A True Friend

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A True FriendIt was a Saturday afternoon and the wife and I were debating were to go for our usual Saturday night out, after a short debate we decided on the local pub.A short description of my wife is nice looking small 34b breasts slim waist and hips not tall around 5 feet 5inches and our sex life was ok nothing special kind of got to the run of the mill stage.A couple of hours later just as we were about ready to go the baby sitter rang to say she could not make it that night so thats it we thought stay in watch the tv.After about 30 minutes there was a knock on the door I went to answer it was our neighbour Barbra asking if I would mind changing a light bulb for her, now Barbra is around 47 three k**s no husband he left a few years earlier quite slim not bad looking with very nice 38c breasts a pair I have often fancied playing with, actually got a feel of them once when I put a snowball down her top and into her Bra when we were having a snowball fight she is a fun loving woman. We have had her round at our place on many occasions for a game of cards nothing just a few games quiet night and a talk about everyday things.Anyway I slipped next door to change her light bulb as I was doing it she said your dressed up you going out I said was babysitter cant make it so no were not now, she said thats no problem ill look after the k**s you go so I said sure you don’t mind of course not she said I can sit and watch tv in your house great I said thank you Bulb done I went and told the wife and away we went.The local was as usual busy but not crowded bursa escort usual people in we had a few drinks and a couple of Barcadi and cokes then about 10pm we decided to head home as we were only 10 minutes away didn’t take long.We got In the house Barbra was watching a film on tv she said ok ill go home now I said your ok watch the end of the film I will make a cup of tea. Tea made we sat and watched the film after about 15 minutes I said think I will have a barcardi and coke anyone want one the girls said yes so I made 3. After the film finished we were drinking our drinks and the wife said game of cards we agreed and played our usual card games for about and hour and I made more drinks inbetween. After about 4 drinks the wife was getting quite tipsy so was Barbra I was ok as Barcardi does not affect me so the wife said lets play strip poker I laughed expecting Barbra to say no she didn’t she agreed to my surprise.So after sort of explaining the hands we started the game I won the first hand the wife lost so of cam her shoes and we had another round of drinks. Second hand I lost shoes of Barbra at this point was doing ok still dressed but not for long she lost the third of came her shoes. After I made more drinks the game continued my wife lost her top and skirt I lost my shirt and Barbra lost her top. Quite nice I thought wife in a white bra and panties Barbra in a pink and purple Bra as the game continued Barbra didn’t have much luck and she lost her Slacks exposing her matching panties I lost my socks and trousers and the wife lost her bra. bursa escort bayan So I was down to boxers the wife down to Panties and Barbra Bra and panties and looking very sexy. The next hand didn’t go Barbras way and to my delight of came the Bra exposing a nice pair of breasts and two hard nipples. So it was down to the next hand who was going to lose the last bit it was the wife of came the panties revealing her trimmed bush with that i made drinks and said sorry love you lost they both said well carry on Barbra said lets see whats under the boxers seeing as you have seen my tis so I dealt the next hand Barbra lost so I said lets see whats under the panties. She stood up and slowly hooked her thumbs under her panties and slid them down and off revealing a light brown trimmed bush. she sat down and said ok deal lets get the boxers off I said but you have nothing more to lose if I win so they both said ok you can tell us to do anything. Of course i agreed and dealt the cards The wife lost I won so I said ok you have to sit with your legs apart for the next hand she did and we carried on by now I had a raging hard on which was of course noticed next hand I won again Barbra lost so I told her you have to do the same she did showing a wet pussy. With that I turned to my wife the drink took its toll she was out like a light so I picked her up and laid her on the couch. I said to Barbra another drink she said yes so I made us one and took it in she had dealt the cards already and of course she won so off came the boxers smiling she said one escort bursa more hand winner chooses what happens ok I said I won so I said one minute checked on the wife out cold.I got up and too Barbra by the hand she said what I said my choice bedroom, once on the bed we started kissing and I was caressing her breasts she had her hand around my cock slowly wanking it. I moved down to her tits sucking her nipples and kissing them all over with each suck on her nipples they got harder and she moaned in pleasure. Sliding my hand down her stomach my fingers found her wet warm pussy slipping a finger inside i found her clit and started slowly rubbing she tensed the relaxed and opened her legs wide. I slipped another finger inside and explored her wet pussy till her moans got louder then she tensed and let out one long sigh as she orgasmed all the time I had one of her nipples in my mouth. After she came down we were kissing and she was rubbing my cock she pulled me on top and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy she said put it in slowly she was wet but liked the feeling of a hard cock going in her pussy so inch by inch i slid it in she thrust up at every inch her pussy gripping my cock after all eight inches was inside her she said keep still and she started grinding her hips under me. After about a minute of this I just had to start thrusting my cock up that hot wet pussy which she met every thrust we both gripped each other and I felt the cum rise as she thrust up I shot straight up her pussy and she orgasmed as it filled her, to this day that was one of the best fucks ive had. The strip poker night was never repeated but I did get to fuck Barbra on many more occasions but thats another storey. So guys when your neighbour wants a bulb changed go do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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