A Tennessee Education Pt. 05

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Another slave joins Sharon’s household.

In Part 5 the story focuses on Bobby’s old flame Jasmine. Although they never really had much together she never really left his life, even after bonding as Mistress Sharon’s slave. Jasmine reappears and, well you will have to read to learn what happens. As stated in each of the previous parts, this story is a fantasy and one in which female dominance/femdom is advocated. If female dominance/male submission or man subjugated to slavery is not what you are looking for you will not want to read further. If it is, I hope you enjoy the read. Before you read here, please read the previous parts as each section builds on the one previous.


A Tennessee Education

Part 5: No Longer Alone

Bobby sat on the fallen tree shivering. The temperatures on a late December evening, even in Tennessee, could get pretty brutal. He should have worn more but it was too late to do anything about that now. He brought very little with him, just enough to complete Mistress’ request. Earlier, while there was still daylight he had scoped out her place. No one was there. He hoped only she would get out of the car when she eventually came home.

Two hours after dark lights appeared. He tensed then grabbed the one essential item he needed most. When the car opened he saw only her. She was alone. He breathed a sigh of relief and instantly considered his next action. Fortunately for him she forgot her purse and leaned back inside to grab it. When she did he pounced, pulling the canvas bag down over her.

She screamed and fought but it was too late. He had practiced this maneuver several times before leaving home and had worked out the kinks. The ‘bag’ was a six foot long, two foot diameter plastic bag. Bobby had carefully cinched it so it would unfold evenly and fluidly slide down over his victim. In seconds he duct-taped the bag shut at its open end and then wrapped tape around the middle of the bag several times to restrict movement. She screamed the entire time but there wasn’t a soul within a half-mile. Nevertheless it made Bobby want to get her situated even sooner now that he was actively engaged with an out-of-control Jasmine. Running to the rental he had hidden down the road he drove it to her driveway, made sure no one was in sight and pulled to where she lay squirming. He threw her in the trunk and then tossed her car keys in the house. After performing a careful search of the area making certain he had left no trace he headed for home.

Several miles later he drove off the interstate and onto a closed weigh-station that was far enough off the highway to give him some privacy. After stopping he opened the lid and as soon as she felt him touch her she began screaming once more. Carefully Bobby lifted the sack to expose her feet and then duct taped them together. He lifted the sack a little further and did the same to her knees. When there was a break in the passing traffic he hefted her out of the trunk and tossed her onto the nearby grass, making sure his car blocked the view of anyone looking his way. Quickly he pressed both knees against her back, letting all of his weight press down against her. He lifted the sack further, grabbed her hands and roughly pulled them behind her back. She was quite strong but once he had her arms behind her back she was much easier to handle and he quickly taped them together. Finally he reached under the canvas and slipped a small hood over her head. Only then did he fully remove the larger sack.

“If you make a sound I’m going to blow you away,” he said in a whisper.

She could feel the steel against her head and immediately quieted. It was a length of pipe but she thought otherwise and immediately did what he told her.

“That’s better. Now sit up,” he said still whispering. He decided he couldn’t talk in fear of her knowing who he was. She sat. “I’m going to lift the hood off. If you move, you’re dead.”

She remained stock still while he lifted the hood halfway up. He quickly duct taped her mouth and pulled the hood back down. More duct tape on the outside of the hood over where her mouth was made certain she’d not make another peep.

An hour later he pulled into the driveway. Mistress was waiting and pointed for him to park the rental in the garage. When he got out Mistress held a finger to her lips. Whispering and pointing she had him carry her to the basement. He did, stringing her up on the Cross once he had the eyebolts fastened as she had told him to do earlier.

“Now this is odd. This is what she usually does to me,” he thought as he cuffed and pulled the cords uncomfortably tight.

Sharon inspected his work, checking to make sure she was completely immobile. She wished she could see the look of terror in Jasmine’s eyes but that would have to wait. She’d see it soon enough.

“Strip her!” It was the first words she had heard from anyone in quite a while.

She handed him a pair of scissors. “Cut everything off.”

Jasmine struggled but quickly realized she wasn’t going anywhere.

He anal seks hikayeleri cut her clothing methodically from her as she wriggled futilely.

“You go upstairs. Wait for me in the bedroom at your spot. She and I need to have a little chat.”

Sharon pulled her head back and whispered through the hood. “This is for ruining my day bitch!”

She swung the strap hard across her ass. She tensed but no words came. She did it again and then again. Hitting and hearing nothing didn’t feel right. She needed verification that the strap hurt. She undid the tape, yanked the hood off, knowing she couldn’t see behind anyway and finally pulled the tape free of her mouth.

“I want to hear you scream.” She hit her again. This time the response was more to her liking.

Two more followed, the screams increased. Then three more followed that. Sharon was in no hurry. This was more about breaking her than causing permanent damage. After the first 10-15 blows she took her time, hitting her a few times, letting her scream and then waiting for her to recover. After a half hour of this what Sharon began to realize was how much Jasmine started fearing her. Her obnoxious venomous utterances changed as the repetitive punishment continued. Rather than cursing, she started pleading but Sharon would have none of it.

Only when the begging was replaced with cries did she even consider stopping. Jasmine was now where Bobby had been when she beat him those consecutive days some months ago. Each blow to his body caused her nearly as much pain as it did him. However, this time there was no sympathy in her heart. There was no emotional bond between the two women that was being tested now. However the response by both Bobby and Jasmine was identical. Both slave and slut went through the same emotional progression as the blows wore on. Resistance replaced their initial anger but eventually Sharon wore down any residual resistance. Eventually they both ended up begging for leniency and then when none came, progressed to their final stage – resignation. Resignation that nothing she did, said, wanted or hoped had any bearing on what she’d experienced. This was where Jasmine was now. As Sharon caused three more welts to appear across her thighs she noticed Jasmine now hung without any resistance. She only sobbed and waited for the next set of blows to come.

Looking over her welted and red body Sharon took a moment to view her, woman to woman. She was indeed beautiful. Her figure was perfect in every way and she realized the temptation she presented to Bobby. “Too bad she is so screwed up in the head,” Sharon thought.

After giving her a final set of blows she departed, leaving her to a night of misery while she headed up for some much needed personal attention. What pleased Sharon most was the thought that Jasmine had no conclusive evidence as to who it was that had just beaten her. She hoped she’d put the pieces together during the night, and Sharon wanted to give her ample time to do just that. She wouldn’t be down again for a good long while. When she got upstairs she decided she wanted an orgasm. She enjoyed him for almost an hour until she tired of him as well, eventually succumbing to sleep. She rested but not peacefully. There had been too much stress in her day; maybe more than she’d experienced in several months.

The following morning slave cleaned the bed and bath rooms while Mistress dressed and readied herself for the day. This had become a usual routine, not done every morning but rather whenever she released him long enough to get these chores done. Besides meal prep and general cleaning of the entire home Mistress had slowly added other tasks to his growing list of requirements.

Bobby enjoyed the work. Not being caged, anchored to the floor or ceiling or strung up in the basement was a welcome relief and spending time working on behalf of Mistress was a refreshing alternative. While he folded clothes he felt her hands running down his chest, eventually finding his cage. The caress felt wonderful. A moment later he saw the key dangling between her thumb and finger.

“Turn around,” she said playfully. “I want you to shave what you can’t get at. When the lock was removed and the cage pulled free, he immediately sprung to full attention. “The little boy sure loves to present for me,” she said happily. She stroked him making sure his engorgement was full.

“Come here.” She pulled him by the cock into the bedroom and pushed him back. He fell, landing on the edge of the bed. She pushed his chest again, making him lie fully on the bed, his feet still reaching the floor. Taking the lubricant she moistened her hands and then him, stroking until he started to groan. Continuing with the tease, she brought him right to the edge before stopping.

“Now you know the rules slave. Oh,” she said, “I’ve decided to call you slave instead of Thirty-five. Have you noticed?”

“I wondered what you were thinking.”

“Slave more accurately describes you and all the ladies at the meeting call their males by the same name. I didn’t want to be different.”

“I didn’t know about a meeting.”

Sharon smiled. “That’s because I didn’t tell you.” She smiled, knelt between his legs and sucked a testicle into her mouth. Finally, she said, “I sat in a room with 300 other mistresses the other night. Can you believe that?”

“Not really,” he said honestly.

“I wouldn’t have either but its true and there are about ten times as many who live within a half hour or so from center city.”

She licked his balls while stroking his cock. “Anyway,” she paused to swallow another ball and feel the size of it sandwiched between tongue and palate, “you have nice balls. Oh, I was saying, Mistress Mariko talked to us about something I’ve never heard of. She called it cuckolding. Is that word familiar to you?”

“No Mistress.”

“Basically when a married woman has an affair and her husband knows about it but does nothing it’s called a cuckold relationship and the husband is referred to as the cuck.”

Slave groaned as the stroking and intermittent ball play continued.

“Are you listening to me slave?”

“Yes Mistress; every word.”

She smiled. “Well the term is also be used when a mistress has more than one slave. She enjoys one for sex and makes the other one watch or makes him jealous of what she and the other slave are doing. Sometimes she even makes the cuck suck the other slave or even clean her pussy after she’s been filled with come.”

“I never heard of that.”

“Well, now you have. I think that would make for quite an interesting relationship don’t you?”

“Are you telling me you need more than just me?”

Sharon smirked when she once more heard him reveal a profound emotion. “Why do you ask?” she fondled his balls waiting for an answer.

“I,” he paused not sure how to express himself. “I hoped that I would be enough, enough to satisfy and please you.”

She wondered just how much he worried that he didn’t. She was about to reassure him but decided against it. She mused, “The insecurity might be best. Dependence is a good thing. Keeping him wondering if he is enough for me is even better.”

She smiled, wondering what he was thinking. She wasn’t going to answer. Instead she kept stroking his beautiful long, thick shaft. “I see you’re getting close. Would you like to come?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you want to really come or do you want to come like last time? “Tell you what,” she said, “I’ll give you the choice and I’ll let you decide. Really I will. But I want you to know I like the way you came last time best.” She giggled, “So what’s your choice?”

Bobby smiled, unbeknownst to her. He knew he had no choice and the choice she offered was not one at all. Not after she stated her preference. And, he did love the way his body felt when she did what she did last time. It felt so good but left him wanting even more. That was the best part; the wanting more but not getting more. He answered, “Like the last time Mistress.”

She stroked him again. “Would you like every time to be that way?”

“I want to please you Mistress.”

“Is that a yes?”

“It is.”

“OK, if you insist,” she said flippantly. “Let’s get this show on the road; shall we?” Soon she had edged him just past the point of no-return. She rested her head against his inner thigh, looking up at the towering shaft pulsating before her. It twitched and moved but nothing happened. She stroked it gently using only the flat of her hand along the sensitive underside. That’s all it took. The twitching started again but this time she could see his balls tighten further. Soon one twitch caused him to blurp out a thick wad of come that fell heavily onto his stomach. After that the twitches amounted to nothing more than a freely flowing stream of the stuff that ran down his cock. As it flowed she extended her tongue and pushed it upward, gathering all of it in her mouth. Cupping her mouth over the tip of his cock she let the rest flow into hers. She tasted the saltiness of his seed.

When he was through, she moved to his head and gently tugged at his chin. When he opened she let his come pass from her mouth into his.

“Swallow,” she said, moving her tongue around her upper lip. “That tastes pretty good actually.”

Sharon spotted the pool of come on his abdomen and sucked it up. Returning to his face and trying to refrain from laughing she moved to his mouth and then kissed him for the first time. The kiss lingered, her tongue penetrating him, exploring his cavity and passing the milky fluid to him in the process.

When she finally pulled away she looked at him a moment longer. He could see a deep affection in those eyes. It lasted only for a moment but Bobby saw it clearly. She pointed in the direction of the bathroom.

“No I don’t,” she said answering his earlier question. She wondered if he even remembered which question she hadn’t answered. “Now shower, shave and come to me as soon as you’re done.”

She left the room.

Bobby could hardly believe what had just happened. “Wow!” He said quietly.

“Help me …Help me, please.”

“Slave, fix me a mug of coffee and sit down. I want to tell you something,” she said over the cries.

He hurried to the kitchen while the begging from the floor below continued. It made Bobby wonder what Mistress had said to her after she sent him upstairs. As he prepared her drink he realized just how little interest he had in knowing. She’d tell him only if she darn well pleased. Otherwise it was none of his business. He had come to finally learn, he thought, his only concern was obeying Mistress. Asking what she had done or why she had done something was not. Yes, he strived to know her thoughts, but his actions were confined to anticipating her wishes, needs, and wants, and not waiting to hear the latest gossip.

He looked at her with utmost respect; not only when she was kind, like this morning, but also when she was upset as she was yesterday. He gladly bore the pain she inflicted, both physical and emotional because of the mental bond he had formed with her. That bond went well below the surface and penetrated deep, so deep that it infiltrated parts of his soul he didn’t even know existed. He smiled as he brought her the steaming mug. She pointed to the floor where he knelt and presented. The whining from below persisted.

Sharon sipped her coffee. “Perfect,” she said.

After another sip she asked, “Are you certain no one saw you take her?”

“Positive. It was late and there’s no one that lives anywhere near her. I’ve been at her place during the day so I knew the lay of the land. Her place is all by itself.”

“How long did it take before you drove off?”

“No more than a minute or two.”

“And you’re certain no one heard or saw you?”

“No car came by; no one was on the road, and no one was inside the trailer. I’m sure. I checked.”

“Wonderful. And she doesn’t have family?”

“She told me the only family she has is the guy she’s married to. He wants to divorce. Jasmine thinks he wants it because he’s playing around with someone on the side.”

“And now she’s here.” She said thoughtfully hearing her say something unintelligible.

“Stroke slave; keep it hard for me.” Her toe tapped his cock.

She sat for some time watching him masturbate while she drank her cup of Joe. Her legs were pulled up and both hands gripped the mug.

“OK stop. I have an idea. It might change but this is what I’m thinking. I’m going to let her stay there until tomorrow. But I want you to put the headphones on her; you know the ones I’m talking about?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Put them on and turn on the light. I want her good and tired. Tomorrow I’ll see if Charlie can make her a collar.”

Bobby’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yea, that’s right. I’m going to collar her. I want a way to mark her. As soon as he’s done with her I want you to bring your cage in from the back yard. Do you know where the sump pump hole is?


“Put the cage over it. I’m going to break this bitch once and for all.”

“Untie the bitch,” she said walking around in front of the cross for the first time. She looked at her prisoner with distain.

“We meet again, Jasmine. You don’t look so good.”

Jasmine said nothing. The blank stare told her all she needed to know.

Sharon pulled on the leash connected to slave. “Look, now I have two of you collared. Lucky me!” her tone was purposefully sarcastic.

After freeing her legs he unclasped her arms. She almost collapsed when he did but Bobby steadied her.

“Put her into her cage,” she said pointing to the corner.

“Please don’t,” she said. Her voice was like that of a small child.

“Put her in.” And, she pulled her head back to look her in the eye. “If you resist, you know what’s coming.”

When slave got her situated he was sent upstairs. Jasmine lay curled, her eyes welling with tears once more. Sharon opened the door and slipped in several bottles of water. On top of the cage she hefted a large bag of dog food.

“I thought you’d like to rest awhile. I honestly am not sure what to do with you yet so I’m going to spend some time thinking. In the meantime, welcome to my home. This is your bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom,” she said yanking on the cage grates. “Make yourself at home. You have plenty of water here and I’ll have slave bring you more at some point. I don’t know when so you might want to drink it sparingly.” She laughed.

I also brought you food. It’s up there,” she pointed and Jasmine looked. “Open it carefully because you won’t want to waste it. Slave tells me it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t know. I don’t eat shit. And, speaking of shit, if you have to go, the hole is below. You can even pee in there too but it’s just a hole so it’s going to reek down here after you go a few times.”

She looked at the now tearful eyed blonde. She was even beautiful when she cried. Her breasts hung heavy but she didn’t look like the sex bomb she had when she first arrived. “Amazing what a little extra time standing without sleeping will do to a thing as pretty as her,” she said.

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