Alana and Britney

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They started out barely knowing each other, but going to the same high school… both 18, Alana and Britney would soon discover each other, and themselves.

Britney had moved to town with her brother David, 21, and her mom and dad when she had just turned 18, she was finishing up high school when Alana started dating her older brother Dave.

Alana and Britney quickly became friends and hung out while Dave was at work. Going to the mall, and the beach or pool were 2 things they did quite a bit.

Soon after Christmas, Dave got a job that would force him to move away, about 3 hours away in fact. Alana and Dave were going to try the long distance relationship. Shortly after Dave moved it was becoming more apparent to Alana that Dave had probably met someone in his new town. He called less and when he did call it was always short, and he never wanted to talk about their relationship. Alana didn’t know what to do so she went to Britney for help

“Brit, I think Dave met someone else…” she tried to get out, but sobbed part way through… tears began running down her face smearing some of her makeup.

“Hey, shhhh… It’s ok hun, Dave still loves you I’m sure he does.” Britney tried to comfort her friend, they hugged, their breasts pressing together.

“I don’t know he hasn’t called me in a couple days” she sobbed again, “what if he’s just fucking some chick, what do I do?” Britney held her tight

“Shhh, Dave wouldn’t do that to you, you’re so beautiful, how could he find anyone sexier than you?” Alana laughed

“You think so?” Britney looked into her eyes and nodded

“I know so honey; you’re easily the prettiest girl in school.” Alana giggled and wiped her eyes; she bit her lower lip in thought then leaned forward and kissed Britney on the lips. When they separated Britney smiled and looked at her best friend

“That was… wow….” She stammered. Alana nodded slowly in bahis firmaları agreement. Alana began to blush and Britney reached out to hug her

“I love you Alana.”

“I love you too Britney.” Alana replied, nearly crying. They pulled back from each other and looked around.

“Nobody else is here…” Britney said after a couple minutes, Alana smiled and nodded, she seemed to be considering her next move, then she stood from the bed and pulled Britney up to her, they kissed again their tongues moved from mouth to mouth, Alana’s hands started to search first, finding Britney’s smaller B cup breasts, squeezing and slowly stroking them… Britney began to do the same to Alana’s perfect C cup tits, both were getting very very excited… they pulled away for a second

“I… um… I want you Britney.” Alana managed to get out as Britney started kissing her neck. Alana began to pull of Britney’s tank top, then undid her bra letting out Britney’s tits, she pushed Britney against the wall and lowered her head to one of her soft boobs, slowly licking all over its surface before taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it lightly. Britney moaned softly and played with Alana’s dark brown ponytail. Alana was sucking softly and kissing Britney’s nipples when the phone rang… Alana stopped…

“You should get it, just in case it’s your parents or something.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Britney replied, a little breathless, she stepped over to the phone “Hello?” she answered

“Hey sis!” she heard on the other end of the phone, it was Dave.

“Hey big brother, How’s it going’ up there?” she said, Alana looked up surprised.

“Good, good… hey, have you seen Alana lately?” Dave asked her.

“Yeah, she was over this morning, she was kind of upset” Britney replied.

“Yeah, I know, can you keep a secret, please!?”

“Yes, of course, what is it?” Britney wanted to know. Even though kaçak iddaa she already knew what he was going to say…

“I met this girl up here, her name is Amanda, we really hit it off…” Dave kind of trailed off. Britney and Dave finished the conversation and Britney hung up. Alana practically jumped off the bed.

“So, what’s going on?” she demanded. Britney didn’t say anything but looked into her best friends eyes and nodded, Alana didn’t say anything either, she sat down and thought for a second.

“Britney, I think I really love you. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… I really want to see where this could go… are you with me?” she asked. Britney didn’t have to respond, the tears in her eyes were enough for Alana, she stood and took a couple steps to Britney and, taking her breasts in her hands, and kissed her. They stood kissing, touching and fondling for a while before Alana pushed Britney onto the bed and started pulling off her shirt and bra. They were both topless, Britney was staring at Alana’s perfect C cup breasts, Alana’s tanned body was so gorgeous, she looked like a goddess. Britney snapped out of it and unzipped her skirt and slipped it off, all that remained were her tiny pink panties. Alana got on the bed beside her and they started kissing again, but this time Alana’s hand didn’t go to Britney’s tits, it went straight to her pussy, rubbing around. Britney was breathing heavier and trying to control herself but it was nearly useless, Alana pulled Britney’s panties to the side and slipped a finger into her dripping wet pussy. Britney moaned loudly, Alana kissed her and began slowly thrusting her finger back and forth in the tight little slit.

“MMM… Alana that feels, sooooo good…” Britney groaned as her hips rocked in rhythm with Alana’s finger. Alana stopped, only long enough to get another finger into her then began thrusting faster, Britney cried out, she had been fingered kaçak bahis before, but it had never felt this good. Then she lost it completely, Alana lowered herself and slowly licked Britney’s clit and Britney exploded, her pussy clenched around Alana’s fingers, she moaned loudly and gripped at the sheets as an orgasm rocked through her. Alana smiled and came up to kiss Britney, they kissed and Britney tasted herself for the first time.

“That was amazing Alana!” Britney said as the kiss ended.

“I know your pussy got so tight around my fingers…” Alana smiled devilishly and licked her fingers, Britney was moving forward to Alana’s tits, taking one in her mouth, Alana giggled.

“That tickles” she managed, but then Britney bit down softly and giggles became a moan. Britney played with Alana’s tits for a while, during which time Alana worked on getting her shorts off.

“Brit… my shorts are off, I want you to lick me!” Alana cried out, Britney didn’t even hesitate, she kissed down Alana’s stomach to her panties and pulled them down exposing Alana’s sopping pink pussy, Britney dove right in, spreading the lips and licking all over, Alana moaned and giggled, Britney decided to slip a finger into Alana and Alana loved it, she moaned loudly and grabbed Britney’s blonde hair pushing her face closer to her steaming pussy.

“Oh God!!! This is so amazing!!!” Alana moaned when Britney shoved another finger into her. Soon Alana couldn’t speak, only moan and it wasn’t long until she came, crying out loudly, her body shaking.

“Oh God… Wow…” Alana barely got out as Britney came up to kiss her.

“Alana? Have you ever done that before?” Britney asked. “No… no…” she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Alana and Britney held each other for a while.

“You’re so much better in bed than your brother” Alana giggled, “He only lasts a couple minutes” They both giggled, Britney smiled.

“Are we… girlfriends?” she asked.

“I want to be… if you do… I love you Britney.” Alana replied with a smile.

“I love you too Alana” They kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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