A Woman’s Seduction: Amber

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She’d been waiting for this night for over a month — ever since it was determined that he was actually coming to see her. They’d known each other for about four months, and although they had never met in person before they were great friends, and she knew that she wanted more than that too. She wanted him.

Almost a week had passed now since he’d arrived, and it had been one of the happiest weeks in her life. He was every bit as charming, friendly, caring and interesting in person as he was online and on the phone — and she loved the way he reacted to her teasings and insinuations, with that mix of innocent awkwardness and underlying naughtiness. She smiled involuntarily just thinking about it – it was so cute! And it made the upcoming weekend even more promising.

They were spending the weekend out at her cabin, so that they would get some time all to themselves in an intimate setting. That was entirely her thought; she suspected that he had stronger feelings for her than he let on, and she hoped that a few days alone together and some further teasing and seduction would bring them to the surface. Steve, however, just thought it was two friends going to relax. And relax they would, she thought, smiling to herself.

They had spent the evening watching old movies and talking, and after awhile she’d been snuggling up to him on the couch, and he put his arm around her. That had felt so good — she felt so safe and comfortable being close to him, and she couldn’t help thinking about how it would feel to kiss him, and be this close to him without quite as much clothes on…

Soon that thought became too strong, and she suggested that they should go to bed. She’d explained the sleeping arrangements to him weeks ago — there was only one bed at the cabin, and she’d told him she slept in the nude, saying she hoped he didn’t mind that. It hadn’t surprised her at all when he’d told her he didn’t mind at all.

Smiling to herself she got up from the couch and started getting ready for bed.

When Steve went into the bathroom Amber dimmed the lights and started undressing, taking her socks and her jeans off. Then she waited. When she heard that he was on his way out she placed herself so he’d see her and started pulling her t-shirt up. Although she was abit self-conscious about the extra pounds on her hips and around her waist, she wanted him to get a good look at her as he came into the bedroom. The thought of Steve looking at her body made her feel excited and sexy.

As she heard him come down the hall she pulled the t-shirt over her head, arching her back. She did it slowly, to make sure he saw, and when the t-shirt came off she caught sight of him in the doorway, staring at her. He was mesmerized by her nakedness, and the long shining strawberry blond hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders, perfectly framing her beautiful face and bringing out the bright green in her eyes. She smiled and couldn’t stop herself from giggling a little, and he immediately turned his gaze away.

“It’s okay Steve,” she said, “I don’t mind you looking.” She winked at him and put her t-shirt aside, watching him out of the corner of her eye as she took off her panties, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. He kept his head turned sideways, but she could see that he was looking at her, smiling. She moved as slowly as she could without making it too obvious when she walked over to the bed and climbed in, parting her legs just a little more than necessary. As she pulled the covers up she looked over to him again and he looked away, then turned his eyes back to her, meeting her gaze and smiling a little. She was almost sure he was blushing.

“Aren’t you coming?” she asked, lifting the covers to give him room. He nodded and started to undress, trying not Manavgat Escort Bayan to look at her but failing. She made no secret of the fact that she was watching him. Steve had shortcut brown hair and the lightest blue eyes she had ever seen. He stripped down to his boxers, then hesitated a little before he walked over to the bed. Even in the dim light of the bedside lamp she could clearly see the large bulge at the front of his boxers. He made a good job of appearing casual about it though – she was impressed.

As he got into bed she raised the covers up even more for him, turning over on her side, and she smiled at the way his gaze wandered from her face down over her naked body as she exposed herself. He laid down next to her and she leaned back to turn off her nightlight, giving him a long good look at her breasts as the covers slid down. She moved a little closer to him, and they started talking again.

While they talked she let her hand slide over his, softly caressing it and she looked deep into his baby blue eyes.

“I’m very glad that you came Steve,” she said, squeezing his hand softly. He smiled warmly and reached up to stroke her cheek.

“I’m very glad I’m here Amber,” he said. Returning his smile she slid her arms around him and gave him a hug. He responded by moving closer to her and she felt his arm slide down around her waist. It felt wonderful having him so close and her heart started to beat faster as she pressed her round, perfectly shaped breasts against his bare chest, caressing his back softly. She could feel his erection against her thigh, and she wished that he’d taken off his boxers too.

They held each other for what seemed like an eternity, and she felt herself getting more and more aroused. She wanted him so badly! She moved away a little, looking deep into his eyes. Slowly, slowly, they both moved forward, until their lips met in a tender soft kiss, filled with emotion.

They looked at each other again, and she kissed him with more passion, the tip of her tongue finding his. That seemed to boost his courage, and she felt his hand slide down over her back to caress her ass. In response she slid her fingers down over his chest, until they reached the front of his boxers. He gasped slightly as she caressed down over the hard bulge.

Without a word she pulled back the covers, rising up on one elbow, looking down into his eyes. She gently rolled him over onto his back, keeping her gaze locked on his as she exposed him. She sat up, gently caressing down his body to his boxers, sliding her fingers in under them, pushing them down. He raised his hips to make it easier for her, and she let her gaze wander down his body as his erection came free. She could see precum glistening on the tip.

As he raised his legs to let her take his boxers off completely, she took the opportunity to push them apart. Amber ran her fingertips up the inside of his thigh, smiling softly at him. He moaned slightly as her hand rubbed against his balls and continued up over the shaft of his cock, making it jerk involuntarily. She slid her hand up over his stomach and chest rubbing her fingertips over his nipple, and he slid his arm around her, whispering her name.

Amber felt her heart warm up at that, and she leaned down to kiss him passionately, gently pushing her tongue into his mouth. She let out a soft moan into his mouth as his hand slid up over her body and cupped her breast, squeezing it gently. She deepened the kiss, pressing her body against his as his thumb rubbed over her stiffening nipple.

“Oh god, I want you so badly Amber” he whispered as she flicked over his nipple with her fingers, and she felt him press his erection against her thigh. Amber smiled at him and sat up.

“And you Manavgat Escort will…in time” she giggled, and ran a nail down his body, scratching his skin all the way down over his thigh. “God you’re so sexy Steve” she whispered. “Now, just lie back and enjoy, okay?” Steve nodded. She could see his lust and passion for her in his eyes. Amber leaned down and kissed his neck, her tongue tracing a path up to his ear. “Good boy,” she whispered.

Her tongue gently traced each curve and fold of his ear as her fingers started flicking over his right nipple. Hearing him gasp, Amber sucked his earlobe into her mouth, nibbling slightly on it, as she pinched his nipple softly and pulled on it. Steve let out a long moan, and Amber released his nipple, scratching quickly down his chest and stomach with her nails, grabbing his erection firmly and pulling back his foreskin, hard. Steve pushed his hips up toward her and gasped loudly. Amber started to kiss her way down his neck, nibbling the skin here and there as she massaged the base of his cock, keeping the foreskin pulled back.

An itching longing to feel him inside of her had started to spread from between her legs, and she delighted in denying herself that satisfaction for awhile yet. She wanted to be as worked up as possible for him when he finally filled her up. It was so much better that way.

Her mouth reached his nipple and her tongue snaked out over it, circling the little stiff bud and flicking over it; teasing it. He pushed his hips up toward her hand again, and Amber released his cock, cupping his balls gently in her hand. She traced a path down his chest with her tongue as she rolled his balls in her hand, loving the way he moaned, and how he moved under her touch. His reactions were really turning her on.

As her mouth reached his stiff cock, Amber slid her hand up over it again, lifting it up to her waiting tongue, and with one flick of her tongue she licked the precum off, tasting his warm saltiness. Flicking her tongue over the head, she started stroking his cock slowly. Steve moaned and pushed up into her hand again, and she kissed the tip of his cock, then moved back a little and watched him as she stroked him faster. As his moans got louder and a started squirming under her, Amber stopped, holding his cock firmly as she lowered her mouth to it. She ran her tongue around the head, feeling him twitch in her hand, and then she slowly let the head slide into her mouth.

Steve moaned as the warmth of her mouth closed around him and pushed up toward her. In response she took him deeper into her mouth, sucking gently and rubbing her tongue against the shaft. Feeling Steve’s fingers slide into her long hair, she started to slowly move his cock in and out of her mouth, pumping the base of it with her hand. She loved the way he moaned and thrust up into her mouth, and she loved the taste of his precum. She kept sucking at him, stopping or slowing down occasionally to let him calm down – she didn’t want him to cum yet. After awhile Steve started pleading with her between his moans, begging her to make him cum, and she smiled up at him, stroking him gently.

“I love the way you react Steve,” she whispered as she slid up over his body. Steve pulled her close, pressing himself against her and kissed her passionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She sucked his tongue deep into her mouth and she felt Steve’s hand slide down her body and over her thigh. She parted her legs for him – God she was so horny – and moaned as she felt his fingers caress the inside of her thigh, moving up toward her warm and very wet pussy. Amber shivered with pleasure as his fingers slid over her pussylips, parting them, sliding over her pussy and up over her clit, sending waves of pleasure up through Escort Manavgat Amber’s body. She started to roll over onto her back, running her nails down Steve’s side.

“Oh Steve, I need you inside of me…now,” she panted, moving against his probing fingers. Steve pushed one finger into her with a wet sound and Amber moaned louder. He moved up over her, and Amber spread her legs wide, pulling him down onto her. As he pushed the tip of his cock against her pussy, Amber reached down with one hand, grabbing his erection. She rubbed the tip against her clit, then down over her pussy guiding him into her, sliding her hands around to his ass as he pushed into her.

Their moans mingled as their bodies pressed together. Steve’s cock felt so good filling her up, and she embraced him passionately, kissing him back. Steve whispered into her ear how wonderful it felt finally being inside of her, and that he’d dreamed of this moment for a long time.

“Me too,” Amber whispered, running her nails up over his back as Steve started to slowly pump his erection in and out of her. They kissed deeply and passionately, Amber moving her hips up to meet Steve’s thrusts as they slowly increased their pace, and soon Steve couldn’t hold back anymore. His moans and pantings grew louder, and as Amber spurred him to fuck her faster he lost control. Almost shouting out his pleasure, he pushed hard and fast into her, his body shuddering with pleasure as he came, shooting his seed deep into her.

“Oh yes, Steve, cum inside of me,” Amber whispered, feeling his cock plunging deep into her as it released it load, his hot cum spurting into her with each thrust. Feeling Steve push hard and deep into her one last time, Amber tightened her pussy around him, pressing him into her with her nails to push him as deep into her as he could get, and she looked deep into his eyes as he groaned out the last of his orgasm. She kissed him passionately as she felt him sliding out of her, leaving her feeling empty.

Steve rolled off of her and laid down beside her, panting hard, and Amber caressed over his chest, meeting his gaze with a warm smile. His hand slid over her left breast, then down over her stomach. As they kissed again, his fingers slid down to her dripping pussy.

Amber moaned softly as Steve’s fingers rubbed over her clit, and then he pushed two fingers into her. Some of his cum ran out of her, down her ass, as his fingers pushed deeper into her. She spread her legs more, moaning as his fingers slid in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. She bucked her hips up toward him, and then gasped as his fingers slid out of her, circling her clit and rubbing over it. His fingertips rubbed faster over it, but softly, and Amber moaned loudly and pushed her pussy against his hand, grabbing his shoulders for support. She felt his fingers rub harder against her, feeling the sensations building in her body, driving her closer and closer to the edge. Her body quivered as warm waves spread throughout her body, her body flowing with the sensations, light and heavy at the same time, as the rubbing of his fingers threw her deep into orgasm. Crying out her pleasure, Amber felt her pussy contract, the pleasure surging through her body and mind. It felt as if her very soul was on fire, and her entire body was charged up with electricity. She held onto Steve as he kept fingering her through her orgasm, until the pleasure became too much and she had to push his hand away.

She hugged him close, and they lay in each other’s arms, panting softly.

“Oh Steve, that was wonderful…” she whispered “…you are wonderful. I’ve waited for that so long now.”

“So have I,” he answered, then paused as he hugged her tight. “You are so sexy Amber.” Purring softly into his neck, Amber nibbled his soft skin abit, making him catch his breath.

“You too,” she replied. They kissed passionately, and held each other close as they pulled the covers up and settled into each other’s bodies to fall asleep.

Amber was very pleased with how her plans had turned out.

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