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Amazingly Ordinary

By Wes Leigh


This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of my readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. Readers who would like to chat are encouraged to contact me at ail.

This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author”s consent.

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Sometimes a friend gives you an idea that sparks a story.  This story wouldn”t have been possible without the help of Danny, an amazingly ordinary fellow who just happens to be from Denmark and provided invaluable assistance in making this story believable.  You”re the best, Danny.  Thanks again.


Chapter One


“Zombies take your positions, please.”

“Oh, come on people, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE. The light is perfect. Get in your spots as quickly as possible.” SQQUEALLCH.

Ouch. I covered my ears when the director”s bullhorn squealed with feedback. Naturally, he was two feet away and pointing it in my direction when it happened. That”s how things go for me.

He lowered the bullhorn and glared at me. I guess zombie extras aren”t supposed to protect their ears. I quickly lowered my hands back to my side. I did NOT want to be fired on my first day. Even if they were only paying a hundred bucks a day, I needed the dough. Rent was four days past due and I needed cash asap. Sure, my landlord was my dad, so he was pretty lenient when it came to expecting money, but I still wanted to pay him on time.

I suppose I could have raised the money some other way, such as standing behind a counter, smiling a fake grin, and asking if I could super-size your order. God, I hated fast food. I even hated the SMELL of fast food. Yes, my dad was right. He often told me I”d never find a job if I majored in History. Well, that wasn”t quite true. Since graduating from college, I”ve found plenty of part-time jobs, but nothing that pays more than minimum wage and doesn”t involve hours of torment that makes a medieval torture chamber seem tame in comparison.

So here I was, an extra in a zombie apocalypse movie, getting a hundred dollars for a day”s work, which so far had involved standing around waiting for the film crew to get their shit together. I”d have been getting more, if I had joined the union, but they wanted $50 for dues, and that”s half my first day”s pay. Besides, I didn”t plan on doing this ever again.

Moving from job to job is more my style. Fuck a career. I don”t want to be rich or comfortable. That”s not my thing. I”d much prefer to be amazingly ordinary.

SQUIRRRCHHHH. The director was back at it. “Okay, now listen up, people. Quick reminder. When action begins, I”ll call out zones. REMEMBER WHICH ZONE YOU”RE IN! When you hear your zone number called, fall to the ground where you are and DO NOT MOVE! Once you are on the ground, you are DEAD. You will not move from that point on. If your nose itches, you will not scratch it. If you get a muscle cramp, you will suck it up and endure the pain, but you will not move. If you have to pee, wet your pants.”

Most of the extras chuckled hearing that. I wished the director had kept the last comment to himself. My bladder was beginning to feel a little pressure from the cup of coffee I”d had earlier.

The director continued his speech. “When every zone has fallen to the ground, STAY WHERE YOU ARE. Don”t get up until I tell you, because we”ll be filming the next sequence, and all you dead zombies need to stay dead! Now if everyone is ready … cameras start rolling.”

I glanced at the guy next to me. He was probably still in college, because he looked my age, maybe a little younger. But unlike me, he was decently muscled. Curly black hair. Green eyes. Cute. I was jealous. I wished I looked that good, but I”m just an average-looking dude, hoping one day to be more than 5″8″ tall, wishing I could lose a few pounds and grow a few muscles, and thinking my light brown hair and hazel eyes are boring, boring, boring. At least to me they”re boring. As boring as my name … Johnny Johnson. Yeah, my parents could have made just a tiny bit more effort coming up with a name for me when I was born, but they probably anadolu yakası escort knew how average I”d end up being and thought, `Why not give him a boring name to match his future personality?” That”s why I”ll never have a boyfriend like the college guy standing next to me. He”s probably not even gay, not that you can tell that sort of thing with just one look, but I think I saw him chatting up some girls earlier, so … yeah, he”s probably not gay and the two of us don”t stand a chance.

I continued looking around at the other people nearby. I guess they wanted different types of people for their zombie extras.

The old dude on the other side of me was definitely Different with a capital D. Fat and saggy and overweight! Geez! And he”s already dripping with sweat. It”s only 9 a.m. Sure, it was April in Albuquerque, and the morning was warming up, but the dude was seriously coated with sweat and it was pouring down his face. Gross!

“ZONE ONE … drop!” yelled the director.

I was in zone three, so I knew I had a minute. I kept checking out the other zombie-wanna-be”s in my vicinity.

There was a teenage girl on the other side of the stairway from me. We were both standing in one of those concrete stairways that led from the ground down to a door to this bunker-like place. I was standing a few steps from the top, and they”d told me to fall backwards when I die, with my legs still inside the stairway and my body flopped out on the ground next to it. The teen girl was across from me. She was told to die the same as me, but flop over on the other side of the stairwell. I was sure her boobs would be part of the action. She had nice ones, not that I was the best judge of that, not being a boob connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I like guys, okay, so give me a break. I glanced at her boobs. I had to admit they”re a pretty good size, which is probably how she got the job.

The director started screaming in his bullhorn again. “For all you brainiacs in Zones Two, Three, and Four who died when I yelled for Zone One to drop … please get back on your feet and LISTEN FOR YOUR ZONE NUMBER TO BE CALLED!!!”

Wow. This guy had a serious Napoleon complex. I wondered if he was compensating for something.

“Cameras keep rolling … pan to zone two. And ZONE TWO DROP!”

I had to snicker. Three people in Zone Two stood there, staring as their buddies all around them collapsed to the ground.

“DAMN IT!! Cameras keep rolling. Zone Two … everyone back on your feet.” I couldn”t help myself. I started laughing quietly as Zone Two stood back up and the director screamed, “ZONE TWO … ALL OF YOU, AT THE SAME TIME … DROP!!!”

They got it right this time. I wondered how many of them were in the union.

It was a struggle, but I managed to get my giggles under control. Our zone was coming up. Zone Three. The stairway-to-the-top-secret-bunker zone. Here we go!

“Annnnnndddd … ZONE THREE, DROP!”

I threw myself backwards to the ground, outstandingly dead. It was actually not a bad spot to die. The grass under my back was comfy. My lower legs were hanging down in the stairwell. The concrete wall was cool underneath my knees. The sun wasn”t in my eyes, thanks to a tree located conveniently nearby. I was a very lucky zombie.

I decided I would die with eyes wide open so I could check out all the action as the camera crews moved through the mayhem. Who knows? They might even be impressed with my acting skills and keep me on for the rest of the movie. After all, how many other zombies died with their eyes open?

I guessed that Zone Three nailed it, because Director Guy never yelled at us. Yea, us!

The director and cameras kept moving, and he was soon yelling at Zone Four to drop.

I decided this was a piece of cake. I was chilling out, stretched out on a cool, grassy spot, enjoying some fresh air, and I”ll get a hundred bucks at the end of the day. It beat standing on my feet for ten hours, asking, “You want fries with that?”

͠ ͠ ͠

I was so glad I decided to die with my eyes open when Kristian Hansen walked by.

What a gorgeous boy! Wavy blonde hair, styled like all the cool kids do it these days. Sort of cut short on the sides with extra length on the top so he”s always flipping it out of his eyes. And those ankara anal escort eyes … pale blue gray, at least that”s what they look like in close-up”s when the camera”s in his face and he”s delivering his lines. Sometimes those eyes are like shining stars that draw you in. Other times, they glisten with tears when his heart is breaking, and then his lips will quiver just a little bit as he speaks. And his voice is so sweet. Well past puberty, it”s starting to get deep, but every now and then it breaks. Makes you shiver to hear it. And when he smiles, with those dazzling white teeth and those deep ruby lips, it makes you sigh.

Well, it makes me sigh. I know I shouldn”t be attracted to the kid, but he”s seriously cute. He was one of the cutest child actors ever to star in a movie, in my humble opinion, and now he”s a seriously sexy teen. He”s also the reason I quit my job at a place I choose not to name out loud (they can stuff their hamburgers right up their Golden Arches for all I care) just so I could get on the movie set.

When I heard they were filming a new zombie movie here in Albuquerque and they were looking for extras, I thought, `Meh, could be interesting.”

When I heard Kristian Hansen was starring in it, I thought, `I gotta get a part, even if I do it for free.”

Because who knows? I might get a chance to meet Kristian Hansen, the hottest fifteen-year-old on the planet.

He”s from Denmark, so I think his first movie was some artsy-fartsy thing about two boys who fall in love during a summer in Greece. I don”t think Kristian is gay; he”s just an incredible actor. But that movie made him famous all over Europe. For months, all anyone could talk about was the incredible love story between two gorgeous boys. Of course, the people here in America made a HUGE fuss over it too, either loving it or hating it, depending on their political point-of-view, but there was one thing everyone agreed on: Kristian Hansen was amazing. Now the American producers are eating their shorts for a chance to cast him in one of their movies. He”s done four, so far, and I”ve seen every one of them. He”s so darned delicious! Why he chose to do a zombie apocalypse movie, I can”t imagine, but I”m glad he did, because …

… here I am, draped halfway outside a concrete stairwell leading down to some kind of bunker thing, my eyes open in a perfect death stare, when Kristian Hansen walked past me. THREE FEET AWAY! Oh my God, he was as cute in person as he is in the movies. From where I”m stretched out on the ground, I could see him standing there, checking out all of us dead zombies.

The director was standing next to Kristian. “Cameras, get in position, please. Mr. Hansen, are you ready?”

I began to chuckle. I don”t know why I thought it was so funny. But Director Napoleon was sucking up to Kristian Hansen in a painfully obvious way, and it just made me laugh. Kristian noticed and glanced over at me. He smirked a little, so I knew he thought it was funny too.

He lifted his arm and pointed down the stairwell. “That”s my spot, right?”

I gulped. When Kristian lifted his arm, his t-shirt gapped open and I could see right up to his armpit. Just the tiniest tuft of light brown hair. Oh, damn, he was scrumptious.

Kristian”s voice cracked in the sweetest way when he said, “I”m ready to go. Let”s do this!” Then he walked down the stairway, glancing over at me with a shy smile. Our eyes connected. My brain shut down. Kristian F”ing Hansen!! He continued down the stairs and waited at the bottom next to the door.

The director activated his bullhorn again. “Listen up, everyone. Mr. Hansen will be making his entrance in the next filming sequence. He will climb up the stairwell and collapse on top of one of our zombies, apparently having been shot in the back by the invaders. Zombies in ALL ZONES will remain DEAD AND UNMOVING until I yell CUT!”

Because the director was three feet away from me, my ears were ringing.

But my stomach was turning somersaults. This was soooo cool. Kristian Hansen was going to come up this stairway and die next to us! Then I remembered what the director said. Kristian will be collapsing on top of one of us zombies. It would be amazing if he chose me as his final zombie resting place, but the girl with the big boobs would probably get the honor. He”s a teenager after ankara anal yapan escort all. What teenager wouldn”t choose breasts to cushion his fall?

“Annnndddd … ACTION!” The director yelled.

The camera guys started slowly walking behind us, filming all the dead zombies scattered out around the bunker.

I caught movement out of the corner of one eye. I saw Kristian sneaking up the stairway, looking around, terrified. Poor kid. He was all alone, nowhere to hide, with death all around him. He dashed halfway up the stairwell, groaned and arched his back in agony, the victim of a sniper”s bullet, no doubt! Special effects would add the explosions later, I decided. But … DAMN, Kristian was an incredible actor! You could see the anguish in his face and feel his suffering!

Then it happened. He fell over, dead. ON TOP OF ME!

I grunted and moaned softly. Besides being caught completely by surprise, he sort of smacked my balls when he fell over on me.

But I didn”t move. I was proud of myself. I was supposed to be dead, and I was doing a great job of it, despite the fact that Kristian Hansen was draped across my body. His head was on my chest, his eyes staring into mine. I could feel our warm bellies pressed together, both of us breathing slowly. And�I couldn”t fucking believe this�his groin was right on top of mine. All our boy bits were smashed together.

An airplane roared through the sky above us. Its shadow passed over us.

“CUT! Damn it!” the director screamed. “Let”s try that again. Blasted airplanes!”

It seemed there weren”t supposed to be any airplanes flying over the zombie killing fields in this movie.

Kristian pushed off me. His eyes locked onto mine. I couldn”t be sure, but he seemed to be smirking just a bit.

“You were brilliant, Mr. Hansen,” the director oozed. “Same intensity. Same fear. Zombie guy … try not to move when he falls on you this time.”

He was talking to me, apparently. I thought I had been pretty good. Hell, I thought I was great. You try having the cutest kid in the planet land in the middle of you and not move.

We repeated the scene, and this time, I made damned sure I didn”t move. I knew Kristian was gonna land on top of me, so I was ready for it. He managed to miss my balls the second time, so it was easier to stay frozen. He collapsed on me, his cheek pressed into my chest, his belly pushing gently against me as he breathed, his boy parts settling down on top of mine, making themselves comfortable. I was in heaven.

Clouds passed in front of the morning sun.

“DAMN IT!!” the director shouted. “What happened to the sun? Keep rolling. Wait for the clouds to pass.”

So we stayed right where we were. Kristian Hansen on top of me. I was dead, but my eyes were wide open, locked on his. I saw the faintest grin on his lips.

Then I felt it. Something poking my dick. Something hard and getting harder.

Kristian smiled a little more. His hips moved just the tiniest bit, thrusting against me. There was definitely something hard down there, poking me, and my dick betrayed me, as it so often does, responding to the poke by chubbing up.

Kristian could tell. How could he miss it? He was smiling even more now.

The clouds disappeared. The sun came out. The director was happy again. He had the cameras moving all around us, catching us doing nothing but dying.

“Okay, Mr. Hansen,” the director whispered, “and … ACTION!”

Kristian stopped smiling and began looking around, just his eyes, desperately hoping no one would notice he wasn”t really dead, wanting to fool his pursuers, knowing it was his only chance to survive unscathed. The cameras moved closer. Closer. But I was the closest to Kristian. I was amazed at the terror he was emoting, all the time his boner was pushing into mine. How did he do that? He really was an incredible actor!

“Okay … Mr. Hansen, hold your position. Cameras pan out. Zombies stay perfectly still.”

Kristian was no longer terrified. Now his eyes were squinting just a bit as he slowly humped me. I could feel his boner pushing against mine as he slowly moved his hips on top of me. I moaned. He groaned. I felt it coming. I couldn”t stop it. I bit my lips and my body tensed underneath him. I felt the spasms and my cock lurching as I filled my underwear with cum. Kristian stopped moving and pushed down hard. Then he blew out his breath slowly.

`What the hell!?” I thought. `Did Kristian Hansen just use me to get his nut off?”

“CUT!” the director yelled. “That”s a wrap! Good job everyone.”

The end of AMAZINGLY ORDINARY, Chapter One



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