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Rachel and her best friend Monica were on their way back from prep school, both having turned eighteen a few weeks before. Rachel was a good girl, she was very pretty and a virgin. She had shoulder length brown hair, c-cup breast and was tall. Monica was about the same height, with brownish-black hair, c-cups and a sly grin that seemed to say, I’m the best. Except for attitude they could pass for sisters, even twins. They decided to go to Monica’s house because nobody was there. It was a short walk to the house, down the road, around the corner and into the front door. They locked the door and shut the blinds. Can’t let the neighbors know they were home alone. As soon as they got in they dropped their bags. It was Friday, homework would have to wait. Monica asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Look around?” Rachel said.

“Sure thing!”

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Monica said, “If I’m exploring I’m going to be comfortable.”

With that her plaid dress hit the floor followed by her white blouse and her bra and panties. Rachel was impressed by how quickly Monica got naked. “Don’t you worry that someone will see?”

“Come on. The blinds are closed!” with that she walked over and said in a childish voice, “Afraid I’ll see your little pussy?”

As she said that she reached up under Rachel’s skirt and touched her pussy. Rachel pulled back and giggled shyly. Her pussy heated up a bit. She shook her head and followed Monica’s lead. The two girls were completely naked in her living room. It was weird for Rachel, but it felt right at the same time.

They started their search of the house in the basement. Not much there. The ground floor was the same, a whole bunch of nothing. The second floor was close, except for Monica’s room. There were posters of half naked guys, but more of girls in bathing suits and pictures of naked girls in the closet. Rachel wondered what it meant. She figured it was her friend was curious about how other girls acted when they had sex with guys.

The attic was a different story. Hidden away from the entrance was Maltepe Escort a small room. They worked their way over to the door. Monica told Rachel to open the door. She said,” There is a special surprise inside.”

As Rachel passed Monica slapped her on the butt. Rachel reached out and grabbed the door knob. She slowly peeked inside. To her surprise the room was a hot pink color. It was a huge closet full of clothes on one end and at the other end sat a big bed. It was only when Rachel looked closer that she noticed the clothes were not your everyday clothes. Most were lingerie and other costumes. Then there was the shelf full of dildos and other sex toys. Rachel turned to Monica,” I don’t understand?”

“Want to play dress up? You can be the mommy.”

Monica stepped over to Rachel and pushed her against the wall. She pulled Rachel’s head close and gently kissed her lips. Rachel didn’t kiss back. Monica kissed her again, this time she put her tongue on Rachel’s lips and traced the outline. Rachel was getting wet and falling into the mood. She half opened her mouth and Monica’s tongue found its way into Rachel’s mouth. Rachel sucked on Monica’s tongue. Rachel said, a bit confused, “This isn’t right.”

“Well then, shall we pick out a nice outfit to go with that beautiful body of yours?”

They walked over to the racks of clothes. There were so many of them. Rachel didn’t know where to start. She quickly forgot about her naked best friend kissing her. She picked up a nurse outfit. “I’ll give you your exam today, Monica.”

“Mmmn, when do we start? I’ve felt this need in my pussy for a long time now. I think you can fix it.”

Both started to laugh. Rachel set down the nurse out fit. She saw soldier’s uniforms, formal clothes, even a Monroe dress. Monica had quite the collection. Rachel turned to see what Monica was up to. She was over at the shelf, looking at a few dildos. Rachel joined her. She looked surprised at the collection of just dildos. There were big ones, small ones, ones with bumps and then there was one with straps. Maltepe Escort Bayan This one was interesting. Rachel picked it up. Monica noticed,” That one is for experienced girlfriends. Don’t worry I can’t use it on you, your a virgin still. I don’t want to hurt you. Here step into it.”

Rachel stepped into the straps. Monica pulled it up. As she adjusted it her finger gently grazed her mound. This sent a shiver up Rachel’s spine. It felt good. She had to admit that she wanted it to happen again. After Monica finished the adjustment she knelt in front of her. She took her hand and stroked the cock and then sucked on it a bit, never taking her eyes off of Rachel’s face. Rachel couldn’t look at her; it was awkward seeing her best friend sucking her fake prick.

Rachel undid the straps and took of the gizmo. She went back to finding an outfit. She walked over and found a nice set of black lingerie. As she slid into the panties, she couldn’t help but glance over at Monica. She knew something was going to happen. After the kiss and the dildo thing, she was sure Monica wanted her. The strangest part was she wanted whatever Monica was planning to happen. She stood up, adjusted the crotch and butt of the underwear and put the bra on. It was cool that she and Monica were about the same dimensions, they could share clothes. She opened a few drawers, filled with panties of every color and shape. Then she found the drawer with the hosiery. She found a pair of black thigh highs with polka dots on them. She slipped her long legs into them. She looked herself over in the mirror. That’s it, if Monica wants me; she’s going to get me. She pulled on a short mini skirt that barely covered the top of her stockings. She found a hot little top that she tied off at the end to show off her flat belly. She put on a pair of four inch heels and turned to face Monica.

Monica was wearing a half bra and a thong with black stockings. By the looks of it she didn’t get far in dressing, as she was sitting on the floor by the bed, hands between her legs and panties Escort Maltepe to the side. She must have seen Rachel dressing and got so turned on she could only put her hands on her pussy. She didn’t bother to stop when Rachel caught her. Rachel slid her hands down her sides and with one hand pulled the front of her skirt up a bit to show the bottom of her mound. Monica convulsed at the sight. Her hands worked a little faster. Rachel walked over and pulled Monica’s hands away from her wet crotch. She pulled Monica up, took her figures and licked them clean. She then took her hand and slid it down between them, and pulled up her mini skirt. Monica slipped her hand down the front of Rachel’s panties and cupped her mound. The feeling of that tight mound sent her into euphoria. Rachel pushed Monica on the bed, kicked off the shoes and slid out of the skirt in one motion. The top was thrown fast. Rachel laid on top of her friend, two beautiful girls in nothing but lingerie and lust. Rachel kissed Monica on the lips, pushing her tongue in as far as she could. Monica sucked her tongue, rubbed hers against Rachel’s. Rachel grabbed Monica’s hand and took one of her figures and one of Monica’s and rubbed both of their clits at the same time. Rachel’s juices started to flow freely mingled with Monica’s. That sent Monica over the edge. She came hard; Rachel had to hold on to stay on top.

When Monica was done, Rachel climbed up and slipped her legs around Monica’s head and under her body. She lowered her wet crotch to Monica’s mouth. Monica brought her head up, she opened her mouth wide and Rachel pushed her cunt down on Monica’s mouth. Monica licked the wet silky fabric. Rachel started to move her hips. She was groaning now. Her first orgasm was about to be caused by her best friend, no, her new lover. The panties were a bit in the way; Rachel reached down and pushed them to the side. Her hand came right to her clit and started to rub it. Between Monica’s mouth and her hand, Rachel was screaming wildly, Monica pulled her hand up and joined Rachel’s working her clit. It was more than Rachel could handle. She came all over Monica’s face; her fluids covered her best friends smiling mouth. She moved up next to Monica and kissed her lips. Their hands found their way to each others mounds where they laid embraced kissing and holding each others slit, gently caressing each other until they feel asleep.

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