Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 6

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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 6Chapter OneI have finished my term with Mr. Kesler’s (my Master) Institute. It was an exciting time and one that I will cherish forever. Master, his wife and submissive Chloe, and their black bull stud Max were present at my graduation ceremony. Chloe wanted to see our Master’s mark on me. Master requires that all of his slaves bare his mark, which is a small silver dollar size brand of his initials MK within a circle, placed inside the left hip bone on my lower abdomen. I showed Chloe and she tears up at the site of it, but I tell her that it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. After the graduation many people are gathering in the Institute’s Great Hall for individual collaring ceremonies. Master has decided that he wants to give me his collar now. Many of his lifestyle friends are here and he wants to make our relationship formal. Chloe helps me get ready by fixing my make up. I do an elaborate braided halo for my hair and top it off with a sprig of a pink Camellia – a symbol of “strong desire.” When it is our time. I am walked down the aisle to my Master by Max and Chloe. I am trembling inside. I know that its from the seriousness of this ceremony. In the lifestyle its much like a marriage because you are pledging your commitment to the roles that each is playing. I know that I will be safe and cared for in this pod.We say our words and Master places his collar around my neck. It’s much like Chloe’s, stainless steel with a medium sized O-ring in front. Master secures the lock in back and pockets the only key. When this is done, Chloe and Max both step forward and state their commitments to helping Master provide safety and care for me. We all hug and Master wraps his arm around me and we walk out to where Michael, Master’s driver, is waiting with the car.When we get back to the penthouse, I stop at the entryway. I efficiently remove my clothing and neatly fold them. Max has done the same. We both kneel in only our collars and wait for instructions. Chloe does not follow the same protocol as she is only a submissive but she goes to her bedroom and removes her clothes too. When she returns she instructs Max to go with Master and help with dinner. She tells me to come with her because she wants me to open my graduation gift.She takes me to a hallway I’ve never been to and we take some stairs down the lower level. When she opens the door we walk in to find a well apportioned dungeon. The walls are a mix of dark mahogany wood and red tapestry with sconces along the walls. There are racks of whips, floggers, and crops of all types and sizes. There is a bin with several types of canes. Rows and rows of cabinets with all manor of toys. The is a St. Andrew’s cross, spanking benches, and lots of pulleys and cable apparatus. Chloe takes my hand and leds me to a bench made of wood and black leather. Its connected to some kind of machinery. Chloe opens a bin near the machine and pulls a nice sized dildo and some lube. While she is attaching it to a rod coming out of the machine, Master and Max come down and tell us that dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes. Master comes over and explains that this is what’s called a fucking machine. He shows me that the person that is to be fucked is strapped down on the bench and the machine part of the device is maneuvered into place, by lining up the selected dildo with the subject’s chosen orifice. I sweetly hug Master and thank him for my gift. He tells me that it was Chloe’s idea so I give her a big hug too.Chloe has put the dildo on the rod and Master switches on the machine and the dildo starts pistoning back and forth. He adjusts the speed from very slow to very fast. My pussy begins to weep and my nipples pebble as I watch this and imagine myself being fucked by this machine.Master says we have time before dinner to try it out and Max and Chloe strap me to the bench. I’m straddled over the narrow padding with arm, legs, and breasts hanging to either side. My head is slightly lower so that my pussy and ass are both accessible. Max rubs some lube to my already wet cunt and rosette. He slips a medium sized butt plug in my ass and the dildo is lined up to my eager pussy. The head of the phallus is slipped in. Master turns the dial. My slick folds blossom when the rubber cock presses into my sloppy cunt. Master sets the speed at a medium pace until I can adjust to the rhythm. While its not as good as the real thing, I could see some uses for this as punishment. (like being strapped here for hours and forced to cum over and over again) After a few minutes, my cunt is humming and I am trying work my hips to meet the dildo that is hammering my cunt. Suddenly it slows to a crawl. Master instructs me to squeeze every time the dildo enters me, as if I was trying to hold it. When it enters I squeeze and tighten my kegel muscles, but when the cock pulls back and leaves my wet hole, it gives an audible “pop”. Master adjusts the speed so that it enters me once every 2-3 seconds. Each time I hear the “pop” as my cunt tries to hold the cock inside. Chloe explains that this will strengthen my kegels and allow me to be able to milk Master’s cock while its in my pussy or ass. The speed is so slow that I can’t get anywhere near an orgasm and I try to rub my clit against the pad. Master sees what I’m trying to do and hands the controls to Chloe and he and Max come around to the front. Master unzips his trousers and presents his large cock to my waiting mouth. Max is beside him and they swap out after a few times down my throat. Each man is reaching and squeezing my hanging breasts, tweaking my nipple ring and slapping canlı bahis the sides of my tits. All the while their cocks are pistoning thru my wet lips as the dildo is slowly fucking my tight seeping cunt. While Max is taking his turn in throat with his gigantic black cock, he matches the rhythmic “popping” sound of the dildo in my pussy. Now I am “popping” at both ends and I am being skewered on a spit. I feel my climax approaching. Chloe dials up the machine while Master is throat fucking his new slave. Max is stroking his thick cock all slick from my saliva. Master’s cock starts to swell and he places his hand on my head as he erupts into my eager mouth. Max has brought his fat rod up to my face and is shooting his hot sticky cum on my face as I open up my mouth and try to catch the flying jism. I quickly ask for permission to cum and its granted. I spasm and I’m sent flying in ecstasy as each man takes turns slipping their still throbbing cocks into my mouth for me to clean and suck the last drop of their semen. The machine finally comes to a stop and Chloe comes behind me and softly licks my juices from my gaping and swollen pussy. I moan on the guys cocks. Max and I are left to clean the equipment and head up for dinner. My legs are still a little wobbly as I head up the stairs. I am happy to be home and surrounded by people who care for me. Over dinner, Master tells me that he and Chloe have been planning a graduation party for me for next weekend. Chapter TwoChloe had been scurrying about all week preparing for my graduation party. I was able to help soon but other parts she wanted to keep secret from me. Mainly I was responsible for cleaning the penthouse. As the day grew closer, I helped with the decorations. Master had arranged for catering and service help. I tried as much as I could to keep myself busy. Now that I am Master’s house slave I was no longer working as a hair stylist. I did miss my regular customers and staying in touch with their lives but I understand that my sole focus now is to serving my Master and his plans for me. During the first week after being at the Institute, I have been able to show Master and Chloe what I’ve learned. I told them stories of what went on during my stay there. Chloe for one loves to hear how we were used and punished. She’s a pain whore, more so than me. Many times after I would tell a tale, she would have me lick her quim, her lips plump from arousal. One time when Max was over, she rode his immense staff while I told her about when that Mistress was milking her manwhore. This story really excited her and I watched her grinding on her Max’s nubian spear. She would rock her hips back and forth, satisfying her needy cunt as she listened. When my tale was done and both she and Max had cum, I cleaned the mixed juices from their sex. This was a much needed break from her hard work in preparation for the party. Master has been out of town on business (he’s told me that maybe I would go with him on future trips) On Friday, the day before the party, Chloe told me that she wanted me to help her milk Max. Max is Master’s slave but because Chloe is his submissive/switch and wife, she is above Max and I as we are slaves.When Max arrived to the penthouse, he stripped at the door. Chloe had me secure his beefy phallus and scrotum with a stainless steel cock ring. Then clip a leash to it and lead him to the dungeon. When we arrived Chloe had him kneel and kiss her knee high leather boots. She was wearing a half corset that left her sex and breasts visible. We placed Max sitting on a bench with his arms behind his back and locked together with a binder. His legs were connected to a spreader bar so that there was easy access to his cock and balls. Chloe started stroking his meat as I knelt near her. She would offer her hand and I would open my mouth wide for her to get my saliva to use for lubrication. Sometimes she would have me lean over and spit onto his dick. Everytime I see Max’s big beautiful cock my mouth waters, so producing saliva is not a problem. Watching Chloe stroking his thick veiny fuck stick has all of my juices flowing. Chloe is telling him what a needy cock he’s got because it always wants to cum. This seems to be stimulating Max because he starts to cry out and Chloe stops her ministrations. Max’s cock throbs and pulses. My quim wets watching this. Remembering back at the Institute and milking that black slave, I was turned on but seeing Max is wholly a different thing. His thick cylindrical cock has brainwashed my body to respond to it. Chloe starts again, she has me stand and present my tits for Max to lick. (he loves my boobs) He sticks his tongue out and flicks it over my erect nipples, catching my rings. This shoots a pulse to my cunt and I feel my juices leaking from my slit. Max’s breathing is ragged and he moans when Chloe stops stroking him again. I cup my boobs and began slapping either side of his face. This goes on for about an hour. Max has begged for his release. Chloe is being a real masochist, I would have let him off long ago, the cum slut that I am.After he’s promised that he will fuck us both to completion, she strokes him in earnest, telling him what a worthless little manwhore he is. She stops her manipulation and lets fo of his cock but tells Max he can cum. He cries out in pleasure as his cock pulses and erupts, sending his hot sticky cum spewing everywhere. His rod jumps and bounces shooting ropes of hot jism out. I attempted to catch it but it was like being shot out of a cannon. Chloe was so impressed. She cuddles and strokes her slave. Given great care to let him catch his breath and control bahis siteleri his heart rate.When he has recovered (about 10 minutes later) he is still engorged, rock hard and ready to make good on his promise to fuck us both silly. At first Chloe and I bend over a waist level padded rail side by side. Max, still wearing his cock ring, comes behind us and starts with his Mistress. Chloe cries out when he’s slipped into her drenched folds in one swift move. Max grabs her cheeks and roots his gigantic cock into his Mistresses steamy love channel. Then he abruptly pulls out and nuzzles his fat cock into my saturated folds. The sudden fullness in my cunt takes my breath away. I can feel my needy gash suck and squeeze his shaft. When I’m about to explode he withdraws from me and is back to his Mistress. This goes on several times before Chloe demands her pleasure and he grabs her by the shoulders and brings her down on his throbbing fuck stick. I can hear his balls slapping her clitty with every stroke. This sends her over the edge as she falls against the bar and holds on for dear life as he pounds her cunt, extending her orgasm. He abruptly pulls out of her clenching channel with a “pop”. And plunges his cum lathered cock into my waiting cunt. His strong hands grab my arms and locks them behind my back, using them as leverage to ravage my aching pussy. That’s all I need as I tumble off the ledge and lose myself with his thrusts, taking me with the cock that my pussy craves and knows so well.After a long recovery period. Chloe takes Max upstairs to shower and bed. I’m left to clean the toys and equipment. When I finish, I take my shower and slip into bed. Despite being excited about the party tomorrow, I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. Chapter ThreeMy graduation party is in full swing. Master has invited many of his friends in the lifestyle, his business associates, and even some of his clients. The penthouse is elegantly decorated. The food and open bar are keeping everyone happy. There are many other slaves and submissive here. Master has introduced me to everyone. I am trying to keep up with the names as this is something that my Master wants me to be aware of. He says that its a sign of respect to remember someone’s name, as well as, their specific likes and dislikes. As a slave it would be important for me to remember when I am sexually servicing someone whether they like their balls sucked or to be rimmed, deep throated or just suck on their head as I stroke their shaft. There’s no way I can remember this tonight, so I am focused on the names.I’m am a little surprised that I’m not self-conscious at all about being totally naked in front of so many people and some not even in the lifestyle. On occasion during the evening, Master will unzip his fly and instruct me to service his cock while he is talking with a group a people. My focus is squarely on him and his needs. At times someone will ask to have me suck them as well. One such person was one of the instructors from the Institution. I recognized him from there and remembered on many occasion taking a load from him. Master said that he had heard from him that I was much requested for this. Master told me how proud he was of my skills. I told him that I’ve always had an oral fixation since I was very young but now I do it to make him proud.After several hours the crowd noise starts to die down. Master calls everyone to the great room of the penthouse for a demonstration. I’m excited because I don’t know what’s going to be shown. Master starts by saying how proud he is of me and goes on to boast about what a perfect slave I have become since he’s met me. I start to cry and well up with emotion as I hear his praise and admiration. He calls me to the stage (really its just a step up area around the fireplace) where a padded coffee table sits. Master has me get into the “second position” on the table. He goes on about wanting me to demonstrate several of the things I’ve learned since I met him and since I returned from the Institution. He tells me to demonstrate all six of the slave positions that he wants me to use. Master explains that I am currently in the second position, and asks me to explain its position and purpose. “The second position is called at ease. My legs are spread shoulder width apart, arms are behind the back with the open left hand supporting the open right. This is used for when the slave has to be in position for a long time or waiting for her next command.”“Move to the first position slave.”I move and stand with legs spread, fingers interlocked behind the head with the eyes down.“This is the first position and its called the Standing presentation. Its for inspection of Master’s property to see if there is any wounds, marks or tender areas that might need tending.”“Thank you Any, now what about number three?”I remain standing with legs spread, but bent at the waist, and use my hands spreading the cheeks of her ass. “This is the third position and is used so that both my vagina and ass are displayed for my Master’s inspection or use.”“Very good slave, and now kneel for me. and tell us about this position.”I quickly move to a kneeling position.“ Position four is a kneeling presentation. A slave is on their knees with legs spread to display her sex, back is arched to enhancing her breasts, hands behind with left supporting right, and eyes are looking down.”“And which position is your Master’s favorite?”I quickly get on all fours with my legs spread, head to the floor, resting my weight on my elbows with my hands even with my shoulders and pointing forward.“This is the fifth position called the ass güvenilir bahis up. Basically you’re on all fours with your head on the floor. This position is primarily to present your holes for inspection or use. Master likes this position because this is how I greet him when he comes home from the office. I get a text that he is on his way and quickly go to the entry way and assume this position. I never know how long it will take him so I could be in this position for minutes or hours. I must remain focused with my back arched. This causes my pussy and ass to be in the prime position to satisfy my Master.”“Very well said slave. Now position six.”I curl up with my legs together under me with my head still on the floor and my arms pointing back with my hands by my side. “This is the sixth position call surrender. This is primarily used when a slave is overwhelmed or has lost her focus. It is used to relax, re-focus, and meditate, bringing the slave back to center and form.”“Thank you Amy, let’s give her a round of applause for that.”I flush and return to a kneeling position. My nipples are puckered from abrading on the leather padding. This causes my nipple rings to twist up. I can feel the outer lips of my labia are swollen and my engorged clitty in on display for all the crowd to see. The exhibitionist in me has my body trembling with desire. Master is stroking my hair and lovingly caressing my body. I feel his pride in me and this swells my heart.“Now Amy, I want you to name and describe your slave or slut holes for the crowd.”“Yes Master. Slave hole #1 is my mouth. It is used for cleaning, and oral service. A slave should be in a duck like position, with her arms behind her back, making eye contact and her back arched to present her breasts.”“Amy why is it that you have such a skilled reputation with your mouth?” “I’m not sure Master. I have always loved the feeling of cock in my mouth. I’ve learn to use my throat muscles to massage the head and shaft of the cock. I also try to make my tongue touch their scrotum when I am deep throating them.”“As good as you are, tell the crowd why you tend to receive more punishment from given head than any other infractions.”“Master says that I’m a cock whore because I can cum by just having a cock in my mouth.”“Alright and you’re next hole?”“Slave hole #2 is my pussy. Its used to provide my Master pleasure. A good slave should work on strengthening her kegel muscles so to be better able to squeeze and milk Master’s cock when my pussy or ass is in use.”“Very well said. Now I would like to have a demonstration of this kegel muscle. I have a anal hook (it has a ball with a 3” diameter on one end and smaller ball on the other) that weighs about 2 lbs. Slave will you assume the first position.” I move and stand with legs spread a shoulders width apart, fingers interlocked behind the head with the eyes down.“Now I’m going to insert this hook into Amy’s cunt and she is going to hold it for at least ten seconds. Now I want everyone to know that 2 lbs is a lot of weight for this.”Master pushes the larger ball into my seeping hole. It slips in with no resistance and holds it in place. I use my kegel muscles and clamp down as hard as I can as I do not want to fail Master in front of his friends. He lets his hand drop and starts counting. I struggle to keep the ball in because my slutty cunt has been weeping it’s juices for the past several hours. But when he gets to ten and beyond, the crowd roars and Master tells me to release the ball. I relax my grip and the hook slips easily from my slit and falls in his waiting hands. He kisses me sweetly on the head.When the crowd murmurs die down he has me finish with my holes.“My third slave hole is my ass. Its to be kept clean and lubricated at all times in case my Master desires to use it. When it is my time of the month I can look forward to my ass being used as my second pussy. My kegel muscles are used here as well to better please my Master or whomever might being making use of me.”“To conclude this presentation and signify the end of tonight’s celebration of Amy’s graduation. I would like her to recite the Slave Code of Conduct. Slave will you return to position #4.”I gracefully move to a kneeling position with my legs spread, displaying swollen and my puffy sex, my back is arched presenting my breasts, my hands behind my back, and my eyes are looking down.“You may begin Amy.”“Master, the Code of Conduct for this slave is as follows.”“1) I’m am here to serve the needs of my Master.”“2) I am here to obey my Master’s orders.”“3) I am here to accept my Master’s discipline.”“4) I am here to please my Master’s desires.”“5) I will withhold my opinion until I am fully confident of the facts in my possession.”“6) I will always accept the responsibility for my actions and accept the consequences.”“7) I will always make sure that my honor and integrity are in good repair.”“8) I will always take my power from a place of humbleness not ego, for ego is a slaves enemy.”“9) I will always protect the Master’s property even if it is from the Master.” “10) What other people think of me is none of my business.”“Very well done Amy, I’m so proud of you and this night has been in your honor.”“Thank you Master,” as I reach out and cuddle his leg as I nuzzle the large lump in his crotch.The crowd slowly begins to file out of the penthouse. Master and Chloe see that anyone that has possibly had too much to drink is provided a ride home or given a room here at the Hotel at Master’s expense. When everyone has finally left I start cleaning but I’m stopped by Master. “Let the catering and cleaning service do that, let’s go to bed.”I’m exhausted. Its been a busy day. I have been running on adrenaline for the past three days and when Master lays me in his bed to take me. I fall asleep before he can get undressed.To be continued……..

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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