Amanda Likes Japanese Girls Pt. 02

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The morning sun shone in Amanda’s face waking her up. She was disappointed to find her friend had left. She must have gone back to her room. It would have been nice to wake her up with a kiss, but she did feel a tremendous contentment they had shared such a wonderful night together, and hopeful their relationship would continue to grow. Her hand found its way under the blanket to her pussy and she slowly rubbed her fingers between her labia, remembering how she and her little lover had been consumed in passionate sex. She lay back enjoying the sensation, not quite ready to get out of bed. She glanced at the clock, it was past eleven. Her feeling changed to panic. She had missed psych class, and was going to be late for econ, no time for breakfast, no time to wash away the dried residue from their pussies covering her upper thighs and vulva.

Amanda jumped out of bed and began to dress: panties, socks, t-shirt, then she remembered. The team was leaving after practice for away games that afternoon. She would be gone for 4 days and wouldn’t have time to see Hina before she left. She felt a cringe in her heart and instantly missed the girl. On her way out she knocked on Hina’s door to say goodbye, but there was no answer. She thought of telling her coach she was sick and couldn’t make the road trip, but instantly dismissed it. She loved to play and the idea of letting down her teammates would break her heart. She would just have to wait to see Hina again.

Hina had made it to her classes on time. At the moment Amanda was knocking on her door she was sitting in English composition trying to follow the lecture, but she was terribly distracted thinking about the night before. She felt she had discovered something wonderful about her life, an awakening, a whole new part of being a woman she was excited to explore and enjoy. She felt their love making was so right and so liberating, and she wanted more. She wanted nothing more than to wake up next to her lover and continue their adventure from the night before, but it was late and she had to be in class on time.

When Hina woke up Amanda was still sound asleep. She thought she looked so beautiful sleeping, and didn’t want to disturb her. She carefully slid out of bed, put on her panties and t-shirt and left the room. As she quietly pulled the door closed she noticed a girl walking down the hall towards the shower.

“Did you guys have fun?” she asked as she passed behind her. Hina had no idea how to react and kept still until the girl entered the locker room, then went back to her own room. She didn’t dare go into the shower to wash, so she too, spent the day with the remnants of their sex dried on her pussy.

After classes Hina stopped by Amanda’s room to ask if she wanted to go to the cafeteria for dinner with her, but there was no answer. She stopped by again, late, on her way to the shower, but again there was no answer. She wondered if Amanda was trying to avoid her, and the thought caused her some distress. The next day on her way to class when Hina walked by she saw the word “DYKE” written in large black letters on Amanda’s door. She didn’t know what it meant, but she had a good idea it was about them and wasn’t anything nice. It stayed there for two days, but on the third day it was gone.

On the fourth day Amanda got back to her room past midnight. canlı bahis She was exhausted and went straight to sleep. In the cafeteria at breakfast she saw Hina sitting with a group of Japanese students. They were chatting in Japanese and she thought it would be awkward if she went over. She waved and smiled at Hina from across the room; Hina tried hard not to seem too excited at seeing her lover reappear, and gave her friend a little wave. This didn’t go unnoticed. Her Japanese friends looked at her and then at Amanda and wondered how they could be friends. Amanda went to class right from the cafeteria and didn’t get back to the dorm until after softball practice. It was about 8:30. She went to Hina’s room, but she wasn’t there, so she ate dinner by herself. It was 10:30 when she went to her room for the second time.

“Hello,” Amanda said when she opened the door, Hina didn’t return the greeting, her face down. “I missed you,” Amanda continued. Hina raised her big dark eyes and looked at Amanda

“I missed you, too,” she said timidly.

“Can I come in?” Hina held the door back for Amanda and they both sat down on the bed.

“Where did you go?” Hina asked, “I was looking for you.” She was about to cry.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I had to go Indiana. We had games at Purdue. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t find you.”

“I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”

“No, no. I thought about you the whole time. I was going crazy, I played so badly.”

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m so happy we’re friends.”

“I thought about you, too. Amanda, when you were gone somebody wrote “DYKE” on your door, but then yesterday it was gone.”

“Really?” Several questions went through Amanda’s mind, “I guess someone else saw it and washed it off.”

“What does it mean?” Hina asked seriously.

“Um, it means a girl that likes girls, but she’s kind of masculine, like a man.”

“But you are not like a man at all, you are so beautiful and feminine.”

“Hey, you remembered that word. It doesn’t matter. Whoever wrote it is just a small minded person.”

“What do call a girl like me, a small cute girl that likes girls?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t we make up a word? What do you think about me?”

“Well, you are the sweetest, cutest girl I’ve ever met. Maybe you should be a baby doll lesbian.”

“I love it. That’s my name. Hina means doll in Japanese.” The girls smiled at each other with genuine affection. Amanda gently wiped away a tear from the corner of Hina’s eye and stroked her long black hair. Eyes locked they moved their lips towards each other, closed their eyes and kissed. They rolled back on the bed and put their arms around each other. They kissed and petted and giggled out of the pure joy of being together again.

“Amanda,” Hina said, pausing the action, “I want you to do something for me.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I can’t tell you, but I want you to meet me in the shower.”

“Okay. You can’t tell me why?”

“It’s a surprise. Just meet me there. It’s just past 11, can you meet me at 12?”

The girls kissed a little longer before Amanda went back to her room.

Amanda knew the next half hour would be a torture of anticipation. She tried not to count the seconds by reading her psychology textbook. bahis siteleri Her eyes glanced over the words, but the meaning didn’t register. After a page and a half she put the book down and gazed out the window of her fifth floor dorm room at the silent campus below. She dozed off for a few minutes and woke up just past the hour. She quickly undressed anticipating sharing her body with her friend, she put on her robe and left her room.

She hadn’t heard her friend walk past her room, and there was only silence when she entered the locker room, the shower room was dark. Perhaps Hina had fallen asleep she thought. She put her robe in a locker. As she opened the door to the showers she noticed flickering light. She stepped inside and saw the light was coming from three candles placed around the room. Along with the light from the changing room and the green exit sign the shower room was cast in shimmering shadows. Hina was soaking in the bathtub full of bubbles. Amanda approached her and saw she had fallen asleep. She looked so cute with her hair tied back in a ponytail lying across the edge of the tub. She bent down and gently kissed her friend on the lips. Hina opened her eyes and returned the kiss.

“I want to wash your body,” Hina said. She stood up and took Amanda’s hand. She led her into a shower stall. She turned on the water and with a bar of soap and her bare hands began to wash her lover’s skin. She rubbed the soap everywhere on Amanda’s body, on her shoulders and arms, her neck, stomach and breasts, on her back and over her ass, down her legs and back up her thighs. She gently rubbed the soap over her vagina and used her fingers to reach into all the curves and folds of her vulva. She slid her hand back between Amanda’s cheeks and thoroughly washed her asshole, her slippery fingers poked inside.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?” Amanda said, enjoying the treatment.

“I love doing this. I’m getting crazy,” Hina said. She wrapped her arms around Amanda’s waist and stood on her tip toes. They pressed together sliding their stomachs and hips back and forth against each other. They giggled and kissed, then rinsed away the soap.

“I want you to do something for me,” Hina said. She looked down and took her pubic hair in her fingers. “I want you to make me an American girl.” Amanda knew exactly what she meant. Hina took her by the hand over to the bathtub. She sat down on the edge and handed Amanda a razor.

Amanda sat on the floor and took Hina’s knees in her hands. She kissed both knees and slowly pushed them apart, she kissed up the inside of her thighs all the way and gave her pussy a long soft kiss. Amanda felt her pubic hair poking her in the nose.

“I see how this is going to be a problem,” she said. She took the soap and rubbed it all over Hina’s mons pubis and vulva. Hina already felt she wanted to come. Amanda pushed her legs wide apart. She started with short easy strokes to get off the bulk of the hair. She tried to wash off the razor, but the thick, stiff hair made a big mess everywhere. With most of the hair gone she rinsed her pussy and reapplied the soap to go after the stubble. She gently stretched the skin and shaved a small area at a time. After each stroke she dipped the blade in cool water. Hina could hardly contain her excitement. Amanda’s touch was driving her bahis şirketleri crazy and she was dying to have her lips on her pussy again.

Amanda finished and rinsed away the soap. She thought it looked like the pussy of a chxxx; the darker outer labia completely covered the delicate pink inner lips. Hina looked down to admire her friends work.

“That looks good. Thank you,” she said, “Can you kiss it now?” Amanda leaned in and put her open mouth around Hina’s entire labia. She pressed her tongue into the opening and licked up to the clitoris. Hina gasped as ecstasy electrified her pussy and she felt her whole body tingling. “Oh my god, that feels so good.” Amada swirled her tongue inside and all around her friend’s vagina, she rolled her tiny clitoris between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. She licked down, tickling her perineum and stuck her tongue into her tiny brown asshole, and her finger deep into her pussy, pushing on her cervix. The sensation was too great for Hina and she started to come uncontrollably. She let out several gasps as waves of joy flowed from her contracting clitoris throughout her body. When she was done the girls smiled at each other, Hina leaned over and kissed her friend deeply on the mouth.

As they were kissing they heard a quiet moan behind them. They both turned to the door. Another girl was standing just inside the open door, naked, leaning against the wall, with her fingers inside her own pussy, watching. Having been discovered the girl wanted to flee, but was trapped in place by the tremendous spasms of the orgasm she was experiencing. When it was done the girls stare at each other in silence.

“I was trying not to make any noise,” the girl said apologetically, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to spy on you. I just came to take a shower and you were there.”

“No, it’s ok, Claire,” Amanda said, “You didn’t do anything.”

“You two are amazing,” Claire said, “It was just so incredibly hot I had to watch and I had to play with myself. I made myself come so big.”

“How much did you see?” Amanda asked.

“You were almost finished shaving her. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anybody.”

“Thanks. I appreciate that.”

“I saw what they wrote on your door,” Claire went on, “I think it’s terrible.”

“Thank you. Do you know who did it?” Hina asked.

“No, but me and the RA cleaned it off with nail polish remover.”

“Thanks. I think we’d better clean up here,” Amanda said. The girls gathered up the hair and emptied the tub. They took their things and left Claire in the shower room.

“Are you ok?” Amanda asked Hina in the locker room, “Do you want to come back to my room?”

“I’m kind of tired. Is it okay if we just sleep?”

“Sure. I’ll read you a bedtime story.” The girls went back to Amanda’s room and as soon as they got into bed together they began kissing and touching.

“I love my American pussy. Thank you,” Hina whispered.

“I love your American pussy, too. It’s too cute,” Amanda felt its smoothness under the blanket.

“Are you upset about getting caught?” Hina asked.

“No, not at all. I’m sure Claire is cool.”

“I thought it was exciting.”

“What do you mean?”

“Being watched. It makes me excited thinking about that girl watching us.”

“Really?! You are a naughty girl.”

“I want her to watch us having sex again, but I want to know she is watching. Can you ask her to watch us?”

“Let me think about it.” They fell asleep with their hand on each other’s pussy.

End of part 2

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