Allie Makes a Downpayment

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Terry and I stared across the table at each other, peering through the flickering light of the oil lamp he’d lit. He smiled, knowing that my love for him did not require these romantic touches but that I appreciated them a great deal. I smiled, knowing that if things went right, he was going to take my virginity that night.

“I love you, Allie,” he said with soft confidence.

My eyes narrowed and my lips puckered, edging my smile towards seductive. “You’re going to love me even more by the end of the night, if you’re a good boy.”

He smiled, but said nothing, only bit his lip before returning his attention to his wine. He was vulnerable enough to be excited about what he was reading between the lines, but confident enough to not make a big deal about it. I loved that about him.

We were twenty two years old and had only been dating for about three months, but had fallen madly and deeply in love with one another in a matter of days. It was no simple infatuation either. We talked more in those first few days than I’d ever talked to another human being, about things which I’d never talked about before. At the end of a couple of weeks, I was sure I knew him better than I had ever known anyone else, and knew for a fact that he had a deeper and truer sense of me than I’d ever let any other person attain. The subsequent months had borne out the truth of that assessment, in the consistency of his character and sincerity of his actions.

I would marry Terry. I knew this with all my heart and mind. I wanted to give my life to him, and that night, I wanted to give my body to him as a downpayment against that.

We were both virgins in the strictest sense. I had given one previous boyfriend some hand jobs and a couple of blowjobs, but I was way too self-conscious about my body to let him see or touch it. I’ve always had a pretty face with delicate features and eyes the shape and nearly the color of almonds. But I’ve also always been a skinny girl. As I got older, I developed hips and a cute little butt, but my breasts remained small and most of the time some of my ribs were visible. I hated the idea of anyone, let alone a man, seeing my nakedness. But I was willing to let Terry see.

And I anxiously wanted to see him. He was even less experienced than me in most ways, but his last girlfriend and he had developed a habit of dry-humping while kissing, generally to the point of him orgasming. She was long past her own virginity, and would have taken Terry to bed, but he was almost as self-conscious as me. I didn’t understand why. He had the face of Boy Scout, but carried himself with the confidence of every little girl’s dream father figure. He was a little on the heavy side, but not too much, and I thought it just made him huggable and perfect to cuddle with. He had an amazing smile with perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth. And he had arms that just drove me wild.

I knew he would be amazing to make love to.

And I knew tonight escort bayan would be the night.

But I wasn’t going to just open my legs and let him in.

I trusted Terry. He was the first man I’d ever even considered giving my virginity to. But at the same time I was still self-conscious enough that I wanted him to earn his way between my legs. Terry always made me feel special and adored. If his physical affections did the same thing, even as he learned just how skinny and unremarkable a girl I was from the neck down, then and only then would he get what we both ached for him to get.

For a while longer, we both kept staring across the table, sipping wine. Finally, I beckoned him towards me with one finger. Wordlessly, he rose and stepped near to me. I clutched needfully at his shirt and pulled him down into a kiss. It was warm and wet, and effortlessly comfortable. As my tongue explored the surface of his teeth, I guided his hand up my shirt, allowing him for the first time to cup my small breast through my bra.

We both moaned. His hand was eager, and while he was clumsy, he seemed to have a good instinct for balancing gentleness with desire. I could feel my nipples hardening, and I knew that he could feel that erection on my chest through the white cotton of my bra.

I reached up my shirt and slipped his hand under the cup of my bra. My breast was small, but it was round and silky, and we shared a gasp amidst our kiss as his strong hand made contact with my delicate flesh there. My nipple was hard and firm against the palm of his hand and he moved the hand in spirals, toggling my nipple every which way.

Panting, I broke our kiss and scooted my chair back a little from the table. Our lips listened with exchanged saliva, and I stared hungrily at his mouth, wanting to resume our kiss, but first I lifted off my shirt and removed my bra. He leaned back for another kiss, and I parted my lips eagerly, only he moved past my mouth to my throat. His kisses were gentle at first, but as both his hands worked over my breasts, his arousal became greater and he left two bright purple hickies on my throat.

And then he kissed his way down my chest. “You’re so beautiful, Allie,” he whispered. “So beautiful.”

I purred deep in my throat and held his head to my chest as he licked his way around my breasts and then covered them with soft, wet kisses. I slid a little forward in my chair and leaned my shoulders against the back rest. “Oh, baby, don’t hold back.”

He took the encouragement. His hands slid around to the naked small of my back. One rested there, supporting me. The other drew circles over my spine. The aggression of his mouth on my breasts increased dramatically. His kisses became open-mouth. He added gentle scrapes of his teeth. And then kissing turned into sucking. He could easily suck an entire breast into his mouth at one time.

This was exciting for both of us. I could feel myself getting türbanlı escort wet. I reached out for the first time to rub at the crotch of his khaki pants, and was delighted to find an incredible hardon forming. I groped and caressed it. The active hand on my back slid down my jeans, inside my panties to feel the swell of my butt cheeks. He then dragged his mouth from my breast to my side, kissing his way up, and then tickling my freshly shaved armpit with his tongue.

Grunting, I pushed him away. I stood, and unbutton my jeans, allowing them to drop to my ankles. I shoved my dinnerware to the floor and bent over to the table, arching my back to present my cute butt to him. I know he could see and probably smell the wet-spot on my white, flower-print panties, but he knew me well enough and was a good enough lover to sense that as desperately turned on as I was, I had not yet green-lit his entry.

Instead of pressing for that, he crouched behind me, and helped me step out of my shoes, socks, and pants. Then, with agonizingly delightful care, he slowly kissed and licked his way up my left leg, from ankle to hip, and then back down the outside of my right leg.

I swear I was trembling at that point, so close to the breaking point. I think I may have felt a drop of wetness trickle out of my panties, down my leg. I know for sure I bit my lip so hard it nearly bled.

Terry began kissed the inside of my left ankle, slowly working his way up the calf. “You’re so beautiful, Allie,” he said again. “So precious and perfect.”

I moaned and then I blurted out some expletive when his mouth reached the inside of my left thigh. He lingered there for what seemed like a painfully pleasurable eternity before moving over to the right thigh.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I whimpered, embarrassed at how stereotypically girlish I sounded. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

He began kissing back down the inside of my right leg. “It’s all torture for me at this point,” Terry said softly, “but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Oh god, take my panties off. Please, baby, take my panties off.”

He didn’t hesitate to comply. As soon as they were off, his mouth and hands were all over my backside. “God, Allie,” he growled, “you have no idea how sexy your ass is.” His kisses were hard, biting and sucking. His fingers were strong, massaging and kneading. “Every guy you walk past eyes your ass and wishes he could worship it, I can’t believe I actually can.”

My self-conscious wall was broken down, and I was beyond being sweet or clever or seductive. I simply panted, “Oh, Terry, fuck me.”

He picked my skinny body up and carried me to my bed. He lay me down and undressed, his eyes never leaving my own nakedness. I couldn’t believe I was letting someone look between my legs. And he was staring, appreciatively.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said yet again, as he got the last of antalya escort his clothes off and crawled between my legs.

“So are you,” I gushed, feeling immediately silly for saying such a thing to a man.

He pressed his erection against me, and wet as I was my lips began to part, but I’d never been penetrated in any way before, not even by a finger. I reached down to help pull curtains open for him, and he pressed with consistent, even force. Finally he was in, with a sharp burning pain.

As my inner walls made way for him, our mouths met and he took my hands in his, holding them slightly above my head. We were in no way expert, and there could no denying or minimizing the fire I felt at being opened this way, but I would not have traded that moment for anything. My lover was inside me. Our bodies were joined. His warm hardness was meeting my warm softness and together they were creating a glow that was at once painful and pleasurable, but unquestionably intense and intimate.

“You feel so good,” he breathed into my ear, releasing my hands so he could prop himself up a little. “I don’t think I’m going to last very long.”

“Don’t hold back,” I begged. “Please don’t hold back.”

“But I want your first time to be good.”

“Baby, it already is.”

“But if I go too quick . . .”

“We have all our lives, Terry; this is just the first time.”

He brought his mouth back to mine and kissed me violently. His teeth crashed into mine, and his tongue nearly filled my throat. At the same time, his left hand snuck between us and he began to rub at my clitoris. His touch sent a charge through me. I arched my back under him and cried out loudly.

It was shortly after that that Terry bit my shoulder as his body tensed and his manhood released inside of me. He paused for only a moment to recover after withdrawing, and then returned his mouth to my breasts and resumed his attention to my clit. I was at his mercy, and I did not last much longer myself, before my body surged with a feeling that almost terrified my, like I was jumping off a building.

I almost wanted to stop.

To beg him to stop.

That I was scared.

That I could take no more.

But I trusted Terry, and I let him keep going.

And a moment later I was over the edge. I arched my back so high that I was barely on the bed anymore, and cried so loud I thought we might both go deaf. My thighs tensed and I felt my insides shake and spasm. I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through me. Pushing me higher, higher, higher . . .

When I thought I might pass out, I rolled away from Terry. Lying on my belly panting, I bit my pillow and tried to let my nerves and muscles calm down.

After a little bit, I released the pillow from my mouth and looked up to meet my boyfriend’s eyes. I smiled and looked at his manhood, glistening with blood and our juices. I looked at the mess on the bed, a pinkish mixture of fluids from both of us. I smelled the sweat and the sex. I smiled again, and giggled.

Terry kissed my forehead. “Thank you.”

“Thank you,” I teased.

“I mean it,” he insisted gently. “You just gave me the most amazing gift in the world.”

I shook my head. “Baby, that was just a promise of things to come.”

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