AirBNB VIP Penny Part 2

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AirBNB VIP Penny Part 2The doorbell rand and I slipped my shorts on even though young Penny had made my cock half hard and was clearly showing, bugger me if it wasn’t the same lad that delivered before when Lisa teased him and he remembered seeing me naked in the lounge, he remembered me and gave me a wink as he noticed Penny naked on the sofa. I gave him a good tip and he probably went outside and pulled one off looking through the window .“Shall we slum it and eat out the boxes” I said with a giggle, the smoke had definitely hit us both now, Penny looked up taking her box, “Fuck yeah babe” she said smiling and I was just about to sit down when she abruptly said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” and she had that gleam in her eye and was pointing at my shorts, “Oh, right” I said putting my box down and did a slow teasing striptease, well just the shorts but it looked good doing a sexy dance in front of the laughing Penny, my cock standing at half-mast as I sat down and we munched out pizza in between giggling fits.I don’t know how but the subject turned to this religious belief about being naturally hairy, she confessed that it was a load of bollocks and she just liked it that way and I had to agree that it did turn me on and although it could do with a trim it did look nice and I did love the way her hairs disappeared up the crack of her arse, I don’t know what made me say it but it just came out, “Do you have a hairy arsehole?” I asked with a giggle and with a serious face she answered, “I don’t know babe, I cant see it” which did make me chuckle, she smiled and asked, “Do you want to have a look?” which was an offer too good to refuse.I took her pizza box and she took a swig of wine and got up and knelt on the sofa with her legs slightly apart and arched her back pushing her sweet rounded arse up in the air, OMG what a beautiful sight I had in front of my eyes, her arse was smooth and I could just see a few hairs in her crack as my gaze lowered to her hairy gap, her labia lips peering through, “Well” she asked softly, “Get closer if you want to see better” she murmured with a giggle which was an offer too good to refuse so I stepped closer and rubbed her rounded cheeks pulling them apart exposing her sweet shaded starfish and yes, it was hairy, Mmm“Oh yes Penny, you have the most delicious arse” I said dribbling, “Thank you babe but maybe you should get closer” she responded and I didn’t need telling twice and I could feel the warmth as I got closer, the musky smell made my head spin as I was an inch away, she moaned as she felt my breath.I squeezed her cheeks widening them as far as possible as my tongue made a bee line for her tasty hole, I flicked and prodded as I ran my tongue up and down her crack licking under her pussy lips and back up to the target, her moans were muffled and she gripped the back of the sofa with her head buried in a cushion as I licked around her hole sending her into a frenzy and I could feel her pushing back on my face forcing my tongue to push in with my nose tight up in her crack, Mmm the taste was unique as she wiggled gently forcing me deeper. I could have stayed in this position for days as her arse opened up with my tongue, she needed fucking and my cock was ready.I stood up behind her and she braced herself as I ran the head down her crack to her wet arsehole, she gasped as I pressed the head against esenyurt escort her waiting hole, “Oh YES!!” she cried out as I pushed the head inside, “OMG YESSS!!” she cried out as I slowly pushed in and slowly started to thrust until I was all in and could feel my nuts banging against the back of her legs.“FUCK ME FRANK, FUCK MY ARSE!” she cried out as I banged away at her beautiful hairy butt, her grip tightened as I quickened the pace and her cries got louder and I could feel her shake as her warm juices splashed my balls, I was there and with one big thrust my cock pulsated and she cried out “OH FUCK YESSSS!” as she felt my hot cum shoot deep inside her, “Oh baby Mmm” she said softly as I slowed right down pulling my softening cock out, she immediately turned round sitting on the edge and took my cock into her mouth and sucked the last drops from me and then licked all around the head, “Mmm” she sighed looking up at me.She stood up and looked me in the eye, her beautiful blue eyes sent shivers down my smile and she smiled before leaning forward and kissed me on the lips, she lingered so I started to kiss back and then felt our tongues touch and it turned into a full-blown passionate kiss, WOW!, I was blown away. After what seemed like an eternity she pulled away and smiled, “Frank” she said softly, “Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked and I looked into her puppy eyes and could not refuse such a request.We finished our wine and quickly cleared up the pizza boxes and this time led the way up the stairs, when we got to the bedroom Penny remarked how sexy my arse was, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and we jumped into bed with just a thin sheet covering our naked bodies.It was nice as Penny cuddled up with her hand just fiddling with my cock, she seemed infatuated with it I must have fallen asleep with her playing.I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I had this wonderful sensation all over my body and although I couldn’t open my eyes I could make out that this was coming from Penny who was licking all over my body from head to foot. Mmm nothing better than waking up to a tongue bath as she started at my neck and quickly got to my nipples where she did spend a bit of time and then running her tongue down to my naval where she teased for a while, I could feel the morning wood was in full swing and felt her tongue flick the tip and then run down the shaft to my balls, she was moving around the bed to get the best angle.She widened my legs and knelt in between as she gently stroked up my thighs while looking down on my stiff erection, my eyes opened as she ran her fingers very lightly up and down the shaft sending tingles through my body, she gave me a warm smile, “Good morning babes” she said softly as her fingers rubbed the precum into my helmet.She knelt forward and kissed me gently on the lips and whispered in my ear “Turn over” and I was happy to oblige. She got back in between my outstretched legs and slowly ran her finger tips up the back of my thighs and up to the cheeks of my arse. Mmm she had such a soft touch my cock was throbbing.She gently rubbed my arse with her finger tips in a circular motion and my cock was throbbing so much I had to raise my arse, “Mmm such a sexy arse Frank” she said softly as she pulled the cheeks wide apart exposing my shaded starfish, “Mmm” she murmured again before asking avrupa yakası escort me to get up onto my knees which I did and had Penny behind me, at least my cock wasn’t squashed. I could feel her warm breath on my hole as her face got closer and jolted slightly as I felt her warm tongue licking my crack and running down to my hanging balls, I moaned out as she flicked and probed and then ran back to my waiting arsehole. I moaned loudly as she slurped away at my arse and a hand reached between my legs and grabbed the shaft of my cock and slowly start to wank me and then felt a finger from her other hand push into my arse, I jolted forward out of surprise more than anything but she was gentle as I felt her finger slowly enter me, her saliva supplying plenty of lubricant.She pushed in deep and wiggled about and the sensation was electric as she touched on my spot and then she withdrew and I gasped as two fingers re-entered and again a moaned as she wiggled her way back to the spot, it was sending shockwaves through me as she finger fucked my arse and slowly wanked my cock, hence to say that I didn’t last very long and soon shouted out “OMG YESSS!” and a spurt of cum shot out and landed on the pillow.Penny very quickly wrestled me onto my back and quickly took my cock in her mouth to get the rest of the cum out of my balls sucking hard on the head while milking the shaft, “Mmm” she sighed as she sucked the last drops.She pulled me up and still naked we went downstairs to make some coffee, my cock resting and just hanging and even soft Penny was curious and her gaze was often there and last night in bed when she just twiddled with it, definite infatuation.We sat and chatted while the coffee was brewing and out of the blue and while staring at my cock she said in a soft voice, “Such a nice cock Frank, so soft and then so hard” she said with a giggle reaching across and giving it a playful squeeze probably longer than necessary but nice, nonetheless.I know how she felt because I felt the same about her hairy pussy, there is just something about it that makes me shiver and her arse, Wow she has the most wonderful arse and so damn tasty.We chatted over coffee and she told me I was a credit to the site and she has had a wonderful time, she wasn’t in a rush so I suggested smoking one for before breakfast and she happily agreed so we sat at the table next to each other, she looked good first thing in the morning and her perky little titties stood proud and her nipples were stiff, they had been stiff since she got here.We got the giggles again pretty quick and she saw me staring at her nipples, we turned our chairs so we faced each other and I leant forward and flicked her nipple with my tongue, she giggled and told me not to ignore the other one so I went back and forth sucking on her stiff bullets. Penny sighed and ran her fingers through my hair as her head went back and then gasped as I nibbled her neck, she pulled me up close and our lips met but this time the passion was instant and her tongue filled my mouth searching out every inch, my cock was rising quickly such was the intensity of the kiss and I felt Penny’s hand wrap around the shaft, she had an oversize mouth and I think her tongue followed suit as I felt it tickle my tonsils, Damn!!I picked her up with our mouths anadolu yakası escort still locked together and sat her down on the counter spreading her legs, I broke away from the kiss and ran my tongue slowly down her shaking body stopping at each nipple on the way and then lightly down her belly and into the masses of hair, I pushed her legs wide and searched out her already wet labia lips and she squirmed as I gently sucked on each. Her juices were warm and sweet and as I licked and sucked on her button she shook to another orgasm and squirted a little against my chin. “OH FUCK YESS!” she cried as she grabbed hold of my shoulders.My tongue went in deep and her cries got louder as she gripped my shoulders pushing herself on to me, she tasted so sweet. I stood up and she was just at the right height, a shout out to kitchen designers, so I took hold of my now throbbing cock and teased the head around her wet lips, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her forcing the head to slip inside of her and it was like she sucked me in as my cock slid in up to the hilt and my balls banging against the counter top.Penny gasped as I began to thrust and her head went back, “OMG! YES! OH YEEEEESSSSSS!” she cried as I quickened the pace and got into my rhythm with her legs firmly wrapped around my waist she tightened her cunt muscles keeping me firmly locked in.She gyrated her hips as she held me round the neck and the pace quickened, our lips met in another passionate kiss and again Penny’s tongue was flicking my tonsils and it was such a turn on feeling her tongue exploring. Her breathing was heavy and our kissing had muffled her cries as she reached orgasm holding on tight as her body shook, her juices lubricating her tight cunt.We took turns sucking on each other’s tongues as I pounded away and I was so close now and quickened up, Penny sensed this and gripped me tighter as I yelped out feeling my cock pulsating filling her belly with hot cum, Penny muffled a groan as she felt it hit and our mouths were still locked together in total passion, my cock stayed inside her and started to soften as her muscles relaxed.Our lips finally parted and we both smiled at each other, “Wow!” she said softly, “Just WOW!” and I slowly pulled out my softening cock and helped her down off the counter top, she immediately got on her knees and licked all the mixed juices off my cock and sucking gently to get the last drops, “Can’t let that go to waste, can we?” she said looking up at me with a beaming smile.Penny went up to shower while I cooked up some eggs for breakfast and with perfect timing she returned just as they were done, she looked fresh and hot! She had a small tight crop top and tight yoga shorts and now I felt out of place still being naked but was comfortable with it. We sat down to eat the eggs and Penny handed me an envelope, “This is for you babes” she said giving me a peck on the cheek, “Do you offer discount for returning customers?” she asked with that twinkle in her eye, I smiled sweetly, “Darling” I said putting my hand on her thigh, “You are welcome back here anytime free of charge”, her eyes widened nearly as wide as her smile but there was something about Penny, well lots of things actually, that really turns me on.“Really” she said excitedly, “Do you mean that babes” and when I nodded my head she reached across and hugged me, “I may well take you up on that, this was an awesome night babes” she said in a sincere voice, we exchanged numbers and I let her take a few pics of my cock which she seems infatuated with, she even asked me to take a few with my cock in her mouth.It appeared that Penny only lives a couple of hours drive away so it was a good possibility and she was fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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