A Weekend in Blackpool – Part 2

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A Weekend in Blackpool – Part 2On our second night in Blackpool, we’d had a very busy day, must have walked three miles, which is a lot for us, especially in the heat we were having, sunny and hot 25 degrees, unusual for the UK. we’d eaten out yet again and had gone back to the hotel for a couple of late night drinks, but to be honest we were knackered, we went to bed at just after 12 midnight.I was finding it difficult to sleep because of the temperature so at 2:30am I decided to go outside to cool down and have a cigarette, as I walked out of the hotel there was a table on some grass, I sat there smoking and enjoying the view and the cooler air, when out of the silence a couple were arguing, he was shouting and swearing at her, then he stormed off and left her.She came over to where I was sitting, crying and shaking, I didn’t speak to her as her friend might come back violently. I got up to go back inside and as I got to the lift area she was there, she said “My boyfriend’s a cunt”, I couldn’t canlı bahis şirketleri disagree with her. She was wearing a short denim skirt, a blue top and she had long dark hair, she looked about 26-27.As the lift arrived she asked me which floor I wanted and I said “5th”, she said she was on the 4th, as we rode in the ricketty old lift it began to sway and she said she hates lifts, as we got to the 4th floor she asked me if I’d see her to her door. I wasn’t happy about this but… as we got out and walked down the landing she said her name was Kim.As we got to her door she thanked me, to be honest I fancied her like mad, as she opened the door I touched her shoulder as she turned around I kissed her and she kissed me back, within minutes we were snogging, we tumbled into her room and fell on the bed, our tongues were entwined in each others mouths, I reached down and started to maul her tits, she sighed.As I pulled away from her she said “We’ll have to be quick”, and canlı poker oyna with that statement I unbuttoned her bra and groped her from behind, she brought her hand round and stroked my cock, turning her around we were heavily snogging again, then she said “God I’ve never been so turned on”, as I slipped my hand under her short skirt, I slowly rubbed the front of her cunt.She was moaning and gasping, as I slipped one and then two fingers into her wet cunt, carefully rubbing her clit, I turned around and pulled down her skimpy little g string panties, as I knelt her on the bed I pulled my rock hard mature cunky cock out and rubbed it on her ass crack, she sighed, I opened her legs and pushed it all in in one go right up to the hilt, filling her cunt.As she moaned I banged her hard and she was moaning, I had my finger round and was rubbing her clit and feeling her tits, she was loving it, I said “You dirty fucking bitch you love it”, and she was saying “Yes yes yes”, after a couple bets10 güvenilir mi of minutes I pulled out and laid her on her back, I re entered her and banged her harder, God she was moaning, she said she was coming, as I banged her into her first vaginal orgasm ever.Pulling out she bent down and sucked my soaking cock, running her tongue up and down my shaft, I took it off her and turned her around again so she was kneeling on the bed, the dirty bitch automatically opened her legs, I ran my cock over her gaping gash getting all her juices on my bellend, then I opened her ass cheeks and pushed right up her asshloe.She gave a muffled screaming and then carried on saying “Yes yes yes”, as I fucked her ass I had three fingers in her pussy, she was rubbing her own nipples, not long after I pulled out, turned her around and pushed my cock into her mouth, she gagged on the size but continued to lick me and wank me, then I came. Hot spunk gushed down her throat, she took every last drop, the dirty bitch.I got dressed and kissed her, she thanked me and asked how old I was, “55” I answered, “God you were better than some lads I’ve had at my age, 19” she said. With that I smiled and went back to our room. Donna was sound asleep, and I was soon after.

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