A Voyage Around My Mother Ch. 3

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I wanted to fuck my mother right there and then, but I hadn’t realized how late it was, how tired I was, how much of my energy had been sapped in the preliminary sexual exchanges. Within minutes of spraying cum all over my mothers face and tits I was sleeping, curled up on the couch. Mom laid a blanket over me and the next thing I knew the sun was streaming into the house in sharp diagonal rays and it was Saturday morning.

My mother had woken me as she fixed herself a coffee. She was wearing only a towel -loosely folded into a knot between her tits and only just covering her hips. I slowly stood up, pulled on my denims, and wandered over to get a drink too.

‘How are you feeling?’ mom asked.

I was feeling pretty good. The previous night had taken on the fuzzy surrealism of a dream. It was almost impossible to accept what had happened, but I was pleased that it had, and already excited about where I was to be taken next.

‘I’m great,’ I said. ‘Need a coffee though.’

Mom moved to one side and leant against the kitchen table. I felt her eyes on me, and it wasn’t for the usual inspection. Generally she ran a scan over me in order to gauge my presentation, to make sure I wasn’t wearing stuff that needed washing, to check that I didn’t look like I was getting stoned at school. Her eyes, traditionally were employed in duties. This look…this morning’s look was one burning with desire. It was completely different.

The previous mom, the one who made me sandwiches, helped me with home work, gave me and my friends rides from school. That former mom who guided me into adulthood now wanted something back for the investment of her energies, her love, maybe most of all her patience. (How long I wondered had she wanted me sexually? When I was 14? 16? She allowed me my innocence, she let me mature. She built me up and watched me turn into a man. But I was only a boy when I stated concocting fantasies about her and her swimming friends. I would jerk off thinking about them finding me, nude in the change rooms. I fucked them all in my imagination -mom too- for years.)

‘And apart from needing the coffee,’ mom said, ‘how do you feel about what happened last night?’ She was nervous, unsure whether she had stepped over the line. I guess she had, but we both obviously drew the line in a different place to other people.

‘It was fantastic,’ I said. ‘What about you? Is there going to be more?’

She smiled (relieved I think) and said, ‘If you want there to be more, then there is nothing I would like more than feeling your stiff cock in my pussy, in my mouth, up my ass… wherever you want it. Or wherever I order you to put it,’ and she laughed.

My dick was stiffening more radically with every word she said, every dirty idea she proposed.

‘Do you know what Woody Allen said when he was asked if sex was dirty Paul?’

I did; the answer was “only if you do it right”. Mom laughed. ‘Exactly. Isn’t bedava bahis that what makes it so exciting? The fact that what you’re doing is shocking and illicit?’

‘Yeah… well I haven’t had much experience, but… well my fantasies are pretty out there I guess.’

‘Can I make your fantasies come true?’ mom asked

I said, ‘ Well you’re kinda in a lot of them.’

‘Oh am I,’ said mom. ‘And you’ve been in mine for a long time too.. She looked at my jeans and saw the obvious upward attitude my cock was now adopting. Wordlessly she came over and started to unbutton my flies. As she dragged the jeans down past my knees, she let her blonde hair splash over my cock. Standing upright again she gently took a grip on my pulsating hard-on. Her hand was cool and soft. My dick was so engorged and radiating such heat I felt like I would burn the skin off her fingers.

Slowly she began to slide her fist up and down the shaft of my penis. She leant against me and whispered in my ear, ‘Are you going to fuck me hard baby?’ I managed to nod a little – I had no air. This was literally breathtaking. She continued, ‘Because I want to be pushed down on my knees, with my ass in the air, so we can fuck like a pair of horny dogs. Would you like that?’ Somehow, gasping for air, I managed to say yes. Mom ran her tongue around the lobe of my ear, while simultaneously picking up the pace with her fist and masturbating me rough and hard.

I wanted to stay there, leaning back on the kitchen cupboards, with my mom licking my face and jerking me until I came like a dam bursting… I wanted to do that, but I knew I should chill for a few moments, push mom away, regain my composure and make sure that when this orgasm arrived, the boiling load would fire deep inside her, so she could feel the spasms – so she could hold onto me as our bodies traveled beyond conscious thought… until we had no control over the sexual demands of cock and cunt and balls and clit. Until we had no words except those of sweet obscenity.

Getting out of that clinch required a lot of willpower. I wanted her to grip my cock like that all the time. To lead me around by it like a pet on a leash. But I did manage to push her gently away until she was at arms length, and I eased her hand away from my cock too.

She smiled and suddenly my lust took on a super-heated intensity. I grabbed the towel and tore it away from her. Her tits (still so gorgeous in spite of being sucked to hell by the infant me) bobbed slightly until I covered them with my hands.

Roughly I turned her around and pushed her up against the sink. Shaking myself free from my jeans I used my knees to spread her legs, as my dick slipped into the crack of her ass cheeks, sinking in like a hot dog in a roll.

Again I cupped her tits in my hands, and draped my head draped over her shoulder, so my mouth was right at her ear. Mom gripped the kitchen taps to steady herself, bedava bonus and to give her the leverage to press back into me. Above the sink was a foot or so of wall, then a ledge where detergent and soap sat, and rising from the rear of the ledge were windows. Windows which framed our lawn, and the footpath and then the street. Someone outside could see anyone at the sink, but only from the shoulders up. As I squeezed mom harder, one of my female college friends and her sister walked into our sight. They looked up at the house to see if I was home. They saw my mother’s face and mine resting on her shoulder.

Mom said, ‘Would you like those girls to watch you fuck your mother? Would they be turned on?’

I began to breathe heavily, ‘Yeah, they’d start masturbating and shouting at me to fuck you harder. And then you’d get on top and they’d be screaming at you to hump me faster.’

That was it. I needed to fuck mom. Needed to sink that rigid rod of muscle and blood in the boiling lava pool of her cunt.

‘I’m gonna fuck you mom,’ I whispered in her ear as I crouched a little, pushing my dick under her ass and forward a little. For a few seconds there was resistance then I found the gateway and slid in. It was hot, it was wet. I wanted to climb in. Mom groaned and turned her head around to look at me, while she gripped hold of the taps for dear life. As her eyes met mine I lunged into her, driving my throbbing cock in her, slapping my balls against her clit. Her eyes rolled in ecstasy and she arched her back. What a sight that was. Me fucking and banging away, noisily bashing my pelvis into her butt cheeks. And her back arcing down and back up to her neck like a spinnaker on a boat .

Mom started crying out, quietly at first, ‘Yes, yes, yes… Oh God,’ then in a fuller voice, ‘Oh fuck… aaagh…shit, do it, do it,’ and eventually in a loud bellow which she tried to keep down as much as possible, but was too excited to control. ‘Fuck me baby, fuck me Paul, come on, right in deep! Harder than that you little fuck!’ I rammed her as hard as I could, but she wanted more. ‘Come on you dirty cocksucker! Fuck mom, Fuck mom’s hot cunt!’

I put everything in to the task at hand. I wasn’t sure if I would blow my wad or run out of stamina. I couldn’t believe the sensations; physically of the velveteen pussy, and mentally of the excitement in the transgression.

‘How’s that you filthy slut,’ I shouted, reveling in the further excitement of talking dirty. ‘You want to fuck all day don’t you. You just can’t get enough.’

Mom panted and said something I couldn’t hear. I could feel her body starting to shudder as her climax approached. I kept up the language being as offensive as possible; mom wanted that. I couldn’t say anything that would bother her. In fact there were too few sex words in the language. Nothing now that could shock her.

‘I’m going to bring my friends around,’ I said, deneme bonusu ‘and you’re going to get fucked up the ass by every one of them,’

‘Yessss’ mom croaked, her voice quivering. ‘I’m a dirty whore. I want my own son to come in my face, while I’m fucked. Screwed by every boy you know. If it makes you happy.’

I was on a different plain now. My ideas had entered de Sade territory. Mom started bucking against my hips. She was going to come. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back so her eyes were looking up at the ceiling. ‘And then,’ I said ‘You’re going to go to Aunt Jenny’s place…’ My mother’s orgasm began. She gyrated and squirmed against me, trying to extract the maximum stimulation from every nerve ending. I kept talking, having dragged mom’s sister and her teenage boys into the fantasy ‘..and you’re going to start sucking off Ben and Chris, and forcing Jenny to take both their cocks in her pussy and ass, while Uncle Dan fucks your daylights out.’

By the time I’d concocted the scenario my mother’s orgasmic waves were receding. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t come, but it seemed my dick was so unaccustomed to fucking, that I hadn’t even realized that such a thing as ‘coming too soon’ existed. Psychologically I had decided to come when I felt like it, and my body had responded.

Mom slumped over the sink, gulping in deep breaths. I stood motionless, with my cock still deep inside her.

After a minute or so mom motioned to me to let her stand and move. My dick slid out of her, and bounced back towards an 11 o’clock position. Mom gently stroked it. ‘You are going to be the best fuck.’ She said. ‘You’re going to be like me… insatiable.’

I smiled, and she led me back into the lounge room After laying on her back on the rug next to the fire place, she opened her legs and invited me to get in there right now. Once again I quickly built up momentum. I kissed my mother deeply then rocked back so I could see her cunt lips enveloping my dick. After a few minutes I began to sense that my body wouldn’t allow me much more of this without an explosion.

‘You wanna come now baby?’ mom asked. I nodded. She rolled over onto her knees bent forward and said, ‘Ram that beautiful dirty cock right up mommy’s ass.’

I pushed gently against her. I was new to this maybe but I knew what might hurt someone. Inch by inch her tight ass relaxed and literally sucked me deeper inside her. When I had about half my cock in her, she began to moan loudly, and said, ‘Now Paul, shove it right in!’ I did. It was a glorious sensation, the muscles squeezing my dick, and gradually easing in order for me to fuck her to the hilt.

I sensed my own climax approaching. I dug my fingers deep into the flesh of my mother’s butt cheeks and began to thrust at her, I started to cry, ‘Oh fuck, I’m coming… going to shoot my jizz right up your asshole.’ And I did as my mother squealed that she could feel the hot come, and the spasms which were propelling it.

As my orgasm began to recede and I pulled away from my mother, there was a knock at the door. Mom was laying on the rug getting her breath back. She turned to me and said, ‘I know who that is.’

I was in for a big surprise.

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