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Chapter 005 � The Wedding of the Year



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Colonel, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” CEO Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: Adolescent Twin son of Gloria Worthington

John Worthington: Adolescent Twin son of Gloria Worthington

Doug Meat: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Steven Goodman: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted Son of Randy Best and Adam Mann


Adam and I were happy we had such a simple and small wedding.  The Colonel asked us to be his Best Men and the Twins v2.0+1 as groomsmen.  Mama Bear planned a June wedding at the National Cathedral in Washington and the reception in the Ball Room of the Marriott.  The entire hotel was booked for her out of town guests.  The guest list included the “who”s who” of Washington: Senators, Congressmen, members of the Supreme Court, cabinet members, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and even the President who knew his invitation was considered mandatory.  Every foreign ambassador who was on speaking terms with the United States was in attendance at this social event of the year.


The security was unreal and I”m certain the Secret Service had “all hands on deck” for it.  Not to mention State Department Security for all the foreign dignitaries who were invited.  It was a smorgasbord delight for any terrorist group in the world.  It was short and beautiful.  Adam and I commented afterwards on what it must have cost Mama Bear but again being one of the richest women in the world I”m certain money wasn”t an issue.  Mama Bear spent more on her wedding dress than both Adam and I made in a year.  Even the Colonel was impressed to exit the Cathedral to an arch of fifty drawn sabers of the Alpha Zulu 69 team. 


At the reception as I was getting ready to introduce the new couple to their guests, the Presidents security detail tapped me on the shoulder and informed me the President wanted to speak.  (Even in a social environment I wasn”t about to argue with my Commander in Chief.)  For once he was short and to the point, a miracle in Washington.  He asked the Twins and Connor forward (Yeah, they were in on this conspiracy.  [They must get there deceptive nature from Adam].)  The President then introduced the newest member of the General Staff of the United States Army:  Brigadier General Robert Mann.  The Vice-President and Speaker of the House indicated their approval and we knew Congressional approval was a mere formality.  The twins were learning a valuable lesson of having friends in high places of influence.


The twins proudly removed the Colonel”s Eagle insignia and replaced them with the rank of a “One Star General”.  Mama Bear was gleaming like a proud new bride.  The happy couple adjourned to the privacy of the penthouse as Adam and I rounded up the Twins v2.0+1 and advised them they were spending the night with us.  Their patented devilish grin appeared on their face but they knew better than to make any inappropriate comments which Adam and I knew were racing through their minds. 


Our suite of rooms had three bedrooms.  Adam and I took 1, Meat and Steven took 2 and Luke, John and Connor had no problem sharing the king size bed in 3.   At least the Marriott designers had enough smarts to install good sound insulation between the bedrooms.  Even without the sound effects Adam and I had little doubt as to what our three sons were sharing that night.  As for Meat and Steven, the radiance on Stevens face in the morning had all of us knowing that Meat was the stud of Steven”s dreams and the right partner he had chosen in life.


As we were leaving the Marriott and heading to the airport the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a glint of sunlight bouncing off of something metal as I yelled “GUN”!  Luke and John hit the deck dragging Connor under them covering his body with their own.  Before the assassin took aim our Glocks rang out a volley which terminated the threat to the Twins and our son.  As soon as we got the kids in the transport vehicle I commanded “STRIP” which shocked them more than the assassination attempt.  As I ran my hands over their naked body I was relieved not to find any blood.  I advised the driver we were cleared to the airport and our police escort cleared the way.  I didn”t rest easy till we were air born and headed back to a more secure environment. 


Connor was shaken by this event and nervously asked the Twins how they could handle it.  “It is the price we pay for being the children of Mama Bear”.  The Twins emphasized that every person on staff would lay down their life to protect him.  The pranks surprisingly ended that day and I accepted our three sons were on the road to becoming men.


Adam and I discussed the over active sex lives our three sons were enjoying and we decided it was time to have a family meeting with Meat and Steven.  The four of us were very candid about our sex lives and desires growing up as teenagers and how to handle our children without traumatizing and stigmatizing their sexual development.


We decided that at their age we were either sexually active or had desires we would have pursued if the opportunity had presented itself.  Meat and Steven would informally let it be known that whatever happened that was consensual was now allowable.  We just hoped our children were ready if they propositioned a horny soldier.


The men appreciated our three teenagers with a different expression on their faces as the trio skinny dipped with the men.  Every man”s cock enlarged and some even had to leave with a full blown erection.  We knew every man had been and was continually tested for STD”s after any time off base.  Even so, safe sex had to be used if for only getting the kids ready to face the real world when they went off to college.


Luke was the leader of the pack and the first to try seducing a soldier after the new guidelines had been issued.  He was in shock after he showed his interest in a soldier and his throat was viciously attacked by an experienced adult tongue and could feel a huge adult hardon between the guy”s legs.  Luke now had to face the decision of whether to be have a cock tease reputation or satisfy a horny man that he had successfully propositioned.  Pride won out as he wrapped his lips around the fat cockhead and listened to the gluteal sounds of sexual pleasure he was producing from this horny man.  


Luke wasn”t ready for hands grasping his head bornova escort and holding it in place as his lovers thick dick proceeded down his throat and copious amounts of cum blasted forth from the soldier”s balls.  It was so much more than John or Connor produced and it gagged him to the point he couldn”t swallow all of it.  Cum rushing out of his mouth and nose brought a smile on the face of his partner.  “Next time I”ll take it easier on you” as he effortless picked up Luke, kissed him passionately as his thick finger slide up his ass and Luke bit his shoulder in sexual bliss as it his prostate.  


This was an experienced man and he knew how to work over a prostate and had Luke in a sexual bliss he had never known.  Luke”s balls blasted forth and as he came back to reality he heard the comment:  “Any time you are ready I show you what it is like to get fucked by a MAN!”  As he crawled into bed with his brothers that night he wasn”t ready to share this even with them.  As he felt John”s hard cock nestled in the crack of his ass he hoped John didn”t want to fuck him that night.  He wanted to bask in the feelings he still had of the best afternoon of his life.


John and Connor were becoming inseparable and they both always seemed horny as hell.  They finally confessed to each other how much they wanted a man to teach them how to enjoy every facet of gay sex. The man they decided to seduce was Steven.  The problem they saw was Meat and not wanting to hurt their marriage.  Their minds had to plan the perfect seduction.  And that meant they had to also conquer “Mt. Meat”.  There young minds had overheard discussions of the size of cock Meat had between his legs and it was intimidating.  They hoped their two mouths and tongues could lavish enough attention to get Meat off and then they could add Steven to the mix.  The thought of “Mt. Meat” up their asses had their cheeks clenched shut in terror.  It wouldn”t be till they saw Steven “conquer” “Mt. Meat” that their fears would turn to uncontrollable desires.


Luke, as he approached his 16th birthday. really hit the heights of puberty.  His cock was thick and over 8″ soft.  He had a hardon at the drop of a hat and kept it through a minimum of three orgasms.  He was horny 24/7/365 and even his cohorts in “Twins v2.0+1” were reluctant to let him fuck them.  The three horny teenagers with rampant hormones conspired to lose their “virginity” and set about a devious plan to make it happen.


Steven was the newest and weakest link in this close knit family.  As Adam and Meat were away for a week of meetings with Worthington Security I was busy making up for my two buddies so they wouldn”t return to a mountain of work on their desk.  I let slide my normal monitoring of the Twins v2.0+1 and their plan was set in motion.  It didn”t take much begging and their “puppy dog eyes” to get Steven to invite them back to his quarters after a relaxing swim in the pool.  Once their towels were removed and the three conspirators were ala natural Steven was in the arms of our three horny monsters and missing his regular sexual release with Meat made resistance futile.  


With one mouth on his cock head, another on his balls and the third filling his mouth with their cock it wasn”t long before multiple orgasms resounded in the sound proof room.  Steven collapsed in tears realizing what he had done and the three went into consolidation mode.  The kissed, hugged, teased, stroked and brought Steven back to rock hard piece of meat between his legs which left little rationale in his mind other than another mind blowing orgasm.  As one licked his balls, one stuffed his throat the other straddled his thighs and tackled the prime piece of adult meat for the first time in their life.  When one finished and his ass was full of cum they rotated so that by the end of the night Steven was sexually exhausted and the trio had their asses stretched, probed and full of his man cream.


They cuddled with Steven and said how they wanted to conquer “Mt. Meat” and really wanted his help in making it happen.  Steven was putty in the hands of these three professional teenage sex monsters.  Meat was ready for a major event in his life when he returned.


When the plane touched down on the runway Steven and I were there with the security detail to meet our lovers.  The trio of conspirators were quiet and well mannered which should have sounded an alert in my mind.  It was late in the afternoon on Friday and the teenagers wanted to spend quality time with Meat and Steven to hear about all the news of the “outside world”.  Meat was barely out of his uniform and returning from the shower when the trio jumped him and pinned him in bed.  Nothing surprising, they often cuddled with their “big brother”.  The surprise came when the hands opened his towel and started to massage his balls and stroke his massive piece of man meat.  The pleasure over ruled his mind and watching Steven getting turned on and stroking his cock made it impossible for Meat to do anything but relax and let the trio have their way with him.


As their talented mouths and fingers brought Meat off quickly (He had been saving himself for Steven so his balls were ready to explode) Steven came over and kissed him and told him the three had trapped him into making this happen.  Meat knew how devious this trio was and is.  He understood what Steven must have gone through and if these young rascals wanted to explore “Mt. Meat” he was going to give them an experience that would leave them bowlegged for a week.


Luke being the most adventurous took the bottle of lube from Steven and applied a generous amount to Meat”s Meat and then his “brothers” worked a few well oiled fingers up Luke”s ass.  As Luke straddled Meats thighs, Connor positioned the massive piece of meat at the entrance to Luke”s pleasure tunnel and saw it dilate as he lowered himself onto “Mt. Meat”.  As the thick head spread his near virgin hole the pain reached his brain and he had second thoughts as to finishing what he started.  


As he squirmed to get off of the huge cock Meat grabbed his waist, held him firmly and with a massive upward thrust buried the head and four inch of his meat in this young ass.  The scream that echoed through the room scared everyone.  Meat then forced him down inch after inch until Luke was sitting on his pelvis.  Tears were streaming down his face and he remembered the words that had been told to him many times “ACTIONS HAVE REPRUCUSSIONS”!.  Luke”s cock had exploded coating Meat with his sweet cream.  Steven held onto Meat and begged him to take it easy.  “You can fuck my ass all night just don”t tear him up!”  Luke got rolled over and got the fucking he so wanted.  Meat filled his ass to overflowing and everyone could hear Meat”s cum being forced out with every deep thrust into Luke”s tight chute.  As Luke”s tears subsided and his crying turned to moans and groans of “fuck me”, “Please FUCK ME” Meat knew it was time to end this show.  As his balls blasted off one last time, he rolled off Luke who just lay there with massive amounts of Meat”s cum gushing from his well dilated ass.  He had truly lost his virginity to a master fucker and would remember it forever.


Meat turned to the two remaining conspirators and asked who was going next.  Their dicks went limp and they apologized for intruding into Meat”s and Steven”s personal life.  They helped Luke into the shower, cleaned off his body and flushed out his ass.  A very exhausted and stunned Luke shuffled back to his quarters and slept with his legs spread eagle for a few nights.


Meat and Steven made passionate love and the events of the night maxed their hormones and gave them a night of fantastic sex.  They knew they would have to confess this to Adam and me and hoped the repercussions didn”t affect their bostancı escort careers.


A very meek and somber Meat and Steven shared breakfast with us the next morning.  They asked to speak with us privately and proceeded to share the events of the previous night.  Adam and I being no stranger to the workings of these teenage minds had sympathy for Meat and Steven.  The Twins v2.0+1 had to face the repercussions of their actions and the time to face it was NOW!


I contacted OPS and instructed to have the trio brought to the conference room under armed guard.  When they arrived, scared to death, they knew their “goose was cooked”.  I dismissed the guards and instructed them to wait at the door.  As the trio looked at the four of us I shouted at them for one of the few times in their lives.  “You three disgust me!”  “You are all guilty of RAPE!”  “You three may get off with going to juvenile lock up but Steven here is facing 20 years in Leavenworth because of you!”  “Go to your room and think over your actions while we decide what punishment you will face.”  “I”m ashamed of the three of you and Connor you especially.  You know what it is like to have someone forced on you sexually and you participated in this RAPE!  You are no better than the man who raped you!”  The last comment was like a knife to his heart and the tears rolled as he cried uncontrollably, comforted by the Twins, as they were escorted under guard to their room.


Adam and Meat commented afterwards that I was a little rough on them.  “Not as rough as they would have it in “Juvy” getting their sweet little asses punked out every night.”  We let them chill, dwell on the thought of what was coming next and frankly scare them shitless.  John and Connor held each other and promised to God if they survived this they would be monogamous and only have sex with each other for the rest of their life.  Luke knew this was his plan and would “man up” and take responsibility for it regardless of the cost.  (The future would show that Luke learned little from this experience and the next mistake would cost him millions of dollars.)


When the trio returned under armed escort the “court” rendered its judgement.  When asked if they had anything to say before hearing our decision I was impressed that Luke took responsibility for this and asked that he receive the majority of the punishment.  (Luke not only had the equipment of a man between his legs he was finally starting to act like one.)  The decision reached:  Connor and John would clean Meat and Steven”s quarters spotless for thirty days.  Loss of all privileges for thirty days.  Failure to abide by this punishment would result in additional loss of privileges and additional work.


As for Luke as he stood before us in shame:  You as the head of this conspiracy have the next 60 days on mess hall duty and loss of all privileges for 60 days.  And, the same “failure to abide” applies to you. 


Do you understand this decision and agree to abide by it.  You always have the right to appeal our decision to the General and Mama Bear.  (The look of fear returned to their face!)  They accepted the punishment as fair and apologized profusely to Meat and Steven or intruding into their personal lives.


The security detail was dismissed and the trio was advised they were now late for morning classes and I expected all their school work to be done and done right.


Amazingly the trio held up their end of the “sentence” and peace reigned again within our happy family.  Luke got a few quips occasionally about tackling Mt. Meat and he just accepted his fate.  We thought he had learned a valuable lesson but we were wrong.


The Christmas just prior to his eighteenth birthday Mama Bear was having a grand gala for a group of friends and their families.  As the adults and teenagers separated after dinner, some went swimming and Luke invited one of the girls back to his room for video games.  After becoming bored with video games they starting some stimulating petting and foreplay, her hand played over the massive piece of flesh between his legs, it got hot and heavy fast.  He was all over her hot body and his hard flesh appeared primed for action.  Luke”s cock was rock hard and the girl”s twat was soaking wet.  They were French kissing as Luke”s hands worked over her breasts and worked down to where he could slide his finger in her juicy tight twat.  This turned her into an animal and she grasp his cock and begged him to fuck her (An invitation no red blooded horny teenager would refuse).  Passion over ruled common sense and he crawled between her legs and started eating her out like he had watched in the porn movies these past years.  As she was crawling across the bed, he pulled her back by her legs, put her ankles on his shoulders, placed the head of his cock at her pussy lips and as he kissed her passionately, thrust all hard ten plus inches of thick man meat into her virgin cunt.  Her screams echoed in his mouth as the blood gushed coating his shaft and balls with her lost virginity.  He waited for her to come back to reality and then proceeded to give her the best fucking of her life.  He fucked her nonstop for over an hour and when he finally lost his hardness and his limp cock slid out of her body the realization that he had shot five loads of his teenage cum into her without protection had his mind in total shock. His first thought:  “Actions have repercussions”.


He helped her to his shower and cleaned up the mess and everyone returned to their own rooms for the night.  Luke thought he was free and clear until a few months later when she video conferenced and dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant. For a million dollars she would have an abortion.  Luke confessed to Mama Bear and the General who were greatly disappointment.  When Adam and I learned of the event we were happy it was Mama Bear”s security detail that had to face her wrath and not us. 


The General and Mama Bear were devout Catholics so an abortion would not be considered.  They countered with an offer of Fifty Million Dollars (US) ($50,000,000.00) if the baby was brought to full term, they would cover all medical expenses at a Swiss hospital that specialized in “discrete pregnancies”.  And, she would terminate all parental rights upon DNA verification that the child was Luke”s.  As she had disgraced her family they wanted no part of her life or any contact with the Baby.  It was the best offer she could get. 


Soon after the baby was born (10 pounds 6 ounces [ouch]) DNA tests proved Luke was the father, papers were signed, money transferred and the baby given unto the care of his grandparents.  A nanny was hired and Luke was advised if this happened again he was on his own.  Having premarital sex was bad enough but having unprotected sex was stupid and suicidal in this day and age.


The one good thing coming out of this fiasco, John and Connor grew stronger in their love and their commitment flourished.  Luke vowed the only way he was going to have sex was with his hand for a long, long time.  Meat, Steven, Adam and I roared when we heard of that comment.  To the best of our knowledge Luke was celibate until after he graduated Harvard with his M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration). 


Adam and I knew we had to face the inevitable and have “that” talk with Connor.  We invited Connor to our room after all the dust had settled from Luke”s latest fiasco.  He felt for sure he had done something super bad and was in deep trouble.  We assured him he had done nothing wrong and we only wanted to talk to our son.  We assured him we loved him and whatever he said we would always love him.  By this time he was feeling comfortable that he was ours forever.  He seemed shocked when we told him we knew he and John had buca escort been having sex for a few years.  Had they discussed what was going to happen to their relationship when John went to M.I.T. shortly.  Surprisingly, they had which was shocking to both Adam and me.  Connor knew he didn”t have the “brain trust” of the twins but wanted to pursue a college degree, in what he had no idea.  (The first two years are junk courses anyway.)  


He hoped he would be accepted at a school close to Connor so they could live together, if not they were going to have a hell of a Skype bill and have a calloused hand.  That made Adam and I roar.  Are you gay or just enjoy having sex with John.  “Dad, I”m gay.  I”ve been gay since I learned what to do with my cock!”  John and I are in love and we will do whatever it takes to make it work.  I know John”s commitment to the military and he wants to be part of the future of Worthington Industry and make it safer for our men in uniform.  If it wasn”t for Worthington R&D you might not have survived without the new ballistic material you were wearing or the lightweight body armor.  I have to love him and respect him even more because of what he wants to contribute to the safety of others.  I”ll be part of his life forever regardless of what part that is. 


We have discussed children and we are certain Mama Bear will help us to adopt an appropriate boy that needs a pair of loving parents.  I was blessed with the two best dads in the world.  Connor and I want to share that love with a son and we all know Mama Bear will “grandma spoil” him to death. 


Adam and I then asked John to join us.  He wasn”t surprised or concerned when we told him we knew he and Connor had been having sex for years.  He freely admitted he was in love with Connor and wanted him as part of his life forever.  The two sat side by side holding each other.  The radiance of the pair confirmed they were in love and Adam and I hoped they could be as happy in life as we are.


We had set aside enough money so Connor had no problem with his college tuition and we wanted him to have the full experience of college.  Although, we did keep an armed security detail close by him at all times 24/7/365.  He had a full experience of college but to the best of any ones knowledge he remained loyal to John and the only sex he enjoyed other than John was with his right hand.


We were surprised to find out Connor had a talent for Music and he chose it as a major.  We were even more astonished to learn M.I.T. had a fantastic music program and Connor had been accepted.  We were shocked when we attended his first piano recital and seeing him in the arms of John who lavished kisses on him in public there was no doubt as to the commitment these two young men shared.  Adam and I were so proud of these two men we had raised.  Once Connors reputation as a pianist flourished in Mama Bear”s social circle he was always asked for an impromptu recital at every social event he attended.  His talent only improved as he aged and if it wasn”t for his love of John and his dedication to support John”s commitment to the military he would have been a master concert pianist.


The future ended as happy as the ending to any storybook love tale: 


Luke graduated with honors receiving his business degree, started as special assistance to the Chief Operating Officer and then special assistance to the Chief Executive Officer of Worthington Industries.  As Mama Bear”s role became more social and political she remained as Chairwoman of the Board.  Luke assumed her day to day role with the company and had her proxy for 51% of the voting stock.


Luke met a wonderful man whose wife had died leaving him with a young son.  He too had problems accepting and admitting he was gay but after the death of his wife he knew he would never marry a woman again.  The two men committed themselves in a civil ceremony.  There were totally committed and with two wonderful sons made a perfect family and the future of Worthington Industries was secure for another generation.


John and Connor went through some rough stretches with their commitment to their education, the time required to commit to their studies and way too many cold showers, too many nights with their hands instead of their lover.  They did persevere and Adam and I were so proud when fifty men in dress uniforms joined us when they tied the knot.  They asked Mama Bear to help them find a “lost child” to adopt and love which brought tears to her eyes.  They were so proud to introduce us to our grandson Randy Adam Worthington.


The General reached mandatory retirement age and was given his second star shortly before he retired.  Mama Bear phased out of the day to day operation of Worthington Industries as Luke obtained the needed experience after his graduation from Harvard.  She and the General were always available for counsel and advise which he greatly valued their knowledge and opinions.  The two “senior citizen” lovers took up permanent residence in the Marriott Penthouse and became the social center with the influential members of government being the recognizable presence of Worthington Industries in our nation”s capital.


Mama Bear had three grandchildren to love and spoil and she did both in abundance.  Adam and I put in our separation papers after thirty years of service to the Army.  Our modest lifestyle combined with the obscene money and perks provided by Worthington Industries kept us comfortable for the rest of our days.  We received a promotion to the rank of full (Bird) Colonel shortly before separation and we oversaw the security protocols for our three families.  When we finally retired from Worthington Industries I knew we had left a legacy to our family, our country and wonderful memories to share in our golden years.


Meat and Steven were promoted to the rank of Captain and took our places at the helm of Alpha Zulu 69 team.  There were three new little “monsters” that would soon be needing guidance and direction in their lives and I knew Meat and Steven were the best men to have at the head of the team.


Luke, John and Connor were committed to Expanding the Alpha Zulu program assuring their sons would share in the experiences that made them into the men they were.  It took many a heated discussion with Luke”s partner to convince him this was the correct decision.  In the end (no pun intended) Mt. Meat convinced him that his son would have the protection of this detail and every man would give his life to protect any and all of the three children.  Meat and Steven were committed to carry on with the same commitment Adam and I had in developing the program.


Meat and Steven were the brothers Adam and I never had.  They were and are our family.  John made sure Connor would lack for nothing if anything happened to him and Adam and I made certain Meat and Steven were well taken care of in our will.  With their frugal nature, the monetary incentives provided by Worthington Industries and the wise investments of Worthington Industries stock Meat and Steven would be well taken care of in their retirement.  The Alpha Zulu 69 TEAM which Adam and I had built with love and commitment would carry on to protect the three new “monsters in training” of the Worthington dynasty.


Adam and I were committed to help Meat and Steven with the Alpha Zulu 69 program and stayed active in Worthington Security long after our retirement.  We were the Directors of Security Emeritus and always greeted exuberantly when we visited the Alpha Zulu base.


Adam and I were so proud of the program we had built and prouder yet of the men in it.  Our commitment to the men at the helm of Worthington Industries was a labor of love watching them grow into the leaders of American industry. 


I will now close this chapter of our life”s saga and see that my partner is in need of me in bed.  I may not get much sleep tonight but I”ll have wonderful memories to be enjoyed forever.






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