their son and daughter to watch the end of the film.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

“Have you finished packing?” Barry asked his wife.

“No, I’ve kept out what I need in the morning. I’ll finish packing after I’ve washed and dressed tomorrow.”

Sandra folded the dress she was planning to wear tomorrow while her husband put the suite case on the floor. She put her dress on top of it but hesitated before putting her panties and bra on it as well.

“We’ll be naked in that garden all day tomorrow, so I won’t need underwear for the journey, will I? They’ll only leave marks on me that’ll be visible when I get undressed.” Sandra said.

Barry’s eyes lit up. “No underwear. I like that idea.”

“Behave yourself.” Sandra put the clean underwear into the suite case.

They both started to undress for bed. Through the open bedroom door Sandra saw the closing film credits on the screen as Amy walking towards her. She was standing in her bra and knickers when Amy stopped at the bedroom door.

“I’m going up to bed. Have a safe journey tomorrow and have fun walking around that garden naked!” Amy said to her parents.

Sandra took off her bra and, pulled down her knickers, but Barry stopped undressing when he realised that his daughter was at the bedroom door.

“Is Tom going to bed?” Sandra asked.

“No! He said he’s going to watch something else.” Amy saw her father standing by the bed in his underpants and chuckled. “Dad’s gone all shy.”

“Take your underpants off and give them here. I’m going to do an overnight wash. I’ll put them in with everything else.” Sandra said.

“If there’s enough room in the machine for my clothes I’ll put what I’m wearing in as well.” Amy did not wait for an answer and began to undress in front of her parents.

“Hurry up Barry and, take those underpants off.” Sandra said.

Barry pulled them down and, standing naked by the bed he watched Amy take off her shirt. Her bra covered more of her breasts than the bikini bra she wore to the beach, but seeing her in his bedroom wearing her everyday bra was more exciting than seeing her wearing her bikini on the beach. Amy unclipped her bra and, let it fall away. Staring at his daughter’s breasts Barry knew his penis was growing. He tried to hide his stiffening rod, but Amy saw it and smiled at him. She twisted slightly as she stepped out of her jeans and, he saw her skin tight panties clinging to her neat backside before she teasingly pulled them down. Getting into bed he watched his wife and daughter carry the dirty washing out of the room. Moments later he saw them return and, lean over the back of the sofa. He stared at their bare backsides.

“He looks peaceful when he’s asleep.” Sandra said quietly to Amy as they looked down at Tom.

From his bed Barry stared at his wife and daughter leaning in exactly the same manner with one leg straight and, the other slightly bent at the knee. Their body shape, size and, colour was almost identical. Holding his penis he moved his hand up and down it’s shaft as he studied their almost identical pussy’s just visible between the tops of their legs.

“Do you think we should wake him?” Amy asked her mother.

Leaning further over the sofa Sandra let her breasts hang free over her son. She shook him by the shoulder. “Wake up and go to bed.”

Opening his eyes Tom did not see his mother and sister because he was facing the back of the sofa with his nose pressed against it. All he could see was the sofa. Tom mumbled and, closed his eyes.

Leaning over like her mother with her breasts hanging free Amy shook her brother. Tom did not move this time.

“Leave him. He’ll be OK sleeping here.” Sandra said.

Amy Giresun Escort walked into her parent’s bedroom and, stopping next to her father’s side of the bed bent over and, kissed him on the forehead. Barry looked at her breasts hanging down above his head. Releasing his penis he brought his hand out from underneath the bedclothes.

“Good night!” Barry realised to late that his hand was moist with his pre cum.

“Good night! See you in a week.” Amy felt her father’s sticky hand on her waist.

“Leave the door open. I haven’t finished in the kitchen.” Sandra said to Amy.

Sandra and Barry watched their daughter walk up the stairs to her room, both thinking how beautiful she looked.

Sandra went into the kitchen and, on her way back to the bedroom she stopped at the sofa. This time she walked around to the front of it and, bending over her breasts came to rest on her son’s arm. She kissed him on the temple. Tom stirred, but did not open his eyes until his mother was back in her bedroom. She sat in the dark and, Tom did not see her when he got up, but she saw him and, she watched him go up the stairs. At the top she saw him stop at his sister’s open bedroom door.

Amy was sitting up in bed, reading, with the top of her bed sheet around her waist, her breasts bare for anyone to see.

“Mum hasn’t gone to bed yet.” Tom warned her.

“Did you see her?”

“No, she kissed me on the side of my head and, woke me. When I opened my eyes she’d gone. If she comes up here she’ll see you like that.”

“Why should she come up here?”

Tom shrugged his shoulders.

Smiling at her brother Amy put down her book, spread her arms wide and, said. “I do love you. You’re the best brother in the world. Come here and give me a hug.”

Tom looked down the stairs making sure that his mother could not see him go into Amy’s bedroom. He hugged her and, she kissed him.

“Mum won’t mind me being like this.” Amy said.

“You’re probably right.” Walking back to his own room he looked down the stairs and, saw his parents bedroom door was now closed. He started to close Amy’s bedroom door behind him.

“Aren’t you going to let me watch you get undressed?”

Tom smiled at his sister, gave a little laugh and, pushed her door open to give her a clear view.

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

Sandra and Barry were up early the following morning. Amy heard them leave, but Tom slept through it.

“What time are Debbie and Malcolm expecting us?” Barry asked as they drove away from the house.

“Any time this evening. Debbie wants us to call her if we’re going to be early.”

“That’s good. We can stay at the garden all day.” Barry slipped his hand underneath the hem of Sandra’s dress and eased it up her thigh until he could feel her naked pussy.

“Take your hand away and concentrate on driving.” Sandra said easing her dress up her legs until her pussy was exposed.

There were times on the long drive that Barry put his hand onto his wife’s pussy and, moving her thighs apart she allowed him to stroke her.

Hours later they arrived at the garden. They parked as near as they could to the entrance and, joined the small queue just as the first visitors were being allowed into the garden. Once inside Sandra took off her dress and, Barry took off his shirt and shorts.

They spent the morning looking around the house and grounds. At mid day they made their way up to the main house where they planned to eat their lunch. At the same time Debbie and Malcolm drove into the car park.

“Is that your parent’s car?” Malcolm asked as they walked towards the garden entrance.

Debbie stopped to look at the car. “Yes, it is. This’ll be interesting.” She smiled at her husband.

“Did you know they would be here?”

“No! Mum just said they would arrive at our place this evening. She didn’t say why they’d be late.”

Debbie and Malcolm undressed immediately they were inside the grounds and, walking towards the main house Debbie saw her parents. “Mum! Dad! What a pleasant surprise! So this is why you couldn’t get to us until this evening.”

Sandra and Barry looked around to see their daughter and her husband walking towards them. Sandra smiled at her naked son-in-law who was looking at her. She had always thought that he was handsome and, she was impressed with everything she saw.

“Help me get up?” Sandra asked Malcolm.

Malcolm held out his hand and, as Sandra moved her legs apart she saw him look down at her pussy. She did not mind him looking and, she made sure he noticed her looking at his penis and balls.

“You look wonderful.” Malcolm said to his mother in law.

“Thank you.” Sandra’s grin was almost a laugh.

They kissed on the cheek and, Sandra pressed her breasts against him holding them there and, she felt his penis pressing against her.

Debbie saw Malcolm glance down between her mother’s thighs and, for a moment was worried until she saw her mother look at his penis and smile at him. Giresun Escort Bayan Barry did not get up. Leaning over, Debbie’s breasts hung over him like her sister’s had the night before. She kissed him and, then she kissed her mother.

“Does Amy know you’re here?” Debbie asked.

“Yes, why?” Sandra asked.

“She knew Malcolm and I wanted to come here. She called me yesterday and told me about the nudist open day. She’s a schemer. She knew we would meet you here. I’ve got to think of a way to get my own back on her.”

“Don’t start trying to get one over on each other like you did when you were younger. Leave it, there’s no harm done.” Sandra knew that her advice would be ignored.

After lunch they walked around the grounds and, Barry noticed his wife taking long admiring looks at Malcolm. Later Barry and Sandra sat on the bank of the river that ran through the grounds, while Debbie and Malcolm went for a walk.

“He’s got a great body hasn’t he?” Barry asked.

“Who? Malcolm. I haven’t really noticed.”

“Do you think he works out?”

“He might do. Debbie looks good too.” Sandra looked at her husband and saw the grin on his face. “You saw me checking him out didn’t you.”

“Yes, all afternoon you’ve been looking at him.” Barry laughed as he put his arm around his wife’s shoulder. “They both look great don’t they?”

“Have you been checking out your daughter?” Sandra said trying to recover lost ground.

“She’s naked and, when she stands in front of me I can’t help but look at her.”

“At least your penis didn’t go stiff like it did when you saw Amy last night.”

“You looked so much alike when you were both leaning over the sofa. You stood in exactly the same way.”

“We’ll as long as you don’t mistake Amy for me and, creep up behind her and put your penis inside her like you do to me. She may not like being taken from behind by her father. It’s illegal and I’ll have to arrest you.”

– – – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

That morning after Amy heard her parents leave she could not go back to sleep. She went downstairs and sat in the garden with her breakfast.

Tom woke midmorning and, seeing Amy’s empty bed he walked across her room and, looking out of her window saw her lying naked in the garden. Moments later, standing in the garden next to his sister he asked. “How long have you been up?”

“Since mum and dad left. I heard them go and, couldn’t get back to sleep.” Amy looked at her brother’s penis. “When did you shave off your pubic hair?”

“A few days ago.”

“It looks good.” Amy stared at her brother’s penis that was inches away from her face and, remembered the time she had touched it.

“Are you working this weekend?” Tom made no secret of the fact he was staring at his sister’s body.

“No, I’m not. Are you working?” Amy wanted to touch his penis.

“No. Have you got any plans?” Tom moved closer to her.

“No plans. Just laze around here with no clothes on while I have the chance to improve my all over tan. What are you going to do?” Amy brought her arm up as though she was going to touch his penis but continued past it stopping with her hand behind her head.

Tom watched her breasts rise up as she moved her arm. “I was thinking about going out. Do you want to come?”

“Where are you going?”

“A nudist club.” Tom said watching her nipples becoming hard.

“That’s ridiculous. Why go to a nudist club when we can be naked here where it costs nothing.”

“It’s not ridiculous. There’s a club twenty minutes drive from here. I thought I’d go for a day visit. Come with me. I’ll pay for you.”

“Have they got toilets?”

“Yes, they’ve got toilets and showers.”

What Tom did not explain was that a day visit to the club was free for females and that he would get in for half price if she was with him. He also forgot to mention that, as a day visitor he could only go to the evening party if he was with a female guest.

“I don’t know. It’s ridiculous to travel there and back when we can stay here for nothing.”

“You’ll like it. They’ve got a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, cafe, and tonight they have a party and, we’ll meet other people. The only down side is we’ll have to get dressed to drive there and back.” Tom continued.

“OK, I’ll go with you. When do you want to leave?”

“We can go now. All I have to do is get dressed, grab a towel and I’m ready. How about you?”

“Get dressed, pack a towel, sun cream, soap, hair brush. Usual things.”

– – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

An hour later Tom drove up to the gates of the nudist club and pushed the intercom button.

“Hello, may I help you?” The voice came over the intercom.

“Yes, we’re here for a day visit. I spoke with Mark and arranged it.”

“What’s your name?”

“Tom and Amy.”

“Drive up to the clubhouse and come inside.” The voice said as the gates opened.

Mark was naked. He took their money, told them the club rules and showed Escort Giresun them around. “There aren’t many people here at the moment. It’ll get busier this afternoon and evening. We have a party this evening which you’re both welcome to attend.”

They locked their clothes in their car and sat on the lawn.

“That woman sitting by the pool looks familiar. I think she works at the hospital.” Amy said.

“You sound worried?”

“Yes, I am. Who knows what will happen if she tells people at the hospital that I spend my weekends here naked with my brother.”

“Then don’t tell her that I’m your brother.”

“She’s looking this way. Now she’s seen me looking at her.”

Tom rolled over to get a better look, but there was not enough space between him and his sister and he rolled onto her stopping with his chest squashing her breasts and one of his legs between her legs. Amy was trapped and felt her brother’s penis pressing into her thigh.

“MILF.” Tom mumbled.

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Mother I’d like to fuck.” Tom smiled at his sister.

“You’re disgusting.” Amy saw the man laying next to the woman. “He’s fit.” She said then asked. “Would you … you know … have sex with her?”

“Yes, I definitely would. Are you sure it’s her?”

“I think it is, but I’ve only seen her in the hospital wearing her uniform. I’ve never seen her naked before.”

“She’s probably just as worried that you’ll tell everyone at the hospital that you’ve seen her here. Go over and say hello.”

“I can’t move, your lying on me. Too late. She coming over.”

“Hello. You’re a nurse at the General Hospital aren’t you.” The woman said cheerfully.

“Yes, I am.” Amy pushed Tom with her free hand. “Get off me Tom.”

“I thought I recognised you, I work there too. I’m Alice.” She shook hands with Amy and Tom.

“I recognised you too. Are you a member here?” Amy asked.

“Yes, my husband and I have been members here for years. I don’t remember seeing you here before. How long have you been members?”

“We’re only here for a day visit.”

“You’ll enjoy it. It’s a great place. Where do you normally go?” Alice asked.

“Topless beaches.”

“But you’ve got a great all over tan, you didn’t get that on a topless beach.”

“We’re always naked at home. When I work the night shift I sit in the garden during the day, but Tom works during the day and hasn’t got much of a tan yet.”

“If you’d like some company you’re welcome to sit with us.”

Amy and Tom collected their things together and followed Alice. They were not asked about their relationship and they never explained it.

At the party that evening Amy danced first with Tom and then with Richard, Alice’s husband. Tom worried when the music slowed because naked people all around them started dancing close together. He looked at Amy to make sure that she was comfortable dancing close to Richard. He had no reason to worry, her arms were wrapped around Richard’s neck with her naked body pressed firmly against his.

Alice was concerned when she realised that Tom was looking at Richard and Amy. “Is everything alright?” She asked.

“Yes, everything’s fine.” Tom sounded relaxed.

“You’re a lucky man. Amy’s very beautiful.”

“Yes, she is.” Tom already knew that his sister was beautiful.

“She’s beautiful and sexy. Richard likes sexy women.” Alice hinted.

Alice put her arms around Tom’s neck and pressed her body hard against his and, Tom put his arms around her waist and let his hands stray onto the top of her backside pulling her in close. Alice pressed her pubic mound against him and, she felt Tom’s penis become firm and press against her.

“You’re beautiful and very sexy.” Tom looked into her eyes making sure that she understood what he meant.

– – – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – – – – –

“It’s hot in here. Would you like to go outside to cool down?” Richard asked Amy.

“Yes, but not to the pool. It’s too crowded. Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

They went through the back door of the clubhouse stopping in front of the old shower block. It had no lights of its own and, was illuminated by a small amount of light spilling out from the clubhouse.

Richard stepped into the shower block and, guided Amy away from the entrance and, into the dark. He turned to face her and, kissed her, pushing his tongue between her lips. She felt his penis growing and, with her back against the cool tiles she moved her feet apart and, felt his penis rise up and stop against her labia. She gently rocked her hips back and forward rubbing her clitoris against his pubic mound.

In the clubhouse Alice was enjoying the feel of Tom’s penis pressing against her. She looked around for Richard and Amy.

“Where are they?”

“They went outside a few minutes ago.” Tom replied.

“Shall we go outside too?” Alice asked.

Tom knew what she was suggesting and holding her hand guided her through the crowd. They stood in the entrance to the old shower block with only their feet illuminated by the light from the clubhouse. They kissed. Alice moved her legs apart and, felt Tom’s rock hard penis rise up against her slick opening. She rubbed herself on it and, bringing her legs together trapped his penis between the tops of her thighs.

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