All Dolled Up

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Anne Marie’s heart was pounding as she flicked the lightswitch on to illuminate the unfamiliar flat. She almost expected him to be there lurking in the shadows, even though he had told her he would be arriving in an hour’s time. Resting upon the kitchen table was the note she was to look out for. She picked it up and analyzed the list of instructions she was to follow before his arrival. The sheer length of the instructions takes her aback, and she tells herself to not read them all at once- just to follow one step at a time. But the first one even, is so crude and vulgar-

1. “Prepare your holes for me (bathroom).”

She investigates the unfamiliar apartment, eventually discovering the bathroom. Upon the sink there is a pile of objects, some of which familiar, others not so much. She deals with the ones she recognizes first. She brushes her teeth with cotton candy flavoured toothpaste and then pick up the razor. Step 2 dictates:

“Wash yourself squeaky clean.”

She disrobes, dropping her skirt and her panties, and hops into the shower. The soap he provided to her smells nice and she begins shaving. Deep inside she internalizes the feeling she came here for- she couldn’t believe she was doing something like this for the first time, especially for a man she had never before met in person. With that idea in mind, she shuts her eyes and stroke her finger up and down her clit.

Her juices mix with the shower water, all dripping down her leg in tandem. Under the hot water, bathed in steam, her mind wanders- “Will he really do those things he said he would do to me?” The thought snaps her back to reality, and she sets her mind upon the task at hand. It must have been twenty minutes by now and she hasn’t even completed the first step on the list.

Out of the shower now, she dries her hair and eyes a bottle on the sink. She inspects it to notice a note marked “For your kitty.” She squeezes some out onto her finger and smells it- the scent is sweet and familiar. It takes her a moment to place, but then it snaps to mind- this smells exactly like baby lotion. Anne Marie rubs a glob generously up and down her now-hairless slit, unable to fathom what she is doing. This man is clearly sick, isn’t he?

But then she eyes her cunt in the mirror and can’t help but think about how it’s been a while since a man has been inside of her. She will be tight for him today, oddly giving her a sense of accomplishment. Maybe she is the real sick one here, in the end. There is only one more item left on the counter.

She inspects the weird device. It is composed of a tube with a small tank of water. There is a little nozzle at the end. And then it hits her- “Is this- could this be one of those enema things?” She whispers under her breath. She quickly comes to the realization that all three of her holes will be getting used tonight and become overcome with a wave of embarrassment. But again, her embarrassment oddly makes her want it more.

She begins the demeaning process of trying to figure out how to insert this strange device into her anus and clean it out so it is acceptable for this man.

She emerges from the bathroom in the nude, with the instructional paper in hand. She has just read:

– “Your attire is in the orange closet.”

Anne Marie scrambles around the unfamiliar house naked. As she scrambles she catches sight of a clock and sees that she only has twenty-five minutes left. And there in the bedroom she finds it- she opens the door and figures out how to wear her new outfit, picked out with care just to please this man. And then step 4 comes, to put on a special rose-scented perfume and some cute make-up.

And then step 5- the final and most important step. She can’t believe she is doing this, but deep down inside in a weird twisted way it feels so right. She feels her mind completely shut off as she lays upon the bed.

Joshua arrive at his apartment at 6:00 PM on the dot to notice the lights are on and the note is missing from the table. He purposefully takes his time in the kitchen. No doubt in his mind she could hear him now. No doubt in his mind, she was currently awaiting his arrival through that bedroom door. He might as well get her juices flowing a little. He turned on the television as he poured himself a drink. He put his work clothes to the side and brushed his teeth. It was nearly 6:20 by the time he finally opened up the bedroom door.

As instructed, Anne Marie lay there motionless upon the bed. He eyed down his new dolly head to toe- Upon her head sat a blonde wig with twin pigtails. Her eyes were glazed over and unmoving. Her skin looked like porcelain, just with a light blush on each cheek. She had the cutest button nose and softest looking lips. The dress she wore could only be described as a Lolita dress- Some sort of frilly pink thing you would imagine a doll for a child to wear.

Out from under it came two slim legs, both tandoğan escort covered with white stockings with hearts scattered upon them. The girl sincerely looked just like a dolly. She must be no taller than 5’0, not more than 100 pounds, he thought. He approached her to the side, and softly place a hand upon her cheek.

Anne Marie’s mind raced as she sat there still, her back propped up by the pillows. In the brief correspondence before their meeting, she was told that if she were to move or to make sound, it would be breaking character, and for that she would be punished. She accepted the man’s rough hand upon her cheek. Seeing him up close now, he did seem like a rough man. He was large, and must be nearly double her weight. He could probably- Her thought was cut short by it coming to fruition, as he positioned his firm arms under her and picked her up in them, cradling her. He began carrying her with complete ease. Anne Marie stayed motionless and they left the room, and as she was placed carefully upon the couch.

She had no idea what she was in for. This man was so much larger, so much stronger than she. And with the things they had chatted about… she wasn’t sure. Was he going to hurt her? How could her boundaries be respected if she couldn’t even speak? Again he picked her up with ease, this time positioning her upon his firm lap. She was fully in his clutches now.

Out of the corner of her unmoving eye, Anne Marie caught a glimpse of the man retrieving a device. And then she felt that device upon her head- Joshua began carefully brushing her hair. He did it section by section cautiously, not going through the motions, but actually getting the knots out. Anne Marie’s racing mind slowed down, as she drifted into a state of surrender. It had been so long since a man had brushed her hair. Maybe the last time was her father, many many years ago. He kept at it softly, and when he was done, he lightly kissed her on the cheek, before getting her off of his lap and back onto the couch.

Joshua was usually very aggressive in the bedroom with women. But there was something about her, looking and smelling the way she did, so soft and delicate. He felt an intense urge to be responsible for her, to show her care and affection, and to earn her obedience. He put away the brush and retrieved some more accessories. He placed a little tiara in her hair, slippers upon her feet, and he brought over a mirror, taking extra care to place it at an angle where she could see herself without averting her set gaze.

Anne Marie couldn’t help but think that she truly looked like a princess that would be the envy of any prince. Joshua’s first words to her seemed to be in agreement. “My sweet princess,” he said. “You’re now ready to serve your king,” he said as yet again, he picked her up and carried her, this time back to the bedroom. Joshua laid his new toy upon his bed before lying next to her. He trailed one hand lightly upon her cheek as he kissed her neck. This was about the time Anne Marie truly got into character, and in an unexplainable sense, felt herself drift away…

He trailed his hands over the contours of her petite frame, slowly leading downward. Then he ran his fingers upon her feet, up her legs and stockings, to the bottom of her dress. He pulled it up, to see she had followed her instructions well. To call what his doll was wearing ‘panties’ would be too generous.

The lips of her shaved cunt were completely visible, with barely a piece of fabric of a pink micro g-string parting them. If Anne Marie were here right now, she would be incredibly embarrassed. However, Anne Marie was fully in character. She was his to dress up and use as he pleased now.

He moved his face close up to the unmoving girl’s tiny vaginal cleft and inhaled the sweet smell of the baby cream he had given her. He began kissing her inner thighs, until his kisses grew more targeted, towards her cunt. He pulled the g-string up, forcing her wet cunt lips to pop out on either side. “It seems my doll is self-lubricating,” he says as his finger becomes covered in her sweet juices. He moves his finger up to his doll’s mouth and inserts it, allowing her to taste her own juices.

This is about the time he unzips his fly, allowing his girthy cock, covered with veins, to pop out. Anne Marie cannot yet see its size, but she soon feels it. He grabs his doll’s limp hand, spits into the palm, and begins using it to jack himself off. As he does so, he keeps a firm eye on her expression- still unmoving, still unphased. What a perfect love doll, he marvels. His eyes gaze over her- in love with each ounce of effort she took to make herself into the perfect fucktoy for him.

His cock was pulsing from the attention of her hand now and he just couldn’t erase the urge to put it somewhere warmer. He moved up closer to her head. Joshua’s penis touched the doll’s lips as his fingers snuck under her dress, finding her tiny clit. The girl was tunalı escort even more lubricated now. He slipped a finger inside her while at the same time, his cockhead entered her lips. The warmth of her mouth felt like heaven to him. He began thrusting his hips, using the young doll to jack himself of.

He was about two inches into her mouth now, and he moved his hands to the back of her head, so he could properly facefuck her. She remained limp and motionless, accepting her fate, continuing to suck acceptingly. “Good little fuckdoll….” He whispered under his breath as he entered in and out of her, picking up speed.

He was clenching her head tightly now. In his mind, the idea that he was having sex with a human being had nearly completely disappeared. He was entering a reckless fervor of getting himself off. In his mind, he was simply masturbating, as if using a pocket pussy. It was when he approached orgasm in this deranged mindset that he began panting, unable to think logically. “I’m gonna make you mine.. I’m gonna make you mine..” he panted maniacally. He removed his cock from her mouth, a sticky trail of spit dangling, to place it at the entrance of her puny dripping cunt. He moved the tiny piece of fabric to the side, and without anyone to stop him, he plunged himself as deep into the girl as he could. The doll was so efficient at self-lubrication, he slid in to the hilt without resistance. And as he did so, in that immediate moment, he could no longer hold back.

He grasped onto his doll’s neck, choking her as his balls contracted. Anne Marie simply laid there under the man, as he clenched her neck with both hands, as he flooded her womb with his seed. He spurted jet after jet of thick sticky cum inside his love doll, as he furiously pulsed.

For a brief moment Anne Marie returned. She couldn’t breathe- she was sure her neck was at this point covered with bruises. Even more, this complete stranger was now pumping his semen inside of her without any form of protection. She knew that any normal woman would be horrified in such a position. But for some reason, in this moment it felt so right. She just continued to lay there as this man’s perfect submissive love doll.

She imagined her bruised skin being porcelain- she felt each pulse and twitch of his cock inside of her, and she felt useful to him. She was glad she could make him cum so much inside of her so quickly. And how thankful Joshua was for his doll too. His grip loosened and he began sloppily kissing her lips with zero concern for the lack of reciprocation. He continued to drip inside her for several minutes as he kissed and caressed her. When he finally pulled out, he cleaned off the outside of her pussy with a baby wipe before sitting her up yet again. He carefully removed her tiara and stockings. He propped her arms over her head, pulling her dress off, then he himself got completely naked. He lied there upon the bed, spooning his naked doll.

Anne Marie felt the cum still deep inside of her but just lied there inanimate. She imagined the sperm slowly swimming up towards her womb, knowing there was nothing she could do right now to stall its journey. You would think that would concern her, but more than anything, it turned her on her perverted mind. She knew what she was in for before entering this apartment today. What did astound her was the way this man gave so much care and affection to a simple doll like her. As he cuddled her and pet the hair of her wig, she felt thankful.

And then she felt the sensation of the man’s large penis once again becoming erect, and beginning to rub between her thighs. The cocktail of his cum and her juices leaked out of her and lubricated her thighs for him. He pushed them together and began thigh-fucking her. “I’m gonna use every inch of your body today,” he whispered into her ear softly. Just as he said that, he changed her position, so she was underneath him now, and he was above on his knees. He grasped her breasts in his hands, sliding his dick in between them, tittyfucking her. Anne Marie was glad that every part of her body was useful in pleasuring this man. It made her feel like an excellent, useful doll.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, he moved off of her, and she could feel him spreading her legs. The sensation of his tongue against her pussy sent shivers up her spine. He inserted a finger into her, and began licking her skillfully. Anne Marie couldn’t believe this man would devote time to pleasuring a doll like herself, especially when she could display no reaction.

And as he continued it got harder and harder to not react. He began fingering her more aggressively, hitting her g-spot, as he tongued her clit. She wanted to moan or scream, and it was taking all of her composure now to hold it in. As this was taking place, Anne Marie also was becoming increasingly aware of another sensation within her body- it had now been several hours since she used the restroom, and as he ankara türbanlı escort fingered her more and more aggressively, she felt a growing need to pee, or squirt or something. There was no way she was going to break character now and head to the bathroom though.

She felt herself nearing closer and closer to orgasm and now he was talking to her as he finger fucked her. “Let it out.. Come for me, my doll.” Anne Marie had not the will to disobey her new owner. He picked up speed, now pounding her g-spot and she could not contain herself. With a straight, glazed-over expression, she came harder than she had ever cum in her life, and let her bladder go, exploding a torrent of piss and vaginal juices all over the man. The release felt incredible to her, after so long. She liked the idea of her impulses and actions becoming automatic, with no conscious ‘Anne Marie’ to stall them for being too embarrassing.

The whole area was now soaked and her cunt was throbbing from the stimulation. “Good toy,” he repeated several times, before flipping her onto her stomach. “Now it’s my turn.”

Anne Marie was in a post-orgasm haze, with no view of what Joshua was up to. She just lay there, face in the pillow, fully accepting whatever fate he bestowed upon her. She could feel him spreading her asscheeks apart, and then felt the sensation of his tongue against her anus. Anne Marie felt that pang of embarrassment and shyness again return, but she dare not move. She had now fully internalized that she was going to let this man do whatever he wanted to her tonight to get himself off.

She felt his tongue probe her sphincter and she knew that soon her third hole was going to be getting used. Joshua rubbed her frothing wet pussy and used the juices as lubrication to easily prod the tip of his finger inside her asshole. Anne Marie took pride in the fact that she had cleaned herself out for him and that she was fully prepared to be used back there. Joshua just had one finger inside her to the knuckle, but still it felt so big to her. She couldn’t see and imagined it was at least two or three fingers all the way inside.

And then the inevitable sensation of the head of his cock prodding her hole. She had no idea how that thing would fit inside her, but she decided she would take it for him submissively, like a good toy. She would act no differently than if she were a lovedoll, completely made of silicone head to toe. Joshua grasped her tits with one hand and lightly kissed her neck, and then he thrust inside of her.

A wave of sensations came to Anne Marie all at once; there was pain, pleasure, a feeling of deepness, as if they were connected, but most of all, she felt submissive, like she was being used to give pleasure to her new owner. She felt like every part of her body belonged to him with the sole purpose of servicing his cock.

He picked up speed fucking his doll’s ass and now gripped her hand around her throat yet again, clasping onto her as if to say, “You’re mine.” As he made love to her he let out animalistic moans. Once again, he was using his toy as intended, purely for his own pleasure. He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her back.

“Clean me off,” he ordered. Anne Marie wondered what that meant, until he grabbed hold of her head and shoved his cock down her throat. This may have been the hardest time for her to keep composure thusfar, and she certainly choked a little letting out a gasping cough. He pulled out.

“Did you just cough, toy? Bad toy,” he said, before striking her in the face with a hard slap. Anne Marie learned her lesson, and just lied there motionless, as if she didn’t feel it. He slapped her across the other cheek now, leaving a red mark. “That’s better, toy,” he continued. “Now it’s time to get your owner off.” He looked down at his precious battered lovedoll. He grasped each of her wrists in each of his hands, pinning them down firmly below him. He placed the head of his cock at her now-loosened anus and in a swift motion, forced himself inside of her. He began fucking her ass as aggressively as he could.

Anne Marie once again felt that mix of emotions. She wouldn’t dare twitch a muscle now despite the pain. She was going to be a good doll and take his abuse. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, supporting her head in his hand. The constant stretching and contracting of her ass lead to a feeling the doll had never experienced before.

This sensation of warmth flooded her body, electrifying her. Locked in a tight embrace and a kiss, Anne Marie experienced her first anal orgasm. And it was unlike any she was used to- it just didn’t stop, it kept going and going, pulsing through her body. That’s just when Joshua’s strokes became more manic and frenzied. He broke their kiss to whisper, “I’m gonna cum..” Locked in an embrace, man and doll came in unison. Anne Marie could actually feel each spurt of semen filling her up, giving her a warm feeling deep inside her tummy. Joshua panted and kissed her frenetically. When both orgasms subsided, he pulled out if his girl and cuddled her.

Anne Marie lay there, leaking from both holes, safe in her new lover’s embrace. Her mind safely faded to the black of a lovedoll being turned off, allowed to go to sleep…

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