Amulya Seduces Her Sister’s Boyfriend

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Amulya Seduces Her Sister’s BoyfriendWhich I hate. My mother and father call me by my full name all the time and my older sister does when she really wants to get to me. The rest of the time, she calls me Pint.That started when she was a first year in college and I was in the school. She wanted to go to the movies with her two tota girlfriends and Mummy made her take me along. Of course, I’m the one she blamed for it. She was yelling at me when I told her that the movie she got tickets for was an adult film she told Mummy she was going to see and “Pint” came out of her mouth. Then she told her friends I wasn’t big enough to be a half pint, so that made me a pint. I tried to explain to them that a half of a pint was smaller than a full one, but my sister and her friends aren’t the brainiest girls in the crowd. I think there was a combined allotment for brains and tits when they were born and all three of them went overboard on the chuchis.I’m still small for my age and I guess I erred on the side of brains. Though I think what I do have looks pretty good on me. At least they won’t hang down to my knees when I’m fifty. I know they work just fine, even if they aren’t a D cup. I can almost bring myself off by just playing with them.This is my first year in college. Unlike Tanisha, my older sister, I’m not always hanging around with the in-crowd, able to say dumb things and have a crowd of groupies laugh their fool heads off. The nerds and geeks are more my style. Hey, that’s what we call ourselves, too. It’s a joke as far as we’re concerned. I bet Modi calls himself a geek.Tanisha is just what her name sounds like. A big titted, bubble headed tota. Somehow she got black hair while mine is a dark brown. You’ve heard the blonde jokes? I’ve heard them all, too. I think Tanisha inspired most of them. Especially the ones about the only thing a blonde’s good for. That’s Tanisha, and she’s been good for most of the jocks at our college at one time or another.The funny thing about it is she has both of our parents convinced she’s a virgin, saving herself for marriage. I don’t know what she’s saving. Tanisha likes to talk about what’s happening when she has a guy in her room while Mummy and Papa are at work. And she’s not quiet about it. She’s had cocks in her mouth, her pussy and her ass. And she makes every guy eat her out before she does anything for him. I’ve heard the guys complain about it when they don’t think anyone’s around. But then they laugh and say she’s worth it. They call her the Randi gaand. I’ve thought about calling her that, but I’m waiting for the right time. Like when Mummy and Papa are there and she blames me for something she did.So anyway, tonight is Diwali and we’re both home. Mummy and Papa got invited out to a dress-up party and Mummy talked Papa into going. Papa’s idea of a good time is falling asleep in his armchair during Family Hour. Mummy must have promised him some nookie to get him to go. She got this dynamite outfit that shows off her tits like you wouldn’t believe. Mummy must have gotten a double allotment, because she’s got brains as far as everything but Tanisha’s virginity is concerned. She owns a travel agency that she built up from a one woman outfit to one with thirty employees.But, back to the costume. It’s red, almost like a one piece bathing suit only with hot pants. Remember those? I’ve seen pictures in old magazines, and that’s what they look like. But with the red fishnet stockings and the red vinyl shoes with the three inch spiked heels and the two red horns on the top of her head, and the cherry red lipstick that looks like wet paint, she looks hot. Really hot. She told Papa she was a horny little devil. He had a Robin Hood costume, and those tights made his reaction to her pretty obvious as they were going out the door.Tanisha was all set to go to her own Diwali party, one with lots of beer and pot. And I’m sure they were going to be bobbing for something other than apples. But we got our report cards on Wednesday. If Tanisha doesn’t do something quick, she won’t be able to graduate. And that’s something that’s just not acceptable in our family, even from Tanisha. She’s been grounded until she gets her grades back up above failing. Which could be until after Christmas break when the semester ends.Papa wouldn’t even let her talk him out of the grounding. Mummy was real pissed at her and I’m pretty sure she told Papa that either Tanisha was going to be grounded or he was. Let’s see — a quick kiss on the cheek and a “Thanks, Papa,” as Tanisha goes out the door or the big mac from Mummy. Tanisha didn’t stand a chance.Mummy’s only pulled out the big guns like this once before. I never got the whole story, but it had something to do with a beach party, 4 AM and throwing up all over the wall in the hallway outside the bathroom. Tanisha lost on that one, too. Which is good for Mummy. She likes her play time, and I don’t know if she’d be able to hold out if Papa went against her wishes. It’s not that Mummy has Papa by the balls or anything. It’s more that Tanisha can do no wrong as far as he’s concerned, and he’s ready to forgive her for whatever she does. You’d think he was getting some head out of the deal instead of the phony gratitude she gives him.So that’s why Tanisha’s home on Diwali. But why me, you ask? Because I’m the baby in the family. I was all set to go out with three of my nerd friends and had my ghagra costume all ready to go. I was really looking forward to being with my friends on Diwali for the first istanbul escort time. And then Tanisha had to get a couple of F’s. She started to campaign against my going out the minute she got grounded. Not right out in the open. Oh, no. Tanisha was real concerned. I was getting to that age where men might try to take advantage of me. Look at her — she’s so tiny, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. It’s not like the old days when you were k**s, Mummy and Papa. There are perverts out there, all over the place. She convinced them I was going to be ****d and left for dead the second I set foot on the sidewalk. And they went for it, hook, line and sinker. That’s another area where Mummy’s brains don’t quite work. I’m her baby. f******n years old and she’d have me in diapers if she thought she could get away with it.Did I mention that Tanisha’s a blonde? Well, she was just so proud of herself, spoiling my night out. And then Mummy told her that she was going to have to watch me all night since they were going to be gone and I was too young to go out. The look on my sister’s face when Mummy told her that almost made the whole thing worth it. Almost.So, here I am, handing miniature candy bars to all the little k**s. The ballerinas, the princesses, the super heros, the k**s who think that a piece of plastic with a couple of holes that they can’t quite see through makes them able to leap tall buildings or look beautiful. There were a couple whose parents had taken the trouble to make imaginative costumes for who probably didn’t appreciate them and wanted the ones out of the box with the painted body on the cheap pajamas. It was getting on 9:00, and most of the k**s had their masks off their faces somehow, either on top of their heads or under their chins. Most of the dogs were cuter than the k**s, but they had their masks, bunny ears or antlers hanging down below their necks, dragging on the ground, almost one for one.Tanisha had had her cell phone and the phone in her room that she never used anymore taken away as part of her punishment. That didn’t stop her from unplugging the one in the living room and taking it into her room. She didn’t realize that Mummy and Papa would see who she called when they got the bill next month. Like I said, Tanisha thinks more of head than ahead.My guys came by; a pretty neat Yoda, Anakin and R2D2. They talked for a few minutes but the little k**s kept coming up and I finally gave up and told them to go ahead and have a good time. None of them had been ****d as far as I could tell.By 9:30, the traffic had died down. It was about twenty minutes since the last k** had been by around, so I turned off the porch light and put the candy on the end table next to the couch. I turned on the TV, but there wasn’t anything on I was interested in.Tanisha came out of her room and said “Danesh is coming over. I don’t want Mummy or Papa to hear anything about it or I’ll see to it that they never let you out of this house.””Whatever.” She still hadn’t gotten it through her dense little head that she was the one who had fucked up, thus she was the one who was grounded.About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Tanisha came skipping out of her room and whizzed by me as I was grabbing the bowl of candy just in case it wasn’t Danesh. Whoever that was. I’d given up keeping a scorecard on my sister. It would have too many players on it to keep track of. Most of whom scored home runs, anyway.Well, it was Danesh. A big linebacker type guy I’d never seen before. He looked like he’d have an IQ even lower than my sister’s. And he hadn’t missed many meals for the past ten years or so. Definitely not the class of horn dog she usually has between her legs. I guess all the good ones were at the party, so it was either this loser or Mr. Plastic Vibrating Prick.She had him by the hand and stopped as she got near me. “Remember what I said, Pint.””You too, Dork,” said Danesh, looking over his shoulder at the entryway.That was when I noticed that there was someone just inside the front door, staring at the ground. The light wasn’t on in the entryway so I couldn’t see him clearly, but he looked kind of familiar. I walked over there and realized who it was.”Hey, Danesh. Are you with Danesh?””Yeah. Hi Trish. He’s my brother.””You have a brother with the same name as you?””Not really. He’s actually my stepbrother. Everybody calls him Danesh and me Danesh.I see. Come on in.” He followed me into the living room and sat down on the couch when I pointed to it. I sat down next to him and held out the bowl of candy. He dug through it until he found one of those flying saucer shaped butterscotch candies. The kind your grandma has in a crystal bowl when you go over there.”That’s old people candy. Take a Tootsie Roll or a Baby Ruth.””I can’t.” He opened his mouth and picked up his upper lip with one hand, pointing with the other. “They get stuck in my braces.””Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot.””That’s OK. I get them off just before New Years.” He looked really excited.”Cool. They must be a drag.””Yeah, kinda. But you get used to them.” He unwrapped the candy, put it in his mouth, then looked around for a place to put the wrapper. Papa quit smoking a few years ago, so the ever-present ashtray wasn’t there. I took it from him and put it on the end table along with five or six I’d left there.I knew Danesh had braces. Not that he smiled that much. Danesh usually kept his head down and very rarely looked right at anybody. avcılar escort Which was a shame, because I thought he was cute. Real cute. I’d had a crush on Danesh since seventh grade. And had been too shy to do anything about it.”You’d never know you had them the way you play the tuba.”Danesh had played tuba in band ever since I’d known him. I played the flute. I guess I was pretty much the typical flute player but Danesh looked more like a trumpet or maybe drums than a tuba. Tuba players are usually fat, like their instruments. And they have to be able to lug that heavy thing around. More like big Danesh than Danesh. But he didn’t seem to have any problem hefting it around and he had plenty of wind to play it loud and clear. The only time I ever saw Danesh express any emotion was when he played that tuba. He’d close his eyes and you could just see him relax and become one with it. It almost looked… I don’t know, sexual. You know what I mean.”The tuba doesn’t hurt them. You just have to know how to blow.”There had been some low voices coming from my sister’s room, but now we heard a slap.”Stop it. You know the rules. No suckie, no fuckie. Get your face between my legs or you don’t get jack.”Danesh was trying to present his case. His voice was a lot lower so we couldn’t get the words, but it sounded like someone pleading. While whining at the same time.”Come on, Fat Boy. Stick that tongue up my twat and get me off.”Danesh took a quick breath and looked shocked.”Don’t be so shocked, Danesh, she always calls it that. Or her cunt.””Not that. What she called him. I’ve seen him beat up k**s so they couldn’t walk for a week for calling him fat. He can’t stand anyone calling him that.””That’s better. Put a finger in. Hey! Gently!””I guess the carrot she dangled in front of his face was worth putting up with a little name calling,””I guess. You should hear what he calls her when he talks about her.””Oh, you mean Randi gaand?”I’ve never seen anyone turn as red as fast as Danesh did when I said that. He sucked in a lot of air, and then sort of squeaked. He started to cough and then he brought his hands up to his throat, almost as if he was trying to choke himself while he coughed. This was going on too long. And the red face was starting to turn blue. That damned candy.I got up and somehow managed to lift him off the couch and turn him so he was facing away from me. We’d gone over some first aid stuff in health class and the Heimlich was one of the things we covered. I thought back and wrapped my arms around him, holding onto my wrists. I didn’t want to hurt him, but better to have bruised ribs than choke to death. I pulled up and nothing happened. I moved my arms down a bit, took a deep breath and yanked as hard as I could. I felt the lower ribs sc**** against my arms, hurting them, and I thought nothing had happened again. Then he made a weird sound, kind of a “bleuoompfh”, and I saw the candy make its way out of his mouth. It didn’t fly across the room or shoot out like a champagne cork. It just kind of bloomped about three or four inches out, then fell and bounced on the carpet once. He’d had it in his mouth for a while and had sucked it down. It didn’t look big enough to do all that damage. But it sure had.Danesh still had his hands on his collarbone, almost hyperventilating, sucking in breath like he’d been drowning. He wasn’t quiet about it, wheezing for a dozen or so breaths, then gradually slowing and quieting down. He took a deep breath, held it for just over a second, let it out and took another. He dropped his hands and turned around.I realized a couple of things when I was trying to dislodge the candy from Danesh’s trachea. He has one hell of a strong diaphragm. I’m sure that’s a result of blowing into a tuba for years and years, but his body was panicking and that sucker was tight. That’s why I had such a tough time forcing air into his windpipe to blow that candy out.The other thing I realized is that I liked his body. It felt damn good to have my arms around him and my tits pressed up against his back. I had to tell myself to get my mind out of the gutter and concentrate on what I was doing.Danesh turned around and looked at me. His face was red again, not from embarrassment this time but from the rapid breathing, trying to catch up. He lifted his arms and kind of dove into me, hugging me, his face buried in my chest.Now, I know the only thing on Danesh’s mind was hugging me, grateful that I’d done what I’d done so he wasn’t being carted out the door with a sheet over his face. But he was scrunched up right against me and his cheek was pushing into my tits. It felt good and I could feel the nipples growing. My arms had found their way around him, not as tightly as his were, but he was definitely in them.We heard a noise, something between a hand cranked siren and a cat on a Saturday night. It started soft and low and got louder and higher in pitch. When Tanisha comes, you know it. That’s another thing she’s not saving for her wedding night.Danesh was still holding onto me but I could sense something going on in his mind. Kind of a hesitation, a confusion. A “what the hell is that noise?” kind of thing. The noise got louder and I hoped that her Danesh had ear protection — there should be a sign on the door, and one of these days OSHA’s going to fine her because there isn’t.I think Danesh finally figured it out, because he stood up and he looked shocked. And very, very red. He looked at me, his eyes wide şirinevler escort open, the pupils smaller than normal and very quietly said, “Oh!”He looked shocked, and scared, and innocent, and amazed, and Oh, God, he looked so cute. I slid my right hand up a couple of inches to the back of his head and pulled him into me for a kiss.I guess kissing is an instinct or we’re always trying to get that missed tit back in our mouths. Whatever, it was just the most natural thing for me to kiss him as if we’d been kissing each other for years. I think he was a little surprised by the kiss, but that didn’t last long, and soon we were both enthusiastically swapping spit until we had to stop to take a breath. The only maneuver needed this time was to maneuver our lips back together and pick up where we’d left off.Tanisha had quieted down and I heard the sound of a zipper. I guess Danesh had been in there all this time fully dressed. He didn’t sound timid like before when he said “Randi gaand me, bitch.”Tanisha put on her shocked and dismayed act. “I don’t like it when people call me that and I hate it when they say… mmmpphh, mmmmpppphhh.”Something had obviously been put in her mouth to shut her up. Normally I would have been concerned with the use of the word bitch, but she’d earned it by calling him Fat Boy. And Randi gaand was just what she was, and there wasn’t a whole lot she could do about that at this point, short of changing her name and moving into a nunnery.Meanwhile, Danesh had slowly moved his hands down my back and was dangerously close to putting them on my butt. I reached behind myself and grabbed them, showing him what I thought of that, planting them firmly around my cheeks, squeezing them until he got the idea and started massaging me. Once he got going, I moved my hands to his butt and returned the favour.He kept his left hand on my backside and slid his right around and up until he was cupping my left breast. He massaged it just right, the nipple digging into his palm. Then he slid over to the right one and did it over again. Yeah, they were barely a B cup, but they worked. Boy, did they work. So much better than when I did it myself.We were still kissing, our tongues getting into the action now. I slid my right hand around to the front, and scooted my butt back a tad so I could reach his equipment. I’d heard about this, though I’d never seen it in the flesh, as it were. I think it was probably a good size. If I cupped his balls in my fingers, his dick reached past my palm and into my wrist. I could feel that there was something there, but that was about all, since it was all buried inside his Levis.I pulled back and looked him in the eye. He was still red, but it was flushed, not out of breath or embarrassed. “You seem to kiss pretty good with those braces. What else can you do with them?”He kissed me, briefly, but still more than a quick peck. “I don’t know. But I’m willing to find out if you are.””Well, you know what they say. No suckie, no…”I didn’t get a chance to finish because he kissed me again, a little longer this time. He twisted my tongue into a pretzel with his own.”Shh. I’m definitely going to suckie.”He kissed me again, then kissed just below the corner of my mouth, then next to my chin, then on my neck under that, then my collarbone, then above my breasts, then on my left breast, through the shirt and the thin bra, biting the protruding nipple through the two layers of fabric.I didn’t know if I’d be able to take him doing that with the clothing removed. Not that and keep my sanity, too.He moved his mouth and played with the right one, his hand now on the left one, then kissed his way down, opening a button near my navel, spearing it with his tongue, forcing me to pull away from him and giggle. That was just what he wanted, because he pushed me just as I pulled away and I ended up on my ass on the couch. He pushed me further and as I leaned back, he grabbed my shorts and started to pull them off. I put my feet down and lifted my butt up so he could slide them down. He just went all the way down, pulling so that I had to lift my feet up so they could slide off. He tossed them on the couch next to me, then did the same thing with my panties.”God, Trish, you’re beautiful. I’ve wanted to tell you that for two years but I never had the guts.”My response was something like “Uummmpphf,” because he was down on his knees and his tongue was in my pussy before I had a chance to answer. Unlike the first kiss, there was no hesitation down there. And it felt so right. I’d never be satisfied with my fingers again.If I had to review Danesh, he’d get high points for innovation, initiative and most definitely for enthusiasm. No, I didn’t sound like a cat with my tail under a rocking chair, but I’m sure I came just as strongly as my slut sister had. I’m used to showing some restraint since most of my self induced orgasms occur when everyone’s sleeping and the sound carries. But my heart went pitter patter and my breathing sped up and my body tensed and all my attention went to that little button with the zillion nerve endings between his lips when it happened. All three times.I finally had as much as I could take and I pushed him down on the couch and did my best to tear his jeans off his body. Well, they aren’t made to tear, but the two of us had them off him pretty darn quick. You know the story about Goldilocks? Well, I don’t know big from small when it comes to male genitalia, but what he had was just right.Being stuck at home on Diwali was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. That’s the night Danesh and I fell in love. Tanisha never had anything to do with his stepbrother again and she still calls me Pint. But Danesh has his own name for me, and only for me. When we’re alone and there’s nobody around, he’ll kiss me and then call me his Electrolux.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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