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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend: After Graduation Chapter 7 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 7 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. ***************** Corey and I entered our apartment and walked over to the couch. Corey sat down and threw his arms over the back of it after our very long day of Thanksgiving. “Damn, I’m exhausted,” he said. “I am too. We need to come up with a solution where we don’t drive to your Mom’s for lunch and then to mine for Thanksgiving. I feel like we were in the car more than we were not.” “I agree, but it is something we might wanna get used to now. You know Linda won’t go for us being at my Mom’s for one entire holiday,” Corey said. “And it wouldn’t be right for us to go my Mom’s for both and yours for one. We’re stuck.” “I guess we are stuck, together, but we do have plenty of food for a few days,” Corey said. I stood, laughed and went back out to our new vehicle to retrieve the left overs amassed by Mom’s overcooking and our light appetite. I threw the food in the fridge. “I wonder how long it’ll last when Kris and Colt get here.” “Not long. We really need to work out where they can both stay with their girls here,” Corey said. “We do still have the air mattress if one of them is willing to go that route,” I said and sat next to Corey. “I’m just thankful they’re coming.” “Me too. I’m thankful for so much in my life,” I said and squeezed my arm around his back. “Today has got me thinking about what I’m thankful for.” “That’s the purpose. I don’t have to tell you how thankful I am to have you as my boyfriend, partner and lover. You’re the best thing ever in my life, Matt, if you didn’t know that. Every day when I come in that door I know I’m loved unconditionally. Everything that happened during the day is left behind when my eyes see you.” “OOO Corey, that is so sweet. I feel so blessed to know each morning I get to wake up next to you. I’m very thankful that after only a week in college I found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We have truly evolved from dating to boyfriends to lovers and now to the point where we are true partners and soul mates in life.” “Ah thanks. I know how thankful I am to not only to have you but a group of friends that I love to death and love being around. They made college fun and interesting, as well as something I wouldn’t mind repeating. I know now life continues and that’s just a memory, though one fucking great memory.” “Yes, it was so fucking great and something I’d do all over, but I have dreams and hopes for our future. I’m very thankful for Kris… sorry but it’s true.” “I know that,” Corey said. “I’m thankful that I have friends that accept me for who I am and not what they want me to be. Colt is a shining example of that. I am thankful for Mom and all she sacrificed for me. I was thankful for having those last days with Dad and wish he had been one of our stops. I love that Mom has found her soul mate like I have. Vince and VJ are the best thing to come her way ever.” “Yeah, I’m thankful that my Mom may be going in the right direction. Believe or not, Larry has always been good to me and has endured so much over the years,” Corey said. “We’re both lucky to have jobs we enjoy. In a perfect world they would be in the same location as Kris and Colt’s but it is working out for all of us. Each of us is putting down the foundation with our lovers for what we all hope is forever,” I said. “I’m not sure that could happen as well with us living near each other. It has forced us to be with that person and not the others.” We sat around until deciding to head off to bed before both of us were asleep. Getting to our bedroom did wake us up enough to enjoy having sex. Corey was extremely passionate as always and gave me the privilege of taking his thick cock. Our lips rarely parted when he was fucking my ass. It was a nice slow, loving fuck that took us a while to complete since we didn’t want to spoil this moment of being as one. Our sex life had been great and varied over the past few months but tonight was one of those nights where it felt so special. We started Friday with me returning the favor and making love to Corey. It was a great way to start our day, plus we weren’t sure what the day held for us. All we knew was Kris, Colt and their girls were coming over for the day, but little else. While Corey and I were watching TV, waiting, Kris sent me a text saying they’d be at our place after one. One passed by with me wondering where they were. Finally, about one thirty, we heard a knock. Corey went to answer the door and welcomed Kris and Colt inside. Colt was now sporting a trim beard he hadn’t been when we’d seen him just two weeks ago. “Hey, where are Faith and Melissa?” I asked. Kris laughed, “Bro, in case you don’t know what day it is, it’s Black Friday. Where do you think two ladies are?” “Get this shit. They had the nerve to ask if we wanted to go,” Colt laughed. “Truthfully, they knew it would be great for them to go shopping and for us to chill over here. We’re gonna meet up with them later.” “Makes sense,” Corey said and came back holding four beers. “Corey knew what I was wanting,” Kris said and took the beer from Corey’s hand. “So what took so long to get here?” I asked. “Faith and I were a little slow about things this morning at Mom’s,” Colt replied and took the beer from Corey. “So y’all stayed gaziantep escort at your house last night?” Corey asked and sat next to me. “Oh yeah! Ain’t it crazy that our folks will now let us sleep with our girlfriends at their house?” Colt said. “Bro, they know we do every night,” Kris laughed. “It was fucking tight having sex with Melissa in my bed knowing my parents knew what we were doing.” Colt reached out his hand for a high five, “Very fucking tight nailing Faith in my old bed. We’d have killed to do that when we were growing up.” “Damn, we’re getting old,” Corey laughed. “I’d chalk it up to the fact they want us there and treat us like adults,” I said. We talked about how each one of us had two Thanksgivings to appease each set of parents. Kris was the lucky one of the group since Melissa’s parents didn’t live too far away from his. Faith lived about an hour from Colt so they didn’t have to drive all day like Corey and I did. “Bros, before we go any further, Colt and I were talking…” Kris said. “Danger alert,” I laughed. “Fuck you,” Kris said and laughed. “No, we need to plan it right now to go on vacation together this summer.” “We do need to plan ahead so I can ask for time off,” Corey said. “Same here,” I said. “I need to know as soon as possible since vacation weeks fill up in a hurry at work.” “When and where were you thinking?” Corey added. “I was thinking the first week of June we could rent a house together at the beach,” Kris replied. “Matt, we have summer plans now then,” Corey said. “We all do,” Colt said. “Kris, how much are we talking?” “Bro, I don’t have a clue,” Kris replied. “Loosen up and spend some of your damn money for one time in your life.” “Asshole, I do and have in case you forgot all the shit we did in college,” Colt said. “Colt does have a good point. Are we talking a grand per couple or more?” I asked. “Kris that is a factor.” “Get your tablet and check it out,” Kris said. I headed to grab my tablet and returned. We looked at two locations that were within driving distances. They gathered around and looked over my shoulder. There was a variety of choices that weren’t too expensive. “Ummm… I think most of them are doable,” Corey said. “I agree,” Colt said. “Bros, I’d say we book them at least by the first of the year so we have a spot,” Kris said. “That way you three can ask for time off at work and so can Faith and Melissa. Okay, now we need plans for spring break.” “Kris, we’re not like you. We don’t get off every other fucking week,” Colt said. I laughed, “I know. Corey and I only get off 2 weeks a year.” “Y’all are sorry as shit,” Kris laughed. “Damn, I love being a teacher.” “I guess that is one of the perks,” Corey said. “I wish I had that much off, especially for the holidays.” “Bros, it is great. I’ll be kicked back while y’all are working,” Kris said. “I swear someone wants three guys to literally kick his ass,” Colt said. Kris held out his arms, “I don’t see one of you that could even come close. Bring it on, fuckers, if you think you can.” Corey stood, smiled at me and tackled Kris to the ground. Kris started laughing with Corey on top of him. They ended up in the middle of the floor with Corey playfully punching Kris in the side, pressing his weight down on Kris’s pelvis so he couldn’t get up. Colt jumped down and got in on the action, knowing exactly where to tickle Kris to get him writhing around, almost crying. I didn’t want to feel left out and jumped on the pile. That seemed to shift focus from Kris and we all started wrestling each other, one body crashing over another. We rolled around like we did some times back in college, but it was all in fun. The fun stopped when we hit a table and spilled Kris’s beer. “No more bragging, you weak bitch,” Corey said with us unpiling but still in the floor. “Brag some more,” Colt said. “That was fun.” “Bros, it was,” Kris said. “I remember now why I love each of you so much.” He leaned over and kissed me. Corey grabbed Colt for a kiss and then I was grabbed by Colt for a great kiss. “Yep, we still love each other very much,” I said. “I will never ever stopping loving y’all,” Colt said and turned to kiss Kris, running his hands down Kris’s back as he slid his tongue into his mouth. “Damn, no doubt you love Kris,” Corey said watching them. “I do,” Colt said. “Have y’all fucked since you’ve been here?” Corey asked. “Corey, that’s personal,” I said. “Between us, nothing is personal, bro. Check this shit out. We finally did it…” Kris said. “Did what?” Corey asked with us in the floor. “We had a foursome last weekend,” Colt said with a big smile and excitement clear on his face. “Damn it was so fucking hot!” “Yeah, our girls got to watch us fuck, but we saw a little bi in them come out too,” Kris said. “Just how drunk were they?” I asked. Kris laughed, “Not too bad. Seriously, it was like a fucking dream watching Melissa and Faith eat each other’s pussies.” “What did they think?” Corey asked. “I know Faith loved it. She got quite vocal. I think it made her understand me a little more and what I get from having sex with Kris or one of you guys. If anything it’s actually made us even closer than we were before. The only thing we didn’t do is fuck each other’s girlfriend,” Colt said. “We did fuck `em next to each other,” Kris said. I laughed and shook my head, “Just like old times.” “I guess it was, bro,” Kris said with Colt laughing as well. We got off the floor with Kris going for another one. “What are the plans tonight?” I asked. “We’re going to meet them for supper,” Colt replied. “After that, I don’t have a clue unless y’all know somewhere we could go and kick it for a while.” “I guess we could find a place or two,” I said. “So who’s around this weekend?” Kris asked, returning. “Scott suriyeli escort is at his parent’s house for the weekend. I know Shawn is here, or should be. I don’t know about Bruce,” I replied. “If anyone knows a place we can go it would be Shawn for damn sure,” Colt said. Corey laughed, “No doubt. If y’all are hungry we have leftovers. If not, I’m gonna eat alone.” “I’m not really hungry right now,” Kris said. “Me either,” Colt said. Corey and I headed to the kitchen and began warming up Mom’s leftovers. After it was warmed up Kris and Colt sat with us while we were eating. It wasn’t long before I was getting them a plate of their own rather than having them eating off of our plates. “Kris, back to spring break, what did you have in mind?” I asked while we were eating. “Bro, I’m not going there again only to listen to your wiseass comments,” Kris said. “Dammit, just tell us,” Colt said. “I was thinking we could go camping… maybe close to the nude beach,” Kris answered. “It could be cold then,” Corey said. “It wasn’t the last time we went,” Kris said. “He’s got a point there, Corey. It is something cheap…” Colt said. “And something we enjoy,” I said. “Corey and I haven’t been camping in a while. I’m sure by spring we’ll be aching to get out.” “It is something we can plan just before it gets here too,” Corey added. “Any other plans for us, Kris?” “Nope. That’s about all I have right now,” Kris said. “No engagement plans or shit like that?” I asked with a smile. Colt and Kris looked at each other. “It has been discussed,” Colt said. “Bro, you and Corey might be hitched before we are. States are approving gay marriage left and right,” Kris said. “That’ll be a cold day in hell when this state does,” Corey said. “What’s holding y’all back from getting engaged?” I asked. “You’re both living with them so marriage wouldn’t be any different.” “Okay Mom,” Kris said and laughed. “I’ll flip it around and ask what difference does it make if we are married?” “Tax and health benefits,” I replied. “It is something to consider.” “He has a point,” Colt said. “However… I don’t want it to be for those reasons. The time will come.” “Unless something comes beforehand,” Corey said and looked at them. “Bro, it would speed up the process for me,” Kris said. “Not me,” Colt said. “One newborn in our family is enough, and we’re doing everything we can to prevent it that can be done medically.” “Are you still using condoms?” I asked. Colt laughed, “No, but Faith has that shit stuck in her arm so she won’t until we are ready. First let Chase have his little boy.” “For the first time, two weeks ago, I saw how excited he was,” Corey said. “When’s he due?” “First of February,” Colt replied. “Ah that’ll be great. I hope Chase will be a good daddy,” I said. “Bro, does he remember knocking her up?” Kris asked. “Damn Kris,” I said. “He thinks it was right around finals. Chase said they were really wasted one night and fucked, so it probably happened then,” Colt replied. “How long did they date?” Corey asked. “About three months I think. Chase said he fucked her on the first date and just about every time they were together. He even said he and Tabor fucked her a few times together…” Colt said. “Sounds familiar,” Corey said. “I know. He said one night that he, Tabor and Deer took turns fucking her,” Colt said. “Damn, what a fucking whore!” Kris said. “Sounds like it,” I said. “I hope this kid will settle her down a little.” “Chase says it has him but he wonders if it will with her,” Colt said. “Now Chase will use a condom.” “A little late for that,” Corey said. After we ate and finished off the leftovers, we went back to the living room, which was just a few steps away. Colt and Kris grabbed a dip of Skoal while we kicked back. They weren’t too interested in watching football since our team had literally gone in the tank after a great start. The season ended up being close to what Kris had originally predicted. Our doorbell rang while we were sitting around. I headed to the door and saw Shawn and another guy standing there. Shawn was in his camo, as was the other guy. Shawn too had a full beard which he said was for hunting season. “Hey Matt, how’s it going?” Shawn asked. “I see Kris’s ride is here.” “I’m here,” Kris said before the other three came to the door. “I came to show Colt what I got this morning,” Shawn said. “You sorry fuck! Come to rub it in,” Colt said. “I did,” Shawn said. “Oh this is Blair, one of my high school buddies.” “Awesome. Nice to meet ya,” Kris said to Blair. He was a bigger guy with short reddish blond hair under his hat. We walked out to Blair’s nice truck, with it being rather cold to me with a good wind blowing to add to the chill. Shawn reached in the back and pulled out a nice set of horns. “Damn, it’s a nice 8 point,” Colt said while I was trying to count up the horns. “Big sucker, too,” Blair said. “No doubt,” Kris said. “Hey, we’re going out tonight if you wanna go with us. Actually, we thought maybe you’d know somewhere we could go after we ate.” “Of course, I know where we can all go,” Shawn said. “Now I can verify all your wild ass tales,” Blair said. “They are all true,” Corey said. “If you want, you can come in and hang with us for a little while,” I said. “Kris and Colt are waiting on Melissa and Faith to finish shopping.” “Let us go get cleaned up and we’ll come over,” Shawn said. “Is Bruce around?” Kris asked. “He could be. I haven’t been in the apartment yet,” Shawn replied. “Invite him to go with us too,” Kris said. We said goodbye and returned inside. While we were there, Melissa called and said she and Faith had finished their shopping. We set a time to meet them, about an hour or so later to give them time to rest. Just a few rus escort minutes later, Shawn returned with his friend and Bruce as well while bringing a 12 pack with them to start their night. We were able to introduce ourselves to Blair. “Blair’s a little worried about hanging with some gay guys,” Shawn said. “I’ve never been around any in my life,” Blair stated. “Bro, just forget they’re gay…” Kris said. “I told him I don’t even think about it. Matt and Corey are really great guys who happen to like guys. That’s the only real difference to me,” Shawn said. “I couldn’t believe it when Shawn told me he had some good friends that were gay,” Blair said. “Shit happens,” Colt said. “What did y’all do last night, Shawn?” “It was like old times for us. I don’t know if you remember me telling y’all how I used to sit and drink some whiskey…” Shawn replied. “I remember,” I said. “Fucking liar,” Kris said. “I do. He said he used to go in the woods and drink with his high school friends,” I said. “We did that,” Blair said. “The other guy, Rob, was going to come but he couldn’t make it. We had a good time with my brother and got so fucking wasted.” “How the hell did you get up to kill a deer then?” Bruce asked. “Wait, Shawn can have only an hour of sleep and still function after a long night of drinking.” “Bruce, I used to be able to but it was hell and a lot of coffee this morning,” Shawn replied. “Tell me when I’ve done that lately?” Bruce laughed, “I was talking about college.” “If you think I could do it, you should have seen Cody and Ethan. I swear a few times they just came in the door and went back out,” Shawn said. “Like they did two weeks ago,” Kris laughed. We weren’t able to stay around long. Kris and Colt headed off in Kris’s ride while I invited the three to ride with us. It was great hearing a few stories about Shawn in high school. He sounded like an average guy that did a few crazy stunts, like leaving shit at his principal’s door one night and doing things to a jock’s car. We arrived at the Mexican restaurant and found Faith and Melissa waiting for us. They were looking so cutely dressed. It didn’t surprise them to see Kris had added a few to our group. We asked how shopping went but were glad we missed the hysteria of the day. We did have to wait for a table but they gave us an excuse to head to the bar with Corey having water. He was our driver for the night. “Blair, what do you do for a living?” Kris asked after we got our drinks. “I’m a diesel mechanic for a trucking company at home,” Blair replied. “He can fix anything and was our mechanic in school,” Shawn added. “I admire that,” I said. “I have no mechanical ability.” “He has smarts,” Colt said. “Are you single, married or living with someone?” Melissa asked Blair. “I’m single at the moment or else I wouldn’t be here with Shawn,” Blair replied and laughed. “I had a girlfriend until she flipped out on me.” “What happened there? You didn’t mention this last night,” Shawn asked. “Maybe he didn’t want you to know,” Bruce said. “It was a case of her wanting to get married and have kids. Hell, I wasn’t ready for either one,” Blair replied. “Actually, I was sorta glad it happened. I was sick of her.” Our table was ready for us. We grabbed our drinks and headed to eat. I took the menu and looked it over before deciding to split the fajitas with Corey since I had eaten earlier as had Corey. “Matt, have you heard from Ted lately?” Colt asked. “I haven’t since I talked to him a few weeks ago asking if he could get us some tickets,” I replied. “Matt and Ted Wilcox are tight,” Shawn said to Blair. “Are you kidding me? I know he went to y’all’s school and all,” Blair replied. “They are,” Faith said. “Bro, call him up and see if he wants to come out tomorrow, or better yet why don’t we go visit him?” Kris said. “He’s probably at his brother’s house, but I can call him since they played yesterday,” I replied. I took out my phone and called him while Corey ordered for us. Ted answered and was at his brother’s house. He said he’d be more than happy to have us at his place since he would be there right after noon. I told him to text me his address and we’d see him tomorrow. “Damn, Shawn said y’all knew him but I didn’t think you really knew him. Also Shawn was a little wasted when he told us,” Blair said. “He said he’d be home after noon and we could go then,” I said. “I’m excited to go see his place.” “That’s tight,” Blair said. “I’m impressed.” We got our meals and continued to chat like we hadn’t seen each other in weeks even though we’d been together two weeks earlier. We rarely ran out of stuff to talk about. If we did, we’d relive a moment or two from college. “Shawn, where are you taking us now?” Kris asked after we had finished. “There are two options that come to mind that I like. One is pretty much a country and western joint and the other is just a big bar where we can hang out,” Shawn replied. “Country and western are out,” Bruce said. “I don’t see Matt and Corey blending in very well there.” “They would do okay,” Shawn said. “Country and western would be different, bros. Matt?” Kris said and looked at me. “We’d be up for it, I think,” I replied. “It would be something entirely different.” “Alright then, I’d say it’s country and western night,” Colt said. “This should be fun,” Melissa said. TO BE CONTINUED… This is another chapter that happens after my long “Rooming with My Best Friend” series. I’ll try to write chapters here and there about them when I can. I have started another series under `Adult Friends’ called `A New Journey’ if you are interested. You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please put “Rooming” so it doesn’t get lost in my spam. Also, my ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted such as this one. Please if you can, contribute and keep NIFTY GOING strong as ever. They need our support so stories like this and so many others can continue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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