Amber Turns A Boy Into A Man

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Amber Turns A Boy Into A ManRandy was at his first junior high party. It was summer between his seventh and eighth grades. The thirteen year old was still fairly innocent to the ways of the world. However, it was a swim party and Randy certainly took notice of some of the well-developed girls in his class.Amber, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different than Randy. She drank, smoked and had sex with five boys in her class. Three of the boys that she had been with were at the party, and at that moment she was in bed with Tom, the host of the party.Tom and Amber were sharing a cigarette on his bed. “Fuck, Amber, that was great!” Tom said as he wiped their cum from between her legs.”Shit, Tom, you’re the best fuck in the whole school. Don’t forget me next year when we’re in high school.” Amber said as she rested her head on Tom’s bare f******n-year-old chest.”Hey Amber, you gonna make it with anybody else here tonight?” Tom asked.”I dunno. Are you?” she replied.”Yeah, Melissa Johnson wanted me to fuck her.” he said. ‘You don’t mind, do you?””Fuck no. We just do this for fun, right?””Yeah, just for fun.” Tom said. “So who you gonna fuck?””I had my eyes on that new k**. He’s young but he’s got a hot body.””You don’t mean Randy? He’s a pussy!” Tom barked.”Not when I finish with him,” she said with a smile.”OK. Suit yourself,” he said as he put out the cigarette and pulled on his swim shorts. He left Amber on the bed as he got up and returned to the party.Amber was sore from the rough fucking that Tom had given her, but she couldn’t get the image of the new boy out of her mind. He was about 5 ft. 10 with broad shoulders and a well-formed chest for a k** just going into eighth grade. He had long blond hair that she liked a lot better than Tom’s new buzz cut. “Yeah” Amber said to herself, “I’m talas escort gonna get that k** in bed.”She put on her two-piece suit that barely covered her 34-inch breasts and 32-inch ass. She slowly caressed her shaved mound before covering it with the thong. Then she headed to the Jacuzzi where Randy was sitting alone.”Hey cutie!” she said.Randy looked shocked that such a hot girl, especially one with such a reputation, would even notice him.”I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Amber.””I’m Randy,” he said.Amber got in the water and sat next to Randy. She put her hand on his shoulder and said “damn boy, you’re big. Do you work out?””A little bit.” he said. “I’m going out for water polo next year.””I’ll be sure and go to some of your games,” she said.Amber’s hand moved down from Randy’s shoulder to his chest. Soon, both hands were massaging his hard pectoral muscles.”Oh, I like this!” she said. She also had her foot on his, playing with his toes under the water.Randy’s mind was in a whirl. He was staring right at the breasts of the girl who was rubbing his chest and feet. Because the material was wet he could see right through it. Her hard brown nipples were very visible through the wet yellow fabric. By now, Randy also had a stiff six-inch erection.By now, Amber had her leg and thigh pressed against the boy’s. She was clearly enjoying this seduction. With one hand still on his chest, she let her other hand drift to his lap. She knew just what she would find there.”Oh my. You’re big all over!” Amber cooed as she rested her hand on the bulge in his shorts. She looked up and saw Tom taking Melissa into his bedroom. Although she said she didn’t mind, it did bother her. It also firmed her resolve to take Randy to bed.Randy couldn’t believe that a girl was holding on to his dick. Could she possibly? He didn’t dare think anything further. He didn’t have to.Amber moved forward and kissed Randy on the lips. She then pushed her tongue forward into his mouth. Randy knew enough about French kissing to let his tongue dart around hers. This was fun, he thought, and he let his hand rest on her thigh under the water.Amber saw Tom’s 12-year-old brother sitting by the bar so she knew his room would be empty. She looked into Randy’s eyes and said, “You and me gotta go get naked together.”Randy couldn’t speak but he nodded his head. She stood up and he followed. They both got out of the water and Randy followed Amber as she headed to the bar. “Hey Gus, I’m gonna use your room for a bit.” she said to Tom’s brother. “Whatever.” the boy replied and went back to the beer he was drinking.Randy followed Amber into the room. The walls were decorated with Playboy centerfolds. Randy couldn’t believe the room belonged to a 12 year old. “The guys live only with their dad. He lets them do what they want to.” Amber explained.Quickly, Amber pulled off the two thin pieces of cloth covering her body. Randy was awestruck at the sight of a naked girl standing right in front of him. She then said, “hey, you can’t fuck me with those shorts on!”Randy had heard right. It really was going to happen. “Oh wow!” he thought as he clumsily pulled his pants off. The first thing he thought was that it felt good to have his dick free. Then he looked between her legs where it was going to go.”Nice dick!” Amber said as she got on the bed. She laid back on the pillows, spread her legs apart and pushed her breasts together with her hands. “Now, use it on me!”Randy knew what to do, but he was so anxious. Amber grasped the boycock and guided it into her. Just then, she heard Tom and Melissa going at it in the next room. She also heard the moans of another couple coming from their father’s room.Randy loved how tight and wet Amber’s pussy felt. He then instinctively began to thrust in and out of her. The more he moved the better he felt. When a k** starts fucking it comes naturally, and that’s what was happening to Randy.Amber was enjoying the feel of fresh virgin cock. Although his fucking technique was crude, Randy was making her feel good. She decided to make him feel even better, and give Tom something to think about, too.”Oh fuck, Randy, yeah!” Amber shouted. “Oh Randy, fuck me harder! Aaaagh! You’re so fucking good! Randeeeeeeee!!”By now the boy was totally excited. He did fuck harder. The 12-year-old’s tiny bed was knocking against the wall. Amber continued to moan and scream his name. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Suddenly, Randy’s body stiffened and a stream of boycum shot from his balls. Wave after wave of cum continued to flow from the boy into the girl. “Oh yeah, Randy, fill me with your cum!” she yelled. Although it was partly an act, Amber did feel an orgasm come on.She looked up at the boy’s hard bare chest and when she remembered she was fucking the boy she wanted, Amber came too. After both their orgasms subsided, Randy just collapsed on top of Amber. The bed beneath them was flooded with their cum.”Oh Randy, that was incredible!” Amber said as she squeezed the young boy’s ass. “Thanks. You were great too!” Randy said.The room was hot and smelled of teenage sex. “We better get back to the party.” Amber said and the k**s put their meager clothing back on and wet out the door. As they emerged, all the other k**s broke into a loud applause. Amber noticed that even Tom and Melissa were applauding. But it was Randy who felt the best of all. He came to the party with the reputation of a wimp and now he was the biggest stud of all. And, he was no longer a virgin!

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