A Walk on the Wild Side II

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Standing on the hill looking up at the sky was what I loved to do on the bright sunny days. Lately I found myself to be so horny I couldn’t wait to get away from everyone out in the woods. I was a bit of an exhibitionist and would find myself undressing and sitting naked in the woods on many days. Today, however, I stood naked with my dog, I decided to sit down by the nearest tree and sample my hot little pussy.
I sat with my back against the tree and spread my hot little pussy lips. I rubbed my clit slowly and deliberately. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. My dog wandered over and began to sniff at my pussy. I let him and could feel myself getting even wetter. I love the way that wet nose felt on my hot little cunt. I opened my lips up for him, and he began to lick my drippy snatch. I felt myself start to get hotter and hotter inside as I could feel my pussy nearing an orgasm. I didn’t want to cum yet; I wanted to savor that feeling for as long as I could.
Reaching under the dog, I felt his stiffening cock. I began to stroke it slowly, squeezing the head each time I came to the end of his dick. His breathing was rapid so I knew that he was enjoying my hand job. I rubbed my pussy with the other. My wetness had dripped down my ass and was pooling beneath me. I loved the way this felt. My nipples were hard and firm, as I continued to stroke his big cock from the knot all the way to the head. I leaned under him and slipped his hard cock into my hot mouth. I took small amounts until I was able to take the entire cock to his knot into my waiting throat. I Anadolu Yakası Escort sucked and gagged on his hard dick. I felt his hot load shooting into my throat, and I gagged but I made myself continue I knew from fucking him before that he could cum many times in a row without stopping for a break. I continued to deep throat each time trying to take his hard knot into my mouth. Finally, after several tries I was able to make it happen. I sucked his knot into my mouth and I was rewarded with another throat full of his hot sperm.
I was unable to wait any longer my pussy was throbbing with anticipation. I lay the dog down on his back with his legs up in the air, I never let go of his cock I continued to stroke, he was huge at least 7 or 8 inches and very large around. I straddled him and opened my legs wide. The lips of my pussy pulled apart exposing all my inner lips and my pussy hole. I gently eased my wet cunt down onto his waiting cock. Only taking the head into my hole, the feeling was at once overwhelming. I wanted badly to slam my cunt down onto him taking his knot deep into my wet, dark hole. But I knew that I would cum and it would feel so much better if I waited as long as I could to seriously fuck him. I eased his shaft into me. I could feel the knots and bumps of his cock inside my tight little pussy. I began to rock my hips with a rhythm that I found I enjoyed very much. I continued like this as my pussy loosened up taking more and more of his hard dick inside of me.
I spread my legs further stretching my pussy almost as Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan far as I could stretch it. I eased him in; I was finally down to that big hard knot at the bottom of his shaft. I took a deep breath and plunged it into my hole. I nearly screamed, I bit my lip so that I was quite. I began to moan softly because it hurt, yet felt so good at the same time I couldn’t stop. I began to grind my hips into him taking all that I could. My pussy was throbbing it was so full. I could feel his big hard cock hitting my cervix, and the pain was there yet it was enjoyable. I was so hot inside as he continued to bang my pussy. I rocked and grinded my hips into him for what seemed like hours. I pulled at my hard little pink nipples, making them change to a deep dark red. I could feel my cunt getting close to squirting all over the dog. I continued to fuck him harder and harder as I neared my orgasm. I could feel him cumming in me as well, he shot a load, and it ran back out of pussy and dripped all over him. Several times as he came it squirted back out and onto my thighs. Nearing orgasm I fucked him hard and fast slamming my wet cunt into him harder and harder until I was racked with a shattering orgasm. I screamed, I couldn’t help myself I had never felt anything that felt as good as this did. My pussy squirted cum out and all over the dog in a big stream of cum, I felt my body shaking and I couldn’t’ control it. I felt the dog cum inside me again and I felt his hot cum shoot from my pussy.
His cock was still hard, so Escort Anadolu Yakası I rode him some more, turning around to ride him in a reverse cowboy with my ass facing his head, I rode in the reverse direction rubbing that cock in that place that I knew would make me squirt all over him. I was right, I rode him perhaps for 5 minutes when I felt another earth shattering orgasm rage through my body. My pussy was such a mess. I felt that I would pass out from this one, cum shot from my snatch, I stood up and shot all over the dog in a huge streaming mess. My legs shook and I feel to the ground. The dog moved around and began to lick my quivering pussy it was such a mess, his tongue felt so wonderful as he cleaned all of our cum out of me. I looked down at my pussy and the hole was wide open. I stuck my fingers inside first 3 then 4. I was so open I was able to put my entire hand minus the thumb into myself. I rubbed furiously with on my clit, nearing orgasm again, I pulled my hand out and let the dog lick me as I came. I shot into his face, he licked his lips and continued to lick my pussy from top to bottom. He finally zeroed in on my tight little puckering asshole. I let him lick it as I felt it becoming looser. I turned over and got on my knees. The dog mounted me, his cock cramming into my tight little asshole. I moaned loudly as he began to fuck me hard in the ass I prayed he wouldn’t shove his knot into me, and I kept trying to put my hand up to stop that from happening. I was successful, as I felt his cum spurt out of my asshole. I finally collapsed on the ground covering in cum from head to toe. I lay still on the grass, and rolled over to look at the sky, as I breathed heavily. I looked at the dog who was busy licking my cum off his cock. I felt my nipples harden, I wondered how many times I could possibly fuck this dog in one afternoon…..

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