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4th June

After the spanking Bernie had given and Rob’s grateful and enthusiastic blow job in response, they laid and cuddled for a while. Rob slept for an hour or so, while Bernie lay quietly, lost in thought. He had surprised himself with his reaction to Rob’s lewd pictures, it had stirred his own sexual imagination and he had just improvised, playing a role and giving a speech, not thinking about what he was doing. The whole experience, spanking Rob, his naked red and exposed bottom, his cries and sobs had left Bernie more turned on than he had ever felt in his life. His cock began to harden again as he replayed the spanking in his mind. “I obviously hurt him, but he seemed to love it. I could see that he did. Hear that he did. Seeing Rob enjoying the pain, it made me want to spank him longer and harder. I wanted to complete his fantasy. I wanted to hurt him to give him pleasure and joy. I must have done that because…Jesus… that blow job… his face…!”

Rob stirred, awakening, and sitting up abruptly. “Ow!” he winced. He looked at Bernie, his cock stiffening. “What have you done to my bum, big bad burning Bernard?”

“Only what you asked for. And you wanted it right? You loved it…Didn’t you?” There was uncertainty and real fear in Bernie’s voice.

“Darling, relax. You know I adored it. I loved it! Fuck it hurt, but, oh my god you’ve made me feel so happy. I also loved servicing you on my knees. I loved submitting to you. Don’t get me wrong, my arse is still sore, but my god, I’m so turned on right now. I need to cum please Bernie.”

Bernie felt more sure of himself. He was beginning to see possibilities. “Turn over, lie on your front and hug the pillow Rob”.

He stroked and kneaded his sweetheart’s buttocks. The afyon escort soreness was accentuated by Bernie’s attentions and Rob mewled and whimpered grinding his cock into the mattress. Bernie’s fingernails raked at his seared buttocks causing him to cry out in mingled pain and delight “Oh Please Bernie! Please! I need you to fuck me! Please fuck me!”

“Wanton hussy!” Bernie chuckled, giving Rob’s buttocks a sharp smack, and causing him to yelp with pain. He rummaged in the bedside draw and pulled out a tube of lubricant. “Since you’ve been such a good boy this afternoon Rob, I think it’s only fair that I stretch your arse wide open.”

“Oh my fucking god that’s so hot! Oh yes please!! Fuck me!” Bernie squeezed a dollop of lube onto Rob’s anus, rubbing it in. He inserted two of his fingers into him, causing Rob to sob ecstatically.

“Naughty boy.” He admonished “You’re a filthy little cock hungry arse slut, aren’t you?” He placed the tip of his penis against the puckered entrance of his boyfriend’s anus and pushed in, feeling the sphincter muscle stretch around him. Rob moaned as Bernie plunged into him fully, his balls nestled against Rob’s perineum. “Kneel up”, he commanded. Rob thrust his bottom up, head face down into the pillow. Bernie begun to plough into him, thrusting hard and deep, ravaging his lover, who sobbed and cried out in animal passion.

The feeling of Bernie’s hard maleness ramming into him, coupled with the soreness of his punished cheeks drove Rob insane with passion. “Oh Bernie! Oh my bum! My bum! Oh god! Oh god! Oh my, Oh my.. Bernie!”… His words turned into animal noises. Bernie fucked Rob’s arse Hard.

“You like that don’t you, my cock ramming into you? Splitting you open? My little ağrı escort arse slut? Your hungry little rear end was made for pleasuring my hard cock. Isn’t that right?” That did it. Rob howled as his cock showered semen all over the bed and this pushed Bernie over the edge into his own intense orgasm, as his spunk gushed deep into his boyfriend’s bowls.

Bernie fell onto Rob and they lay gasping. Rob moved onto his side and Bernie spooned him, cradling him lovingly. For a while the was silence. “I think we’re onto something here don’t you? Rob turned and smiled. “I mean, this morning, this afternoon, today. I don’t know about you, but I have never had sex this good, ever!”

Bernie was thoughtful. “Yes, this is new to me too. You brought something out in me today I didn’t know was there.”

“Did you enjoy spanking me?” Rob was blushing, which Bernie thought was really cute.

“Are you kidding? You look adorable over my knee. The noises you made are so seriously cute and arousing! And your red rump is an image that’s not leaving my head for a long time.” They lay together in silence for a while.

Rob looked pensive. “I’ve always known I enjoyed the idea of being spanked. It’s always scared me, I thought there was something wrong with me. That I enjoyed being abused or treated cruelly out of self-hatred or something. But what happened today, the carrot thing, being with you…. you bring the lewdness out in me. The desire to give myself to you. It’s something about safety, I mean, something about being with you. It’s like you’re opening me up.” Bernie laughed delightedly, unable to resist a joke.

“Didn’t I just do that?” He grinned, nuzzling Rob’s neck. Rob stared at Bernie, blushing deep red with a confusing aksaray escort mix of embarrassment and delight. Bernie kissed him tenderly. Go. on. I’m listening.”

“I’m trying to say, you make me feel safe. I feel safe with you. I want to explore this stuff, kinky stuff, spanking, bondage, being submissive. I want you to do all sorts of things to me. Things that scare me, things that push me to the edge. I what to explore this with you.”

Bernie was silent for a moment. “I do too. I’m still getting my head around what’s happening with us, but spanking you felt playful and loving. I loved being in control and calling you slut. I loved having such power over you. I loved that you submitted to me spanking you so fully, and there was this feeling like I was giving you a great big present wrapped up with love. I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly. It scared me knowing I was hurting you, but I also felt like in a weird confusing way I was being kind and loving, really trusting you to tell me to stop if I went too far. I was scared I was pushing you too far.”

Rob lay on Bernie’s chest, hugging him. “God that’s such a relief to hear. I was frightened of you going too far and I was scared I would allow you to. It’s what made it so powerful, the pain was a good pain, the right kind of pain in the right way with the right man. You are the right man. Yes, you did hurt me, but the pleasure, the joy, the bliss I felt giving myself to you made the pain as intense as it was, not really the point. The pain is only important as a way for me to submit to you, to give myself over to you and trust you with my body and my feelings. It’s about being really intimate with you.”

Bernie exhaled, visibly relieved. “Wow. Yes, that makes sense to me, and I feel safer thinking about exploring this further with you. We need to take this slow, but yes, I want this too… ” The two men hold each other. Rob’s heart blazed with joy and he smiled, enjoying the embers of a similar fire, the fire that Bernie had lit in his bottom.

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