Academic Achievement Ch. 01

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Martin walked down the corridor to class, seeing a group of three girls whispering amongst each other and then giggling – he knew through a friend that one of them really liked him but the feelings were not mutual..and besides, there were plenty of girls craving his attentions now that the word was out of him breaking up with his now ex-girlfriend Hayley.

He’d always been a looker, the guy that every girl wanted to date. Even from a young age he was turning heads, his first serious relationship was at thirteen with a girl two years older than him was the start of what was to be the luxury of having almost any girl he wanted, secretly he’d even caught a few of the teacher’s eyes as he walked confidently down the corridor. This was five years on now though, he’d just turned eighteen and though he wasn’t the tallest guy in the school he stood 5’10” and with his spiky black hair, olive skin and boyish good looks the girls all tried to catch his eye…and the boys, well, aside from a couple of friends Martin didn’t take any notice.

Martin slumped down into his seat at the back of the class for Geography, another subject that he was failing. Looking up he saw Mrs Clark enter the room hurriedly, trying to organise herself. The news had gotten around the school through word-of-mouth that her marriage was in ruins, her husband was seeing a younger girl and at 33 she was wanting to settle down and have children. As he was watching her moving books around and getting ready a note was passed to him from a girl sitting in front, complete with drawings of a girly nature….


Martin looked up and smiled, it was Natalie…a good friend of his, one that was content to just be a friend. “You’re joking Nat?”

“Nope, I think she’s desperate for a guy right now…go on, do it!”, she winked and turned back around.

After sitting there for a few moments he decided to test the water and got out of his seat, the chatter amongst the 30+ other students was the perfect discreet opening he needed to start a conversation. As he approached Mrs Clark she looked up, “What is it Martin? I’m busy!”. He looked at her closely, her mane of red hair and freckles looked quite sexy in his eyes but he shaked it off.

“Sorry Miss, just wondered if you need any help up here…I’ll go and sit down if you want”, this was a well used Martin trick into playing something through.

“No wait, I’ve lost my timetable sheet and my marker pen…I think they’re in the staff room” she said uneasily, continuing to rifle through a mountain of paperwork.

“Don’t worry Miss, I’ll get them for you”, and he quickly turned toward the door only stopping to give Natalie a wink on the way out.

The class was always boring, but bursa escort as it was the last class of the day Martin didn’t care – he just wanted to go home and do something other than stare at a book. The bell rang for the final time, Mrs Clark hurriedly tried to hand out some homework as the other students left the room. Natalie had forgotten about what she’d said earlier but this was just starting for Martin…he wanted to keep at it, and packed his books up accordingly.

Once all the students had long gone he picked up the last of his books and glanced over at Mrs Clark, who sat at her desk with her head in her hands. “Miss, are you okay?” No response. He walked up to the other side of her desk, crouched over and playfullly said “Hello? Earth to Mrs Clark…anyone home?”. This was almost too easy, she smiled from behind her hands and said “Yes Martin, I’m fine…just some problems at home that’s all…”, she took her hands away and wiped her eyes.

“…anything you want to talk about Miss, I’m a good listener – and have you been crying?, those look like tears”

“I’m fine really, the divorce papers came through today…you’ve probably heard all about it anyway”, she sniffed.

Martin felt like he was onto something but wasn’t sure what to do next. After a moment’s silence he stood up and decided to try something very hazardous. “Well there’s no use feeling down about it…you need some cheering up!”, he took her hand in his and pulled her out of her chair, spinning her around a few times. “What are you doing??” she said, smiling at him. “See, it’s working already…you’re smiling!”

She gazed into his eyes for a brief moment before looking away, there was a noticeable height difference between them…him standing about seven inches taller than his teacher. “Thank you Martin, you’ve cheered me up…but I must get home” she said reluctantly.

“Home to where Miss? An empty house with you and a bottle of wine?…you shouldn’t be alone”. This so called ‘trick’ had gotten out of hand, but Martin was feeling something for her…maybe sympathy, maybe just the fact that an older woman was something out of his reach…but a bond was forming between them and he was powerless to stop it.

After another moment’s silence she smiled, “What, are you offering to come back with me Mr Fowler?…do you know how much trouble I could get in?”, she twirled her golden necklace in her hands and looked up at him. “Miss I…”, “Call me Linda” she interrupted. Her whole tone of voice and her mood changed within seconds….as if she’d shaken off any negative emotions that had been with her and had become a predator, devouring men without thinking twice.

“Linda….I don’t think that’s a good..”, “Nuh-uh, I can’t tonight…I have a lot of work to catch up on and bursa escort bayan my gym class is at seven, see me tomorrow Martin, after school…in here!”

With that she reached up and planted a soft kiss on his lips, put her bag on her shoulder and walked away…not saying another word. Martin caught the back of her, she was a very small build…with dainty feet and that gorgeous red hair.

The next day came around, it was almost the weekend….Friday afternoons being History on Martin’s timetable he knew that he wasn’t far away from Linda, in fact she was in the class opposite teaching some younger kids but his position in the class stopped him from seeing through the glass panelled door.

The bell rang, Martin packed up his things like a bat out of hell and ran out of the door as Natalie said something about him enjoying his weekend. He stood at the door of Mrs Clark’s class as the younger kids came out….one of them stopped and said “My sister loves you Martin” which was followed by a lot of laughs and the speaker running away very red faced.

“Come in Martin…” her voice ordered from behind the door.

Martin walked through the door, expecting to see the badly dressed scruffy teacher that he’d seen yesterday looking the same as usual…but not this time. Stood in front of him was a sex goddess, she was wearing a knee length skirt with black stockings and a white blouse which she’d just unbuttoned to reveal a lot of clevage.

“Shut the door…quick!” she shouted, he did as he was asked, and still stood there looking this teacher up and down in amazement.

She walked up to him slowly, sexually….”You know Martin, there was always something about you that I liked, but me being a married woman and you being ‘a minor’ meant that things werent’ possible, you know what I mean don’t you?”. She rubbed a hand up and down his shoulder, gesturing him to sit on one of the desks. He nodded, still shocked at Linda’s appearance…what must the kids have thought??

“I know what you’re thinking, how did I get away with dressing like this?…the truth is I was wearing a longer skirt over this one, I just had time to take it off before you came in, none of the kids saw…I made sure of it”.

“I……look ravishing Linda”.

“Why thank you, such a nice young man…”, and with that she planted a kiss on him…and another one, each one getting more passionate. Martin couldn’t resist anymore, and pulled her on top of him on the desk. She smiled, knowing exactly what she wanted to do and started unbuttoning his shirt, and exposing his naked flesh to her cold hands. “Mmmmm, such firm young skin”

By now Martin felt his cock swelling at an alarming rate, and unclipped his belt….dropping his pants to the floor as his teacher escort bursa leaned over and started kissing his chest and licking around his belly button. At the same time she managed to remove her skirt and tights, allowing her glowing warm skin to touch her student’s young body.

Martin instinctively unbuttoned his teacher’s blouse, exposing more of her fair skin….and started cupping her breasts in his hands, he’d never in his wildest dreams ever thought about actually doing this with a teacher – and especially not Mrs Clark. But it was happening, and he was going to do everything he could to enjoy it…and slipped off his boxer shorts.

The couple gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, both smiling with excitement and happiness….Martin even went a step further and started removing his teacher’s white panties which she helped off along with her bra. Finally the two were totally naked together, kissing each other passionately and caressing every inch of their lover’s warm skin.

Martin wanted his cock inside his teacher’s well used pussy but she wanted to tease him some more first and got up off the desk…pulled her student to the edge and started playing with his erect cock – flicking the head with her tongue and running her mouth up and down the shaft before taking it into her mouth. Martin moaned with delight, his glazed eyes fixed on Mrs Clark’s lusty face. “Mmmmm, do you like that Martin?”, “Yes, don’t stop Miss…” but after a few more seconds she took it out of her mouth and moved over to her own desk….spreading her legs for him invitingly.

He didn’t need any prompting, he got up and walked over….holding his throbbing cock in his hand, pushing the head in slowly and gliding it all the way in with ease, not expecting her to be so wet this quickly. “Mmmmm, you have a lovely pussy” he remarked. She smiled, “Your first?”…he nodded, and pushed into her harder before pulling out again.

With almost desperate eyes Mrs Clark said, “Fuck me Martin…I need your cock inside me” and he did exactly that…and started thrusting his cock in and out of her, moaning with pleasure as he did so. She arched her legs around his back and laid back, “Harder Martin…harder”. Martin sped up, breathing noticeably heavier, fucking her as hard as he could, his pace quickening….and with each thrust the desk was moving but neither cared, this was something they both needed.

With one last almighty thrust Martin shot a thick load of pearly white cum deep into his teacher’s waiting pussy, her pussy muscles clamping around his cock as she moaned with satisfaction. She sat up, kissing him deeply as he gazed into her eyes….”Thank you Martin, you don’t know how much that meant to me”, he smiled back, “That was fantastic Miss…”, the two kissed again and spent twenty minutes afterwards putting their clothes back on and saying goodbye.

Martin had never felt more complete, and Linda…she loved that young cock inside her, this was to be the first of their many encounters.

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