A whole new world with sleeping Sally

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Fucking sleeping Sally for the first time:

Sleeping Sally’s 18th birthday present:

If you’ve never met sally, I suggest you start at the beginning with the story above, “Fucking my sleeping girlfriend for the first time.”

Sally is 5’4″, 110 pounds, perfect, firm, full C breasts, slightly longer than shoulder length wavy brown hair, and ass that would have you salivating at your first glance. It was as if someone had taken the perfect super model and shrunk her to a petite 5’4″.

Months had passed since my last opportunity for some midnight fun with Sally while she slept. I had thought about it all the time since her birthday, but not wanting to ruin it I was being patient. Opportunity knocked in the form of an unfortunate incident. She got into a car accident, nothing major, but a fender bender. Shortly there after she was experiencing back and neck pain, as well as tension headaches so she went to see the doctor.

She walked in to the door as she got home, dropped her purse on the ground,

“He says I should take these until my neck and back settle down. Says it will give them a chance to heal. Supposed to help with my headaches as well.”

I looked at the bottle she was holding in her outstretched arms, bewildered.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Muscle relaxants.”

I quickly looked the bottle over in depth, side effects “May cause drowsiness.” I knew this trick, “may,” as in, most certainly will. Even sleeping pills come with this ridiciulous “side effect”, of course it will make you drowsy I mused.

“Interesting, well I hope it helps cause I hate seeing you in pain boo.”

“Argh I know, I hate not being able to do normal things without pain. Even bending over is a chore, and I can hardly shoulder check while driving.”

I had prepared us a late dinner, she took the pill and we had casual conversation over dinner. Afterwards we cuddled up together on the sofa to watch some television. Not half an hour had gone by since cuddling on the couch and she was nodding off.

“Babe, you’re already falling asleep lets get you to bed so you don’t hurt your neck laying here in an awkward position.”

I had to help her up, she was wobbly as if she had been drinking. She went to the bathroom, dropped her pants and peed while rubbing her eyes so adorably. Shes so innocent and adorable that just looking at her calms me down, I often think that if every man had her to come home to that there would be no wars.

She stood up and rocked back and forth, I gently grabbed her arm and ushered her to the bed room. She struggled with her bra, I quickly helped her out of it, making sure to cup both her perfectly round tits in each of my hands and pull her close, taking a deep whiff of her scent.

Her leggings slid right off, and thanks to my help, so did her panties. She was completely naked, flawless, stunning, and easily the most beautiful piece of art I had ever laid eyes on. I kissed her softly on the lips,

“I love you boo.”

“I love you too babe.” She said as she snuggled the blankets.

“I’ll be to bed in a bit, get some rest.”

Like I kid in a candy store I was so excited, alcohol was one thing, but muscle relaxants? Wow, she was going to be a playground! I had a smoke and relaxed, watched some tv and then finally after about an hour decided the time had come. I entered the bedroom, she had left the bedside lamp on, the glow illuminating her partially covered body. She had a wicked metabolism, and as a result she was nearly always overheating. If it were up to her she’d often sleep with zero blankets, but I don’t share her same internal heating system.

The blanket was tucked between her legs, she was already laying on her right side, exactly where I needed her to be. Her left leg bent at the knee and higher than her right leg, on the bottom. Her tits sat pressed Ankara escort between her chest and her arms that were up underneath her head. She looked like an angel, and already my cock was pulsing.

I knew that with the muscle relaxants I was likely going to get away with more than I had before, but I still wanted to be cautious not wanting to risk losing the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I stripped down and snuggled up beside her in bed, my cock pressed against her ass I went about my usual routine of reaching over and cupping, and rubbing her breasts. I slid my hand across her hips, squeezed her ass and went in for the goods. Dammit! Completely dry.

Oh well I thought, guess I get to try something new. I pulled the blankets up so they lightly covered most of her body. I wiggled my way down the bed until I was looking straight at her sideways pussy and her gorgeous ass hole. She gets a Brazilian wax every two weeks, shes hairless everywhere, all the time. Normally, when one goes down to eat a chick out, there’s the worry of pleasing her, and the rush that your in by the very nature of your situation. Today though, I had all night, and I had to admire the view. For some reason, nothing turns me on more than the view of a pussy on its side, legs pressed together on either side the look of those two puffy outer lips, encasing the smaller purple lips makes me want to just taste it forever. She had the perfect pussy, nice size inside lips, no flaps,puffy peach outer lips, the entire view made my mouth water.

I moved my face closer and rested the tip of my nose right between her lips, then inhaled. Ahhhh, the smell of that sweet pussy is unmatched by any smell in my entire 28 years. I reached my hand up and placed it firmly on her left ass cheek, highest off the bed, and lifted up slightly. Her pussy lips parted, the gorgeous pink inside slightly revealed. I could have cum right there, but I knew the best was yet to come. I moved my face down towards her clit, slid my tongue along either side of it and then pushed the hood slightly up till I felt the button of her clit hit the tip of my tongue. I gently brushed it ever so carefully with the tip of my tongue, then began circling it. Within a minute I found myself going at her clit pretty hard, thrashing it with my tongue.

Suddenly she stirred. Fuck! I thought, I pulled my face away from her slit and sat there like a statue. Great, I thought, this would be a marvelous place to get busted. I waited, still nothing. Fuck it, I thought and slid my face back towards her slit. I went for another whiff, and stuck the tip of my nose into her lips but this time, it was wet! I hadn’t actually licked her pussy, but I guess my work on her clit had turned on her juice production. I took a deep breath and then extended my tongue and with it wide open, I slurped from her clit to her ass hole. Oh my god I thought to myself, pausing to actually take a second and savor the delicious flavor of her juice.

My cock was so stiff and pulsing that I honestly couldn’t handle it any more, I knew it was time for some action. I slid back up the bed and pulled her ass towards me. I wanted to be sure I was in the clear, I lifted her arm about a foot and dropped it. Like a stone it fell, coming to rest slightly in front of her stomach. I felt invincible, and was reckless, said to hell with my thumb tonight. I grabbed my throbbing cock and rested it peacefully against her puffy lips, directly on top of her hole. I reached down and grabbed her ass cheek and gently lifted it, spreading her pussy for my awaiting cock. Instantly I felt the tip of my cock being almost sucked into her warm, pot of honey. I wiggled slightly and it happened, the gates of heaven opened and the head of my cock snuck past her lips and lodged itself snugly between her tight embracing lips. Ahhhh, there it is. I took a deep breath and relaxed, step one was complete, I was in. Just the head, but I was in. That first inch feels like you’ve pushed your cock into a women’s warm, wet mouth while she gently sucks on it. It’s also the Ankara escort bayan first step on a beautiful, ecstasy filled journey.

After a brief pause to collect my self, I pushed calmly further. Her tight pussy devoured the head and was now grabbing more and more of my shaft. I stopped, and pulled out till just the tip was inside, wanting to spread her juice to make sure everyone was comfortable. I pushed forward again, deeper than before, the ribbed texture of her insides stroking my cock and head. It had been too long, I was overwhelmed with pleasure and I wanted to come right there and then. Get it together, I told myself.

With one last triumphant push of my hips I was fully inside her, my cock completely encased in the tight grip of her perfect teen slit. Another moment that has got to be savored, I flexed my cock and felt the grip of her pussy tighten around it. I reached across her body and cupped her tits, she was virtually dead to the world. Not even a murmur. I could feel her cervix pressed tight against the head of my cock, and I flexed again. It was this cock flexing that always worried me before, the feeling of ‘fullness’ for a women must be unmistakable, in the past I was almost certain it would wake her, but as a boy I enjoyed playing with fire.

I slid my cock back a few inches, then slowly slid it right back fully inside of her while flexing it. A deep whiff of her lovely scent, I relaxed my body, then slid my cock nearly completely out of her, the head resting right between the lips at the opening. In one thrust I slammed straight into her cervix and flexed with all my might, nothing. She didn’t move or make a sound. Invincibility achieved. I pulled out again till I felt her lips caressing the head of my cock, and then slammed it back in, beginning a good rhythm of penetration. The feeling was too much, and I knew I was going to have to come, I reached across, cupped her left breast and pulled her close. Slamming my cock into her cervix I held her close as I belted shot after shot of cum inside of her. I gently kissed her back and shoulder, in such intense love with this perfect women, I felt like the luckiest man alive. I would kill for this women I thought to myself.

After a couple minutes I gently slid myself out, grabbed a waiting tea cloth and began cleaning her up. Taking more care than I had previously. I got up, sat down in the living room and had a smoke. My cock was in a nearly permanent state of arousal. It knew what was waiting in the bed room, and even if it forgot, my mind hand’t. The images, feeling, taste, and feel of the romp were running through my mind. Within minutes I was ready to go again.

I slid back into the bed, and fondled her perfect tits for a moment while my now rock hard cock rested on her ass. I slid my hand down and inserted my index finger into her, of course, she was still soaking wet, a bit from me, a bit from her. I slid it out and caressed her ass hole gently, applying slight pressure on the hole itself. Quickly I dipped back into her pussy to re-wet my finger and went straight back to her asshole, then with almost no resistance my finger slid straight into her ass. Wow I thought to myslf, even this isn’t stirring her, and since shes so relaxed, it was a lot easier than when we had tried together, previously. Despite this I knew that the key to comfortable anal was to work my way up, and not rush, I would never want to hurt her, and if she woke up with a sore ass, that just wasn’t ok with me.

I let my finger sit inside her ass for a couple minutes, sliding slightly further in, then out. Not all the way, but back and forth. I pulled my finger out and slid two back into her pussy this time, took them out and played with her ass hole again. I rubbed and then slowly pushed one, then the other in. It was easier than ever. I let both sit inside her for another couple minutes, no movement just stretching. Finally I removed the fingers and dipped three fingers inside of her pussy, this was the final step. I fiddled her ass hole gently and then slowly slid all three Escort Ankara fingers in. My cock was absolutely pounding at this point, the tight grip of her asshole around my fingers was driving my crazy. My cock knew what was in store.

A couple minutes passed and the time had come. I grabbed my cock, gently parted her lips, and plunged it deep inside her pussy. I needed to get some lube. I flexed and felt her tight grip around my cock, pumped several times and figured I was lubed and ready. I pulled my cock out and gently pressed it against her ass hole. Using my hand to guide it, I gently rubbed her asshole with my cock head, hoping to prepare it for what was to come. I slightly edged forward with my hips, and I felt my cock slide ever so slightly inside of her ass. I pushed a bit harder and before I knew it, her ass hole had gobbled my entire cock head. It was like heaven on steroids, normally that first push inside of a wet pussy is absolutely amazing, but this might have actually topped it! I spat on my hand and reached down to lather up the shaft of my cock, then slowly slid deeper and deeper. I pressed as far as I could go, and I was now balls deep inside her ass, flexing my cock.

My cock couldn’t handle it, it wanted to come right there and then. I paused, took a deep breath and tried to remember all the positions on a baseball field. Anything to get my mind wandering. I laid back slightly, which pulled my cock out about an inch. Wow, the kung fu grip of her ass hole around my shaft was like nothing I had ever felt before. She was always so worried about the “naughty” idea of anal, and complaining it was uncomfortable that I never once got to actually enjoy it. Now here I was, with her asshole holding my cock in a death grip buried as deep as her ass will allow me to go.

I slipped further back and pushed back in hard. I began rhythmically fucking her ass, and again I thought, kill me now!!! The sheer excitement, novelty and the fact I was buried in my sleeping princesses asshole threw me over the edge within minutes. I shuddered as my balls tightened and started pumping cum like a fire hose inside of her asshole. I cupped her breasts and caressed her ass and gorgeous thighs. I paused for a moment to savor the delight of the moment, and then slid my cock out.

I assumed that since her ass was so tight, no cum would escape the clutches. I pulled her close and snuggled her, caressing her body from breast to ass, pausing every once in awhile to finger her clit, or tickle her asshole. Before long, I had nodded off to one of the best sleeps of my entire life.

I woke up the next morning and quickly realized that I was alone. I looked around, no sight of Sally. I smelled the air, ahh, I knew that smell, bacon! I stumbled out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

“Good morning sweetheart, I made us breakfast I was just about to come wake you!”

“Thanks babe, how are you feeling today?” I asked.

“Great actually, those muscle relaxants seemed to have really helped. My neck and back have loosened up and my head ache is finally gone.”

“That’s amazing, im glad you are feeling better boo.”

“Just one thing, after I went to the bathroom this morning I noticed when I wiped that I had some cum crusties… I’m sorry but I don’t remember going to bed last night,
just that we had dinner and then that was it.”

I panicked, fuck, I wasn’t prepared for this. Should I just lie and say we had sex? I started to blush,

“No honey, uh, you see… well, I put you to bed and then I came to bed a little while later. You were laying there naked looking like a goddess and instantly I got aroused.
I knew you weren’t feeling well so the last thing I wanted to do was wake you, so I just snuggled up to you and masturbated, I am sorry if I got my mess on you boo.”

“Awe, you’re so cute. At least you’re honest. Thanks for not wanting to disturb me cause I wasn’t feeling well, but you know that I am 100% yours babe. You know that you’re
welcome to do what you please with me, when you want. That’s what being in love is all about, total surrender to your lover.”

I was shocked, but massively delighted,

“Ok boo, I’ll be sure to take you up on that.”

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