Accidental Ejaculation During Massage

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Accidental Ejaculation During MassageAfter wanting to get myself a massage for quite awhile, I finally decided to go for it last Saturday morning when I had nothing else to do. I drove up to the spa and sat outside in my truck for several minutes before finally talking myself into going inside. When I walked in, an attractive Asian woman, probably in her mid 30’s greeted me and asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I looked at the price board behind the register and opted for the 30 min full body massage. She then led me to a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background and told me to undress and lay down face first on the table. Also, she advised me that I could cover with the small folded towel that was on the table and that my masseuse would be with me in a few minutes. After she left the room, I was really nervous bahis firmaları and contemplated leaving and telling her something came up. I sat there for a moment and tried to relax, listening to the music and enjoying the nice aroma that filled the room. I undressed, folded up my clothes and laid them on a small chair that was in the room. I climbed onto the table and covered my bare backside with the small towel that was provided.Only a few seconds after I had gotten situated, there was light tap on the door and the door opened and a very attractive, Asian woman came in, younger than the one that had greeted me when I got there, probably mid 20’s. She was in a pair of tight leggings and a white t-shirt that showed off her perky breasts quite well. My cock had already began to harden from the sight of this pretty lady. kaçak iddaa Thank goodness I was laying face down and also covered up so that she wouldn’t notice. She introduced herself and asked if I had ever been there before, which I told her that I had not. She then told me to relax and that she would take good care of me. I closed my eyes and tried to take deep breaths to control my excitement.She began at first on my calves and down to my feet. Her soft hands felt amazing. She slowly worked her way up to the back of my thighs and I took a deep breath, as my cock twitched and hardened even more. Since I was laying face down, my cock was in an awkward position against the table and I could not control the pulses going through it. I thought to myself, no…no…no…and as it continued to twitch I had to tell her to wait kaçak bahis but it was too late. I felt that familiar feeling and raised up quickly, enough to slide my hand underneath just in time to feel my warm cum shooting out into my hand. She asked me if I was ok, and all I could say was I’m sorry. I honestly think she didn’t know what had happened at first, and then I asked her if I could please have a towel. I think then, she realized what the problem was and handed me a towel. I could not look at her, and apologized several times as I wiped the cum from my hand. She never said a word but then took the towel from me and put it in a basket. She then asked if I would like for her to continue but I was too embarrassed and said no thank you. She told me I could get dressed and she left the room. I got dressed as quickly as I could and headed up to the front. I paid for my 30 min (more like 1 min) massage and went home. I could not believe how embarrassed I was at the time, but when I think back on the whole situation I get an instant erection.

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