Alex’s craigslist adventures Ch2.

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Alex Grey

Alex’s craigslist adventures Ch2.Local business owner fucks my brains out, (after hours in his shop)My name is Alex, I’m a 28 year old Bi guy who more than occasionally meets guys. I have a thing for older tops, and am always glad to please. I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.—–Joe was another of the random guys I’ve met on Craigslist, but this story is a little special. I’ve hooked up with guys before, mostly at their place, some times in their car, even outside (that one was pretty hot). But this time was different, Joe owned a local shop one town over. We set up a time I could visit him “after hours” you could say. Joe was in his late 40s, i’m not sure exactly but he was spanish with salt and pepper hair and maybe just over 6ft. I arrived at the empty shop, Joe, behind the counter, was not shy about how happy he was to see me. He gave me a big hug, “Are you nervous?” “a little.” I replyed.”no! none of that” he said as he shook his finger. After locking the main door, he took my hand and lead me to the back of the store. There he lead me down a small staircase to the basement that housed bathrooms, an office, some misc. products stored on shelfs, and our play area. A cozy little couch and rug made şişli escort up what I guess is a break area during normal business hours. Joe turned to me, wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me. “mmm my boy is nice and clean” he said in between kisses.”I told you I was going to take a shower so I was nice and clean for you” I replied.Continuing to make out, Joe eagarly slid his hands down my pants and grabbed two handfuls of my ass. Obviously pleased with what he gets to play with, Joe broke our embrace so we could remove some clothing. I kicked off my jeans and Tshirt (I never wear boxers) and joe did the same. He took my hand and bent me over the couch. I was on my knees with my ass in the air, Joe burried his face in my ass. He squeezed each cheek as tongue played with my hole. In between my moans, I was able to reach back and hold his face in my ass. God that tongue felt incredible. “You like how that ass tastes baby?” I askedJoe quickly answered with a firm slap on my ass and then forced me to my knees were all I could see was his beautiful 8″ cock, just inches away from my face. I opened my mouth and engulfed the head, my tongue was met with a nice sweet glob of precum, He let out a low moan as I şişli escort bayan eagerly sucked him, taking every inch into my throat. “You like that big dick?” Joe asked.”MMHUMM” I mumbled, slurping on his cock. I pulled his cock from my mouth, lines of saliva still connecting his cock to my mouth. I fucking love this big cock.I could have sucked his cock all night long, but Joe was done playing games, he took me by the arm and bent my over the coach, just like before when he ate my ass. But this time he wanted more.He slowly pushed the head of his cock on my tight asshole, gently working his way in. Fuck, it was so thick. He took his time entering me, slowly inch after inch up my ass. I had nowhere to go, bent over a couch with Joe feeding his cock into me. I finally got over the initial stretching of my ass and began to push back into him. Finally I had all 8″ of Joe deep in my ass. “Thats it baby!” he said as my ass cheeks hit his hips. We slowly began girding and worked up to a good trusting rhythm. It wasn’t long before Joe had a firm hold on my hips and make sure I got all of his cock. Firmly fucking my ass with hard thrusts, he was totally in control, all I could do was kneel there, moaning, taking his mecidiyeköy escort bayan cock, and loving every second of it. Joe was probably one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever been with. He stuffed my ass so deep, I felt like my cock was going to explode.He decided that was enough of doggy style. He pulled his cock out and said “here baby, lay down”. I barely got onto my back and Joe had my legs over his shoulders, and his cock in my ass. Face to face, Joe began pounding my ass. I matched each thrust with a moan to let him know how much I was enjoying it. “Are you my bitch?””Yes, baby, I’m your bitch” I replied.Joe took my cock in his hand, jerking me, along with his thrusts. I couldn’t help it now, the combination of getting fucked nice and deep, my cocked getting jerked, Joe’s panting and moans of pleasure from my ass, my cock erupted, showering me in cum.Joe was ready to finish as well, he pulled his cock from my ass, and while I was still laying there I was able to get a quick taste of his cock. Joe stood over me jerking his cock, as my hands run up and down his legs, rubbing his ass, cupping his balls. It wasn’t long before I was again showered in cum. A sweaty and out of breath Joe gave my one last kiss, satisfied with the fuck he just had.—–A fun little fact about this story, I would have posted it sooner but as I was writing this Joe and I made plans to meet again. This time Joe absolutely tore my ass apart, giving me one of the hardest fucks of my life 😉

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