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More from the Poppy Brown Archives

Meeting Amy

Mum and dad were out for the evening to the monthly church get together.

I was home alone a while till my brother John came back from his football training, he is a couple of years younger than me.

“Come and shower me please Poppy.”

“Ok, I’ll just clear the table and wash up.”


I went in and got the shower and towels ready and stripped. John came in naked and his legs were so dirty.

We were lucky it was a huge shower and bathroom and had 2 big radiators to keep it really warm.

I washed his back and bum and shampooed his hair. I had to kneel to do his knees and legs and with my mouth opposite his willy I felt obliged to suck him, lol.

He responded at once and pinned me to the shower glass as he took over.

My hands went to his bottom and I controlled the thrust. He pulled out and cum all over my face and tits, it was so warm, he bent down and washed me off and fingered me as I squatted.

I stood to rinse of his hair as mum came in, “Hi guys, just to say me and dad are back, will you be long?”

John walked out and mum put a towel around him and dried him.

I washed and cleaned the shower then followed John and was dried next.

I popped my dressing gown on and went down and kissed dad.

“Weren’t you supposed to clear the dinner things Poppy?”

“Yes dad, I’ll sort it now, John wanted a hand showering.”

“Come here.”

He removed my dressing gown and I went over his knee.

Mum and John arrived during my spanking and sat watching.

“Just reminding Poppy of her priorities.”

“Quite right.”

I scowled at John through my tears.

After a little corner time I sat on dad’s knee for cuddle time.

“We have sorted you some weekends away at Mr. and Mrs. Pilkington’s house for bakery and jam making classes Poppy.”

“Will I have to sleep over mum?”

“Yes, we thought that best.”

Dad chipped in, “And you will be under the discipline of Mr. Pilkington and we believe he spanks somewhat hard and regular Poppy.”

“Yes Sir.” I knew that alright.

Bedtime and John called me into his room, I thought to sleep with, but it was for his belt.

Again my dressing gown hit the floor and I was bent double, Whooosh crack, casino şirketleri Whooosh, Crack, Dad looked in.

“Pull your arm back like this,” He took the belt, WHOOOSH CRACK, WHOOOSH,CRACK. “OWWWWWW2

“If you do not get her response from her mouth, it’s not hard enough.”

“Thanks dad.”

I think I got around 15 then kept position as his cock slipped into me.

We ended up on his bed and in his bed and I spent the night.

Not sure if it’s called making love or just sh*gging whichever, we did it a few times during the night and it was so comforting.

I showered, helped with breakfast and caught my bus for work, in the snow would you believe.

I spoke to my boyfriend, Brian, on the way and he said he had spoken to my dad to see if we went out to a restaurant for a meal, if he could stay over on the settee.

Dad said he was practically family and could sleep in my bed.

What a great start to a day, his first ever sleep over and we will make love in a bed instead of the back of his estate car.

I had lunch with Amy, she asked if she could talk to me.

She wanted to know if she was unique with the spanking she got from Mr. Pilkington.

“Was it horrendous for you Amy?”

“Not horrendous, no.”

“Was the pain unbearable Amy?”

“Not unbearable, No.”

“Were you embarrassed, abused, or felt in danger Amy, if not, what were your feelings.”

“Blessed I think, that Mr. Pilkington took the time to help me be a better girl.”

“Did you thank him Amy?”

She did not answer.

“Did you know you can be punished for not answering a senior Amy?”

I moved my chair back. She still did not answer.

“Come here and lower your knickers.”

“Yes Miss.”

I turned her over my knee and gave her a swift and hard smacked bottom.

“Thank you Miss, I am sorry, yes I did, I knelt and sucked him.”

“Who looks after your home discipline Amy.”

“Mainly my granddad who lives with us whilst dad is abroad, he is in the army.”

“Are you an only one?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Would you like to come home with me one night and if you are naughty you will be spanked by my dad or brother?”

“Yes please, but your brother is my age, it would not be right Miss.”

I lowered my knickers and showed his casino firmaları belt marks, “He gave me these last night.”

“Ok then Miss.”

“Call me Poppy, would you like me to keep punishing you when needed too and my boyfriend?”

“Would I have to thank you Poppy.”

“Would you like to?”

She nodded.

I took her into the cloakroom and into a cubicle, I sat on the loo lid and pushed her down, “lift your top so I can nip your tits.”

“I have not really got any tits yet Poppy.”

I lifted my top. “Me neither.”

I allowed her to give me 2 cums and we swapped places, she was so sweet and tiny down there.

“Are you a virgin Amy?”

She nodded.

“Would you like to be broken when you stay over?”

Again, she nodded.

“Do you take the pill?”

“Yes because I had painful monthly’s.”

I gave her titty bumps one last juggle and each nipple a squeeze till she yelped.

I could not get Amy out of my mind all afternoon and at afternoon break spent most of it in the loo.

At last, home time, and into Brian’s arms.

Amy Time

I had time to sit with Amy, we went out at lunch time to the Costa over the road from the bank.

She started from the beginning; her Father was in the armed forces so away most of the year.

“I don’t really get disciplined, except once when had to go to the church and punished, oh, and granddad.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, when I was in the last year at school I was walking past some school mates on the way home through the church graveyard and heard the breaking of glass. I stopped and looked and before I knew what was happening I was in the church hall, undressing with 3 other girls.”

“Pastor Goode came in and began shouting and we all in turn went over his knee for a spanking, it was so scary.

He asked who had done it, no one owned up so we all got strapped.

He sent a letter home and Grandpa read it and I went over his knee and strapped again.”

“And since then?”

“Just spanked if he or an uncle comes around.”

“Spanked for what?”

“Would they just want to see me naked do you think?”

“I’m sure, but that’s the price we pay for being a girl in a religious home.”

We talked and almost used our whole dinner time up. We just got sat as güvenilir casino our supervisor came past, “Made it by a minute girls, my office at your afternoon break.”

“Yes Miss,”

We took the same break and went to her office and knocked.

She was sat at her desk, put her pen down and looked over her glasses at us.

“Had you been late it would have been a strapping, naked, each.”

I heard Amy sigh, “Thank you Miss.”

“But you will both get a spanking, knickers down and over my desk.”

Amy followed my lead and pulled her knickers to her knees, bent over and skirt up over her back.

Boy was she good, we were both soon yelping.

She kept us over the desk, “Break over, back to your counters, I will be keeping my eye on you Amy.

We signed the punishment register, had a quick Pee and went back to work.

At dinner that evening, when I was asked about my day I repeated all the above, of course dad wanted to inspect and after dinner he had me strip again to show him, mum and John, my brother.

“Bend over Poppy.” He removed his belt and gave me a good 20. “Next time you misbehave at work it will be the cane, now get to your room, and expect a bedtime spanking.”

I composed, “Thank you dad.”

Never one to miss an opportunity, John followed me up to soothe me.

“Are your tits growing at last sis?”

I laughed and he cuddled me a while then pushed my shoulders down, so I knelt.

I took out his cock, he did not need much stiffening.

“Choose a position Poppy.”

It was a no brainer, I loved being on all fours, on my elbows and bottom high.

He was gentle for a change with gentle thrusts.

“Put your hands on my tits J and pull on my nipples.”

He did not want telling twice and his thrusts became poundings.

Dad called that evening and I went over his knee, not a hiding but a solid reminder to behave at work.

I was up early and started on breakfast.

Mum and dad came down, I saw she had still tears in her eyes, I heard her getting his belt as I went to shower.

“Poppy, you may ask Amy if she wanted to, she could come for an evening or even a weekend, but you must explain the rules under my roof. It will also be good for John to get some belt practice.”

Mum remained silent, she knew first-hand how John’s belting action was coming along, he took full advantage of his new authority on reaching his 18th birthday and becoming a man.

He takes every advantage he can when dads out, I have had it off him twice this week too.

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