abduction of a single mom

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I saw her facebook account and was immediately interested. While a lil short at 5’1”, and slightly pudgy, her beautiful brunette hair and deep brown eyes made up for it easily. and with a perfect smile and that dark tanned skin, she was looking very good for a 41 year old mother of two. The ample 34D breasts were going to be missed by her ex husband, but i knew i would enjoy them, and a lot more.

I talked her into a date, and we went out to dinner. Her name was Kim and she informed me i was the first person she had dated since her husband left 4 years prior. Her two girls were Jenni, who was 11, and Jamie, who was 13. we had a few drinks and i talked her into taking me back to her place. it was all coming together too easy.

We walked in and her two beautiful daughters were watching TV. She told them to go to bed and I watched thier young slender legs work thier was up the stiars, thier brunnete hair bouncing. Kim looked at me odd as i oogled her daughters, then she noticed the hard on the sight of thier legs had given me. I turned and locked the door, then turned back to her. She was clearly puzzled and slightly apprehensive, so i grabbed her and kissed hard, passoinatley. she enjoyed it and let me take her, kissing back as she fell into my arms and i dipped her back. I broke the kiss and still holding her in the dip, completely off balance, i looked her in the eye.
“This is the deal. you do everything i tell you to do and everything goes smooth. you refuse, and things won’t be so fun anymore. get it?”

She was terrified suddenly. I reached down into her panties and felt her wet pussy, canlı bahis and began finger fucking her as she held on to me as not to fall, suddenly scared, yet very aroused. her brown eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned as my fingers worked her cunt. I stood her back up and pushed her away from me.

I want you to strip naked, now.” I told her. She obliged and stripped her body down to skin. Her nipples were perfect dark little circles on beautiful full tits. she was plump, but her legs curved perfectly. I told her to get on her hands and knees facing away from me and spread her ass so i can see her asshole. She assumed the position and spread her ample ass revaling a tight pink brown eye and a creamy gash. I immediatly shoved 3 fingers into her twat and started fucking her. she moaned and i spit on her asshole, removing the three cream soaked fingers from kims cunt and started shoving them into her ass. she started to refuse so i grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up and spat at her
“I thought we had an agreement you fuckin slut. you do what i want and I dont go up stairs and rape your little girls”.
She was horrified, and yelled “NO”! I hit her had in the side of the head and knocked her out cold. I proceded to disable the phone lines, then went upstairs. I grabbed Jenni, the young one first. She was sleeping in only a Tshirt, which i thought was rather handy. Jamie however had a sports bra and booty shorts that showed her sweet lil ass off quite well. I dragged the two girls downstrairs by thier hair and showed them thier mother unconscious on the floor spread eagle with her wet cunt bahis siteleri open and gaping from my assault. as they stared at thier mothers naked body I gave them the same ultimatum.
” you do as i say, and there will be no harm” they shook thier head. I had them strip and ran my hands all over thier bodies. Jamies tits had bloomed and she had small lil nipples, jennni was still rather flat but budding and her nipples were hard, but very nice. She had just started to grow some pussy hairs, but Jamies pussy had gotten a good bit. I told them to lay down while i tie thier mother up and finger thier pussy to losen them. after thier mom was tied i stripped and revealed my 8’inch long, very thick raging hard cock to the two girls. i stood over them and decided Jamie would be first so I mounted her, rubbed some spit on her young twat, and started ramming my cock into her. she was a virgin, as i could clearly see the blood, and her twat was soo tight, but i soon had my full cock inside her young little body. I rubbed her little niplles and sucked them and i rocked my cock back and forth in her tight lil pussy, and let my orgasm flow. I pushed deep feeling her cervix on my cock head and came stream after stream of hot jizz directly against it. Jenni watched in fasination. I removed my cock and sat back, and instructed Jenni to on cleaning my cock and balls. I layed back and spread my legs and made jamie lick my asshole to get me hard again. as the two young sisters worked my undercarriage, thier mother woke up to see them eagerly licking my crotch, cock, balls and, asshole. she screamed against her gag, but i commanded her to shut bahis şirketleri up and the girls to continue, or i would kill thier mother. Jenni worked faster on my cock and i was hard again so i told her to sit down on it, after her sister lick her pussy to get it good and wet. It was fun watching Kim view her daughters intro to each others body. i couldnt tell if she was mortified or shocked and aroussed. Jenni mounted me, her young tight almost hiarless cunt on the tip of my dick. I thrust upward rapidly plunging my length and girth into her tight young womb. she cried out as she was penetrated by at least 6 inches of thick hard cock. but the few tears that came dried quickly as she began enjoying the new feeeling of being fucked like a little slut. I had Jamie go over and start finger thier mother and keep doing so no matter what. Her mother allowed Jamie to slip her fingers up into her and jamie finger fucked her like a pro. I bent jenni’s lil body over so her face was in her mothers and started fucking her tight preteen cunt as she moaned aloud. I spit on her asshole and ramed two fingers in and she gasped and started to cry again as i fingered her ass and fucked her lil twat as deep as i could. I could feel her cervix on every thrust and pushed into it making her cry out more. Kim was on ther verge of orgasm as Kamie fucked her fat cunt with her fingers, and i odered jamie to fuck her harder faster. Jamies was crying now at the pain her sister semmed to be in as my fingers probed her ass, but I soon pushed as deep as i oculd into the little girl and release a massive load of hot sperm into her young body as she stared at her mother cumming. I made jenni squat over her mothers face so the cum could drip onto her face and called for jamie to come spread her ass for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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