A Young Farm Visitor With Her Mother – #1

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A Young Farm Visitor With Her Mother – #1A Young Farm Visitor With Her Mother – #1My breath was ragged and heavy as I watched from the darkness while the scene had unfolded before me. The face of the young one beside me was a mixture of curiosity and bewilderment as she too watched in silence. Two bodies entwined like snakes writhed with sweat glistening from their naked flesh. The sounds of their thighs slapping together and their groans and moans of pleasure filled the air. We had came upon them quite by accident, or rather, well, we had been looking for the girl’s mother. It was not unusual for the visitors to bring their offspring along with them but disappearing for a lengthy period of time was not common. I had been in the office when they had arrived doing my morning paperwork and checking scheduled workers and visitors in as usual. Their names were not in the register for today. The mother was well dressed in a leather-riding outfit; mid-length wrap-around skirt, dark top and short boots. Her ample breasts were barely contained in the top and dangling between them was a heavy golden necklace, which rested in her cleavage. I looked casually at the clock as she motioned for the girl to have a seat and wait, as she disappeared down the walkway into the barns.I was so engrossed in my paperwork, when I looked again at the clock, I realized more than an hour had passed since they had arrived. The girl was looking out the door anxiously. I rose and peeked quickly out into the barn, not seeing the woman anywhere, I stepped out into the barn and the girl was right behind me like a shadow. Smiling, I took her hand in mine, and we continued on between the stalls. Exiting the first barn, crossing along the walkway, we entered the second barn. The horses all acknowledge me, nickering softly, wanting a bite of apple or carrot. Reaching into my pocket handing the girl a bit of apple and showing her how to hold her hands, we offered the treats to the horses as we progressed along. No sooner had we entered the stall, I spied my Dad standing and heard him speaking in a low tone.”Oh yeah, like that, I love your tongue running along the underside of my cock.” I tried to turn away and guide the girl back out the way we had come in, but it was too late. She too had spotted my dad, or more to the point, she spotted her mother on her knees in front of my dad with his cock in her mouth. Her eyes went wide seeing his cock disappear into her mother’s mouth repeatedly.”Suck it baby, let it hit the back of your throat,” his hands were holding her hair and pulling her head tight against him. Her big breasts were hanging down and bouncing against her chest as she bobbed back and forth, gobbling his cock with relish. He continued thrusting against her. Finally, pulling his shaft from her lips, he pushed her backwards down onto the hay in the stall, spreading her legs wide.We watched his hands begin rubbing on her hairy mound with his fingers stroking her pussy roughly, as he leaned forward and suckled on bahis firmaları her breasts one after another. Her moans were loud.”Finger my cunt and suck my tits, bite my nipples. God, I love it, don’t stop,” her voice was begging him to continue and he obliged her. She yelped as his teeth sc****d along her tender breasts. “Fuck me now, put that cock in my pussy, make me cum,” she begged again. He hovered over her positioning his cock at her entranceway and pushed it into her pussy. She was already wet and it sank in with no resistance. Laying atop her, his lips began kissing her neck and shoulders as his cock pounded deep inside her pussy. Her arms wrapped around his body, pulling him tighter and deeper inside.”Your pussy fits my cock like a tight pair of gloves,” he whispered in her ear as their pubic areas rubbed together. She threw her legs up and over his legs and pulled him even closer and deeper if that was possible. They were thrashing wildly with hay and dust flying up in the air.”I’m coming,” she screamed into his ear, as he humped harder and harder, matching her motions as best he could, until he himself was unloading his sperm deep in her pussy. They both lay slowly gyrating against each other’s body, satisfied.The girl and I walked in silence back to the office. I could tell by the expression on the young girl’s face, that her mind was filled with a jumble of thoughts. She went to the couch and sat down. “Well, that was not what I expected.” I spoke slowly to the girl watching her face. I opened the refrigerator and pulled two sodas out, handing her one, as I sat down next to her grasping her hand again lightly.”I….I have never seen anything like that before…” She looked directly at me as she spoke. I tried to judge her emotions but her face did not disclose them. She took a small drink from the soda making a face.”Are you OK?” I asked her with concern in my voice, realizing that this young girl had probably never seen anyone having sex before. The sight of my dad’s cock pushing into her mother’s mouth and then into her pussy must have been shocking to her.”Um…I feel funny….” She paused looking down.”Are you feeling sick, the soda should settle your stomach,” I started encouraging her to drink more. “That should help you.””Well, not sick funny…” she spoke slowly, “funny like my feet tickled….but not my feet.” She looked at me and I struggled to interpret what she meant. Then it dawned on me, she was stimulated by what she saw.”You mean you got a tingling….down there?” as I reached out and gently rubbed my hand between her legs on her crotch smiling at her.”Yes,” she sheepishly said. “Tingly like someone is tickling my… privates, where you are touching.” Smiling even more, I continued to rub her crotch thru her jeans using my fingers to trace her tiny cameltoe.”Do my fingers feel good touching you there?” I asked, as her knees seemed to open wider, her eyes closed almost completely, and thru her lips a tiny moan escaped. Being young, she was responding to my touch kaçak iddaa without knowing it. Her head nodded ‘Yes’ as she leaned back against the arm of the couch. Taking the initiative, I unbuttoned her jeans, slid my hand under her panties, and felt her hairless pubic area and a very wet pussy. Her legs instantly clutched closed, locking my hand inside her panties and my fingers against her. She did not try to remove my hand and slowly her legs spread open again, allowing my fingers to rub her little slit.”Have you ever touched yourself there?” I asked her, continuing the gentle probing on the outside of her pussy. “Am I the first to fondle your privates?””No…Yes…I mean…sometimes I touch myself but mom told me it was bad. You are the first one to touch me there.” She struggled with her words while the expression on her face was as if she was enjoying my touching her.”Do you want me to stop?” She shook her head ‘No’ and reached for my wrist to keep it where it was. I smiled and leaned up, kissing her lips gently and running my free hand across her chest feeling her breasts. Had I not known better, I might have thought I was touching a boy’s chest; her breasts were imperceptible other than two nail hard nipples standing straight out. Gently tweaking each nipple with my fingers, she audibly groaned with pleasure.I pulled my hand from her panties and unbuttoned her blouse. Suckling on her breasts, kissing her nipples, running my tongue around the hardened tips, pulling her jean and panties down around her ankles, I looked at her supple young body. I began French kissing her moving my lips slowly down along her neck and shoulders. I caressed her breasts leaving a trail of saliva on her body across her tummy until I reached her pussy. My tongue flashed out, licking the sides of her pussy, followed by kisses planted along her soft white inner thighs. The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating as my tongue ventured a taste of it. Lapping from the bottom, I parted the lips with it, and licked her to the top, feeling the tiny bud of her clitty.Her hands immediately pulled at my hair as she guided my tongue and head to her intimate and most sensitive parts. Her knees were thrown widely open as I started using my lips on her labia, sucking the tiny butterfly folds into my mouth, chewing on them. As I plunged my tongue deep inside her, I heard the door to the office open.I raised my eyes, and there was my dad, looking at me eating out the young girl. Even though he had just fucked the girl’s mother, his cock became hard and pressed his trouser out. The girl did not move a muscle, but looked at him with a wildly scared face.”Dad! Do you mind, we girls are having a bit of fun. Where is her mother by the way?” I spoke quickly to him.”Ah, well, she wanted to ride a horse, so I saddled one and sent her out on the trails. She won’t be back for at least another hour or so.” He just stood there looking at us, as I looked at the girl; I smiled and started licking her pussy again.”Do not mind him; he just kaçak bahis wants to watch us. Hope you get off on him watching like I do.” I giggled giving her a few more good licks. “If you have never seen a cock before, I’m sure he will be happy to show you his. You can even put it in your mouth like your mother did.””Oh My God!” the girl exclaimed. “Will he really do that?” Her eyes were glued to his bulging pants as she licked her lips without realizing it.”Yes, he most certainly will,” I assured her. “Dad, get your cock out and bring it over here so this young girl can get her “First Look” and “First Taste” of a man’s cock. Be gentle.”Needing no more prompting, his strode over in front of the girl and dropped his pants. His cock sprang up straight within inches of her lips. Her tiny hands reached up and grabbed a hold of it. She turned it back and forth with her hands looking closely at it. His is not a huge cock, but it was thick and wide, and she started fondling it.”I’ve never seen one in daylight before. One of mom’s boyfriends used to sneak into my room and crawl into my bed and make me do things to him under the blankets in the dark,” she said. With those words just out, she opened her mouth and took his tip in it. I swear that I heard her purr like a satisfied kitten being touched when his cock went into her mouth. She slurped loudly as she enveloped his cock like an expert deep into her mouth and throat with her tongue licking all along its shaft.”Oh, yours tastes different than his,” she pulled off it, looking up at him. “Do they all taste different?””No,” he laughed, “you are tasting your mother’s cum on my cock. I think most cocks taste the same, salty and hard.”I buried my face back into her pussy hearing her tell of her mother’s boyfriend forcing her to suck him and how she was now tasting her own mother’s quim on my dad’s cock. As I started burying my tongue into her depths, Dad reached under me and pulled my breasts free, letting them dangle down so he could watch them as the girl sucked his cock.I felt her begin to quiver, she soon was raising her hips up forcing me against her slit, and I tasted her tiny flow of nectar seeping out into my mouth. I savored the taste of her nectar. I kept licking and sucking until I felt her rump settle back down on the couch.I raised up and started licking my dad’s shaft as he pushed it in and out of her mouth. I knew that he would be coming again, perhaps not as much as earlier, but enough that the girl would get her mouth filled with him. He started humping hard against our faces as he began to shoot another load of sperm into her mouth. It spurted out around her lips and I too got a nice taste of his cum as I licked his shaft. He held still after he had shot several loads of cum into her mouth.As he pulled out of her mouth, I began to lick him clean. The little girl was licking her lips, using her fingers to capture the driblets from her face, putting them in her mouth and swallowing. We were all smiling at each other, sated and satisfied.”I do hope I am allowed to come back again when my mother does. I really had a nice time today,” the girl grinned as she spoke.It was almost simultaneous, both dad and I told her she was welcome anytime.

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