All Tied Up

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“Think we can squeeze in one last make out sesh before I head out of town?” a very horny Elizabeth texted Kyle on a Thursday afternoon. She and her kid were getting ready to go down to Florida a few days later for a week-long vacation. After months and months of steamy, hot sex with Kyle, Elizabeth was hungering for one last encounter with him before she went on her trip.

“You know I’d love to, but my kids are coming to stay with me for the weekend and they get here tonight,” Kyle responded, adding a frowning face emoji to the end of his text.

“Ah, no worries. I get it. Guess there’s always sexy texts while I’m away,” she replied, respectful of his time with his kids, but definitely disappointed she wouldn’t be getting in one last fuck before leaving town.

“Totally,” he said, adding a winky faced emoji.


Just about two weeks prior to her trip, Elizabeth and Kyle had met up on a rocky beach and fulfilled one of Elizabeth’s fantasies about being ravished on the beach. Hidden behind some rocks, yet still out in the open on a public beach, Elizabeth and Kyle fucked and pleased each other orally. It was a hot and thrilling sexual experience and Elizabeth was happy to have her fantasy realized with Kyle.

Prior to meeting Kyle, Elizabeth’s sex life had been pretty mediocre and ho-hum. Her most thrilling sexual adventures had been in her 20’s with her college boyfriend when they had sex on a beach. At night. Or when they had sort-of drunk, sort-of loud sex in a tent at a family campground. Other then that, Elizabeth’s sex life was pretty limited to bedroom (and occasional living room) romps that normally lasted about 10 minutes, tops.

But now, newly single after a 15 year marriage full of lackluster sex, Elizabeth was taking this opportunity to reinvent herself. She started exercising daily and watching her diet and, subsequently, lost 20 pounds. Her 43 year old self was feeling hot and confident in her new, slimmer body. Add to that, a raging libido, and she was coming into her sexual peak, finding herself more poised in her sexuality and open to exploration. So, it was a good thing she found Kyle when she did.

In their 3 plus months together, Elizabeth had done far more with him then she had in her previous 25 years of sexual activity. Beyond the beach fantasy, they had fucked in his truck (multiple times), had sex in the woods on his 4-wheeler, incorporated toys, played with a little bondage, and tried almost every imaginable position in almost every imaginable place in his house. Kyle had also introduced her to the joy of a g-spot orgasm, the thrill of anal sex and the intensity of deep throating. Elizabeth truly had become a new sexual person with Kyle and she was reveling in this newfound assuredness, kinkiness, and exploration….and still open to even further adventures with him.

So, sitting on the rocks after Elizabeths’ beach beach fantasy had come to an end, Elizabeth told Kyle they’d now have to make one of his fantasies a reality. Put on the spot, and a little shy at times, he said he didn’t have any fantasies, but she knew he did…he definitely did.


A few days into her Florida vacation, Elizabeth was alone in her hotel room at the resort while her kid was off with some family friends. The room, which overlooked the gulf, featured a floor to ceiling length mirror in the corner. It was one of those “skinny” mirrors that made anyone look amazing and Elizabeth couldn’t help but admire her even slimmer self in this ‘magic’ mirror. Her petite 5’3″ body looked taller and her tanned legs looked like they went on for days.

She plopped herself onto the comfy bed and texted Kyle: “All alone in this hotel room now and it’s got a killer mirror just calling out for sexy time in front of it…Wish you were here.”

“Too bad I can’t get my teleportation device to work. Guess you’ll just have to go at it solo and pretend I’m there helping,” he replied, adding that ubiquitous winky faced emoji.

“I suppose I could take some sexy selfies…” she suggested.

And with that, Elizabeth pulled off her denim cut-off shorts and her t-shirt and stood in front of the mirror in her black lace bra and leopard print lace thong. With her phone in hand, she posed and snapped a bunch of sexy selfies in front of the mirror. She couldn’t help but think she looked pretty damn hot for a 40-something.

She crawled back onto the bed and scrolled through the pictures she took before choosing her best one and sending it off to Kyle. He responded quickly with a flame emoji and a drooling emoji.

“Time for some solo action,” she replied with an added winky faced emoji.

Totally turned on and with thoughts of Kyle on her mind, Elizabeth slid her thong down and moved her fingers to her mound. She slipped her finger into her wetness and slid it up her lips and to her clit, moistening herself with her arousal. With her left hand, she inserted her pointer finger inside her warm, wet tunnel. With her pointer and middle fingers on her other hand, she began rubbing her now erect clit. bursa eskort Slowly at first, then picking up speed until she was rubbing herself furiously. Pressing her left finger on her g-spot, she tightened her legs, squeezed her pelvic muscles, and clenched her ass. Her breathing was becoming heightened and she felt an orgasm nearing. So horny, it didn’t take her too long, and with just a few more movements of her fingers on her clit, she released. She let out a loud, deep exhalation and quiet “fuck” under her breath as the orgasm rippled through her body. Little spasms shook her from her shoulders down to her legs. She let out another satisfied breath, followed by a little sigh wishing that Kyle could have been the one bringing her to climax.

“That was good, but not as good as the real thing with you…” she texted off to him with a kissy faced emoji before popping off the bed to begin getting ready for her dinner out with her friends.


A few days later, Elizabeth and her kid arrived back to Maine late in the evening, exhausted from their whirlwind trip to Florida. Unfortunately though, her kid had picked up a little summer cold while down there and came home with a runny nose and cough. They both were downing vitamins and supplements like crazy in hopes of ridding the cold quickly and warding off any sickness for her. She wasn’t going to let herself get sick!

Knowing she was back in town, Kyle sent off a message to her late the next morning:

“I had some boring, dry cereal for breakfast…but I could really go for something a little more wet to snack on next,” adding that winky faced emoji.

Smiling at his double entendre humor, Elizabeth shot back “Yeah you definitely need something better to eat.” Following up with, “I take it you’re hungry?”

“I could definitely eat,” adding an emoji with its tongue hanging out.

“I could go for some meat myself,” she responded, joining the double entendre game. “But just so you know, my kiddo came home sick. I feel fine, but I’m probably harboring some germs. I would totally understand if you don’t want me getting you sick,” she informed him, then adding “but aren’t orgasms good for the immune system?”

“Guess I’ll just have to tape your mouth shut and focus on your other lips…” he seductively suggested “…and give you some of those immune boosters,” he continued.

Elizabeth was totally turned on and definitely not missing her chance to reunite with Kyle now – germs or not!

They arranged a time to meet up later that afternoon and Elizabeth had a feeling Kyle was about to realize a fantasy of his own.


Elizabeth arrived at Kyle’s later that afternoon and they embraced in a hug and a short kiss. No deep, passionate tongue kisses because of germs but Elizabeth was dying for one. They chatted for a while and Elizabeth told him all about her trip and he caught her up on what he’d been doing over the past week.

Elizabeth was so eager to get her hands on Kyle! They came together for another embrace, their bodies pressed together, exchanging delicate little kisses. He was only wearing a pair of shorts and she ran her hands down his smooth skin along his sides, down to the tops of his legs and then around to grab his firm ass. She then ran her hands to his front, tracing his package with her fingers as she made her way upward with her hands. She could feel his hardness and desperately wanted to just have him right there. As they were embraced, Elizabeth saw out of the corner of her eye that Kyle grabbed something from a nearby shelf. She couldn’t see what he had grabbed and he held it in his hands behind her, but Elizabeth felt something soft brush against her legs. Kyle then made his way to stand behind Elizabeth and guided her towards his bedroom.

“You’re up to something,” she said to him with a little laugh.

“Maybe,” he said in response, with a little sly laugh.

Now in his bedroom, Kyle eased Elizabeth onto his bed so that she was laying across it sideways. He straddled her and pulled her shirt up and over her head. His strong hands then reached down to her left breast and pulled it out from her bra. He brought his tongue down to her exposed breast and licked her hardened nipple, then pulled it tightly between his lips. Elizabeth winced at the light pain and then eased into it, letting out a soft moan. She ran her hands through his soft hair. With his other hand, he released her other breast from her bra and then moved his tongue to that side, licking and tugging on her nipple, and caressing her breast with his hand. With his two hands, he then grasped her nipples in between his fingers and gave them a firm tug, pinching them with a little more force. She let out a light gasp at this strong squeeze, but enjoyed this sensation that bordered between playful and painful.

He then gradually made his way to stand and unfastened her jeans and pulled them off along with her thong. As Elizabeth lay there almost naked, save for her bra that was still on, she wasn’t sure what to expect but had a feeling she was about to get bursa escort tied up….and she was totally game for it.

Kyle guided Elizabeth up to sit and he reached for the silk tie that he had grabbed from the living room earlier and brought it to her mouth. “I told you I’d have to keep your mouth shut. Can’t have you spreading those germs,” he said with a sneaky little smile as he motioned for her to open her mouth. Her eyes widened at this prospect and she responded with a seductive smile of approval before she opened her mouth. He placed the tie across her mouth and knotted it around the back of her head. She let out a soft moan indicating to him that she was ok. He then reached for a bandana that he had also grabbed earlier and made his way to stand behind her on the other side of the bed. He placed the bandana over her eyes and tied it around the back of her head. A brief moment of panic spread through Elizabeth as she realized they’d not established a safe word! And even if they had, how could she even say it with a gag in her mouth? This was new territory for her! But then she just relaxed into the moment, fully trusting Kyle. He had never done anything to harm her or gone too far in the past and she knew he wouldn’t today either.

Now with her eyes hidden and unable to speak, Elizabeth was entirely in Kyle’s control as she waited for his next move. He unclasped her bra while he was standing behind her, releasing it from her chest, and she heard him drop it to the floor. Still standing behind her, he softly kissed the back of her neck and moved his lips down to her shoulders. She let out a soft moan as his touch sent chills through her body. He brushed her hair aside and then brought his tongue to her right ear, his hot breath filling her ear. With her heightened sense of hearing, she could practically hear the heat in his panting breath. His breath alone was turning her on immensely. He then thrust his tongue into her ear and she let out a loud moan, muffled by the tie, and reached her hands behind her to try to grab ahold of him. Her ears were the spot that turned her on enormously and he knew it. If he continued this for much longer, she’d cum from this erotic touch alone.

He pulled away from her ear and guided her to lay back down onto the bed. Elizabeth wasn’t sure what to expect now. And just then, she heard a light metallic sound. “Oh my god, does he have handcuffs?” she asked herself. And a moment later, her right arm was being moved up and to her right and a padded, leather-like cuff was being wrapped around her wrist. He fastened the clasp on the restraint and Elizabeth moved her right arm instinctively trying to gauge how much movement she had. She figured she was attached to the bedpost in some way, yet she could still move her arm a good amount, like the restraint was attached with something stretchy. He reached for her left arm and repeated the motions on that side as well, and now both of her wrists were restrained.

Laying there, now completely in his control, Elizabeth had no idea what to expect next. She heard Kyle move around to the other side of the bed and heard some movement and metal clinking again. “More restraints?…Oh my god, he’s really planned this out!” her brain exclaimed. Expecting the restraints to go around her ankles, she was surprised when he began wrapping something around her left thigh. It had the same, soft, padded feeling as the wrist restraints. As he finished fastening that one, she moved her leg and it felt like it had a little more freedom than her wrists. He then did the same to the other leg.

And then there she lay: fully naked, her arms spread out to the sides, her legs splayed open, her eyes covered, and her mouth gagged. She was totally his now. Totally in his control. Totally his for the taking. Totally his to please. And she was totally ready for it.

She listened for movement, trying to anticipate his next move. She felt his hands come down onto the bed on either side of her and she could feel his body hovering over hers. He then, gently and softly, lay his lips on her shoulder. He began kissing her body, ever so delicately, moving down to her chest, to her breasts to her stomach and towards her mound. She let out a soft, low moan and her body eased and relaxed at the feather-like touches of his lips on her skin. She tilted her chin down towards her chest and realized she could sneak a peek out of the blindfold and she saw Kyle as he let out an exhalation onto her lower lips. Without even touching her, he already sent a shiver of delight through her body. She lowered her head back down and relaxed fully to him. He let out another soft breath onto her then just barely reached the tip of his tongue onto her swollen lips. With that initial touch, her back naturally arched, her arms pulled against the restraints, and she let out a long whimper. She realized then that not being able to touch Kyle and wrap her arms around him was going to be really frustrating!

He slowly moved his tongue up and down her entire pussy from her slit to her clit then back down again, bursa escort bayan lightly at first, then increasing in speed and pressure with each pass. As his tongue lashing intensified, her body’s movements intensified. She raised and lowered her hips, arching her back and bringing her hands as close to her body as she could, pulling against the cuffs on her wrists. He then buried his head deep into her opening, ramming his tongue into her wet tunnel and moving his lips rapidly over hers and her suppressed moans got louder and stronger. And then he stopped. She let out a stifled cry at this early ending to her pleasure.

She lay there, letting out little whimpers, instinctively moving her hips up and down, not knowing what to expect next. Elizabeth listened for movements or sounds but she didn’t hear anything. But then she felt it. Kyle jammed two fingers into her dripping wet opening and began rubbing his other hand on her clitoris. Furiously and fast, he was going at her hard on both her sensitive g-spot and her clit. The moisture from his earlier oral pleasure combined with her arousal made a wet, slopping noise as he pounded his fingers in her. She cried out at the pleasure but the gag stifled her noise. She desperately wanted to wrap her arms around Kyle and to feel her lips on his. As he finger fucked her, her body naturally squirmed and wiggled around, causing her body to move across the bed. She could feel her head now near the far side of the bed. She pressed against the wrist restraints to keep her from falling further over the edge.

He picked up speed with his fingers on her clit and g-spot and she felt close to an orgasm. Her hips rotated and moved in motion with his hands. Her muffled moans and cries were non-stop now as she was nearing her climax and Kyle added even more intensity to his rubbing and finger fucking. And then he stopped. She let out a long groan in disappointment.

And that’s when she heard a buzzing. “He’s got a vibrator?!” Elizabeth exclaimed to herself. And then she practically leapt off the bed when he pressed the vibrator to her mound. She had been brought so close to orgasm just a few moments earlier, that the vibrations were like jolts of electricity coursing through her. It felt so good, so intense, and all she could do was moan and move her body in motion with the vibrator. His fingers were now back inside her, hammering away in her wet tunnel. She had moved her body so much that now her head was hanging over the side of the bed. She pulled hard against the wrist restraints to keep her from falling even further.

And then, with a heavy moan and a deep exhale, a swell of pleasure ripped through her, sending waves of delight through her mound and outwards through the rest of her body. It was a fiery orgasm like one she’d never felt before. She pulled so hard on the wrist restraints that she was able to bring herself to sit upright on the bed, letting out another muffled cry as she did so.

He let out a little chuckle and said “I take it that felt good.”

She let out a “Mmm hmmm” as she sat there, breathing hard. Kyle released his fingers from her, turned off the vibrator, and rubbed his hands up along her thighs. His hands moved to her back and guided her back to lying down and then he gently tugged on her legs to pull her back on the bed towards him.

Elizabeth lay there, heavily breathing, wondering what pleasure she’d be receiving next. She listened again for any movement or sounds but he was so quiet, she could barely tell where he was in the room. But before she could even guess his next move, she felt the head of his penis rubbing along her swollen pussy lips. Back and forth, he moistened the head of his dick with her arousal, sending quivers of pleasure through her body. His cock felt so good running along her body but she longed for him to enter her. She let out some whimpers indicating that she needed his cock inside her. As if he understood her muted language, he then slowly eased his manhood into her wet and ready opening. She let out a moan from beneath the gag. She had missed his dick and how good he felt inside her. Then he pulled out, moving back up along her lips, teasing her clit with the head of his cock, before making his way back down and into her opening. Over and over, he repeated this intimate dance between his cock and her essence. And with each pass, she let out a stifled moan. It felt so good, so teasingly good. And then he stopped. She let out a whimper, not wanting that delight to stop.

She heard the soft steps of his feet on the floor and could tell he was moving in the room, coming closer to her head. And then his hands reached down and removed the gag from her mouth. She took a deep inhalation through her mouth and from the little gap underneath the blindfold she could see Kyle’s cock. Standing over her, he dipped his cock, still wet and glistening from her juices, into her mouth. She tasted her body’s own sweet flavor on her tongue. Slowly, he moved in and out of her mouth, diving a little further each time. Without the aid of her hands and with her head tilted back, he was soon pressing into her throat causing her to gag slightly with each deeper thrust. As he pulled out, she squeezed her lips tightly around his shaft and tickled his head with her tongue. And then, just as before, he stopped.

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