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a WOMANS STORYA Female Sexual Story You Must Read The title does not allow you the pleasure to describe the loss of your virginity, nor does age allow you the scope or breadth of descriptive prose to fully say what it is like to feel a man’s cock enter you, the parting of that thin line that forms your girlish pussy, from which you pee, as you squat to do so.When that thin line parts it displays another set of pinkish sensitivity, a small clitoris that makes you touch yourself discretely, or the more dangerous opening, the one that requires the same clitoris to propel you onto a cock to fuck, yes, no matter how beautiful you are, or how sophisticated or refined, a fuck is a fuck, everything else is just a support system, you use to lure men inside you, it’s like a cock, a man just supports it, he allows himself to get hard, because a girl like me send him signals of my willingness to fuck, so a fuck is just a man’s cock chatting to a girl’s cunt, as she surrounds him with her moist body and squeezes him, what the rest of the bodies do is their concern, as a cock and cunt, well we love what it we do.So, my male readers, I am as you know a woman, and I want to talk about me cunt to you, she is my best friend and she pleases all the men I go with, and here, I want to tell you how she met her first cock and how she felt having it go inside her, like every other girl, who has a story about her cunt’s dirty little secrets, yes from an early age in life, our cunt’s crave cock, to cover and squeeze, caress and kiss, oil and slide over, yes you men might give us lollipops and pat us on our bodily heads, but we think about your cocks, just watch us like that lollipop you gave us, does the reflective message we are sending you make want to put your cock in our mouths, don’t worry and don’t feel ashamed, watch us suck it, and see out tongues as we imagine the lollipop is your big, fat cock. Losing my Virginity to an experienced manYes he did it, yes I can remember it, the feeling, the warmth and the mess. I said nothing to anyone, just went to the toilet and took my panties off and hid them, I knew one word from me and all hell would have broke out.Now the memory, like all bed memories, either fade, or become rose tinted, but as I lay here remembering the abuse, I suddenly marvel at his audacity, and I look down the length of my nude body, and realize he had me, all of this that I survey, as desirable as I portray, this man had his penis inside me seven years back, and not a murmur from me, I let him steal my precious virginity and cum, one small tug on my slender girlish hips, and he broke though and slipped inside deep, and a flood of warmth, as he hugged me closely, his hot boozy breath gasping into my neck and making my nostrils flare, his words a stinging rebuke, ‘You naughty girl, look what you made me do’.We sat stock still, I not daring to move, subconsciously feeling his penis subside inside me, his warm semen, acting like a lubricant, aided its departure, and the memories of a ship sliding down its slipway and into the waters below, played heavily in my mind, his penis slipping from my fleshiness, the wetness dragged through the leg of my panties elastic, his semen seemingly oozing into the now soaked crotch of my cotton panties.That was it, it had happened, I had been penetrated on a day that had started out full of excitement.We türbanlı bayburt escort had been guests to the launching of a ship, and I had returned home from boarding school, just for the occasion. It had started with my friends expressing their jealousy, so it made me feel important, especially with the new clothes and more so, as the day wore on, the admiring glances from the men.Everywhere I looked, men were smiling and nodding their approval, and I knew precisely why they were, every girl knows why, and I would be lying if I said my panties were not wet, it is a natural response, an exciting thing to feel desired, even though its purely sexual, as girls at my age, their desirous thoughts for what we have, makes that very thing respond, as if it had a life of its own, and it prepares itself, like mine did, he was right when he blamed me, it was too easy for him to go inside.I was the centre of my own little universe that day, moving around the tables and being hugged and kissed as girls do when men have a little too much to drink.Sometimes I would sit and watch those around me, and see just how oblivious everyone was to everyone else around them, so many false greetings, hugging and kissing, loud voices and some inappropriate touching of the women there, the ones showing too much, but then again, that was why they dressed like that.It was a big party, which promised to go on into the night, and people were settled in for a night of drinking, partying, food and sex, yes sex, I knew about that, and I wanted to see it, I was curious, and I knew it was going to happen, it was just to keep my eyes open and watch.I was focussed on a girl who had drank too much champagne, she was surrounded by a pack of younger men, and I could see she was wearing black panties, her legs were open and the men were moving in on her, their banter and their looking at each other spoke volumes for their intentions, they were forming a pecking order, and would ultimately take their turn with her, as she was too smashed to say no, or understand what was going to happen.I had positioned myself discretely away from the main throng of tables, the sound was a cacophony of noise, voices and music, the bushes around me absorbing most as it filtered through, the leaves shielding me as I watched the men toy with the blond girl, my mind was focused on sex, and that’s how he found me, sitting secluded, ‘Can I join you’, he sat down as he asked, right beside me, I immediately saw he had an erection,I smiled meekly and nodded, I think he saw I was looking at what his pants were straining to hide.He was drinking hard liqueur, ‘Do you think she is in trouble’, he asked me?I swallowed hard and felt a flush rush to my head, as if he knew I was spying on them, I shrugged my shoulders, ‘Maybe’, I replied.’You would be right then’, he replied, then he leant into me and whispered into my ear, his warm breath making my nipples harden, my ears were extremely sensitive, ‘I think they will all fuck her’, then he put his hand on my shoulder and moved even closer to my ear, ‘Do you think she can handle four horny hard cocks’?I almost wet my panties, his choice of words were exciting me, they were being delivered directly into my ear, which in itself was like penetrative sex, had he put his tongue in, I am sure I would have türbanlı bayburt escort bayan had an orgasm.But he sat upright, his words hung in my ears, ‘Fuck, Cock’, not to mention the perceived imagery of four men on one woman, the very thing had crossed my mind before he had arrived.There was a loud female laugh and both of us looked in the direction, one of the men was kissing her, and another was stroking her inner thigh, working his way onto her crotch, I knew her black panties were as wet as my own were, I stared, and he saw I was a voyeur, ‘You like to watch’, I looked at him, and felt myself flush again, I was confused, I struggled to answer, had I said anything it would be an admittance to my kink, ‘It’s her problem, not mine’, I said.He smiled warmly, ‘You’re right’, he replied, ‘the minute his hand was on her inner thigh, the die was cast’.I looked at him, ‘What do you mean, the die was cast’, I never heard that expression before?’He looked at my legs and my eyes followed his gaze, and to my shock I had not realized his were touching mine.His hand dropped to my knee and he touched it, it was like an electrical shock, shooting straight to my clitoris, I felt the jolt and the immediate wantonness of pleasure being touched.My reaction was felt by him, but my lack of pulling away or objection only spurned him on.’See how that felt’, again I had no words, so his finger traced a short line to my thigh, now perceivably shaking, my thighs were tightly closed, but as his finger moved slowly upwards, they relaxed.’A woman cant say no once a man touches her inner thigh’.He was right, well in my case, he certainly was, and the woman opposite us, being groped silly, obviously was, but there was a flash of defiance in me, no girl wants to be that easy, but it was a case case of trying to defend the indefensible, after all his hand was still on my thigh, and I was wetting myself, prying for him to go higher and touch it.’Bullshit’!A very adult swear word for a girl to say to an adult.’Close your eyes and keep them closed’. This is it, flashed through my mind, and as I closed them, wrinkling up my face in a show of grim determination, perhaps over emphasizing my determination to obey and follow whatever he was going to do, so when I said I disagreed with his theory, I at least could prove it by doing exactly what he was going to do. ‘Ok, good’, he said softly, and I felt him part my thighs, which surprisingly opened to easily, wider than the girl opposite, it was what he wanted, it really was what I wanted, I was convinced there was a puddle of wetness in which I sat, but I did not care, I was horny as fuck, and as I was just about to cover his hand and pull him onto my cunt, he started to move in that hallowed direction.I swallowed hard, I ached, my mouth was dry and my pink tongue flashed across my parched mouth, as I wetted my lips, ‘Feels good, does it not’, again I swallowed hard, he was inches from my cunt, I was about to be touched, and I fidgeted, I was pushing my bum to his hand, the hem of my short skirt was high, my crotch open and exposed to his line of sight, he could see my panties and how they disappeared within my curvature, my tiny cunt line so clearly defined through the wetness of my panties, a fledgling, ‘Camel Toe’, as yet untouched, but tantalisingly türbanlı escort bayburt close, my thighs were wide as I pulled them open in my surrender, my breathing laboured, my lips dry and constantly wetted with my spit, but still he teased, and my mind screamed, ‘Fuck me’.His caressing of the soft inner thigh flesh, just below the elastic of my wet panties, was driving me crazy, these were feelings of desire I was experiencing for the first time, yes I had experience of masturbation and orgasms, but this was unimaginable for me just moments ago, I was moving my bum in circles, trying to bring his hand to touch me, but he was moving with me, so in a sexual agony, I covered his hand with mine and pulled him onto my cunt,pressing his hand with all my strength, but he wriggled free, ‘No’, then a firmer, ‘No’, I stopped moving, ‘I will touch your cunt when I am ready’, I was breathing heavily, gasping, and I turned my face to his ear, ‘I want to cum’, and I kissed his ear, ‘Please’, I pleaded, and I licked his lobe, ‘Fuck me’, and as I spoke I started to climb onto his lap in search of his manhood.He reached out and took my weak hand, everything about me was limpish, I had no energy, I was putty in his hands, whereas he was iron, and my fingers wrapped around his cock, now freed from the constraints of his pants, I moaned loudly as I tugged on it, my head nestled into his neck, where I kissed and licked, I could feel myself mount onto him, as I pulled his cock to my cunt.To someone looking in on us they would have been amazed to see a young girl grasping a huge erection and pulling herself onto it, while the man sat drinking, it was me who pulled my panties aside and guided him inside, well the head of his cock was for certain, as he held my hips, as the bucked and jumped on that swollen bulbous head, like a ball and socket joint, then he gasped, as if something was changing, his grip on my slender and narrow hips tightened, and he pulled me down firmly, and I gasped as my whole body seemed to open wide.It was a sharp pleasurable dull feeling, I could hear the exhalation of my own breath, his deep groan, my inner feminine lining parting for the first time as his cock battered its way deep inside my inner femininity, bluntly hitting my cervix, and flooding me with semen.He held me in a vice like lock, I could neither move up or down as my own bodily needs cried for, or even gyrate onto his pubis, I was close to my own release, instead left to feel the flooding warmth of his semen ejaculated inside me, his throbbing cock my only consolation, as he sat subsiding inside me, ‘I want to cum’, I pitifully begged, as his flaccid cock slipped from my vaginal grasp.I stood up on legs shaking from the exertion, I felt, well fucked, I suppose, but unsatisfied. He pointed to the group opposite, ‘She has had two of them, now she is fucked, and two have nothing’, I looked across, he was right, two guys looked pissed off, he looked at me, ‘Go get one, or both’, he said, as I looked and a surge of sexual energy ran through me, my mind trying to figure out how to intercept one.I turned to ask him, but he was gone, only his semen running down my leg to prove he had existed, ‘It was that easy’, I thought, and I hated my body for its perceived weakness, and it has taken me all these years to put the right words to my loss of my virginity, that afternoon, and my question to you, my readers, did I fuck him, or he fuck me, lusting or ****, as for me just now, I need to masturbate, I mean I am lying here naked in my room and the door not locked, the halls are filled with young men, on our final year of graduation, and ten years of sexual activity since that day, does affect a girl and her pussies desire for cock.

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