A surprise welcome home part 5

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A surprise welcome home part 5Barbara was shaking as she read the message from her son. She was in her room and just down the hall was her son Johnny in his room. She paused before replying, her right hand sliding between her legs and pressing hard into her pussy through her knickers. Barbara could already feel her pussy getting nice and wet and she was excited. “That dirty little bastard” she thought and let out a wry smile.Not wasting too much time Barbara replied. “What are you doing right now you dirty little fucker?” Johnny quickly replied “Playing with my big hard juicy young cock.” Barbara told Johnny that she loved the mum/son videos he had saved as favourites. Johnny confessed that he was extremely turned on by all taboo videos and that he had sexual feelings for his own mother that are getting stronger by the day. Barbara started rubbing harder, feeling her knickers getting wet as she rubbed her clit hard through her dirty panties. Barbara slid down the panties that she had recently found in her sons bed. The fact they belonged to Johnnys own sister added to the thrill and she gave them a good sniff as Johnnys messages started coming faster and much more sexually explitic. Johnny was unwittingly telling his own mother his deepest fantasies and confessing details of his sexual relationship with his sister. As Barbaras pussy actually started dripping for the first time in years she started to feel guilty. She felt she was disrespecting her son and besides adana escort bayan she now had undeniable proof that her son shared the same fantasy. Barbara decided that Johnnys answer to her next question would decide how the rest of the evening was going to pan out. She asked Johnny “what would you do if your mother walked into your room right now and lay on your bed?” Johnnys reply came fast “I’d slide down her knickers and kiss and lick the insides of her thighs, till she is dripping wet and begging me to lick her cunt.” That was exactly what Barbara had wanted to hear. She picked her daughters knickers off the floor and put them on. 1 minute later Johnny hears a knock at his door. Barbara didn’t wait for Johnny to answer. She walked into her sons room wearing those familiar red knickers and a short t shirt. Johnny instantly recognised the panties and realised all his dreams were about to come true. Barbara slowly walked over to her sons bed and lay down. True to his word Johnny slowly slid down the panties, never breaking eye contact with his mother. His tongue slid slowly from her knees, up her thighs and ever so slowly between the cheeks of her ass up to her clit. Barbara grabbed her sons head and thrusted her pussy hard into his mouth. Johnny was getting more and more arroused as his mums moans got louder. “Now let me see that big juicy cock of yours son, I want to suck your hard dick just like Sarah does.” Johnny pulls out his hard cock at his adana escort mums request and tells Barbara to take off her t shirt. Barbara takes her sons hard cock in her right hand and kisses the tip. She takes his throbbing head into her mouth and sucks it like a lolly pop. Her hand pumps his long hard shaft as Johnny thrusts further into her mouth. The sensation is so intense that Johnny almost cums within a minute so he pulls out and stands his mother up. They lock eyes and both know exactly what they want. Barbara had only very recently started to have i****tuous thoughts about her son and daughter. Johnny was a different story, he had been fucking his sister for years and they had often talked about how great it would be to get mum involved. “Give me that hard cock son, make mummy feel special. I need your smooth cock inside my wet cunt. Fuck me son.” Barbara now felt no inhibitions and lay back with her legs open. “Fuck me hard son, show me what a sexy big man you’ve grown into.”Johnny opened his mums legs and rubbed his cock up n down, between her pussy lips and hard on her clit. In 1 movement he slides his cock slowly, deep inside his mothers pussy and is met with his mother thrusting forward, gripping his fat cock tight between her pussy lips. Their lips meet and Johnny and his mother share a deep passionate kiss as he thrusts a little faster. Barbara wants it harder “Fuck me hard son, fuck me hard with your juicy fat dick.” Johnny complies and thrusts escort adana faster and deeper. With all the tension and suspense involved in the build up both were ready to cum straight away. Johnny had been thrusting for about 1 minute when his mother started screaming “Fuck me son, fuck mummys wet cunt, cum inside me son. Johnny felt his mums orgasm coming, her pussy lips tightening round his cock and legs vibrating. As Barbara experienced the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, her son shoots a massive load of cum deep inside her.”Barbara was used to men cumming and being asleep within seconds. Her son was different though. Johnny kissed his mums lips and they smiled at each other as Johnny slid 2 fingers inside her pussy. Johnny asked his mum if she had ever squirted and she replied “Not even close son, no man has ever bothered to pay me that much attention.” Johnny had perfected his technique of stimulating a womans g spot on his sister and as he found and began rubbing his mums g spot he smiled and thought about the time his sister told him “I want to finger mum and make her squirt all over us.” Johnny rubbed his mums g spot hard and fast and a ferocious orgasm hit Barbara like never before. Her whole body was shaking and she released several jets of cum for the first time, leaving her sons bed soaking wet. Johnny was about to go down on his mother again but the sensations were just too intense so they just hugged and kissed for a few minutes. “I’m going to have to tell Sarah about this mum” said Johnny. Barbara replied “And what will my little girl think about me fucking her brother?” Johnny smiled and replied only 1 way to find out……………………………………………..

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