A Vacation to Remember Pt. 01

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This is my first attempt at publicly writing, I am a lover of stories and I myself am an aspiring writer. I hope to use this platform and gain much needed experience, and so I thank you in advance. I am more of the: “Go big or go home, kinda guy,” So, I chose to go more taboo on my first story and gradually ease into it. I hope you enjoy it.

“You’re coming out here dad, whether you want to or not. It’s been too long since mom passed away and I don’t like the idea of you being alone for your sixtieth birthday.” said my son adamantly over the phone. I stood there and contemplated my surroundings before reluctantly accepting.

“Ok, I will. I’ll visit you and your family and stay for two weeks. I know you’re busy with work and with that merger, so I don’t want you to feel like I need a babysitter, agreed Tim?” I replied with the sternness I knew I could never convey.

“Sure thing dad, I have to go. I’ll see you later today.” Tim said as he ended the call. I simply put my phone away and walked towards my bedroom. It was hard to be alone, I felt it every morning, but at my age there’s not much left to do. After my wife died I sold my business and chose an early retirement. It didn’t take long before retirement became synonymous with boredom. As I packed my bags I noticed a picture of my son and his family, a few years old now, I realized that I haven’t seen any of them since the funeral, I was always the recluse and have been away too long. I’ll change that I told myself and put the picture back and continued packing.

After I finished I went to the store and bought provisions for the road, it would be a good three hour drive. I gassed up the jaguar since I figured it’ll be more comfortable for the trip and once I hit the road I blasted the radio and sang along to great rock bands, having lowered the top of the convertible I enjoyed the feel of the wind whipping through my hair.

It was near the end of my drive when I received a phone call, it was from Tim, he asked me if I had left and I told him I was close to his house. As we talked I pulled up to his driveway and noticed no cars.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you dad, Jen and Chelsea went to the store to buy things for you and I had to go to work to catch up on some important documents. If you want to catch up with them, they’re downtown, next to that theatre I went to as a kid, remember?” Tim asked.

“Yes I remember.” I replied and pulled out of the driveway. Once I arrived at the theater I saw the store he talked about and once I parked I walked in and started looking for Tim’s wife. I found her near the back of the store.

“Hi Jack” she said as she waved me over, I had forgotten how beautiful she was. I stood there and looked at her beautiful firm body, her blond hair laid on one side, her clothes accentuated her natural curves. I sighed, Tim was a lucky guy I thought to myself as I walked to her.

“It’s been too long Jen” I said to her as I leaned in for a kiss. As I kissed her cheek, I smelled her perfume, it was intoxicating. I haven’t even thought about any other woman in such a long time that I’d forgotten how nice they smelled.

“Wow Jack, you look great” she said to me as she gave my arms a slight squeeze.

I smiled and thanked her. I looked around but didn’t see my granddaughter.

“Is Chelsea here with you?” I asked.

“She’s right there Jack” she pointed at the clothing rack and that’s when I saw her, a true beauty. Like her mom, she had long silky blond hair, her tight clothes hugged her petite teen body and I found myself staring at her longer than I should’ve. I noticed Chelsea looking back at me, she slightly lowered her sunglasses and gave me a look; a very passionate look.

“Grandpa, is that you?” Chelsea said as she walked over to me.

As she came closer I couldn’t stop looking at her body, it was amazing to look at; so petite and tight, her flat belly clearly visible from under her shirt, her b cup sized breast nicely shaped in that tight purple shirt, her ripped blue jeans showing me her clean shaven legs. I was blown away. Once she finally got close to me, she removed her sunglasses and I saw her hypnotizing blue eyes, her lightly freckled nose and those beautiful lips.

“Wow grandpa, you look fit” Chelsea said as she hugged me tightly.

It hadn’t dawned on me till then. The last time I saw Chelsea was two years ago, at that time I was slightly overweight, with a long beard, an image of Santa came to mind. Now I was healthy and toned, cleanly shaved, my hair neatly cut and dyed. I have spent the last two years getting back in shape, per my doctor’s orders, and after my wife died it became the only thing that kept me sane. I must look like a completely different person.

With the shopping done we finally drove back to the house and I helped the ladies bring in the bags.

The house was very spacious, it had a welcoming feeling to it. As I walked in I was immediately greeted by the living klasbahis güvenilirmi room, to the right was the kitchen. Directly ahead from the center couch was a huge TV that sat on a tall wooden stand and to its right a staircase that led to the second floor. I started thinking that Tim did well for himself.

“I’m sorry I missed your eighteenth birthday Chelsea.” I said to her as I finished bringing in the last bag.

“It’s ok grandpa, that was like two months ago.” She replied with a smile that would make any man weak in the knees.

I suddenly started thinking lustful thoughts about my granddaughter, what was wrong with me? But as I then tried to purge those images from my head, Chelsea walked into the kitchen and I got a good look at her perky round butt. It fit her petite frame perfectly.

“Dammit.” I said loudly not realizing Jen was nearby.

“Everything ok Jack?” Jen asked as she stopped putting things away and walked over to me.

“Oh yes, everything’s fine.” I lied to her as my eyes continued to follow Chelsea’s beautiful ass out of the kitchen. “Must be my age, I forgot my bathing suit.” I said to her, smiling.

“Oh, that’s ok. We could always go later or tomorrow and buy you one?” She said to me as she walked back towards the kitchen. I stared at her as she walked away, her firm butt had a slight bounce to it.

I needed to be alone. I needed some release. I excused myself and went upstairs. As I reached the second floor I noticed that the shower was immediately to my left and turning right led me down a path to the bedrooms. The guest room stood at the end of the hall. I grabbed the side rails and noticed that you could see the whole living room from up here. I passed the master bedroom first then it would be Chelsea’s room and finally the room I’ll be sleeping in for two weeks. I noticed that Chelsea’s door was slightly open. I couldn’t help myself anymore, a slight peek won’t hurt anyone I thought as I opened the door slightly more to see if I could see more of her.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw her take off her pants, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, her perky ass looked better out of those tight jeans. I stared for as long as I could, trying to burn that image into my mind and that’s when I remembered I have a phone. I pulled it out and opened the camera app, I tried to get a better position when I moved my leg and the wood creaked.

“Shit.” I said in a low whisper and noticed that Chelsea saw me from her mirror. I quickly stepped back and I walked to the guest room. “Fuck, that was so stupid.” I again whispered to myself which is something I do when I’m really nervous. I closed the door and stood there for a few moments. I pulled out my phone and noticed I didn’t get the picture.

After I calmed down, I went and took a very cold shower, after I was done I walked downstairs to spend sometime with the family. I noticed that Tim was still not home.

“When will Tim be home?” I asked Jen.

“He’ll be home late.” she replied.

As I sat down on the leather couch thinking of things to talk about in order to avoid any kind of awkward silence, Jen walked out of the kitchen and grabbed her purse.

“Jack, I need to go out for a bit.” She said, staring at the clock. It read 4:00. “I’ll be home in about an hour and a half.” Jen then walked towards the bottom stairs and called for Chelsea who came downstairs and stopped near the bottom, revealing to me her beautiful legs, her white socks, her pink shorts and a short white sleeping shirt.

“I’m going out for a bit, could you keep your grandfather busy till I get back?” She said to Chelsea.

“Jen it’s ok, she doesn’t have to do that. I’ll be fine.” I said to Jen trying hard not to look at Chelsea again.

“Either way, he’s here, would you at least put on some clothes?” Jen said and Chelsea walked upstairs.

Once the door closed I sat there in that eerie silence for minutes and waited. My thoughts were racing, why hadn’t Chelsea come to talk to me? Did I make her so uncomfortable that she prefers to keep her distance?

“Fuck.” I whispered to myself. I sighed and turned on the TV. I figured I shouldn’t push the issue and started watching a random action movie.

I must’ve dozed off for a few, I stared at the clock and it read 4:24. As I stretched I heard noises coming from upstairs. I recognized it right way, the unmistakable sound of pleasure. I haven’t seen a naked woman in years. I will not pass up this opportunity to see, no matter who it was. I walked quietly upstairs and as I approached the noise I noticed it was coming from Chelsea’s room.

The door was locked.

Dammit, I thought to myself, this would’ve been so perfect. As I turned to leave the floor creaked again. The noise coming from Chelsea’s room abruptly stopped and just as before I moved quickly to the guest room.

I heard Chelsea open her door, after a few seconds I heard the shower start to run klasbahis yeni giriş and heard another door close. I opened my door and walked towards Chelsea’s room. As soon as I walked in I smelled that sweet aroma of fresh pussy in the air. I inhaled greedily and walked deeper into her room. The pink drapes painted her room in a rosy hue, her bed was messy and as I approached it I wished with everything that I could’ve seen it happening. I wished to see my granddaughter masturbating.

“Hi grandpa.” Chelsea’s voice broke the silence. I didn’t even realize that the water in the bathroom was no longer running. Did she just trick me? I wondered.

I turned around and saw her looking at me. She walked towards me and got within inches, she was so short at barely five feet tall that my chin was right at her forehead.

Without warning she slightly shoved me and I landed on her squeaky bed, she stood looking at me, her blue eyes did not blink. She then got down and took off my shoes and socks, she then reached up and undid my belt and removed my jeans. I did not try to stop her, I was too lost in the moment. Once she removed my underwear she looked back at me.

“Lay down grandpa.” She said and I did not hesitate. I took off my shirt and laid flat on her bed, she got on the bed and she grabbed my cock and gave it a few tugs. It got hard instantly, she smiled at me. “Wow, you got some height on you. It’s pretty big” she said as she took my cock head into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh…” I moaned feeling the first lips on my cock in over two years. This must’ve enticed her since she started to take my cock deeper into her mouth. She grabbed the base of my seven incher and squeezed it, her hands barely able to fully grab the thickness. She popped my cock out of her mouth and gave me a sultry look.

The room was quiet except for the sound of slurping. Chelsea was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. I stared at her, she bobbed and occasionally would pop my cock out of her mouth, a very loud pop. Her blue eyes would occasionally look up at me.

“Ohhh my God, Chelsea how did you get so good at that?” I asked.

“Porn.” Chelsea responded as she winked at me and started to work harder, using a twisting hand motion.

Chelsea popped my cock out of her mouth. “Wow, you got some stamina grandpa.” She said while looking at me.

“You have no idea how hard I’m holding back, trying not to cum” I replied weakly and sounding more like a moan.

“Oh, so this is a challenge?” She said as she started to really work my cock.

Just as she started to really devour my cock, my phone rang. I fished the phone out of my pants pocket and it had Jen’s name. “It’s your mom Chelsea” I said to her as I answered.

“Hey Jen.” I said answering the phone. Instead of deterring Chelsea she kept sucking. She took my cock out and took one of my balls into her mouth as she stroked me. After a few seconds she pushed back my foreskin and looked at my pink cockhead. She put just my cockhead into her mouth, her lips enclosing it completely and used her tongue on that sensitive backside.

She looked up just as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. This made her smile. “You taste really good grandpa, so sweet.” she said in a slight whisper as she took my cockhead again into her mouth. She fully covered it with her lips and lowered her head just enough so that my cockhead remained the only thing she was sucking on, slowly going up and down.

As Jen continued to talk, all I could focus on was Chelsea sucking my cock. I had to hold so much back, I was going to enjoy this for as long as I can. Jen asked me some questions and I realized that I should try and pay some attention. As I talked with Jen the slurping sounds stopped and the bed creaked as Chelsea moved. I assumed that she was taking a break when suddenly I felt it, she got on top of me and Chelsea put my cock in her pussy.

“Ohhh my…” She said in a whisper and just as quickly started to grind. The bed started to squeak.

“Is everything ok Jack?” Jen asked.

“Yes everything’s lovely.” I replied as I stared at Chelsea riding me. She moved her hips and the bed squeaked more. I had to hold back my voice lest I give the entire thing away. Chelsea removed her shirt revealing her beautiful pear shaped breast and enticingly engorged pink nipples. I decided I didn’t care anymore, I pushed myself upwards and put one of her nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it like no tomorrow.

“Okay, I found your swimming trunks, I’ll see you later.” Jen said as she hung up.

“Holy shit.” I said as I grabbed Chelsea’s hips. Once I did Chelsea took the initiative and started to really grind. We were now face to face, she kissed me and that stifled her moans a little, she then pushed me back down and put her hands on my chest. She switched between grinding and bouncing, before long all you heard was our bodies slapping, the creaking bed and her moans.

“Fuck.” Chelsea said klasbahis giriş as she bounced on my cock. “Fuck, fuck goddamn, oh my God… Grandpa, fuck you feel so good.” She said as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She closed them as she opened her mouth and started moaning. I loved the way she looked right at that moment, her mouth opened, coupled with her sweet moaning sounds. Everything was perfect.

“You too baby” I replied as I took a good grab at her ass. It fit perfectly into my palms, not too big, not too small, perfectly. I squeezed her ass and started using the motion to take more control, I started to manipulate her bouncing and made it faster here, harder there.

“HOLY FUCK GRANDPA IM CUMMING!” Chelsea screamed as she bounced on my cock, her pussy tightened followed abruptly by her shaking. It lasted for a few seconds. “Oh my goddd, your cock is fucking amazing.” she then quickly went back to grinding.

Again a phone rang, this time it was Chelsea’s. She slowed down her grinding and started talking, she sounded out of breath but you could tell she was trying her hardest not to sound it.

“Oh yea mom all is ok.” She said and she stared at me. It looked like Jen was getting ready to talk Chelsea’s ear off so I simply laid there trying to regain some strength when suddenly Chelsea said, “Except for me fucking grandpa.”

I must’ve gone ghost white because she laughed out loudly and leaned in to kiss my nose. She showed me that the call was on mute. “Mom said to hold on a minute since she was answering another call.” she then started to move her hips again.

“Yes mom I’m here.” Chelsea said as she again tried not to sound out of breath. “Mhhmmmm” she replied followed by the typical teenager-parent phone conversation, “Of course, yup.. Could you hold on a sec mom?” She then put the phone on mute and started bouncing on my cock again for a whole two minutes.

I grabbed her ass and again came up to put her nipple in my mouth. She again looked me in the eye and kissed me. I let myself go back down again and started to play with her clit.

“OHHH MY GOD!” Chelsea again screamed as she started to bounce widely on my cock before finally composing herself and picking up the phone.

“HOLY SHIT! Chelsea, fuck!” I screamed as I started to feel my cum right at the tip of my cock, the pressure was looking for release.

“Let me know when you’re ready to cum grandpa I’m not on birth control.” She said as she went back to the phone call.

But it was too late, it was going to happen right now, I could no longer hold back. “Chelsea I’m close.” I whispered but she didn’t hear me. I grabbed her hips in a feeble attempt to get her off me but she grabbed my right hand and held it in place. She wouldn’t budge and I felt it release, she started bouncing again and I started to cum. “FUCK!” I said loudly.

“What was that? I think grandpa’s watching a movie downstairs” she said as she stopped moving. “Okay mom… half an hour? Okay.” She then hung up the phone. She unmounted me and let me get up. I grabbed my clothes and started walking out when she stopped me. “That was fun grandpa.” She said to me as she tip-toed and puckered her lips. I gave her a kiss.

I was out of the room when she stopped me again. “Grandpa, I need money.” She must’ve noticed my blank stare because she quickly let me know why. “I need to get a PlanB.”

“Of course pumpkin” I gave her a 100 dollar bill. “Keep the change.” I said smiling at her. As she turned around I kept looking at her ass, she then bent over on her bed most likely trying to remove or fix her bedsheets. Her ass was perfect, so perfect that I felt myself getting hard again.

Chelsea was trying to remove her sheets when I grabbed her hips and pushed her back to me. I quickly put my hard again cock into her and I started to fuck her. Her silky blonde hair laid right on her milky white back and I grabbed it and pulled it back, as soon as I did this her body started pushing back against my motions. Her body wanted more, she started pushing her ass back into me with every thrust. Her moans got louder and louder, especially when I started to play with her clit again.

“OH SHIT GRANDPA!, ohh my goodness!” she moaned as I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her harder. I enjoyed that view, I loved watching my cock enter and almost exit that teen pussy, over and over again, her ass was so petite and round, I loved watching it slightly bounce everytime I shoved into her.

Once again the silence in the house was broken with Chelsea’s loud moans and the very squeaky bed.

“Ohhhh shiiitttt! I’m so close grandpa.” Chelsea moaned as she grabbed her bedsheets and squeezed hard. “Holy shit, ohhh my goddd, fuck… Ohhh my God … OH SHITTTTT!” Chelsea screamed as I felt her already tight pussy get even tighter, she started to shake and I knew she reached another orgasm.

With not a moment to lose, I quickly laid her on her stomach and started to prone fuck her. I started to pound that tight pussy and Chelsea started to meet me halfway, every time I thrust in she pushed her ass up.

“You feel so good Chelsea.” I whispered in her ear, and just like that I felt her come again.

“FUCK!!” she screamed as I felt her pussy clamp down on me.

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