Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 16

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I felt comfortable leaving Bobbie and Susie at home because of the dogs. The female was very protective and she growled when a car pulled into the long driveway. The girls named the puppies. The mother was already aptly named Jetta because when she moved it was like a jet blur and the boys were named Bandit and Duke because one had dark rings on his eyes and the other was bigger and stronger.

But just in case, we went to a pawn shop and purchased two pistols. We went out back and the girls delighted in taking aim and firing at paper targets. Two boxes of target ammo went fast. Both girls did very well and managed to hit the targets at 25 feet with each shot.

Bonnie’s house:

Sunday morning comes very early when chickens run wild as in Bonnie’s back yard. Stupid rooster crowed before daylight and his intermittent & persistent screaming of cock-a-doodle-doo became extremely annoying.

Bonnie saw my eyes barely opened and she straddled my torso and scrubbed my face with a hot wet bath cloth. “Time to wake up shugah,” she teased me in her Texas drawl. She wore a sun dress with no panties which she made very obvious by pulling up her flowery blue garment exposing her milky white thighs and blond pubes as she straddled my thighs.

I smiled as her warm moist pussy pressed against my pelvis teasing my cock.

“You wanna fuck first or eat some breakfast,” she inquired.

“Hmm—I have an idea, why not eat your pussy for breakfast and then fuck,” I asked.

“Oh shugah—you make me so horny when you talk dirty,” she said in a deep tone and her pussy lips stroked my growing cock. “You want my pussy—huhh?—you wanta’ lick my little puus-seeee,” she teased with a big grin.

“Oh well, umm maybe—what do I get if I do,” I coyly replied.

“Shugah, you get the best tastin’ pussy in all of Tex-ass,” she drawled and giggled as I pulled her hips up to my face inhaling her cunt with its fresh-washed soap and pungent fishy scent mixed together. I sucked it in my flared nostrils causing my cock to throb. Her soft blond pubic hair tickled my nose just before she pressed her moist pussy lips to my mouth.

I sucked on her salty cunt and licked her hole swallowing the slick spongy juice. I gradually found her big nub and licked and sucked at the cleft. Her fat clit protruded on my tongue and I began a light stroking with the tip of my tongue.

She held onto the top of the headboard as her hips wiggled and bucked so I held her butt cheeks tight, sucked her cleft and rapidly stroked her clit as she began to cum.

In less than a minute she came groaning and moaning shuddering to a climax. I sucked and stabbed with my tongue until her clit was too sensitive and she pulled away.

She stretched out on top of me and reached between her legs grasping my hard cock. “Eatin’ pussy makes your cock hard as rock shugah,” she squealed.

She pushed her upper torso up and placed my cock to her wet opening. Her hips drove down engulfing my cock. She relished the moment by moaning and raising her hips up and then down on the hard shaft several times before I grabbed her hips and made her push back and forth faster and faster.

Her hips pumped in a blur grinding against my pelvis bone and she came again. “Awww—Gaaaaawwd,” she groaned as her body contorted and convulsed. “Oooooo—oh uuuuu,” she cried out. Her eyes rolled back and she wailed in sweet agony as her pussy emitted hot juice.

I suddenly realized that I loved four women, just like the song by Jackson Brown, “Four that want to own me, two that want to stone me—one said she’s a friend of mine.” Great, that song was in my head all day.

Bonnie was spent and she plucked her pussy from my stiff cock. We hugged and kissed and she moaned and rubbed my wet hard cock softly. almanbahis adres Then she dropped a bomb on me. She said she wanted a baby.

“Huh—what did you say,” I asked.

Bonnie explained that she wanted to get pregnant and have a baby.

“And—oh no—you want me to be the daddy?—Me?—Mister irresponsible, Me?” I blurted out in disbelief.

“I’ve talked it over with Billy and he agrees—we want a baby and it’s just your sperm we need shugah,” she said. “Besides you’re so pretty we hope it’s a girl,” she giggled.

I smiled and asked her if she had been examined by a doctor. She said that the doctor took her off birth control and she was ovulating.

“No, I meant a brain doctor,” I said. We giggled and somehow—well—somehow the thought inspired me and I rolled her on her back and pushed my hard cock into her pussy stroking in a steady rhythm that caused my cock to grow fully hard and soon my cum was boiling.

Bobby groaned and cried out, “Ugggghhh—fuck me baby—yes—yes—fuck me Wiley—make me a baby.”

A few more deep strokes and my cock ejaculated in heavy spurts. I grunted as I came. She held me down on top of her. “Oh, shugah you make me so happy,” she said. She laid there with her knees up holding me while her pussy slowly squeezed my deflating cock out.

As I got up, I viewed her gaping slit oozing white cum. I shaved and showered then joined Billy in the kitchen. He always cooked and he was good at it. I wasn’t hungry but the coffee woke me up. Billy was quiet as usual. I dropped the fat envelope of cash on the table.

As he counted the cash, he informed me that he had plenty of whiskey and his Mexican friend came by yesterday with a load of bricks. I was happy that Billy and Bonnie had a way to make some extra money. He only received $650 per month from social security and Bonnie made very little as a waitress. My Sunday runs netted them a profit of $300 to $400 a week after expenses for the ingredients to make whiskey and $250 for handling the pot.

I backed into the barn, loaded 20 glass gallon jugs into cardboard boxes then in the trunk. Billy rolled out and showed me the ten bricks. I didn’t need to test the marijuana because I knew Billy’s Mexican friend afforded Billy the best. After all, Billy refused to testify against the bandit who shot him taking 50 large instead and earning a life long friend.

I changed into my church clothes; coat and tie, then kissed Bonnie and she patted my bottom as I turned to leave. I put on my black Stetson dress hat as she said: “Take care shugah,” she wiped away tears. I smiled and winked. She stood on the porch watching as I drove away.

The wheels bit the paved road with a squeal as I exited the dirt driveway. The 440 cubic inch engine with dual exhaust made a distinctive growl as I powered smoothly past Brownsville toward San Antonio.

I filled the gas tank the night before on Saturday night in Brownsville. I topped off the tank in San Antonio and in Houston. Gas was 35 cents a gallon for hi-test which was 97 octane. The Plymouth got a whopping 12 to 14 miles per gallon.

I called Bobbie and Susie collect in San Antonio on a pay phone. We had a code—I would ask for David Fiver which meant I would be home around five. She had a response if everything was ok—he’s gone fishing for a few hours can they call back. This saved long distance charges. We had several codes for different scenarios. That was Bobbie’s idea.

I decided not to stop and deliver along the way anymore. I went straight home and unloaded my contraband in the tack room. As I pulled into the driveway, I was greeted by Jetta who recognized the sound of the car. She ran out to meet me running along-side of the car.

The girls rushed out happy to see me. Bobbie said that she and almanbahis adres Susie went into town last night to see a movie. It was a large theatre with three movies in separate theatres. Susie wanted to see “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and Bobbie wanted to see “Big Bad Momma” so they compromised and saw “Young Frankenstein.”

The girls kissed me and hugged me. I felt genuinely missed and loved. We went inside to eat a homemade meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken. After dinner, we sat on the porch watching the sun set and listened to FM rock on the stereo from the big room. At night the crickets would play like a symphony that made sleep very peaceful.

The night sky was immense and brightly lit with millions of stars. Susie talked a lot. I enjoyed listening to the two of them chat about nothing but just chatter.

We could see for almost two miles up and down the road and hear a car coming a mile away. Bonnie said she missed her shows on television so I promised to retrieve an outdoor-antenna for the roof. I saw one on top of an abandoned house down the road.

Note: There was no cable tv in rural Texas in 1974 and no cell phones. We had rotary phones and rabbit ears for TV reception or you got a huge outdoor antenna and attached it to your chimney.

That night in bed, the girls were frisky. Bobbie said she wanted my cock in both her holes. Susie giggled and we all chuckled at Bobbie’s horniness. There was no sometimes hot and cold or luke-warm for her—her libido was always hot.

There I was with two of the most gorgeous women—both naked and wanting sex with me, Wiley the Coyote. You can’t make this stuff up—it really happened.

Bobbie was in the middle facing me with Susie behind her. Bobbie stroked my flaccid cock ever so gently while we kissed and frenched. Susie finger fucked Bobbie in her pussy and ass.

Bobbie opened her mouth in an ahhh as Susie found her sweet spot and worked it expertly with her small fingers.

My face found her ample titties and sucked and pinched taking turns as she moaned in pleasure.

“Oh daddy—eat my pussy—please eat my pussy,” she begged.

My face moved down as she lazily rolled over raising her knees and exposing her excellent cunt. Her soft blond hairs did little to hide the delicious pink slit which appeared between her white thighs.

I plunged my face between her thighs inhaling the pungent pussy odor and thrust my tongue up her moist sheath. I sucked it so well that Bobbie shuddered in ecstasy of passion. Her bottom writhed in spasmodic contortions.

My tongue began a fast rhythm of rat-a-tat-tat on her clit that quickly sent her into orgasmic pleasure. Her plump little pussy squirted into my mouth and I shared the juice with her and Susie.

“It’s time for Susie to learn some discipline,” I announced. Susie looked stupefied at my comment.

“Yes, she needs to beg and be a good little slut,” agreed Bobbie knowing what was in store for the small girl.

I retrieved the leather flogger that hung behind the door and commanded Susie to stand and bend over the bed. Her face showed the look of fear and apprehension and as I rubbed my palm over her little butt cheeks.

“Oh what a pretty pussy you have and such a pretty bottom,” I remarked.

I patted her bottom a few times first and then slapped each cheek in rotation a little harder each time. Her ass became bright pink very quick.

“Whose ass is this?” I demanded to know.

“Yours daddy—thank you daddy,” she blurted out.

“Are you my little slut?” I asked.

“Yes daddy—I’m your little slut,” she cried.

I applied the flogger to her small ass about ten times. Each slap landed with effect. The tips of the leather strips hit her sensitive pussy and upper thighs.

“Gawwww—Ommpfff—oh almanbahis adres my gawwd,” she cried out as her ass swayed and jumped.

“What do you say you little slut?” I demanded.

“Thank you daddy,” she cried. Her face showed tears on her cheeks but her face was filled with orgasmic pleasure.

I pushed two then three fingers inside her tight pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet with slick juice. I spread her cheeks and licked and prodded my tongue in and around her little puckered ass hole while I finger fucked her small red cunt.

“Ughhhhhh—that’s so good—thank you daddy,” she moaned out as her hips wiggled and pushed back on my face.

I applied the bulb end of the magic wand to her pussy spreading her small lips forcing the bulb into the pink and stroking up and down. Her legs began to quiver and shake as the bulb pressed to her cleft where a prominent clitoris showed excitement.

The vibrations drove her into a wild spasms and contortions and her pussy squirted copiously into a pool of goo onto the wooden.

“AWWWWW—OOOOO my GAWWWWDDD,” she screamed.

I held her hips up with my left arm and continued to stroke the vibrating bulb up and down her small slit forcing more orgasms to wrack her body. She feinted in a haze of cum. Her body was forced to cum so much for so long.

My cock was rock hard jutting straight out at attention. I had Bobbie lay on the edge of the bed. I held her legs up and pushed my cock inside her wet pussy.

“Uggghhhh—mpff—yes—o yes—fuck—fuck—fuck—fuck meeee,” she cried out.

I stroked my fat cock in and out until buried to the balls against her ass. Then I pounded her pussy hard and harder. Her legs jerked up and down and her ass made a squishy splat as my cock drove deep and slapped her pussy.

After two minutes of hard pounding, she came out with a sharp “IiiiEeeeee—uummmmm—gawww,” and emitted a profusion of cum onto my cock.

I withdrew my slick cock and presented the head to her little nether hole. She pumped her butt up meeting my thrusts as the big red head popped inside.

“YES—OH YES—FUCK MY ASSHOLE,” she yelled as my cock slowly plowed deeper with each stroke.

Susie watched in awe and she enjoyed watching my cock stretch Bobbie’s ass. Susie massaged my nuts as I fucked Bobbie going deeper and deeper. I was up her rectum to the hilt and held it there while Bobbie squirmed and pumped her ass against my pelvis.

She moaned and groaned and begged me to fuck her ass hole. I pulled half way out and slammed back in over and over, harder and harder, longer and longer.

“Mmffff–Awwkkk–gawwwkk–yea–fuck o fuck,” she muttered out between contortions.

I was pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in slapping her butt with each stroke.

I pistoned in and out of her buttery channel like a machine for several minutes then some forceful passion took over Bobbie’s ass. She cried out in delight that she was cumming and her body wracked in convulsions as my cock continued to plunge in and out.

My cock swelled and her ass gripped and spasmed milking my cock. I could feel my nuts boil with cum and my cock filled then began spurting inside her rectum.

“Ohhhh—mmmfffff—I’m cumming,” I moaned out as my cock ejaculated over and over.

I laid on top of her up-stretched butt with her legs up in the air recovering from my exertions while her legs quivered and spasmed. I slowly withdrew my spent cock. Her sphincter spit the head out with a poot of air and I saw my white jism streaming out of her gaping brown hole.

Susie brought us a hot wash cloth and wiped my cock and Bobbie’s red ass.

The three of us spent the next hour kissing and touching sensitive parts of our body giggling and laughing at how much pleasure we shared.

For the first time I said, “I love both of you. You make me very happy”

Almost simultaneously the girls said, “We love you too daddy.” Susie giggled and said, “We love you too.”

Continued in Chapter 17.

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