A Warm Cabin

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As Jenny and I returned to he cabin, it was falling into darkness, the rays of the sun glistened through the tree’s like streaks of fire. We had both enjoyed the hike through the forest although the temperature was now starting to drop. Jenny looked so cute rugged up in her jacket and tight pants, her face red from the cold. I walked over to the fire place, striking a match and placing it in the kindling.

“I’m jumping in the shower to freshen up” commented Jenny as she walked towards the bathroom, looking back at me smiling as her jacket was removed exposing her perfectly shaped ass before she disappeared into the bathroom leaving the door ajar. I rubbed my hands over the fire attempting to allow them to thaw out a little before doing anything else. As the cabin warmed up I also removed my jacket and went into the kitchen to boil the kettle. As I pulled out the cups from the pantry, I looked into the bathroom and there was Jenny through the mist of steam slowly washing her body. The water flowing over her soft skin as her hands caressed her body leaving trails of soapy bubbles that flowed across her incredible curves. I stumbled around attempting to make hot drinks as turned off the shower and looked straight at me smiling.

She dried her body and put on a robe before walking out of the bathroom running a brush through her hair. She sat on the lounge chair in front of the fire. I finished making the drinks and sat next to her handing her the nice warm cup.

“Thank You” Jenny said in a soft voice as she took the cup from my hand, I noticed that her cleavage was ajar exposing part of her breast.

I sat down next to her watching the fire. Jenny snuggled into me as she sipped from her cup.

“it’s beautiful, don’t you think” she said with a warm soothing voice.

“Yes” I replied “I love watching the fire dance”

“it’s almost hypnotic” she continued as she placed her finished cup on the table.

I opened my arm up allowing her to put her head onto my chest, feeling the warmth of her body penetrate me. I kissed her softly on the top of her head and held her close to me. As we sat there I felt her hand circling across my stomach. starting off small then growing slightly, her hand brushed across my crotch lightly waking up my cock to her touch. She must have noticed it growing in my pants as she giggled lightly commenting

“well what’s this then?”

She dropped her hand firmly onto my cock, squeezing it, I throbbed it in her hand as it started to become even harder.

I started running my hand lightly over her back as she ran her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, I felt her pulling down my zip and unbutton my pants allowing a relief of pressure that had built up due to the erection that she arose. She gripped my cock through my underwear and continued to stroke it up and down. I closed my eyes and slid my hand down her back clasping my hand around her tight ass, clenching it and releasing it as her hand worked my shaft.

I leaned over a little allowing me to slip my hand around kurtköy escort further allowing my fingers to pull up her robe and find their way to the soft wet flesh of her vagina. Slowly I ran my fingers across her labia, occasionally teasing her clit, feeling her pussy lips become more and more saturated with her juices.

Jenny tilted her hips slightly allowing me to gain greater access to play with her sweet smelling slit. I took the opportunity and slid a finger inside of her, she moaned lightly as her pussy engulfed it, the soft virginal walls squeezing around my finger as I slowly work it in and out.

No sooner did I push my finger deep inside of her, Jenny took the opportunity to release my rigid cock from my pants, I felt her hand circling the head of it, coating it in my pre-cum before her hand slipped down to the bottom of my shaft. Her hand squeezing the base like a pulse as her tongue began lapping up the clear juice that coated the tip. Her soft warm tongue darted across the rigid cap of my cock. The tip of it occasionally pushing into the eye of it, sending thrills through my balls. I throbbed my cock against the squeeze of her hand, I could feel the head growing more and more as her tongue played. Her hand slid back up my shaft stopping as the base of the head, I felt her breath falling upon it as the warmth of her mouth enveloped it, with her lips wrapping around the thickness of my raging cock she started to suck it inside, allowing it slip deeper and deeper into her warm soft mouth. Her tongue actively licking all around, feeling the swirls of saliva embracing the length of my cock. Her hand and mouth began to work my shaft up and down, her saliva allowing a smooth flow as she squeezed her hand around the girth of my cock. I began rocking my hips allowing me to push a little more of my cock inside of her mouth as she lay there sucking on it joyfully. I moaned in extacy as she engorged my cock in her mouth. She must have felt as though I might loose control and fire a big load of my hot sticky cum into her mouth so she slowly stopped sucking my cock and lifted her head. She squeezed my finger from her quim and turned around laying across the lounge, She dropped one foot onto the ground and lifted the other one to sit on top of the backrest, allowing a perfect view of her glistening slit. The soft folds of her saturated labia reflected the light emanating from the fire, it looked almost as if her pussy was dancing in the fire.

I pulled upon her robe, exposing her breasts and her slender flat stomach. Leaned over and without hesitation took one of her nipples into my mouth. My tongue rotating around her sweet bud as it became more and more erect. The tip of my tongue flicking over it quickly as I sucked her tit deep into my mouth, filling it completely. I placed my forearm between Jenny’s legs. She started grinding her pelvis against my arm as I consumed her breast in my mouth. I sucked hard on her tit as pulled my head away, eventually the grip of my suction let go as her breast tuzla escort fell back to her chest. I moved slowly down her body, biting her ribs lightly, running my tongue across her stomach, kissing it erratically, my tongue delving into her belly button, before making my way down further, across her freshly shaved pubic mound, down further until my tongue lightly lapped over her clitorus. I lay out my tongue flat across her pussy, the tip flicking her lips lightly as I slowly started the enjoyment that feasting on pussy gives.

I push my hands underneath her ass, tilting her pussy so then I may enjoy my meal with greater ease. My lips kiss her pussy, sucking her lips into my mouth, running my tongue between them allowing me to taste the sweet nectar. My mouth encompasses her clit, sucking on it, my tongue flicking it quickly, then slowly, then nibbling on it with my teeth. Feeling Jenny rotating her hips, trying to push more and more of her pussy into my mouth. I accommodate her by willingly releasing her clit from my salivating mouth and pushing my tongue deep inside of her dripping wet snatch. I feel her hands clasping my hair and pulling on it as I ravishingly fuck her pussy with my tongue. I continually lavish her slit with my tongue, her juices filling my mouth over and over again, my face being coated with her sweet honey nectar. I feel her legs wrapping around my head as her body shudders with the joy of orgasm, which sends me wild, my tongue takes on a mind of it’s own and starts lapping up all of her cum that gushed from her pussy. As she subsides I look up at her smiling, my face coated in her pussy cream, she pulls me up, I pull my pants down as our tongues wrap around each other, she moans as she tastes her own juices from my mouth and feels the tip of my cock pressing up against her pussy lips.

Placing my hand on her hip, I feel her arching up to try and persuade my cock into her open and willing cunt. I hold back, teasing her with my thick throbbing member. With enough teasing she wraps her legs around my back just as the tip of my cock has parted her slit and thrusts her hips into me, allowing the full length of my cock to be injected into her open and wanting cunny. I grind my cock deep inside of her, feeling her body squirming and shuddering as her cum coats my cock and balls. I start fucking her hard, withdrawing my cock till only the tip is still inside of her then thrusting back into her deeply and quickly, our skin slapping against each other as we fuck harder and faster. I pull my cock out of her, it stands there glistening and throbbing as she leaps onto it with her mouth sucking all of her cunt juices from it. Once she feels like it is clean enough she turns around and bends over, exposing her sweet plump round ass and her open slit. I move up behind her, slapping her pussy with my cock before slipping it back inside of her love tube. With a solid grip on her ass cheeks and hips, I start fucking her with gusto, pulling her back hard onto my cock over and over again. Her pussy throbbing tuzla escort as I feel Jenny cumming all over my cock, in the middle of her orgasm I reach up and grab hold of her hair, using it as if they were reins for a horse, pull her back hard onto my raging cock. Again and again she feel the full length of my cock thrust inside of her, my balls freely slapping her clit every time the full length of my cock filled her. It wasn’t long before she let off another orgasmic spasm, I pulled out my cock and watched her quim spasm and squirt juices as she continued to cum. I then sat on the lounge, seeing what she was going to do next.

Jenny looked up at me smiling with the glow and satisfaction that multiple orgasms give. She knelt there, and slowly lowered her head over my throbbing cock, her hair brushed against it before I felt the warmth of her mouth embracing my throbbing cock. She loved the taste of her own juices and paid great attention to try and suck every single drop of her own sticky cream from my rod which had caused her to explode. I thought that she was going to suck me until I shot my hot sticky cum into her mouth but it seemed that she had no interest in that, her mouth and tongue just caressed every single inch of my cock, sucking it, licking it, she was completely engrossed in getting every last drop of her cum from my cock. Once she was satisfied with her work, she stood on the edge of the lounge chair, her pussy was still open and extremely wet, she started to squat down grabbing hold of my cock and feeding it back inside of her. I closed my eyes and just allowed her to do as she wished.

I felt the wetness of her pussy lips as they wrapped around the tip of my cock, her hand still firmly wrapped around the shaft. She rotated the tip of it through her pussy before she descended upon it allow it to fill up her quim. I felt Jenny clench the muscles in her pussy squeezing hard against my rock hard cock. She kept the tension as she lowered herself until my entire cock was deep inside of her. She started moving up and down the length of my shaft. I felt the muscles of her pussy squeezing as she lowered herself down and pulsing as the entire length of my rigid cock was throbbing deep inside of her, then she relaxed off as she lifted herself back up again. The slow rhythmic movements of her hips started to drive me wild. I could feel the surge of my cum starting to build up in my balls, I tensed my cock holding it off as she rode my shaft, the look of tension in my face as I tried to hold off the release of my big thick sticky load brought a smile to her face.

I opened my eyes and looked deep into hers as I grabbed hold of her tightly and forced her down hard onto my cock as I thrust my hips up inside of her as I released the full charge of my cum deep into her oh so willing cunt. She ground her hips as my cock pulsed inside of her, I could feel her cumming as more and more of my cum splashed inside of her. The pulsing subsided, Jenny squeezed her pussy one last time bringing on another small orgasm through her body before lifting herself up and squeezing all of the juices inside of her out. As I watched as all the sticky dripping mess fell from her pussy before she stepped down and knelt in front of me, then she slowly and carefully spent the time cleaning my cock with her tongue.

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