Alexis Bledel’s Wrap Party

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Alexis Bledel’s Wrap Party“That’s a wrap for Alexis everyone,” the man in the bucket hat said as he turned and addressed the crew. “A round of applause if you please.”The crew erupted in cheers and applause at the cue and Alexis couldn’t help but smile and turn her head shyly away from the wave of appreciation as she walked up to the man.She hugged him tightly and said into his ear, “Thank you, Robert. I had a great time filming with you guys.”Tom, her personal on-set assistant, didn’t know whether Alexis was lying or not but he sure as hell knew that this had been one hell of a shoot for him. Filming Sin City had been a unique experience. Robert Rodriguez’ enthusiasm for filmmaking was contagious and he felt rejuvenated each day he got up for the shoot, despite having early call times that matched Alexis’ own. However, the best part of the shoot was all the time he was around the rising star herself. When he first got assigned to be her assistant he was initially disappointed that he had gotten such a minor star to work with, but seeing her wear the skin tight leather and spandex outfit requisite of her prostitute character, Becky, every day had most definitely changed his mind. Every morning he would wait and watch as the wardrobe people made sure that every seam was perfect on her although, he thought, it was impossible that anything could fit anyway less than perfect on her. Tom would also find it impossible to not get a raging erection at the sight of her copious, spandex clad ass. He couldn’t believe how incredibly hot she looked. He especially enjoyed how the leather portion of her pants was shaped into chaps while curve hugging lycra spandex composed the rest. Of course, wearing high heel boots only helped accentuate the shape of her well rounded ass and the curve of her legs in the already flattering costume. The daily pleasure of watching her suit up had eventually gotten the best of him and one day he had begun cutting out the pockets of all his work pants just so he could relieve himself as he watched.He wasn‘t the only one that was noticing her either, he saw all the guys, and most of the girls, on set get an eyeful as she passed by them each day. However, he WAS the only one that got to be around her almost 24/7 and boy was he glad for that, but now it was over. Her last day and that meant it was his as well. He sighed at the thought, but instantly perked up as Alexis approached him.“Hi Tommy,” she said, flashing him that beautiful smile of hers.“Hi Alex, here’s your water,” Tommy handed her Evian.“Thanks.” She walked past him, bottle in hand.Tom followed her off the set as she headed down the dark studio hallway, making sure he got his last eyeful of her splendid ass. Alexis walked slowly each step making her bountiful ass cheeks go up and down with great effect. Tom glanced down at his pants, the front was quite obviously tenting. Shit, he thought as he brought his clipboard down in front of his crotch. He continued to stare, completely ignoring the fact that everyone they passed was aware of his hungry glance. He slipped his hand into his pocket and grabbed a hold of the pulsing heat of his engorged cock; he began to stroke it as discretely as was possible.“Fuck,” Alexis yelled out, making Tom’s balls tighten with fear. Had he been caught?Alexis sighed as she looked at the mess on the floor before her. The top of her water bottle was broken and the fluid was now all over the carpeted hallway. She bent over to pick up what remained of the bottle, the fabric stretching ever so tautly over her gorgeous ass. It was too much for Tom. He quickened his pace determined to bust a nut before the luscious sight was gone.“Tommy, do you sahabet güvenilirmi think you could get me another…” Alexis said as she started to rise up.“…bottle of…” Alexis stared wide eyed as she turned to face Tom. Her gray eyes shot down to his pants which were frantically moving back and forth. She saw the hand in his pocket and then looked back to his face and took notice of the lust filled need in it. She smiled and stepped up a little closer to him, putting her hand on his chest.“Oh Tommy, did my bending over give you some naughty ideas?” Alexis grabbed his cock through his pants harshly, the grip making him wince.“I’m sorry, Alexis. You’re just so beautiful, I couldn’t…” Tommy fumbled for words.Alexis brought her forefinger up to his lips, “Shh, no need for apologies big boy,” she said as she glanced at the door beside her in the hallway, “come on, we’ve got a going away party to attend.”She pushed open the door and entered, leaving Tommy behind in the hallway utterly dumbfounded. Tommy looked up at the door as the hydraulic hinges whispered shut. RESTROOM, it said and below it was a tiny male figure. He couldn’t believe this. He reached out and pushed open the door, his legs somehow managing to bring him through it without giving out. A miracle considering they felt like noodles. This was his luckiest day or his best dream, one of the two.Inside the restroom he found himself alone, at least at a casual glance, then he heard the sound of ripping cloth coming from one of the stalls. His eyes shot toward the row of blue doors covering the entrances to the toilets. Only one of them was closed. He heard the sound of the lock unlatching followed by the squeal of the worn out hinges as the door swung slowly open. A single high heeled boot stepped out only to be followed by the heavenly image of Alexis as she leaned up against the doorway. Tom’s jaw dropped, his eyes barely able to register what stood before him. There she was, Alexis Bledel, in her Becky outfit only now the spandex portion of her pants was ripped off, leaving only the figure hugging leather chaps behind. Her supple ass, her hips, and her neatly shaven pussy were on full display. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and shot him a glance with her entrancing gray eyes.“Like what you see now, Tommy?” She slowly made her way to the sinks that lined the wall opposite the stalls, tossing a quick glance at herself in the mirror and then looking back at Tom. Tom was in utter disbelief as her large but tight ass was now revealed to him. His dick was in pain as it tried to free itself of his pants.“Why don’t you come over here and touch it?” Alexis said as she placed her hands on the sink and bent over, sticking out her ass.Tom ambled over clumsily and anxiously reached out. His fingers trembled as they slowly neared her ass, his mind was reeling. Then, suddenly, Alexis swung her left leg up onto the sink and pushed her ass back onto his hand. His fingers slid between her warm crack and to the top of the moist cleft beneath it. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. Tom needed no more, that knocked him out of his trance and he instantly, almost instinctually, stuck two of his fingers into her. Her hips gained what seemed to be a life of their own as she moved them up and down on his hand. Alexis began to moan as she looked back and reached for Tom’s rigid cock. “Keep your fingers in there and give me that cock,” she said.Tom let her at it. Alexis unbuttoned the waist and almost ripped the zipper off. She reached under his briefs and extracted the pulsing member, now at its full nine inches. A look of pure lust filled her face and she gave a low guttural sahabet yeni giriş grunt before she lunged her head forward and opened her mouth. Tom felt the warmth of her mouth encompass him almost to the hilt. Her head was bobbing up and down viciously and he could feel what must have been weeks of desire churning out a huge load. He had to blow it now, or he would die.He took out his fingers and instantly Alexis began to pull back in protest but Tom caught the back of her head and shoved her all the way down his cock. He felt her throat contract as she gagged but he didn’t care to give her the air she needed at the moment. Instead he rammed his cock harder down Alexis’ throat. His balls tightened and he let loose of his load and of her head. She drew back and gasped for air just as the first stream of cum shot out and landed on her dark hair.“Oh, Tommy!!” She said between breaths, then she grabbed his cock and pumped hard. Tom shot out another load and she aimed it at her mouth. “Oh god, Alex!! That is so fuckin’ go…” He stopped short of finishing as Alexis started pumping his shaft again. He released another kneebuckling stream of cum all over Alexis’ face. “Oh yes, Tommy, shot that cocksnot all over my pretty face. Mmmmm, “ she hummed as she rubbed his worn out cock all over her face, spreading the mess all over. She looked up at him. “Is that it? That all you got for me?” She asked almost innocently, at least as innocent as she could be with a cock in her hand.Tom could only throw his head back and groan in pleasure. Alexis stood up and led him to one of the stalls, pulling him by his limp cock. She stopped in front of the open stall and then tugged hard on Tom’s penis as she pulled him in front of her.“I’m not done with you, you want to look at me then you’ll have to pay for it.” She shoved him back and he fell hard onto the porcelain seat, pain shooting up his back. He was about to complain when he felt the warm around his cock again and looked down. Alexis was busy digging out his cock, giving her all to make him hard again. She looked up at him and smiled as best she could with a cock rammed down her throat. He felt his piece perk up instantly. “Mmmm,” she managed and increased her efforts on his cock. She finally pulled back and stood up.“So you like my ass huh?” She said as she turned around in the tight space of the stall. She bent over and let him have a full view of her ass. He reaches up and tried to touch it but she swatted his hand away, “Uh uh, you had your chance. Just sit there and stroke your cock for me…and watch”At this she began shaking her ass. Tom jammed his fist up and down his wang faster, much to her pleasure.“Like that huh?” She bent down suddenly and sat over his cock, “How about this?”Tom was in heaven. Alexis was slowly moving her ass back and forth over his cock, teasing him with it and leaving a wet trail from her leaking snatch. She stood back up and grabbed a hold of his cock and aimed it to her asshole. Much to Tom’s shock she suddenly brought her ass down on it and went in, no lube, no nothing. She let out a scream but quickly began working her hips into a frenzy. Tom’s cock was deep within her ass and she was nowhere near stopping.She bent over again, rested her hands on her knees and started to plunge her ass up and down on Tom’s cock.“Oh my fuckin’ god!!” Tom yelled out, he could already feel his load building up.“Oh baby, fuck my ass. Yeah, yeah, stick that cock up my dirty ass!!” Alexis begged as she practically did all the work herself.“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” Tom began to shake as he felt another surge of sperm build up.Alexis jumped off his cock and grabbed it. sahabet giriş She looked him straight in the eyes as she tightened her grip at the base of his cock, “Not yet you’re not.”She knelt down before him and looked at his glistening rod. It was covered in a light film of her own filth. Tom groaned at the thought that that would deter her from finishing him off, but was instantly surprised when she smiled and started to breath heavily at the sight of it.“Oh god, that is so hot,” she said as she brought the cock down to her mouth and plunged forward onto it. She moaned as she licked every bit of it, shit or not. Tom felt the load spring forward and like clockwork she pulled back and let the cum shoot out rope after thick rope. She stood up, letting go of the cock as it still shot out onto her bare crotch and over the black leather of her tight chaps. She stepped forward and over his still pumping cock and grabbed a hold of it as she straddled him and rammed it into her pussy. Tom moaned in a mix of pain in pleasure as her wet pussy milked him of his last drops of cum then continued to grind onto him refusing him rest and begging for more.Alexis grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled his head back as she grinded her hips relentlessly on his cock.“Don’t quit on me you pussy, give me more of that cum in my cunt,” she fiercely demanding. Her hips never letting up.“I can’t, you drained me,” Tom said.“Can’t huh?” She got up, turned around, and brought her wet pussy down on his cock as she looked back. “What if I fuck you while you watch my ass?”She was right, that did the trick. Ass to him and her scorching eyes looking at him, he was suddenly ready to shoot a 100 gallon load or so it seemed. She pounded his dick furiously with her pussy as her ass cheeks shook over his hips and his stomach. The feeling of her warm ass sitting down on him and her pussy engulfing his cock was too much. Tom grunted and let loose again, this seeming to feed the strength of her ministration on his cock. She pumped harder and harder as she felt the cum stream deep into her.“Oh yeah, Tommy, cum inside me. You wanted that so bad didn’t you? MMMMMmmmm…” Alexis moaned out at him her pussy suddenly contracting and tightening around his cock. She screamed out as a jet of her own cum shot out onto his groin and stomach.“Oooooooooo, yeah,” she said, her hips finally giving the last spasmodic jerks. She laid back and then slowly slid down onto the floor and off his cock.“Oh Alex that was the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me, “Tom barely managed but Alexis was already up to something.She spread his legs and stuck her tongue between his ass, lapping at his asshole. The feeling was unlike anything Tom had ever felt before and once again his cock was up at attention.“I want you to piss all over me,” Alexis said as she scooted up to his cock and swallowed his balls.“W-what? Uhhh,” Tom asked but decided that what a lady asks a lady must have, especially if she happened to be sucking on your balls. He relished the feeling of her tongue moving around his balls for a few moments and then let a steady stream of piss shoot out of his cock and all over her hair and face. The piss flowed down her matted hair and all over her leather jacket and down the crack of her ass onto the floor. She let go of his scrotum with a loud pop and swallowed his cock as it still poured out piss. She furiously bobbed her head up and down as one of her hands cupped his balls. She felt that familiar tightening and then the warm rush of piss was mixed with the dense stream of his cum. She felt it go down her throat and welcomed it. She sucked hard on his head until she was sure every last drop was gone. She let go of his cock and licked her lips. “Thanks Tommy, give me call sometime will you?”She opened the door of the stall and left the dazed Tommy behind. He drifted to sleep as he heard the sound of catcalls coming from the hallway outside. A smile crossed his face.

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