A Woman Needs Comfort

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My name is Janet. I’m 20 and go to the local college. I live at home with my mother, stepfather Mark, and sometimes my 15 yr old step sister Cindy. I am 5’8″ and 135lbs. I have a cute figure.

Cindy had called and asked me to drop a school book, she’d left, off at her mom’s house for her. Cindy’s a good kid and I didn’t mind at all.

I was at work and was going out with friends after. So after work, I drove home, changed, got the book, and headed to Cindy’s house. Cindy had told me her mother was home and to just leave it with her.

I had met her a few times, but we didn’t really have a relationship. Cindy’s mother had not remarried. She was nice enough, but always seemed unhappy. She and I got along.

Even though she wanted the divorce, she was very unhappy when Mark started dating my mom. I think she thought that he’d stay miserable too.

When I got there I knocked on the door. I prepared myself. I was heading out with some friends and I admit it, I was wearing my come get me clothes. Cindy’s mom was always very conservative. I think every piece of underwear Cindy owned was white cotton. I assumed I’d get some comment.

There was no answer. I knocked again. When she opened the door she looked like she’d been crying. I didn’t want to intrude. I told her I was dropping off Cindy’s book. She sniffled and thanked me. She said Cindy was at a friends.

I said thanks and started to leave. Her sniffling bothered me. I turned back and asked if she was OK? She assured me she was, thanked me for asking, and then burst into tears standing in the doorway.

I put my arm around her and guided her back in the house. We sat on the couch and she hugged me and sobbed on my shoulder. I finally got the story out of her.

She’d been dating a guy for two weeks. She’d thought it was going somewhere. This weekend she had sex with him. He’d just called and broke up with her. She told me that since her divorce, she had not had a relationship that lasted more than two weeks.

“What’s wrong with me,” she sobbed. “Am I that ugly?”

Actually, except for the unhappy look, she was attractive. At about 40 she was about 5’6″, 110, long hair, pretty face and skin. My first guess was she was a lousy lay or a pain in the ass to hang out with. I assured her she was attractive.

“Look at canlı bahis şirketleri your daughter,” I said reassuringly, “She’s gorgeous and she looks like you.”

She sniffled, “You really think so?”

“Absolutely,” I responded.

She looked at me, thanked me, but still clung to me. I kept my arm around her. She kept sniffling. She started going through all her relationships. A lot of them ended right after she had sex with them.

No wonder she’s upset, I thought. I don’t blame her for doubting herself.

She realized what she was saying and started putting herself down.

“I must be a lousy fuck,” she said. “They fuck me and leave me. How can I be so bad.”

Then she burst into the tears again, and cried into my shoulder. I felt bad for her and held her reassuring her. I told her she couldn’t be that bad. I mean seriously, for most men, even if you’re just there they think the sex is good. She laughed.

I assured her she was gorgeous and sweet. I did say she often looked unhappy. I asked if she thought that might have anything to do with it.

She told me she was unhappy, but mostly because she was lonely. It was hard being alone for so long. She always felt she was missing something. She said her divorce from Mark was her fault. She always felt she could not connect even though she’d tried.

She started crying again. She was sobbing that she was ugly, a lousy lay, and something was wrong with her that she couldn’t connect.

For my part I held her and told her that there was nothing wrong with her. That she was pretty and had not found the right person yet. She pulled away from me, looked at me, and thanked me for being so sweet.

Then she shocked me. She said thank you and gave me a small kiss. I kissed her back and again assured her it was OK. She told me I was so sweet and gave me another small kiss. Then with no warning. She pressed into me and really kissed me. I was completely surprised and pulled back.

She started crying again. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m such a mess.”

I put my arm around her again and assured her she was OK. She turned her head to look at me. She looked so sad and so needy. This time I kissed her. She kissed back. It felt good. She had such soft lips. It wasn’t the first time I kissed canlı kaçak iddaa a girl. Usually I was out at a bar with friends. We were teasing guys and making out with each other. We taste like alcohol and club. Cindy’s mother tasted different. Soft. Tender. Fresh showered. Light flowers. I liked it.

We spent some time kissing she pulled away from me and took off her top. I’d never really done this with a girl, but she seemed so needy, tasted so sweet, and looked so sad, I didn’t stop her.

We got back to serious kissing. As we did, something came over me. I realized I was really liking this and didn’t want to stop. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She looked at me shyly and let it fall off. I reached out to caress her breasts. Her nipples hardened under my fingers.

I bent my head down and took her nipple in my mouth. She moaned. She tasted like freshly cleaned skin. I liked it. I stood up and pulled my dress up over my head and dropped it on the floor. I was standing there in just panties and heels. She gave me another shy smile.

I sat down and guided her hand to my breasts. She gently stroked them and sucked on my nipples. It felt wonderful and I told her so. She looked so happy.

I had never been with a girl, but I was getting turned on. I also knew that she was timid and if something was going to happen, I had to take charge. The reality I was loving having this sweet, needy woman in my arms.

I pushed her down on the couch. We kissed passionately. I sat up on my knees and undid her jeans. I grabbed the waist and started to pull her jeans and panties off together. She lifted her ass so I could pull them all the way off.

We went back to making out. A woman’s touch is so much softer than a man’s and because she was so shy and unsure it was even gentler and sweeter. My hand slid down her belly to her pussy. Her legs fell apart as she made room for my hand. My fingers traced her clit. She pushed her hips forward and moaned as I touched her. I slid them in her pussy. She kissed me passionately.

My fingers in her pussy, our lips locked, she explored my body with one hand. She caressed my breasts and nipples. Slowly her hand slid down my body. They slid into my panties. She tentatively touched my clit. I moaned into her mouth. She pulled me in and kissed me canlı kaçak bahis harder. Her fingers started to explore my pussy. Women like different things, but we also know basically what feels good. She knew what felt good.

With our fingers in each other, gentle need went to passionate desire. I started humping her fingers. I thought about the fact that this was Cindy’s mother. My stepsister. It kind of added a dirty element to it. The thought made me cum.

She actually stopped and asked, “Did I really make you cum?”

I admitted she did. She got teary eyed, but this time there was a smile with it. Again, it was so sweet I was happy I was there.

I kissed her passionately and concentrated on her clit. She started humping my hand and moaning. Within seconds she was cumming.

“Oh my fucking God,” she said. “I haven’t had an orgasm like that in years. She kissed me again.

“Really?” I said. “Then you’re going to love this.”

I started kissing my way down her body. I really liked the way she tasted. She was perspiring a little and her skin tasted slightly salty.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said. She added, “With a girl I mean.”

“Me neither I replied. Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“You’d better not,” she laughed.

My tongue reached her clit. She came again. Loud. My tongue entered her pussy. She came again. Now she was on a roll. Definitely multiorgasmic.

She stopped me and laughed, “Let me catch my breath.”

I said, “Well hurry up. It’s my turn.”

Again she got shy and started to say, “ummm… I never…”

I stopped her and said, “Well you’re going to.”

She laughed again. I laid back on the couch and slid my panties off. She moved her head down my body and tentatively licked my pussy. I moaned. As I moaned she got braver and braver. Soon her face was buried in my pussy and I was making her face all wet as I came.

We eventually got back to kissing. I could taste my pussy on her lips. She was kissing me and licking my lips trying to clean me up. We slowly got back to just cuddling.

“Janet,” she said.


“Thank you so much. That was amazing. I feel much better and, seriously, it wasn’t just the sex. You were wonderful.”

I kissed her again and told her I better get going. We both got dressed. As I left she kissed me goodbye.

A week later she called and told me a girl from the gym asked her out. She sounded excited. I told her to tell me how it went. Two months later I saw her. They were still dating. She looked very happy.

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