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Subject: Adjusting My Brothers Attitude C-5 Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. http://donate. Remember, this story is fiction. The author does not condone or condemn the action. Twin brothers, fourteen, use homophobic slurs against a long-time friend. Learn how their lives change. END of C-4: Patrick and Jordan, fourteen, lost their virginity to two eleven-year-old sixth graders. The aftermath has everyone who watched the recent deflowering now watch Patrick and Jordan’s reaction to what happened. Adjusting My Brothers Attitude C-5 Patrick looked at the boys around the bed where he held his brother, his Jordie. He saw Max, the older brother, guilty of causing this deflowering as charged. His behavior caused what happened. Then there was Tyler. It shocked Patrick that he and Max were lovers. How had he not known? Derek, Tyler’s college student brother, still sat in the chair, still naked, covered in his cum, from watching the sex scene playing out on the bed. Then he saw Evan, their friend. At least he had been before all this. How would he react to the sex scene in which he played a key role? Evan stood alone at the foot of the bed, looking distraught, almost crying. Patrick had sucked no one off before, and Evan took advantage when Patrick was most vulnerable. He jammed his cock in Patrick’s mouth and Patrick ate that cock, sucked it as if he needed Evan’s penis. Evan flooded his mouth with the only cum Patrick had ever tasted. Patrick wanted to blame his behavior on his arousal. Inside, he knew better. He had loved Evan’s cock and what it produced. Then there were the two sixth graders who had done the penetrating. They were Patrick’s deepest shame, both because these little kids had just taken his and Jordie’s virginity, but worse, these boys, eleven years old, had larger cocks than he and his brother at fourteen. Sage had a seven inch plus monster. Ryan was just over six inches. To make matters worse, he and Jordie were the ones who caused these little kids to be tied naked in front of the school at the flagpole. He feared these youngsters the most now that they knew who had caused their distress and knew his and Jordie’s weakness. In the silence that engulfed the room, little Ryan spoke. “Did you like what we did? Did you like my cock inside you? Did you feel my eleven-year-old spunk? I know you did, for when you felt me you screamed even though Evan’s cock was blasting inside your throat. That is just the start. Payback can be a bitch, Patrick. You squealed, squealed Patrick. Jordie squealed too, buddy. Sage and his seven-inch monster opened Jordie wide. He loved it more than you. Do you want more Jordan? Did you feel Sage’s spunk spurt onside you? We will do it again. You two are too hot not to do it. Oh yeah, that video of you tying two sixth graders, putting us on display. I wonder if copies exist. No matter. You two have had an awakening, and I know you will want us again. Maybe, we can make this a regular happening, like regularly, şişli travesti like every day after school.” Max had to step in. He would rather let this behavior die a natural death, letting things resume like before. Well, not like totally before. After today, they would redefine normal. He looked at the two kids, sitting on their legs, still naked between his brother’s legs. “Guys, you got your revenge. My brothers lost their virginity to you. That more than makes up for your suffering.” Sage looked at Max. “You still have the video, right?” “Yeah, and I am keeping it. No blackmail allowed. Let’s all sort this out in a civilized manner.” “What they did to us is hardly civilized.” “You got your way with them. This ends, now.” Ryan caressed Patrick’s leg provocatively. The flash in the eyes of the boy who moments before had screamed while moaning his name and letting his anal muscles milk his cock told him a different story. Then there was the sight of Patrick’s cum all over his stomach and chest. He knew he would have this boy again. He needed to relax and wait. “Sage, get dressed. Time for home. We can shower there.” Looking at Patrick, he told him. “See you lover-boy.” Derek said he would grab a shower here before heading out. “I enjoy my girlfriend. All of you were outstanding. I see my roomies making out. You gotta know that watching you was hot.” “Your hot is all over your abs, guy.” “Shut it, bro.” “Hey Evan, want this to shut your mouth? Derek waggled his six incher at his brother. “Not enough width to do the job, bro. Too tiny.” Before Derek could tackle Evan, he skipped out of reach. Derek shrugged, laughed. And walked to the bathroom. Max stood, Tyler’s arms holding him. Max started shaking as he looked at his fourteen-year-old twin brothers still laying on the bed, their naked bodies red from the earlier sex. Patrick held Jordan in a lover’s embrace. He stared with sad eyes at Max. “Why Max?” That was all Patrick said. It was enough. Max cried. “Guys, I am so sorry. Shit, I allowed this and I shouldn’t have. You probably hate me now.” “Not hate, Max. Jordie has been degraded, as have I. Look what you saw happen, and the others. Derek filmed our most intimate moment. How the fuck do you think I feel? You know. I don’t care what you do. Take your boyfriend and leave.” He turned to Evan. “I did not give permission for you to stick your dick in my mouth and to shoot your cum inside me. Shit, man, you really are gay. I never saw that one coming. I thought you were straight. Evan begged for forgiveness as he cried. He was losing two friends who meant so much to him. He grabbed his clothes and staggered from the room, still naked. Jordie and Patrick were all that remained. “It’s okay Pat. I know you are mad. Don’t be. I got you. Kiss me.” Patrick held Jordie, embracing him and kissed him. Just then, Derek burst into the room. “What’s up with Evan?” “Huh?” Jordan asked, pulling off his brother’s lips. “He’s outside on your beylikdüzü travesti front lawn, naked. He’s bawling his eyes out. I tried to get him inside. He screamed at me to leave him alone. I don’t like the way this is going. You need to get to him now. Where is his brother? Where’s Tyler? Shit. Get dressed. I’m heading back out.” Patrick and Jordan threw on shorts and shoes and bolted out the front door. On the lawn, they found Derek holding Evan’s clothes and wildly scanning the area. “Shit, shit. Where is Evan?” Jordan looked at his brother. “He did not go home. I know him. He told me when he is super upset, he climbs on the old railroad bridge and stares at the lake below. I know he is there.” The boys led the way running the path leading to the old bridge. They topped a hill and saw their friend, still naked, balancing on a railing, staring at the lake below. “Shhh. Don’t scare him. Derek, stay here in case you need to call 911. Patrick follow me, only stay at the bridge approach. As they neared their friend, who was bawling and shaking, Jordan whispered, if he jumps I am going after him. “No. Patrick whispered. There’s a ton of rocks under that bridge.” “I’ll be okay. I know safe spots to jump. Now shut up and kiss me.” A quick kiss and Jordan inched closer to their friend. He could hear him choking between sobs. “Sorry.” Then, not wanting to scare Evan, Jordan whistled like a whippoorwill, his and Evan’s signal they had used as kids when playing that it was safe to leave the hiding hole. “Go away Jordan. Leave me.” Jordan was more frightened than he ever had been. His friend’s life could depend on what he did in the next few seconds. He had told Patrick to jump could be safe. Jordan did not know if that was true. He whistled again. He chanced inching closer. He whistled again. Evan seemed okay with Jordan closing on him. One last whistle and he stood next to Evan’s feet. “Shit, man. How did you get up here? There’s no grab bar.” “I got my ways.” Just then Evan wobbled. He looked almost unbalanced and about to go over. He recovered. “You shit, Evan. You go over, I am following you. If the fall doesn’t kill you. I’ll kill you with my bare hands down there.” “You’d really do that? Jump down just to kill me?” “Bet your sweet ass I would, which, by the way, your ass is looking mighty fine. I’d like to bite a chink of that.” “What would Pat say?” “Probably ask for a sample before he took a bite out of your cock.” “You are crazy, Jordan.” “Get that ass off that rail and I’ll show you how crazy Pat and I are about kissing your ass, maybe eating it.” “You’d both kiss my ass? I gotta feel this.” “Get your ass down here and let’s kiss that sucker. I’m putting my arm up. Grab on to it and steady yourself.” On the bridge deck, Jordan took Evan in his arms, kissing and loving him for all he was worth. Patrick jogged up looking puzzled. Derek was close behind. “What’s up?” Jordan smiled at Patrick. “Pucker up, bro. I told Evan if istanbul travesti he climbed down, we’d kiss his ass. Oh, and I kinda mentioned you’d bite it. His brother shot Jordan a look, questioning his sanity. “You did not just talk Evan off that rail by saying you’d eat his ass?” “I said kiss, Not eat, though now that I am closer and if we were home, maybe I’d eat him out. What do you think Evan? Want your chute eaten?” “Jordan, we agreed you would kiss it. Patrick kisses and bites. Get started.” The two brothers did more than kiss. They began licking Evan’s butt cheeks. Soon, his dick was as hard as before. “I would like to stay and watch how far you three horny teens take this little menage a trois, but it is getting colder. Soon that boy’s cock will form icicles.” “Ohh, a cock popsicle.” “Shut it Evan. Let’s go. I feel a snack attack coming when we get home.” Said Jordan. “Hand him your shirt, Patrick.” Evan snorted. “I like the natural look. Let’s just get to your house.” Derek peeled off, saying he had a date with Kenzie, his girl. He asked for permission to hug each boy. When it was Evan’s turn, he kissed him as well and ruffled his hair. As Derek pulled away, Evan saw his tears and knew Derek cared for him. Back at the house, the three went to the bedroom. The one where everything started. Jordan still had a command presence about him as he began undressing. He looked at Patrick, who understood his brother’s silent signal. “What? What are you two idiots doing? You are undressing. Why?” “Shut it, Evan,” Jordan smiled. “Me and Patrick here have some serious ass kissing to do. We might even do some ass-licking. When was the last time someone licked your ass?” The look Evan gave him told him no one had ever done that. Now naked, Jordan sat next to Evan and rubbed his thigh. “Look, guy. Things got kinda messed there. I want you to know Patrick and I love you. None of this homophobic shit. We were wrong. Don’t mean that we want to have Sage and Ryan do that to us again. But you? Well, would you like to do us?” Patrick rubbed his butt and grimaced. “Uh, maybe we better wait a day or two, Jordie. I may be a bit sore. You should be really sore after taking that kid’s monster.” Evan laughed, but his eyes betrayed him. Jordan saw love within their depths and tears at the corners. “I can do you both?” The twins nodded. “Okay, but after, you have to do me. I’m still a virgin that way.” Looking at Jordan, he mouthed, “Thanks.” “Let’s get ready for bed. Evan, you sleep in the middle between Pat and me. I really want to sleep with you naked tonight. I need to see little Evan in the morning. I’d like an early morning snack.” ***** Hope you are enjoying this story. Went on a different tack. Suicide is a serious matter. Jordan needed to save Evan, who balanced precariously. He used humor, not to make light of such a serious matter, but to an end. These three have a relationship building. Gotta figure what to do with Ryan and Sage, plus the others. I hope to grow the story differently from many Nifty stories. Many Comments and suggestions have arrived so far. A big shout out to Andy for his insight into the gay life. Thanks. What happens next? Help me decide. Please keep this site alive by donating to fty

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